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Ah, Biker Boyz. Where to start...
Well, to start off, I have to say that Biker Boyz isn't a good movie. However, it is better than the other recent bike movie, Torque, if only because it tries to do something with itself. But it fails none the less, perhaps for being too ambitious. The bike crowd watches the movie hoping to see realism and some good racing. Instead they get straight-shot drag style races, which in real life involve little to no actual talent on a machine. Also, they'll be racing 160 mph one minute, and dead stopped the next. It takes some time to come down from speeds like that. The movie also frequently ignores the force of wind that would be present at high speeds, with the racers hardly tucked in at all. The final race, much like many in Torque, takes place on a dirt road. Apparently they aren't aware that these high end bikes are often called street fighters.

Despite all that, there's actually an effort to tell a story. It's an admirable effort, but many of the parts just slow the movie down. It's often a painfully slow movie. Odd, since it's about a bunch of guys that race at speeds in excess of 100 mph. The story is a coming of age one, for both Kid and Smoke. They are both forced to confront issues, and in the end reconcile them. The biker clubs are set up to mirror, I think, a sort of community, and therefore Kid's efforts to rise in the clubs are supposed to represent his finding his place in society. The pieces are there, they were just poorly assembled. Folks most likely were expecting a quick, guilty pleasure like the Fast and Furious movies, and instead got a slow movie with mediocre action sequences.

The acting isn't nearly as bad as most are saying. It's not Fishburne's finest moment but it's not like it stained his reputation or ability, just look at his fine work in Mystic River. The writers made an effort to have three-dimensional characters. For example, After Dog's dirty racing forces Kid to drop his bike at the track, he lends him his own bike to take on Smoke. Granted, it's for his own reasons, but it's not like he's the evil villain parody going "mu-ah-ha-ha" off in the corner. I have to agree with another user that said it portrays black Americans in a positive way. They're not all stereotypes, they have their own personalities. Smoke is confident, but level headed. Soul Train seems the stereotype, but we see a totally different side of him when we find he's a lawyer.

So, it's not a good movie, but it makes an effort to be one, which counts for something. For all it's lack of realism, it gets points for not having the absurd stunts that Torque did, like flipping a huge street bike (with a helicopter jet engine, mind you) mid air, and riding on top and through the passenger sections of moving trains. Biker Boyz isn't good by any means, but it's not quite that bad.
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The results are in
leilaranzi31 January 2003
This movie was a complete flop. Had Bythewood been smart enough to use the original unedited script as opposed to the one he and Craig hacked together he would have had a great movie under his directing debut. As it stands he has put together a flop (as evidenced by all the critics) and it shows that plagery gets you nowhere Reggie. You should have known better.
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8 bucks that should've been saved for gas money...
kctwinkie10 February 2003
To begin with, I wasn't expecting really much from the film at all. More or less, I anticipated a "Fast and the Furious" with motorcycles. However, even to those expectations, the film falls way short. I was given the rather EXPECTED mediocre plot and cast of stereotypical characters; in addition to, the rather UNEXPECTED monotonous action sequences and poorly coordinated/directed stunts.

While I spent 90 minutes wondering why these "hardcore" street racers had chromed-finished, colorful, graphic-designed bikes that looked like they were ready more for a show than any race, I kept watching these races that felt like the bikes were going 25 mph rather than the 200 mph their speedometers were reading. Each of the ~ 5 races in the film are pretty much exactly the same, and the final race is, to say the least, predictable and lame. I won't even begin to discuss the 'realism' of any of the races because I don't believe the movie is to be taken that serious in the first place...which is unfortunate.

The verdict? Its a shame to say "save this movie for a rental night", because a movie of this nature should have only been appreciated on the big screen.
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Half-decent plot buried under a squidfest
dcnblues-23 February 2003
I'm sure there's a Greek tragedy or Shakespeare play with the same basic premise: Son aspires to be one of the great princes instead of a courtier, son loses father, son disappears, only to return as the heir apparent to the Prince's crown and all that.... such a plot has such promise.

But when you bury it under a bunch of expensive sportbikes, T&A shots, and juvenile stunts... blech!

