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Weak comedy with only a few laughs
christian12317 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Head of State has a few funny moments, just not enough to sustain its running time. Mays Gilliam is about to be red-lined out of his job. But after the untimely death of the party frontrunner, Gilliam is plucked from obscurity, and thrust into the limelight as his party's nominee--for President of the United States. The players in Gilliam's life include: Mitch Gilliam, his unsophisticated older brother who becomes his running mate; Kim, his ex-girlfriend who had once dumped him, but who now has a sudden change of heart; Martin Geller, his campaign manager; Lisa Clark, the woman who truly believes in Gilliam; and Debra Lassiter, the woman who doesn't have faith in his candidacy, and is serving as his reluctant adviser. The plot sounds okay and it defiantly has potential since Chris Rock is attached too it. It didn't work out that way though as the film is just not very funny. I used to think Chris Rock was funny in films such as Dogma. Now after films like this one, Bad Company and Down to Earth, I'm start to think he has lost his touch. He is also the director so he could have changed something that he didn't like in the script. Bernie Mac is disappointing in this film as well and he didn't have a lot to work with either. None of the other cast members do much and their talents are wasted with this movie. Head of State isn't insulting it just gets really boring at times. Its actually a pretty short film at just 95 minutes long, though it defiantly feels a lot longer then that. The jokes are old and the film is pretty predictable as well. Its just a silly comedy though so its not worth really hating and taking too serious. Its just disappointing since it could have been so much better. In the end, this is a below average comedy and not really worth watching. Rating 5/10, skip this one.
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Could be better.
kyle_is_awesome21 August 2003
I thought it was really funny but they should have taken out some really stupid parts. Like in the begginning of the movie Chris Rock girlfriend was terribly annoying. Some of the dialouge Chris Rock said was supposed to be funny but it wasn't. Some of the programs the goverment ran were really stupid and they just put it in there to make it PG-13. Ex: Prostitutes. Anyway... Bad company was a lot better. Rent that instead.
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Chris Rock could -- and *should* -- do much better
argv30 July 2003
Chris Rock has made an interesting name for himself. He's a black comedian who's been in almost 60 feature films; a writer and co-writer for movies and TV shows like Saturday Night Live; and is a man with strong political opinions. So, with all that talent and experience, you'd think that if he were to write and produce a political satire, it'd be a mix of biting comedy with a message.

If only that were the case with `Head of State.' Instead of biting satire poking fun at the political system, there's a collection of gag jokes that, in themselves are funny, but neither politically pertinent or satirical in any way. What's more the romantic-comedy subplot is way too prominent, elbowing out the main theme of the film.

Rock plays Mays Gilliam, a Washington, D.C. alderman, who's a man of the people. He not only does good things in his neighborhood, but even the drug dealers like him. When the existing democratic presidential candidates unexpectedly die, Gilliam finds himself selected by the party to replace them, all in the name of a politically ambitious underling who sets up Rock to lose in hopes of securing the nomination in the next election. Through a series of gags and mishaps, Gilliam not only gets elected, but gets the girl too.

The film certainly has the gags, many of which are genuinely funny. In fact, if it were all gags, a la `Airplane' and `The Naked Gun', then Rock's film would have been surprisingly refreshing. But, the humor was diluted by attempts at a serious side – both on the political front and the romantic front – and the script fails to know when one ends and the other begins. What's more, the serous or romantic sides to the film, gags notwithstanding, were just plain silly.

It's not that the formula doesn't work. It's been done many times before, such as `Dave', starring Kevin Klein, and Warren Beatty's `Bulworth'. In each case, the `candidate' was unlikely and over the edge, but their straight talk and unconventional approach to politics appealed to the people and resonated with movie audiences. In essence, using this theme as the platform for satirical poignancy was very effective (from an entertainment perspective, not necessarily as a valid social commentary). In the end, the reason these films worked is because it was clear where the gags end and the seriousness begins.

