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Garry Shandling: Verne



  • Ozzie : But this house is like a fortress. Walls, so high. Doors, impenetrable. How will we get in?

    RJ : The collar is the key.

    [Shows video on cell phone of Tiger entering door] 

    RJ : Literally, the collar is like a key that opens the door, and if...

    Stella : And what? You think he's just gonna hand over his collar to you?

    RJ : Not to me, my femme fatale. To you.

    Verne : Her?

    Stella : Me?

    RJ : You, Stella, will get that cat to give you his collar by using...

    Stella : My stink.

    RJ : ...your feminine charms.

    Hammy the Squirrel : Ha ha ha! - Was that out loud?

  • Hammy the Squirrel : [looking at the bigh bush]  Lets call it Steve!

    Verne : Steve?

    Hammy the Squirrel : Steve's a pretty name!

  • Verne : [to RJ]  You see what you've done here? If they listen to half the stuff you're telling them, they'll be dead within a week! You are only interested in taking advantage of them because they are too stupid and naive to know any better!

    Hammy the Squirrel : [growing solemn]  I'm not stupid.

    Verne : [noting the family's reaction]  Okay, I didn't mean, uh... I meant... ignorant! To the... ways over... over, over there.

    [they begin walking away] 

    Verne : C'mon you guys, you know I didn't mean it like that. Don't... don't do this. Stella... Ozzie?

    [stops Hammy] 

    Verne : Hammy? You know I didn't... Hammy?

    Hammy the Squirrel : [pushes him away]  I'm not stupid...

  • Verne : I thought we'd be dead by step two, so this is going great.

  • Verne : You're the devil.

  • RJ , Verne : Hammy!

  • RJ : Something you said yesterday really touched me right here. It starts with an F, remember what that was?

    Verne : Family?

    RJ : Yeah yeah right that. You see Verne I use to have had all that. My own place, surrounded by loved ones, universal remote. But all that went away with... the weed hacker incident.

  • Mackenzie : [to her mom after Hammy, RJ, and Vern stole their cookies]  There, there, that's where the squirrel attacked us, and he had like rabies or something, and then there was this gross, naked amphibian thing...

    Verne : [quietly]  Reptile.

  • Verne : [after getting chased away]  See what I mean? That's what I was talking about. These humans don't want us *around*.

    RJ : So we scared her and she over-reacted, no biggy.

    Verne : No biggy? No that's what we call a biggy.

    RJ : C'mon, think about the food, it was worth it for that food, that stuff is to die for.

    [Ozzy faints and Heather rolls her eyes] 

    RJ : Let me rephrase that.

    Verne : No, to die for, you nailed that part. Look, maybe our little forest life seems primative to a guy with a bag.

    RJ : What!

    Verne : But I think I speak for all of us when I say that we want *nothing* to do with *anything* that's *over that hedge*.

    [they begin to walk away] 

    RJ : Oh come on. You haven't even tried doughnuts yet. You wanna store some fat, that is the way to store some fat, you'll be sweating through the winter.

    [they don't listen] 

    RJ : Okay, okay you guys sleep on it. Good idea, I'm gonna check back with you.

    [to himself] 

    RJ : Shoot! Almost had them.

  • RJ : Please don't think I'm prying, but I couldn't help overhearing, and I think I can shed a little light on what this whole hedge situation is about. You see, what was once mere wilderness is now 54 acres of man-made, manicured, air-conditioned paradise.

    [Points at map] 

    RJ : Except for that little-bitty speck. You are here.

    [All gasp] 

    RJ : No, no, that's a good thing. You're hibernators, right? You gather up a bunch of food, store it away for the winter?

    Hammy the Squirrel : Aha! We fill the log!

    Verne : Hammy.

    RJ : Really? This log? This cave-like log?

    Ozzie : All the way to the top.

    Verne : Ozzie.

    RJ : Let me ask ya, how long's it take, you know, to fill the log?

    Heather : Two-hundred and seventy-four days.

    RJ : Ooh! Ever done it in a week?

    Verne : That's impossible.

    RJ : Not if we work together. You see, you've got the food-gathering skills, I've got the know-how, and they have the food.

    Heather : How much food?

    RJ : Loads of food! Heaps of food! Food out the wazoo!

    Verne : Well, you know, whatever kind of food comes out of a wazoo, I really don't think we're interested in eating.

    Lou : I don't know. The guy's making a lot of sense to me. I think we should listen.

    Penny : Yeah. I'm okay with wazoo food there.

  • Ozzie : O great and powerful Steve! What do you want?

    Verne : I-I don't think it can speak.

    Debbie : [From other side of hedge]  I heard that, young man!

    [Others are shocked; Ozzie plays dead] 

    Debbie : You get over here right now!

    Hammy the Squirrel : Okay.

    Verne : Hammy, get back here.

    Hammy the Squirrel : But Steve is angry.

    Verne : I think it came from the other side of Steve - I mean, the bush. I mean... Geez!

  • Verne : So he can do a couple of tricks. I mean, it's not like he can walk on water.

    RJ : [Walking across a pool on floats]  Hey, everybody! This way to the food!

  • Verne : [when questioned about the food]  I returned it to its rightful owner.

    Ozzie : What?

    Heather : We, like, worked our tails off, y'know? Like a lot! And the food we gathered was totally... you know! And you're, you're all whatever!

  • Verne : [beneath the window]  Bear!

    RJ : What's that?

    Verne : Bear!

    RJ : Hair?

    Verne : Bear!

    RJ : Air?

    Verne : Bear!

    RJ : Oh, *BEAR*!

  • RJ : SSShhhhh!

    Verne : Oh, no! I'm not falling for any more of your smooth talk!

  • Verne : It's the first day of spring. Only 274 days left until winter.

  • RJ : Now, the traps are set here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Here, here, here, here, big one here, here, and maybe a few over here.

    Stella : Gee, it's that all?

    RJ : No. There's bunch of red lights all over here. You OK, Verne? Look a little green.

    Verne : I blacked out for a second there, but... I get the idea: there's lights, traps and I might need to change my shell.

  • Verne : We want *nothing*, to do with *anything*, that's *over that hedge*!

  • [repeated line] 

    [Verne feels like ther is something wrong] 

    Verne : My tail is tingling!

  • Verne : Come on, you guys!

    [Tries to be intimidating] 

    Verne : Don't make me come in there!

    Stella : [Heard beneath the leaves]  Y'all better listen... I've been holding something in all winter and I'm about to LET IT OUT!

    Penny : [Animals scatter from under leaves]  Whoa!

    Ozzie : She means it!

    [as the leaves and dust settles, Stella is shown in her "firing" position] 

    Verne : [Politely and grateful]  Thank you, Stella!

    Stella : [Nonchalantly]  Oh, I can clear a room, Verne. That much I can do!

  • RJ : [while Verne begs RJ to get out of the house]  Look! I got about this long to hand over that wagonload of food to a homicidal bear - and if these Spuddies aren't on the menu, I will be! Now let go of my tail!

    Verne : [chastened]  What!

  • RJ : Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. The what is what?

    Verne : Whenever something doesn't feel right, my tail tingles. And let me tell you something, everything you've said so far is driving my tail crazy.

  • Hammy the Squirrel : Oh! Morning!

    Verne : Morning, Hammy.

    Hammy the Squirrel : I gotta go wee-wee!

    Verne : Oh... Not on the lake we drink from!

  • Verne : My head says listen to my tail, my tail says listen to my head, and I just... end up with an upset stomach.

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