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Gore Collection of Clichés
Claudio Carvalho29 December 2007
Three couple of teenager friends – Troy, Louisa, Rachel, Derek, Francis and Leticia - plan to celebrate the end of school period in the house of Francis, whose parents will travel in a few hours. However, their trip is postponed and Louisa suggests they party at the abandoned Dayson Chemical Plant. They break in the plant and Troy recalls that many years ago the location was a research facility where a woman had contracted a virus and killed her colleagues. When Louisa finds Troy's jacket full of blood, the group panics and is chased by a half-human creature with steel teeth and claws.

"Death Factory" is a gore collection of clichés. This very low-budget movie is absolutely predictable, with the usual stupid attitudes of the terrifying teens – splitting to find an exit instead of staying together; silly dialogs (there is one awfully hilarious when the girl regrets that she has not brought the camera to film a dirty room); ridiculous situations, like for example when Francis and Leticia finds a bed with white sheet in the plant and they make love on it. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Fábrica da Morte" ("Death Factory")
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Not as bad as you'd think
Volstag21 January 2004
As a fan of low-budget, out-of-the-way movies (especially those that are unintentionally hilarious), I was pleasantly surprised by Death Factory. Don't get me wrong -- it isn't Oscar worthy by any stretch of the imagination, but they did manage to make a movie that was watchable and, for the most part, entertaining. Much like other low-budget horror/sci-fi flicks, this is best viewed with some buddies and some beer.
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Good bloody SOV Flick
pig_7113 November 2002
This is a quality no budget flick. Really good especially from BRAIN DAMAGE FILMS. They usually manage to put some crap out there(Blood Sisters), but this was really good(considering). The acting will win no awards but there are tits. And most importantly the Blood/Gore FX by Rom Karkos ka(?) are excellent. Really well done. Brad Sykes is growing film by film. This is excellent for SOV fare. His ZOMBIE CHRONICLES sucked. Just bad. DEATH FACTORY is worth the rent or if you love these lowbudget SOV movies then it might be worth the buy. ***1/2
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Tiff rules!
landrupog31 May 2007
Some teenagers mess around in old factory, a demonic Goth-chick makes them wish they hadn't. That's it in a nutshell, fair enough in itself...

Yep, rented this one just to have a look at schlock princess Tiffany Shepis. This'll be the reason most viewers will give this dullish D.I.Y effort a chance. They'll be backing a loser on several counts unfortunately.

1] Shepis doesn't show any skin. 2} She only shows up in the last act of the film. 3} The movie sucks. The look of the film is ugly, and the acting not especially convincing even for cheap-jack horror. 4} Ron Jeremy in one his pointless cameos, god love him..

Sure, there have been a few gems shot on digital video, this ain't one though. Shepis looks impressive and is scary in her goth get-up ( somewhere between Mindy Clarke in 'Return Of The Living Dead 3' and Mimi Kincade as Angela in the 'Night Of The Demons' movies). The aforementioned are what the director maybe would liked the film to be like but just can't manage it on his budget. Yes, there's splatter but it's fairly ineffective. Yes, there's sex and topless scenes but they are cheesily filmed and repetitive.

I'm not a complete meanie, I'll give a couple of stars purely because I truly love the genre even the fringe efforts, and it's great to see film-makers getting out there a having a go with whatever resources they can muster. All power to 'em. But parting with your hard earned to buy or rent something of this calibre is another question, and I feel even the die-hard splatter fans would regret doing so.
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JustAnotherHooligan22 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Wow what a bad movie I mean You at least hope there would be cuter girls getting naked throughout the film alas not and well it just sucked plot sucked, dialog sucked, scenery sucked. I mean really a factory made out of plywood and 2x4's with couches and beds scattered around. Yeah it was a big load of crap. Ron Jeremy play's a horrible drunk in the movie and he barely has a part to begin with. The plot is just your basic horrible government cover-up that reeks of influences like resident evil, REturn of the living dead part 3. It was a bad movie to get from blockbuster in fact I actually feel like finding the people who mad the movie and slapping them a couple of times.
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Only of interest to Tiffany Shepis fans, and even than only mildly
movieman_kev13 April 2009
Six friends decide to party it up in an abandoned warehouse factory unaware that Alexa (Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis), a former factory worker who upon catching a virus via an experimental biological drug, mutates into a monster with an insatiable appetite for human blood, is still stalking the halls of the deserted place. Will they be able to survive the night?? or a better question would be would you even care??