On a separate note with respect to today's current events, I couldn't help but notice that it's because of reality that this movie is actually more disturbing than it should be. In fact, it harkens back to the good old days of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Back then, people didn't take politics or world events seriously at all, as evidenced by the fact that we had actual, serious attempts at the presidency from people such as Donald Trump, Ross Perot, and yes, even Warren Beatty. You'd never see those names in mainstream press in today's environment. Perhaps `Head of State' should have been released during a time when society's perception of politics and the presidency wasn't so important. But today, it's just plain eerie and disturbing.
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recycled formula
strus200117 April 2003
Back in the late 70's and through the early 80's, Richard Pryor made a string of formulaic type movies, the formula being a street-wise black man is unexpectedly placed in a position of great responsibility or privilege for which he is totally unprepared: (Silver Streak, Brewster's Millions, Critical Condition, Bustin Loose). Inevitably, the hero not only succeeds in his newfound role, but excels, all thanks to his streetwise background, which allowed him to confound the numerous white people in these movies who were either thick-headed or cruel mercenaries. This formula, not surprisingly, ran out of gas before Pryor's health started to go downhill, just like the Elvis movie formula did. It was all very unfortunate, because it repackaged Pryor, a true hardcore radical comedian into a middle of the road movie star palatable to a broad based audience. He never reclaimed what he had lost, and neither did Elvis. "Head of State" recycles the same Richard Pryor formula, only updating it to a hip-hop fed generation. Chris Rock plays the Richard Pryor -type character, a Washington DC alderman who catches the attention of Democratic party headquarters as an innovative replacement candidate for the nominee who dies in a plane crash only weeks before the general election. The overall effect is the same watered-down comedy that the RP movies left me with. The backroom cunning and maneuvering is all supposed to look very devious, and Chris Rock turns it all to his advantage, outsmarting the professional politicians at every turn.

The attempted humor in this movie left me cold and annoyed. There were joking references to the assassination of Malcolm X and JonBenet Ramsey that I guess were supposed to make me laugh. They didn't, and nothing, absolutely nothing, in this movie did. The slapping, punching, and assault & battery incidents are continuous and an assault on the senses. Someone has been watching a lot of 3 Stooges. Robin Givens plays a disgruntled ex-girlfriend of the candidate who is repeatedly victimized. In light of her experiences with Mike Tyson, this seems to hit a new low in bad taste. Rock speechifies in his presidential debate scene on the benefits of knocking children in the head when they misbehave, and receives a standing ovation. Not funny.

The problem with a watered-down movie is that it always hedges its bets, flip-flopping between earthy comedy and the serious tones. This movie, which actually has an interesting premise, would have been a lot better if it had gone way over the top, and not pandered to any sense of reality or decorum, like say for example, "Animal House." Put Chris Tucker or Ice-T in the candidate role, with no attempt to be loved by the audience. Bring the 'hood to the White House, and rename it the Black House. Load it with sex, drugs, rock & roll, and FUN!

I couldn't help but feel cynical about the Hollywood establishment's political vendetta associated with this movie. Chris Rock's opponent has an identifiable Texas twang, is personally venemous and slow-witted. Sound familiar? This same establishment will also back liberal governors and senators with expensive haircuts, but has never seriously gotten behind a black presidential candidate. I guess if you produce a movie about it instead of making it happen, that excuses you.
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Funny (and Visionary) Silliness
Claudio Carvalho12 July 2016
One candidate for the presidency dies in an accident a couple of weeks before the election. Meanwhile the alderman Mays Gilliam (Chris Rock) becomes a hero when he rescues a woman and her cat from an old house that would blow up. However his fiancée Kim (Robin Givens) does not pay his bills and dumps him, and Gilliam loses everything including his fancy car. When Senator Bill Arnot (James Rebhorn) sees the news on television, he plots a scheme with the party advisors Martin Geller (Dylan Baker) and Debra Lassiter (Lynn Whitfield) to invite Mays to be the party nominee and lose the election for the other candidate, Vice- President Brian Lewis (Nick Searcy). Four years later, he would be the candidate and would have the chance of winning the election. Mays has a terrible beginning of campaign but when his older brother Mitch Gilliam (Bernie Mac) meets him in Chicago, he advises Mays to be himself. Will he have the chance to be the first African American President of the USA?

"Head of State" is a silly film that every now and then makes laugh. The uneven plot has memorable scenes, like the party with the guests dancing or when Mays tells that God should protect the whole world; but there are stupid scene, most of them with Mitch Gilliam in interviews. But in general, this film is satisfactory and entertains. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Um Pobretão na Casa Branca" ("A Pauper in the White House")
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Mr. Rock has guts
sillylizard12 March 2005
Intelligent. Chris Rock has balls and he mixes old-school comedy (think SNL in the 80s) and current American politics. ie. both the republican and democrats are corrupt and greedy, with no one but themselves at interest when it comes to "The United States of America." But, as Mr. Rock points out in the commentary, this film is a comedy, and not intended to be a political commentary.