As a moviegoer, I thought this was barely worth the matinee price. As a Shakespeare fan, I thought it overdone, washed out. As a motorcyclist, I thought it shameful (Passengers in shorts, spaghetti-strap tops, and heels? Racing w/o helmets? Stunting on a public freeway, in traffic, at night? These are NOT the role models you were looking for...) I will point out that a FEW lines in the movie did hint to the dangers of riding, especially 'extreme' riding. The crashes were definitely hopped up (not sure if a 500 lb superbike would sail spinning thru the air like a frisbee...) but no punches were pulled as to how badly you can get hurt on these things if you're not careful and FOCUSED. And Fishbourne's character, although definitely the most bad-ass in the whole bunch, showed how far skill, finesse, and restraint will go beyond blind luck, guts, and adrenaline. That is to say, he was on top the whole time, even to the last frame.

With the budget this film had (pretty much, the bikes alone are each worth 20G's or more) they COULD have made something with more emotional impact, more story, and a LOT less gratuitous teenage hormone inducer. So, if you see this movie, resist the impulse to go out and get a bike. The real world ain't like this at all. Riding like this in the real world will get someone (probably YOU) killed.
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Clunky dialogue, MTV visuals and average performances rob it of the potential shown by the very occasional good moment
bob the moo4 August 2006
Kid is the son of Tariq aka "Slick Will", engineer to Smoke, who is the leader of the Black Knights motorcycle group and a legend on the streets. When Tariq is killed in a motorcycle accident, Kid drops off the scene for six months but returns determined to become more than just a prospect. His ultimate aim is to challenge Smoke himself and make his mark by taking down the biggest dog there is but first he must go legit and set up his own motorcycle gang with friends Stuntman and Primo.

Opening with a really nice tracking shot (or series of shots, I'm not sure) this film had my interest early on but very quickly blew it. With an obvious and predictable establishing scene, the narrative arch is established and thus I began my weary trudge from start to finish, through countless music video scenes, unconvincing dialogue scenes and loads of motorcycles. It is very basic stuff and it never aspires to much. The characters are cut out of cardboard and the dialogue is awful, this might cut the mustard if the film was an out and out action film but it isn't. Instead it is supposed to be a character driven film and thus it is a big problem for it to not have characters or convincing dialogue. Sadly it is a mess in regards the writing and plotting and only the forgiving will find the material worth two hours of their time.

The action is pretty weak. I didn't think any of the races were exciting and although they are well done, all of them could have sorely used the emotions of the characters to feed into them. As it is the failure of the plot means that much of the film is lacking and feels rather pointless. Occasionally it hints at depth and humanity but the occasional spark is totally drowned out in a sea of noise. The music video goals of the film are met but personally I'm glad not to be in the demographic sector that is tricked into thinking that this makes for a good film.

The cast are mixed, containing people that I expected better from and people that deserve stuff like this. Fishburne may well have expected more from the film because at times you can see him reaching, sadly he cannot achieve the impossible and any glimmer of a good performance is swamped. Luke struggles from the start. He is pretty and charismatic here but he can't deliver emotion and understanding that isn't in the script and his narration is terrible. The support cast are roundly average with obvious performances from Jones, Hounsou, Fehr and others. Good is sexy but pretty vacant while I'm not sure why Bonet bothered to turn up for so little.

Overall then a fairly pointless film that shrugs off any character potential it may have had in favour of MTV visuals, clunky dialogue and mostly average performances at best. You can see the potential in the story but across several aspects the film fails to deliver this potential and just churns out a totally unnecessary film that doesn't deserve any of your time.
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not good, not terrible
erodgrass29 January 2003
The days of Harley-Davidsons mastering the road are over. Nowadays color and plastic coat the fastest and most coveted motorcycles in the land, and `Biker Boyz' heralds the passing with unrestrained glee.

