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What a Waste!
trojden24 June 2003
This movie is a really disappointment. Claimed to be the most expensive X-rated movie despite all money and time that were put into it it's boring and too long (I'm writing of all three parts of this movie). Antonio Adamo is a good director but it's strange to see the way he shows group sex scenes. Let's take the last scene of the first part-two couples. But there are barely few seconds when you can really see both couples having sex. Scenes with double penetration are better, still there could be more of them. Actresses are really good-looking and Rita Fayoltano is the best of them. Toni Ribas playing the leading male role is good but why he doesn't take part in orgies scenes (only one to one) I really can't understand.

This movie should have been directed by another Private director-Pierre Woodman. Then it would be more vulgar, the plot would be less logical, but for sure we would see more of hard sex.
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dpfacialfan23 September 2011
This porno is very overrated. Private announced this as one of the most expensive pornos ever. They hyped it up like it was something extraordinary. But the fact is that it isn't even average.

This movie was made short after Ridley Scott's Gladiator became a huge hit. The biggest miss with this movie is that it is supposed to be serious. A porn "remake" of a mainstream film is never good if it tries to be serious. This movie should have been made with humor and wild sex in mind. Now, when the porn actors and actresses try to be serious without any acting skills it just ends up being unbearable.

The only thing that they managed to get right in this movie was getting a bunch of hot chicks for the sex scenes. But the director Antonio Adamo really messed up the sex scenes. Every sex scene was shot with bright lights on the performers. This gave a really bad look to the overall scene. The audio for the sex scenes are terrible as well. Also, the director didn't get the best angles to show these hot ladies off in the best way. Worst of all was that the ladies didn't seem that into the sex in any of the 6 scenes in this movie.

I give this movie a 4 out of 10 because it had the beautiful women, it also had many different kind of sex scenes, including two orgies and a foursome and it also had double penetration in 3 of the 6 scenes. But not even double penetration can save everything.

If someone wants to see a good porn "remake" of a mainstream film I suggest Sex Angels, which spoofs Charlie's Angels in a very good way. In that film Private hit the mark perfectly. The film is done with humor and contains mostly of hot sex scenes and very little story. That is also one of the few pornos with a story were every girl gets double penetrated.
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top quality production
reeceindie28 July 2003
If your looking for an adult film which includes top quality production values, excellent direction and an attractive cast this is the one for you. Both actors and actresses are photographed and shot beautifully, and look great within a film which looks and appears like a mainstream movie release. The only flaw is Private's insistance that the actresses constantly look directly into the camera following cliched porn traditions. The DVD release includes some great extras, which are as good as the film itself.
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Probably best adult film ever
supercomas13 June 2003
This is a must see for all adult film viewers. The quality of the cast is extremely good, and all actors, both male and female are exceptionally good looking.

The best scenes are probably the third, where Toni Ribas takes the actress by all sides possible. The last scene is also quite hot, with lesbian, two couples and then a double entry.

Definetely a must see
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