So why then did so few people think it was funny? Perhaps b/c they can't see the humour in their own country...how hysterical that the most God-blessed, powerful, and wealthy country in the world can be falling apart so badly. And that the government in election years must pretend to care about its citizens, when obviously they only care about the people who are handing them cheques.

Delightfully irreverent, Chris Rock steps up to the plate.
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Written, directed and starring the Rock....Chris Rock
Sinnerman26 January 2005
In this film, the Vice President, who's the front-runner candidate for office in a coming election, often dispenses with below campaign sound bite at whatever opportunity he gets:

"I have been the Vice President for 8 years. I am a war veteran. And I'm the cousin of Sharon Stone. God bless America...and no place else."

With lines like these, what's not to like about Head of State?

Here's the premise of the film. Both the the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate of a "losing" party died when their planes crashed into each other (don't ask). With the election just weeks away, the party decided to intentionally look for a "loser" replacement candidate; one who will lose at a pegged percentage (not too much, not too little), and yet is capable of winning some "leverage" points for the next round of election. And they found Chris Rock. Enough said.

Pardon the cliché, but Head of State has to be seen to be believed. Hell, just its opening credits alone are LOL already. If you asked me, I would think this flick's mixed bag of humour (from no-holds barred low brow to smart insightful attacks on American electoral politics) worked only because it has been delivered the only way someone as comic-attuned as Chris Rock knew how. The business of making people laugh is a tough one. And IMO, Chris Rock is one of the best in the business.

Can you imagine a fluffier, more convoluted Bulworth crossed with the crude but often logical sensibilities of South Park - The movie? If yes, proceed to imagine lines hurled at you that's as zingy as a Kevin Smith vehicle (both the good and the really bad ones) and blatant slapstick's as throwaway LOL as those Airplane/ Naked Gun movies? Ladies and germs, if you can imagine all that, congrats! Because that is Head of State for you, nutshell cracked wide open. But whether you will swallow the nuts or not (I always chew first, then swallow), will depend largely on your threshold and expectation already.

We need not reminders that we all live in ludicrous times now, do we? So why not accord some of that time laughing at it all, relishing in the enjoyment of a film as ludicrously conceived as this one? Personally, I look upon Head of State as a brilliant political comedy. Its charm actually lies in its greater interest in comedy than politics. I am delighted to see this film juggle sly political wish fulfilment with the conscious play-it-up for laughs. Sometimes, strictly for laughs. So yes, I am won over and willingly lap this flick up.

Make no mistake, Head of State is a hit and miss movie. But its hits far exceed its misses. In fact, its hit rate is almost comparable to (and arguably higher than) the raunch-assisted Scary Movie. Its (sporadic) intelligence however, far surpasses the entire Waymon Bros output combined.

Hmm....its plain to see that the manic sinnerman love this movie. I have not been this entertained in very long time. Hence I shall willingly dispense you all this flick recommendation. If one pop this title into a player at any random night, I do think it will provide willing folks with an antidote release from the blues of a hellish school/work day prior. So people, go hunt for the Head of State now (pun unintended).

My word is out. God bless America....and no place else!
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Jacob Rosen31 March 2003
The real, angry Chris Rock doesn't put in an appearance until the final moments of this political satire (directed and co-written by Rock) but it's not enough to rescue what has come before. Rock's fantasy of being the first African-American to achieve the White House (although he's initially set up to fail by spin doctors Dylan Baker and a surprisingly funny Lynn Whitfield) is somewhat toothless by Rock's own standards. The problem is his altered perception of himself as a film star (as opposed to the established HBO black equivalent of Dennis Miller): he phonily positions himself from the onset as cuddly, concerned for the constituents of the ward he's an alderman for and reasonably ignorant of national issues; he's finally allowed to become self-aware only when his older brother (the always welcome Bernie Mac) intercedes. You keep waiting for Rock to change but when he does, it's first into a playa that comes up with glib quips in response to standard questions. (With barely a mention of foreign policy, they seem a bit stale). Only in the final debate against his opponent (Nick Searcy) does he let loose with some honesty and only then do the jokes carry some weight. Rock, making his directorial debut, opts for the equivalent of a made-for-TV movie with a flat look, very mild gags (there are not nearly enough white fright jokes but there is a fundraiser that turns into a dance party with elderly WASPs doing the electric slide, and opening credits that state Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, George Bush and Hillary Clinton, among others, `are not in this movie') and very little interest in being taken seriously. Warren Beatty covered this turf far more handily in `Bulworth'. With Tamala Jones as his love interest, Robin Givens (cleverly cast as a gold digger) and, unfortunately, only a couple of bits from Tracy Morgan.
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Really funny
michael9452331 March 2003
i am extremely liberal and went to this movie looking for some "republican/conservative" bashing. I got it.