Set among African-American biker clubs in Southern California, the film follows Kid (Derek Luke), a prodigious young motorcycle racer, in his quest for the title of `King of Cali,' currently held by Smoke (Lawrence Fishburne), leader of the Black Knights bike club. Smoke hesitates in accepting Kid's challenges, citing that Kid is not a member of a legitimate club. In one scene, Kid addresses Smoke's assistant with anger and frustration: `Are you racing? Or are you just blowin' smoke?' Kid begins his own club (the aptly named `Biker Boyz') and sets out for the crown of fastest biker. The rest of the film follows a sort of formula we have seen before, with the underdog taking on the inhumanly skilled antagonist at the end. Though the plot is weak, the talent both onscreen and off push the film into something the script alone could not hold. The actors, for the most part, excel in their respective roles. Fishburne turns what may have been a trivial role into one exuding sincerity and masculinity, holding to an effectively pensive and reserved demeanor. His presence on the screen legitimizes the film as not just another `Days of Thunder.' Fishburne's charisma must have extended to the rest of the cast, as even Kid Rock, who made his film debut in 2001's deplorable `Joe Dirt,' portrays his character with gusto and road-wise scruffiness. Director Reggie Rock Bythewood makes his presence felt in the film. Bythewood made a splash at Sundance a few years ago with his debut `Dancing in September.' With `Biker Boyz,' he manages to pull off something slightly extraordinary: he makes motorcycle racing entertaining. The camera freewheels around smoking tires, colorful racing suits and bouncing nightclubs with dizzying ease. His film is loosely based on a feature from the Los Angeles New Times on the biking subculture in California, and Bythewood tries to bring a sense of biker culture to the screen. The nonfiction foundation of the film shines through, displaying a bizarre sense of camaraderie between cyclists similar to that of a fraternal order.

Despite its basically inane premise, the movie is not all bad. The poor title and plot outline summons memories of `Rollerball' and the like, but do not be deceived. `Biker Boyz' inspires some sense of genuine excitement and intrigue. As entertainment, it works on the same level as last year's `Spider-Man.' It cannot be praised as a piece of art, but the craftsmanship of the film is undeniable, which grants it a begrudged recommendation.
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Only for bike stunt lovers
allar10022 June 2003
The movie is barely even entertaining unless you are with a group of drinking buddies making fun of it. The only reason to watch the forced plot, weak dialogue, music video camera work waste of time is if you love motorcycles, and like watching stunts performed on them. Even then, if you really want to see that, just go get a specialty film. FOR BIKE ENTHUSIAST ONLY.
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Biker Boyz Summed Up - Simon Jago
Warning: Spoilers
My name is Simon Jago and below is my review of 'Biker Boyz'. I have no intention of elaborating my comments but have to produce a minimal amount of words in order for my comment to be published.

Here's the back story to my viewing experience of 'Biker Boyz'. It was late on a Saturday night and I was writing my Dissertation for uni, and turned on the TV to have something on in the background. 'Biker Boyz' started and I thought I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and leave it on, boy was I wrong:

REVIEW: 'This film is nothing more than a collection of established black actors, exploiting themselves in a horrible fast and the furious rip off with bikes.'

BEST BIT: The tunnel vision that Laurence Fishburne uses to filter out the nonsense in the film to enhance his racing in a straight line abilities.

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eben-gewers1 October 2003
This movie is absolute rubbish. Not only is the plot incredibly predictable, but the realism is non-existent. As someone who's been riding street bikes for many years, I was horrified to see the characters racing with very powerful bikes on gravel roads, clearly smaller capacity bikes beating faster ones on a straight road where no real skill (apart from a good launch) is needed and one of only two female bikers in the movie suffering the usual lesbian stereotyping. I can almost see the movie executives sitting in an office and going "hey let's cash in on Fast & Furious by doing almost the exact same thing, but with bikes". Crap, rubbish and a waste of good actors' talent.
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It's not bad, but not great - entertaining at best
wndrtigres31 January 2003
I saw Biker Boyz last night. While the plot was horrendous and hard to follow, I thought the acting wasn't bad. The editing and cinematography was done to try to give the audience the feel of being on a bike at 100+ miles per hour. I wouldn't say see this movie if you are looking for quality plot, but as your basic standard hollywood fare, it's no worse than some of the other crap that's out there. I really also enjoyed how the movie was NOT violent and they showed how Black people can have a great time w/o guns and violence (notice the only weapon in the movie is brandished by the Italian gang). I also really enjoyed Orlando Jones' performance. See if you can try to spot the many appearances by stars from the past - Sally Richardson, Kadeem Hardison and others!
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I can't summarize's crap!
Rob_Taylor18 August 2003
I've never been much of a fan of motorcycles, but as always, I'm willing to accept there are those for whom their lives revolve around such contraptions. Horses for courses and all that. So I wasn't exactly enthusiastic when I got the chance to see this movie. However, I consoled myself with the knowledge that there might be some cool race scenes and flash hardware and maybe even some cool stunts. After all, I thought, it could hardly be worse than 2 Fast 2 Furious.......


