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Underappriciated Film,.
Herag Halli28 December 2004
Anupam Kher is an Actor of great repute, and his debut directorial venture is absolutely brilliant. The Indian Media specially the imbeciles who praise Sharukh Khan and his band of morons of course will bad mouth this movie and the director since they have no class or aesthetics and if I go by their reviews I would miss seeing one of the best family movies in the recent times. The narration is heartwarming with some great acting by Anil Kapoor-I would say best of his career. Music by Anu Malik is just superb with his use of the Shehnai in the "Happy Happy" number. This is the best choreography that I have seen in the recent times which is not only classy but innately Indian. Abishek Bachchan has incredible potential if one scene (where he is accused of computer hacking ) is any indication. The problem with this particular shot is that the camera moves very fast-a minor flaw of the Debut director. The Photography is breathtaking ( Picnic). The movie in totality is a gem of a movie but the only problem is it does not appeal to the demented MTV Media reviewing Nerds who wouldn't know what to make of a movie like this.
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Good Solid Bollywood Family Melodrama
farsid889 November 2004
This movie represents traditional Bollywood themes of family, integrity, perseverance, redemption and above all the power of love. It shows how these values are tested through trials and tribulations of modern society and changing family dynamics. This subject matter has been shown in different variations countless times over so in order to make it work an established cast and strong performances are essential. Anupam Kher has done well to cast Anil Kapoor as the family patriarch supported well by Fardeen Khan and especially Abhishek Bachchan who is maturing into a commanding screen presence in a similar fashion to his father before him. The most fleshed out female character is portrayed by Urmila Matondkar who plays the role well but this movie is about the maturation of the relationship between Om, Jai and Jagdish. The songs are above average at best. By no means is this a great movie but it is entertaining, good hearted and worth seeing.
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Combines the style of yesteryear cinema, with the cool factor of today...
Dingataca13 October 2007
Mr Kher is widely known all over for his acting - now he has shown us his directing ability too, and I'm happy to say he has done a very good job.

He put together a large star cast, all talented, and they have all done well. My favourite would be Waheeda Rehman, she was brilliant in OJJ. There is nice music, an average script, an entertaining story, and super cool direction.

Om Jai Jagdish may not have been commercially successful, but it is certainly decent cinema. It is a very unique film, in the sense that it has combined the style of yesteryear and maturer cinema, with the modern and glamour factor of today. I applaud Mr Kher for this, its very difficult and he has done it well.

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Good Movie
tsar_ina2 April 2005
A movie that Anupam Kher directed without prejudice and drag. A movie that a family can together sit and watch. A movie that has values of life and touches each one in some way. Good acting performances were given by Anu Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Abhishek Bacchan, Waheeda Rehman in that order. Poor acting performances were given by Urmila Matondkar, Mahima Choudhary, Fardeen Khan in that order. Low profile acting performances given by new face Tara, Anupam Kher. However overall this movie is a Good Movie. If you are a person who values relationships more than self watch it. If you are a person who values good things to happen to good people then watch this movie. If you are a person who would be okay to give less importance to fight scenes, too many songs then watch this movie. If you are a person who likes family drama this movie can be a pick to watch. For a first time directory this movie has come out very well. Jai Hind.
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Superb family drama
aaronbir15 July 2017
This movie was so fantastic and so fabulous this is a wonderful storyline of the three brothers and what happens their future lives well done anupam he was brilliant in his directional debut

This movie was so entertaining but it's really important to love your family more Very strong great impactful message

Performances of ANIL and ABHISHEK were superb fardeen does well in his performance

Urmila was brilliant Tara was superb in her debut performance

Other were excellent

Songs are good and excellent

Overall my rating is 4/5 stars
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Appeals in parts but regressive
silvan-desouza2 April 2009
Anupam Kher is an excellent actor, he debuted at 28 playing a 50 yr old in SARAANSH