A couple of my friends are slightly conservative and were afraid to see this movie. They laughed louder and harder than I did.

This is a good movie overall, with a mass-appeal.

Kudos to Chris Rock.
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Step away from the director's chair
jhenson621 November 2003
Chris Rock delivers some funny moments, both as writer and actor, as you would expect. But the direction is amateur hour - by turns, static and awkward. The narrative flow doesn't, and the few laughs are punctuated by inane gags and flat writing. Chris Rock is often funny and brilliant, but as this fails in its efforts to be satire and slapstick. The satire is unfocused and often misses its targets; the slapstick is clumsy and, worse, not funny. A misfire by a talent who seems in over his head on this one.
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Funnier than expected.
lektroluv3 August 2003
I've always thought that Chris Rock is a genius when it comes to stand-up, but the movies he's played the leading role in, for some reason, haven't been that good. The jokes have been copied off his stand up routine and the script has be so so.

But this one is different. It was actually very funny. I had a good gutlaugh several times and the movie made a pretty good point, too.

Both Chris Rock and Bernie Mac did a good job in this one. If you like Chris Rock's and Bernie Mac's stand up, I'd advice you to watch this.
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Very funny and deeply satirical.
dcripton28 March 2003
This was just what the doctor ordered. At a time when I want to be critical of the government as well as be entertained, this was the film. The story is basically "Rocky" if he had run for president instead, but that doesn't detract from the laughs. All the performances have a high pitched feeling of Rock himself. Several bits that tap into his unique stand up presence as well. I recommend this film highly.
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Chris Rock was not annoying
MLDinTN19 April 2004
Generally, I find Rock very annoying in his films, but this one was different. He didn't do a lot of the loud mouth comments. The whole idea of this was silly, but it's a comedy. An alderman from a ghetto in DC is picked by a party to run for president when the other candidate dies. They pick someone who will lose because one of the other guys plans to run for president in 4 years. So of course, Mays decides to do his own thing and tell the people they should have more for their hard work and so on. He plays rap music at black tie parties, and decides to wear gangsta clothes. He rallies people around him and starts gaining approval from the masses. Along the way, he constantly hits on this gas station clerk. But, all of this is OK, but not really funny. The funny part of the whole movie is whenever Robin Givens was on screen. She plays a girl who dumps Mays in the beginning, but once she learns he's running for president, she follows him and acts all sweet and continues to plan their wedding. That part was hillarious.

FINAL VERDICT: Better than most Rock's other movies. It's worth watching if you are looking for a comedy.
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A good political statement...A HORRIBLE Comedy!
squall2128717 August 2003
It's obvious that Chris Rock had intentions of making a movie that preaches to the American public of the wrongs and injustices that many middle to lower class people face. I am all for that, and from a political standpoint, the movie made some very good points. However, when I go to see a Chris Rock movie labeled COMEDY, I want to watch a movie that is funny, not a movie that rambles on and on about politics. If this movie wasn't supposed to be a comedy, it would be very good indeed. However, this movie is supposed to be comedy, and seeing how the few scenes with Bernie Mac are the only comedic parts of the movie, I am forced to give this movie a low score.

2 out of 10
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Just not funny
stahwang13 April 2003
Something about Chris Rock's voice gives me a headache. He does the same old White ppl are geeks who cant dance jokes and sure they were funny the first time but this is like the fourth movie in a row with the same old bs. The story is lame. Only reason I watched this movie was because Bearnie Mac, problem is he has a rly small part. I left 15 minutes before the movie ended. This crap gets 1 out of 10.
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The ego machine rolls on ...
stuart-mcalister18 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Sadly, what started as a fairly reasonable idea soon collapsed into the usual Chris 'I'm The Man' Rock ego trip. Written and directed by Rock, the normally intelligent citizens of North America are forced to digest a Presidential campaign, fronted by a soon-to-be red lined neighborhood alderman. As more and more characters are introduced into the plot, the film turns into a black-on-white power trip. Despite a reasonable monologue delivered during the Presidential debate, Rock would have us believe that by using street-slang and 'the black attitude' towards guns, violence and unemployment, it got him elected to the highest seat in the land.