This movie is the most tediously dire film I've seen this year! It makes 2Fast2Furious look like a Spielberg production. The plot is a standard "coming of age" drama, but without the drama. The only slightly interesting point in the entire film was when the three guys who go on to form the MC club of the title first get together and interact. Other than that, its boooooring! Nothing at all to hold your interest. No action, poor acting (esp. from Kid Rock) and even the bikes looked bored. The ending is so predictable that it's a relief when it finally comes.

Oh, and did I mention that Hollywood expects us to swallow Derek Luke as an 18 year old? He's 30 next year for Chrissake!

And as for Laurence Fishburne,....... don't get me started...oops! too late! What was with him? He looked like some mid-life crisis-er trying to regain his lost youth, but without any enthusiasm whatsoever. And Larry....lose the gut buddy, your MC jacket'll fit better.

Overall a film to avoid at all costs.
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Great Movie
tjs2512 September 2006
Not sure what movie the other person was watching, but i enjoyed this movie very much. I also am not sure if they've ever rode on a motorcycle before but some of the tricks are not as easy as they look. I had no problems following the storyline and it is definitely one of the better motorcycle movies that i have seen. i am, however, unaware that a movie about motorcycle drag racing and bike gangs needs to have explosions and fancy effects. This isn't one of those "fast and the furious" movies about trying to catch the bad guy with illegal racing intermingled simply to make the movie stand out and have appeal. I do agree though that some of the race scenes appeared to be at 30 mph. All in all its a good movie and if you're into motorcycles, its especially good.
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Pathetic! Lame! Horrible!
Rooster9920 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my God was this movie bad! They tried to make it into a Fast and the Furious on bikes, which when you think about it, couldn't have been that difficult since F&F was no gift either. But it really is impressive how terrible this movie is!

********** SPOILERS ***************** (movie is so bad, it doesn't matter)

First of all, could they have picked a more lame name for their gang? Biker Boyz???? The main characters decide to start their own biker gang, and what do they call themselves? Biker Boyz???? Were they trying to steal the fire from the Back Street Boys? What a bunch of limp-wristed morons! And then they get two Asians who want to join..... on ATVs!!! ATV-Boyz??? Hahahahahahaha! You have to see the stunts in this pile of junk, you call those motorcycle stunts? They were terrible, I was laughing my head off when it was supposed to be cool! It was especially hilarious when the third founding member, a Latino guy, tries to show them how good he is on a bike. He actually stands up and sticks his leg off the back of the bike! That's it! Really! That's it! Oooooh, you have talent, you have to help us start a biker club!!! HAhahahahahahahahahha!

And then there is the story of how poor old Jaleel (bad name) loses his father to a bike accident (boohoo) and his mother doesn't want him involved in bikes. They (of course) live in a perfect suburban home, she drives nice cars, and wears nice clothes. But when he invites her to the annual biker party? She turns up looking like a 2-bit tramp! Way to go Mom! Hahahahahahha!

The street racing scenes were boring as sin. For instance, in the big climactic scene, the course they are racing on is on some "Greedy Farmer's Field". You can see that the finish line is only about a mile away before they even start. But they get their bikes up to 200 miles and hour and it takes roughly 10 minutes to race the mile! It was laughable! What in the world was Laurence Fishburne thinking? The only reason I gave this movie a 2 was that he was in the Matrix. That's it, there is no association with The Matrix at all, but hey, he was in it.

And there was the boohoo father-son scene, hahahahahha! Standard fare in trying to bring a smidgen of drama to the flick. Then Jaleel promises his mother he will never race again..... oooooooohhhhh! Do you think he will keep his promise????? Do you????? I don't know, there are some pretty compelling reasons to race out there!! Like, BE A MAN! A challenge was issued! And a bunch of other macho BS! HAHAHAHAHAH! I think the only audience who would be impressed are The Village People! The characters in La Cage Aux Folles were more macho than these losers! And, oh my God, I nearly forgot..... Kid Rock! HAHAHAHAHA! He should call himself Skid Rock! Hahahahaha! Man, talk about the poster boy for trailer park boys! Is he EVER gross! And you have to see his gay helmet with the dog collar! HAHAHAHAHAHA! There was nothing of interest in this movie whatsoever! Even the music was terrible, what a complete and utter waste of time! At least we all now know that Lisa Bonet is still alive...... (barely).....
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Could be worse I suppose...
tweek-r615 February 2003
As a motorcycle rider (GSXR-1000) I went to this movie with anticipation and excitement. Aside from a few nice paintjobs and a few rolling stoppies, this movie was quite weak. And why didn't they release this when it was warmer? They might have gotten a better biker turn out. I was expecting a Fast & The Furious style with crotch rockets, but what I got was a ghetto-fab, half-helmet, cowboy hat-wearing, bandana-wielding group of amateur riders with minimal acting skills. If you want to see REAL racing and tricks (and quite-possibly a better story line), go to your local shop and pick up a Star Boys or Vegas Extreme video/dvd. If you own a bike, check this movie out, but don't expect too much. You'll walk away thinking, "Wow, that was a nice paint job" and nothing else.
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Good On A Rainy Day
Grissom662 April 2008
An action-packed contemporary Western on wheels with desperado's who live every day on the edge. Lawyers and city workers by day, they take to the streets in their leathers to race by night.

