Mystic River (2003) Poster


Marcia Gay Harden: Celeste Boyle



  • [concerning Dave] 

    Celeste Boyle : He's been acting kind of nuts lately. I'm almost afraid of him. Do you know something?

    Jimmy Markum : I know he was taken in by the cops this morning. I know he saw Katie the night she was murdered. Didn't tell me about it until after the cops questioned him. And I know he's got a hand that looks like it's been punching a fucking wall. Is there anything else I should know?

  • [after Dave comes in with blood all over him] 

    Dave : So, I'm walking to my car, and this guy comes up to me and he asks for a light. I say I don't smoke. He says neither does he. So, my heart starts clocking a buck fifty, 'cause there's no one around but me and him.

    Celeste Boyle : [Celeste sits to bandage his stomach]  Oh, my God.

    Dave : So that's when I see the knife. He says, 'Your wallet or your life, bitch. I'm leaving with one of 'em.'

    Celeste Boyle : That's what he said?

    Dave : Yeah! So I try to brush past him, and that's when he slices me.

    Celeste Boyle : I thought you said that you swung on him first.

    Dave : Jesus, Celeste, can I tell the fuckin' story?

    [She realizes now that he's crying] 

    Celeste Boyle : I'm sorry, babe. Ssshh.

    Dave : I went fuckin' nuts on him, baby. I went off! I bashed his head on the parking lot. There was blood everywhere, and I might 'a' killed him!

    Celeste Boyle : Killed him!

    [She sees that he's sobbing and stands up to hug him] 

    Celeste Boyle : Ssshh.

    Dave : It makes you feel alone, you know, hurtin' somebody?

  • Celeste Boyle : Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael.

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