Sorry, Chris, no.

Nice try but your ego got there first.
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Chris Rock should stick to stand up
Lindy3812 March 2006
First, I like Chris Rock --- A LOT !!! I think he's a tremendous talent and an extremely funny comedian. Having said that, after watching 'Head of State' I wish he would just stick to what he does well (he's also always entertaining on talk shows) and stop abusing us with his theatric crap. Man, this movie was BRUTAL !!! It might be one of the dumbest movies I've seen in ... oh wait, I saw 'Christmas with the Kranks' over the holidays --- so, make that THE second dumbest flick I've watched in the past few years. 'Head of State' would have been better served if Chris Rock would have just said "vote for me" at the start. Ten seconds. End of movie. BRAVO !!! Believe me, it would have been an improvement.

Rock is bad (as in "not good"). Bernie Mac offers nothing. Robin Givens is even in this joke (oops! poor choice of words). She should just stick to being Mike Tyson's ex & her occasional Barbara Walters interview. The rest of the cast is forgettable ... and trust me, so is the entire movie.

Stick to the stage Rock ... stick to the stage.
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Stereotypical and racist
rnesto_8720 July 2005
White people acting like idiots as soon as Chris Rock throws on a little Nelly at a fundraiser, behaving like wiggers, having large glasses and so on.

Black people acting like fools basically all the time, being stereotypical village idiots with no wits at all.

stereotypes that really does not help to sooth racial tension in any way, quite the contrary actually.

I gave it a three, if it wasn't for Bernie Mac I would have given it a one.

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The Cradle Will "Rock".
tfrizzell29 April 2003
An angry commentary on American politics and the current state of the Republican Party today is made quite clear in "Head of State". Chris Rock stars as a relatively normal man who is having a string of bad luck in one of the roughest areas of Washington, D.C. A heroic rescue of one of his elderly friends leads to Rock getting in the spotlight. Meanwhile the Democratic presidential nominee for 2004 has tragically died in a plane crash. The party feels they have no chance in the election so they come up with an idea to sway minority voters so the Democrats (namely candidate James Rebhorn) can re-claim the presidency in 2008. Get the picture? Dylan Baker and Lynn Whitfield are the two campaign managers assigned to Rock's cause, but soon Rock starts running his own show. Throughout, the Republican nominee (goof-ball Nick Searcy, a character that is an unsympathetic carbon-copy of President George W. Bush) continues to lead the polls mainly because he has been vice president for eight years, is a war hero and is also Sharon Stone's cousin. However, Rock's antics quickly make him the darkest of dark horses in a tight race. Along for the ride also is love interest Tamala Jones, ex-girlfriend Robin Givens (in a psychotic role), personal assistant Stephanie March and the priceless Bernie Mac (in a part that is way too limited). Mac eventually becomes the running mate for Rock. The fact that he is Rock's older brother makes him the most trust-worthy person in a twisted circle. "Head of State" has shades of Warren Beatty's "Bulworth" all over it. Rock, however would rather shy away with sometimes silly comedy than tackling the issues like the aforementioned film did. The Republican Party has already boycotted this film due to the way they are portrayed and that fact has made the production go into a minor financial tail-spin at the box office (overall "Head of State" has been a disappointment economically speaking). Politics aside, the film ultimately fails due to Rock's shortcomings as a director and screenwriter. He definitely has some things to say, but the way he conveys his thoughts are such a jumble on the big screen that the film almost becomes tedious. Rock has a likeable cast and yet he tries to carry the show by himself. This is not a very good thing in the end. Overall I do respect Rock's views and I do think he made a movie that pushes the envelope on some issues in the U.S. today, but in the end "Head of State" is just another potentially good production that never does rise to expectations. 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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Amateur garbage!
filmfreak-524 April 2004
I'm sorry to be so rude as in the topic, but sadly it is true. This film offers film making at a provocative low level. Chris Rock is a horrendous actor in this film, and you think you can't possibly see worse until you stumbles across Robin Givens, who gives it an extra edge of total over acting.