In the world of underground motorcycle clubs, the undefeated racer known as Smoke (Fishburne) is the undisputed "King of Cali." But Smoke's dominance of the set is about to be threatened by a young motorcycle racing prodigy called Kid (Luke), who is determined to win Smoke's helmet and earn the coveted title. An average movie which still i found very entertaining. I would recommend it for a rainy day or whenever. Biker Boyz 7/10
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This film is bad- bad idea, bad script, bad acting. What the hell was Larry Fishburne thinking when he agreed to do it? Please don't watch this unless you're really, really bored.It wanted to be The Fast and the Furious on motorbikes, but TFATF realised that a film about street racing needs more than just the races; there's not much excitement in a "whose bike is the fastest?" race. So I guess it's meant to be a film about trying to be accepted, or proving yourself, or something, but to be honest I didn't care about any of the characters or what the hell they did. TFATF has undercover cops, various criminal activities, and reasonably interesting characters; Biker Boyz doesn't.
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Awful poorly directed high-speed crash of a movie
forehead114 July 2006
A film about drag-racing motorbikes was never likely to win any screenplay awards, but the least an undemanding audience could expect is some brainless thrills, a couple of decent-enough performances and perhaps an enjoyable but throwaway 100-minute experience. Well, at least the brainless part was achieved…

Suffice to say, it's a long time since I've seen a major cinema release directed so badly. Reggie Rock Bythewood fails spectacularly at just about every aspect, not least his utter inability to inject any feel of excitement into the integral racing scenes. The bikes appear to be doing a sluggish 30mph and the effects shots and camera movements used to mask this are laughably amateur. Even the limited stunts are totally unimpressive. Surely a few bucks spent on the odd jump or explosion here and there isn't too much to ask? Needless to say there were strict restrictions evident on the shoestring budget.

"But Larry Fishburne's in it!" I hear you cry. "It can't be all that bad?" Unfortunately the erstwhile Morpheus just adds to the horror, the poor bloke obviously realising just what he'd gotten himself into early on. You can see the wincing embarrassment on his face as he's forced to spout out tedious lines while strapped into uncomfortably snug leathers, playing a cringeworthy 'hip dad' role not seen since early '90s sketch shows.

The rest of the cast are even worse, and coupled with very poor editing the film comes across like lots of individual scenes cut together rather than as one flowing storyline. The ill-fitting soundtrack follows suit (banal post-2000 hip-hop/RnB mostly) as it is often completely out of synchrony with the 'action' on display.

If you must see this film, it will only be for the benefit of viewing some truly hilarious (but utterly unintentionally so) moments (e.g. the 'tragic accident' at the start), which actually added the second star to this almost so-bad-it's-depressing movie.

In comparison, The Fast And The Furious looks like the bloody Shawshank Redemption.
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Lots of Flaws but altogether a great film
Kingvagabond12 July 2006
Biker Boyz is a film that is great despite its numerous flaws. The film is built using thousands of clichés and stereotypes untrue to the real world of street racing. However, despite its many flaws, which are numerous and obvious the films spirit is maintained and despite its poor score on IMDb viewed in the right way this film is incredibly good. There's a tendency to view a film coming out of the black community based on a mainly white area of life as poor before the film has even been watched. There's reasons for this and many films doing this are right to be critically panned. Some of the acting in the movie is poor, and whilst the plot is clichéd for the genre and the crew didn't do themselves any favours by not accentuating the emotional points of the plot, the film is still a solid and emotional drama. I gave this film 7 out of 10 due to the empathetic acting of Kid and Smoke (Fishbourne turns in a great performance) and hope that potential viewers aren't put off by the poor rating that it has received.
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Burn Rubber...Not Your Soul - contains spoilers
MilPeliculas19 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
It's deep, contemplative sayings like this that elevate this magnificent film from the trite piece of hip-hop piston-pumping fluff promised by the trailer. Just kidding, it is hip-hop piston-pumping fluff. At times, goofy, at times kinda fun, I guess, if you like motorcycle tricks. And who doesn't, when you get right down to it.