Now he turns director with OJJ

The film has a good plot but it's regressive

The theme has been done to death and Urmila's character looks too put on while Anil-Mahima and Abhi- Tara tracks are too sudden and then forgotten

The film moves a snail pace and begins to drag but there are several good scenes like the entire conflict between Anil-Fardeen and Abhishek where Fardeen says to sell the house

Abhishek getting caught for a crime and Anil shouting at him

The climax is too much though

Directorally Anupam shows potential, but has some way to go Music is okay

Anil Kapoor excels in his part like always Fardeen tries hard and is okay but needs to improve Abhishek is excellent, this was a turning pt, people realized he can act Urmila is okay Mahima and Tara are wasted Waheeda is good
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Poorly made, but emotionally effective in the end.
PKazee6 August 2015
OM JAI JAGADISH is actor Anupam Kher's directorial debut, and I enjoyed it, but it is not a great film by any measure. The editor toys with bafflingly haphazard jump cuts that are so artless and - frequently - minute, as to have virtually no effect at all. It's as if he were ordered to cut several minutes from the film, and having not a single clue how to do so, decided to randomly remove two frames here... four frames there... without any hint of reason. Similarly, the scriptwriter expects the audience to make leaps that Evel Kneivel wouldn't risk. And finally, the music, lyrics, and choreography are pleasing, but redundant. Each number briefly entertains (the first number not occurring until after the 30 minute mark), but is instantly forgotten as soon as it's over. Yet, despite the technical and artistic incompetence's, this film does somehow manage to move one before the final curtain falls.

Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Kahn, and Abhishek Bachchan play three brothers: Om, Jai, and Jagadish, respectively. Though not fully explained in the English subtitles, I gather that the names, spoken in order, replicate the beginning of a traditional Hindi prayer for family unity. In fact, the films full title is "Om Jai Jagadish: A Prayer For Togetherness".

Om is the eldest brother, an honest, responsible man who guards the family honor, while looking after his younger moral and financial well being, as best as he can afford. To Jagadish's disappointment, however, Om's financial ability appears to have been largely exhausted on sending Jai to American for a college education. This causes Jagadish's future (as a software designer) to have to sit on a back burner until Jai finishes his education and returns to India. Om's expectation is that Jai will agree to commit to a long term corporate position in India, which will earn him a large monetary advance (and apparent Indian custom), with which Om can pay back the loan he took out to finance Jai's education.

But the Americanized Jai has other ideas. He intends to pay his brother back, but he sees his options as brighter and more open in America, where committing to a long-term position could be career suicide. As such, he will not immediately be able to provide his brother with the lump sum that is needed to pay off the loan. Unbeknownst to Jai, however, this decision of his may cost Om the family home! Jagadish, in the meantime - who also does not know about the threat to the family home - spends his time hacking into the school computer in order to assist his friends with their grades and attendance records. Naturally, this lands him in great trouble, leading him to have to leave home, as he has so horribly embarrassed the family honor.

But wait a minute you say, what about Mahima Chowdhary, Urmila Matondkar, and Tara Sharma? Aren't they important to this film? Sadly, no. Chowdhary does a bit of vivacious dancing, but beyond that she is merely wallpaper. As for the stunning Matondkar (sigh!), she isn't even given a single song or dance to tantalize with! She is here merely as a symbol of the challenges that Westernization forces upon traditional Indian family values. Credit must be given to her for chutzpah, though! She must be very confident in her position within the Indian film industry in order to agree to play such an unlikable character. As for Sharma, like Chowdhary she does a bit of a dance floor tease (while wearing a super-mini fringe cowgirl skirt), but she is completely tangential to the plot.

The message of this movie, hammered in again and again, is that the strength to overcome adversity lies NOT in money, but in familial love. And before the end of the film, I'll be damned if I didn't buy it, Bolly-hook, Bolly-line, and tear-drenched Bolly-sinker!
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