Nothing in this film is positive, I have no idea what on earth Chris Rock was thinking. The plot is lame, predictable and ridicolous, but it's ok - it's still the best part of the film.. Several of the shots in this film are even done at a kindergarten level, any film maker will frown watching this, as did I..

-10/10 - I'm offended for being presented to this piece of junk, stay away all costs!
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Rock should stop writing his own movies
guyfromjerzee13 October 2005
Now, it's no doubt that Chris Rock is one of our most talented and funniest comedians. But stand-up comedy and motion pictures are two totally different realms. In stand-up, you purposely break the fourth wall, whereas in movies you do whatever you can not to break that wall, making the audience forget they're watching a movie and that they're really in this "world." Rock didn't only co-write the script, but he also directed. Mel Brooks, he is not. His amateurish direction is quite obvious in his use of extreme close-ups of actors mugging into the camera. Any good comedy director knows that comedy is best played in wide shots or in as few shots as possible. Otherwise, it's like you're shoving the punchline in the audience's face.

One problem with Rock and his selection of movies (for the most part) is that his humor becomes marred by PG-13 ratings. Let's face it, he's a naturally vulgar comedian and we love him for that. We loved Eddie Murphy for being that way, back in his "Raw" and "Beverly Hills Cop" days. Just like how we're forced to see Murphy in corny, watered-down, PC flicks like "The Haunted Mansion" and "Showtime," we're forced to see Rock in flicks like "Down to Earth" (also written by him) and "Head of State." However, one movie where he was funny was "Nurse Betty," an R-rated film. Unfortunately, he was only given a supporting role.

Back to Rock as a writer/director, he may know a lot about comedy, but he knows little about story structure and how to find the balance between comedy and drama. There are way too moments where the movie takes serious turns that dampen the film's broad comic tone (as was the problem, in bigger doses, with "Down to Earth"). But being that we're now in a sugar-coated, PC society, we can't even make a comedy without tacking on bundles of unnecessary sentiment.

Now, onto the main problem with the film. The filmmakers took a brilliant premise that could've been transformed into a razor-sharp satire, and instead settled for a dull, predictable farce. If you were Mr. Magoo, you can see the punchlines for at least 80 percent of the gags coming a mile away. There's even a debate scene where Rock uses the Pee Wee Herman "I know you are, but what am I" line. High brow comedy, huh? The gag that I feared, in watching the film's many trailers and TV spots, is probably one of the funnier scenes--which is of course not saying a whole lot. I'm talking about the White House party scene that involves uptight white people dancing and singing along to Nelly's "Hot in Here." The jokes that do poke fun at today's political climate are treated with way too heavy of a hand. Just watch the gag where women are trained to be whores for the president, like they were doing basic training for the army. A joke that probably sounds funny on paper, but on screen it just comes off as silly.

On a minor note, Bernie Mac plays a supporting role, and his talents are also completely wasted. Mac is another talented comedian who hasn't yet gotten the break he deserved in the movies. So far, he's starred in two consecutive duds: "Mr. 3000" and "Guess Who." If you purchase or rent the DVD for "Head of State," I must admit that Rock's commentary is pretty amusing. But that's the only positive thing I can say.
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Chris Rock has my vote!
departed0716 March 2005
In Chris Rock's "Head of State" the film shows what an African American would do if he were running for president of the United States, and to be honest with people, I would vote for Chris. The film's premise is about an alderman (Rock) who is fired from his job, lost his girlfriend (Robin Givens)and is being nominated for President of the United States after a fellow candidate died on a plane crash. The film's plot isn't important, because in the end Chris Rock wins; but what I found interesting about the film was the point of view that Chris Rock's character makes from taxes, education, violence, social security, etc. and what is great about the film is when Rock's character makes connections not only to the rich and middle class, but to lower income people and those that society rejects. I hope George W. Bush watches this movie, maybe he would learn a lesson and would actually care about the citizens who voted for him, instead of the rich.
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not even a smile
waterloo-518 May 2004
The man directed it and plays the main character. If someone has two jobs he usually isn't good in either. And this sure is true for Chris Rock... The music was lousy, the jokes were boring, the characters were wooden, the meat was rotten,

and even the super who wasn't that super

I can't think of one reason to watch this movie, the best use for the dvd is as a beermat.
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