This review contains a spoiler, just in case you really care. Trust me, it really doesn't matter. Derek Luke stars as "Kid", a young talented motorcycle rider whose father is the mechanic that keeps "Smoke" (Laurence Fishburne) on top of the street racing scene; the "King of Cali" as Smoke is called. Things go south early as Kid's father, Slick Willie, played by Eric LaSalle, is killed when an out-of-control motorcycle smashes into him during a street race. The meat of the story thus begins, as Kid tries to step out of his father's shadow and take his place in the pantheon of great motorcycle street racers. Now, I am going to divulge a few secrets in this review, I figure you probably aren't going to see this one anyway, and if you do, the surprises really are nothing you haven't seen before. It is revealed late in the film, that Smoke is Kid's real father. I think the writers thought this might complicate the story, but they don't exploit it in any meaningful way. The best we get is a tense scene between Kid and his mother, where he asks her if she was ever going to tell him Smoke was his real father, if Slick Willie hadn't died. She says, "I don't know.would you have wanted to know?" Kid responds with, "I don't know." Now, just because you say, "I don't know" with a brooding, intense look on your face, doesn't mean you've done anything to clue us in on how your character is feeling. She doesn't know, you don't know; guess what, the audience doesn't know either. Thanks for that. There are some things to keep the average older white guy like me watching, Meagan Good plays Kid's girlfriend. I've never seen this girl before but I think she's been in an few things, and she's hotter than a bug under a magnifying glass on a Death Valley August afternoon. And there are some okay motorcycle sequences, nothing too amazing though. In fact, all of the races are basically just drag races, not very interesting visually. We are told that "it's the rider, not the bike," but it's difficult to understand this based on the movie, which offers no insights into what it takes to be a good racer.

I think this film may be trying to be like Saturday Night Fever, meaning that SNF is about disco, but it really is not about disco, in fact, it's an anti-disco movie. Well, this film may be trying to do the same thing with motorcycles. I think in this case the writers think it is about what it takes to be a man. Well, if that's the case. They biffed it. This movie, it seems, really is just about motorcycle racing.

Burn rubber, not your soul. That line is spoken more than once, and I'm not sure what it means, don't lose sight of who you are, or something like that. Anyway, the ending is completely baffling, and seems to go against the value system the movie sets up for itself. Ready? All through the movie we sort of get half-assed moral lessons on how dangerous it is to race in the streets and how Kid should stop. And how Smoke (Fishburne) has never grown up, still chasing young girls, this is sort of explored with Kid's mother, and one of Smoke's old girlfriends played, by Lisa Bonet in a real disposable role. The big climax is set up like this: Kid Challenges Smoke (who's undefeated in over 200 races) to one race. If Smoke wins, Kid must stop racing (which is ostensibly the right thing to do) but if Kid wins, then Smoke must stop racing. So what happens? The big race comes, it's a good one, real exciting, down a long straight dirt road, and.and...Smoke eases off the throttle a little bit and let's Kid win. Why? I have no idea. Kid and his friends celebrate. Now Kid has inherited the mantle as "King of Cali," which he didn't even really earn, and will have to defend his title, maybe crack his head open, who knows. Didn't the filmmakers see American Graffiti? I give up. The only way that would have worked as an ending would be if it were Laurence Fishburne's story, which it ain't. So, filmmaking 101, don't switch protagonists right at the end, or you run the risk of completely deflating any sort of catharsis or resolution by the time the credits roll. Did I mention that Meagan Good was really hot?

To wrap it up: Kid is an uninteresting and drab hero, as is the plot. Fishburne is really the life preserver that keeps the whole thing from sinking, but maybe we should just let this one sink. It's not worth your time.
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Rigidly self explanatory
goldenscuba2k2 February 2003
This film is all over the place. Really, I think the film makers tried to do to much. This movie needed powerful role playing from the actors, which it did not get. I could have waited for this to get to HBO and saved the cash. However, I must say the bikes provide nice eye candy.
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nick087114 September 2006
I don't understand the negative views about this movie. I think that it is excellent. It shows reality and has a story line. I would rank this movie higher than a 10 if i could. Biker Boyz was well put together and was very interesting. It was a good movie with little violence,and it is also a more real approach to what a Bike crew really does. Everyone thinks that all they do is race around. They are just like a football team. I wish they would come out with Biker Boyz 2. There was drama in the movie but it went with the story line. I think that there was not an over kill of it and not to little it was very balanced. I wish that people would give it a chance and see the movie for what it is and not just a bike movie. If you sit and watch it you can really get into it. I can watch this movie anytime and day and have seen it at least 15 times. "Burn Rubber not Your Soul" is one of the best catch phrases I have heard in a movie. Stating to be true to your self. What other movies can you say that about. Everyone is so caught up in non reality and homosexuality. Lets keep our minds open instead of passing judgment. I mean we are giving movies like Broke Back Mountain better reviews that a movie that for once doesn't demonstrate that.
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Entertaining W/ Much-Needed Message
AMarie29 November 2003
This movie has heart. The world it portrays is new and exciting. It lifts the veil on an entire sub-culture - the black motorcycle underground. People that slammed it are most likely prejudiced when it comes to images of strong, empowered black people on screen. No comedians and jokey jokes here, just a good look at working-class black people living, loving and being their true selves. Is this why mainstream critics didn't get it? Perhaps. Those with an open mind or an understanding of ethnic communities and lifestyle subcultures should recognize the spirit of this film. Derek Luke establishes himself as a rising star not a fluke. Vanessa Bell Calloway shines. The whole cast reflected some bold choices that I really appreciated. I loved seeing Lisa Bonet and Salli Richardson given a chance to do their thing on the big screen. The story is brimming with good messages about family, honor and manhood. This is what our kids - black, white, or otherwise - need to see. This is what all of us need to see much more often that we do. A good, entertaining movie with important message (that's IF you're open enough to give it a chance).
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A blast to see
Chris Moran (tsnake)23 June 2003
I mean REALLY.. did anyone expect a high brow film here? If so, you're a knuckelhead and deserve to feel like you wasted your time.

I expected very little more than to see a movie with "sexy" bikes. Personally, i enjoyed the movie as a whole too, plenty well. Played story and all... but so what?

I ride, I'm a newb. I ride a rocket. But I'm no sunta'. Not sure I care to be one. But it is impressive to see what some people can do on these machines and not die. I agree the public displays of disregard are a bad model, but I hear about that stuff all the time and have seen a little in my area even, so it happens. The thing missing from the movie was a disclaimer stating that it's NOT smart to NOT wear a helmet, and that it's highly disrespectful to pull most of that stuff on public roads. As for Brendan's character not wearing during the races.. the point was that no one would take him serious for not wearing a helmet.. which showed the other characters didn't appreciate the cockiness.

As for the comments about the half naked bodies and other eye candy body shots... gimme a break. It hardly took much time at all on the movie.

When I originally saw the previews I was concerned that this movie would only encourage eejits to go out and buy rockets and cause havoc. Perhaps bombing on the big screen was a good thing, because I didn't see that fallout. I even joked about my watching it (not in the theater) being a bad thing... but I don't believe so now. I enjoyed this movie (perhaps I'm too easy to please) and do recommend it to people who don't take themselves too serious and don't expect a movie about bike gangs doing races and tricks to be high caliber.
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Overstock from studio, or an "urban western" if you want to lie to yourself
Vladimir_Grozescu9 February 2003
I've come up with this when it comes to movies released in the month of January: they are all pretty much overstock from the previous year that the studio was too embarassed to release. Movies released just after christmas and during January are the equivalent of bottom-of-the-bin leftover holiday items in a store that nobody thought was good enough to be sold before Christmas, so they've been re-packaged as something cool and new, when in reality they're just more misleading re-hashes. That's what exactly what movies like Biker Boys, Kangaroo Jack, and Just Married are. But since I'm only reviewing Biker Boys, I'll start my review. Here it is: Do not see it. That's the kindest I can be with this one. Larry Fishbourne commented that Biker Boys was a modern day "western", only with bikes instead of horses, helmets instead of cowboy hats, and asphalt instead of whatever was the equivalent of what cowboys and their horses rode on. I'm here commenting that this is NOT an urban western. I don't even know what to call it, but I know it's not good. Bad acting, NO realism (we need at least SOME ground in reality here), and cheap effects.

0 out of 10
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