I'm keeping my review spoiler free so I won't really answer the first question, but the second one gets a resounding no because most of the characters are bland, annoying & unlikable walking clichés. This low-budget DTV film seems very content on merely going through the motions adding nothing new to the slasher sub-genre that one hasn't seen over a million times before. Also worthy to note that if you're renting this as either a Shepis or Ron Jeremy fan, Tiffany's not in it that often at all and Jeremy has even less screen time (basically not much more than a glorified cameo) I usually can get into a cool B-movie horror film, but this one was too badly acted and just lame. Some mildly convincing gore save it from being completely unwatchable but that's about it.

Eye Candy: Allison Beal & Rhonda Jordan both get topless

My Grade: D
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If only this film had a bigger budget...
montrealpunk29 January 2003
This movie is a really good work. It shows that it is a low budget flick, but it has very decent acting (not oscar material, but very decent nonetheless), a very good, appropriate musical score and a way better plot than many movies with a bigger budget. The characters' deaths are not very realistic though, which is the only thing I found disappointing. With better death scenes, and better special effects, this could have been a really good, scary movie.
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Dumb SOV gore flick.
HumanoidOfFlesh10 November 2008
A bunch of teenagers decide to go to an abandoned factory to drink beer/smoke weed/have sex and they get locked in with a hideous monster with an urge to kill.It seems that a mutant was created by an accident in the factory years ago,stalks them and kills them."Death Factory" is actually my first experience with horror movies made by Brad Sykes and I hope that it won't be my last.The plot is dumb,the acting is horrible,but there is plenty of gore to keep splatter freaks happy.A horror regular Tiffany Shepis plays the monster which looks almost like the cross between female zombie from "Return of the Living Dead 3" and Freddy Krueger.Ron Jeremy has a small cameo as a bum,who is quickly killed.The main heroine Lisa Jay is likable and has a wonderful body.5 out of 10.
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Justin Bradley20 January 2007
Total junk. I can't believe I sat through this nonsense. I am typically a fan of B-movies, but this garbage could not hold my attention what so ever. "Teens" head into abandoned warehouse for some spooky fun, a strange mechanical-dominatrix rps them to shreds. Wow! Not you don't have to waste you time watching it. I think I've had canker sores that were more appealing than this. If you are looking for a little b-movie fun I would try to find an obscure Italian zombie flick, at least a majority of those had a budget. Oh yeah! Just a side note for you goth-fetish types, the mechanical-dominatrix monster is not at all sexy so save it.
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no budget but still entertaining
Eric Blake (toomuchman68)13 November 2002
For an ultra-low budget flick, I was impressed. The pacing was good and the boring dialog was kept to a minimum. The effects are cheap but bloody. The producers were just looking to make a splatter movie and they succeeded with what little they had. Its worth a rental.
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Well-made gore-fest
tony-43410 November 2002
Havign watched a mountain's worth of independent, straigh-to-video horror films, I'm well aware of the problems many of them suffer from. I'm pleased to say that DEATH FACTORY rises above so many of its genre companions as a technically well-made flick. Lighting, sound and camera-work is all better than I'd expect to usually find. The acting is pretty average, with a cameo from Ron Jeremy. The film's biggest short-fall is a rather weak script that never breaks out of the genre's stereotypes. It was still a fun ride though, with a cool killer, tons of gore and even some nudity. Should please most horror fans.
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So Shockingly Cheap!
MafiaScarecrow30 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, the plot of Death Factory follows the tragic story of a woman who becomes infected with bioweapons (at a CHEMICAL factory of course), and gets sick, or insane, to say the least. And she eats people to survive, yet has somehow grown steel teeth and what looks like a knock-off of Edward Scissorhands, because toxic chemicals totally do that, right? Her younger sister, who brings various friends and hobos to the factory, brings her gang of drunk college buddies to party in the old factory, really meaning to feed them to her mutant older sister, who by the way is named Alexa.

I'll start off by pointing out the most obvious thing - this movie is CHEAP! It appears as if they were trying to copy Resident Evil, which came out that same year, but also looks like it was filmed on a camcorder by students. And the characters are the basic doped-up kids who care about nothing but love and partying. The "factory" was more of a shed full of old couches, with a few Ebay purchased beakers and test tubes thrown in to convince people it had at one point been a military corporation. I was twelve when bought it at the dollar store, and to warn parents right now in case the title doesn't imply, THIS MOVIE IS BY NO MEANS APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN!!! For some reason the mutant monster is wearing a g-string, there are many explicit scenes, drug/alcohol references, and the mutant girl looks like a clown with rabies. So much swearing I couldn't even count it, and some low-budget but very gory scenes such as a woman having her eyes gouged out, flashbacks of chemists being dizembowelled by the monster, a boy being stabbed, a hobo being ripped apart and many more that are cheap but probably very disturbing to children. I now own it, thank heavens it only cost me a buck, because I wouldn't ever pay to see this again. will say on a positive note that I'm a big fan of fiction movies about chemical pollution causing adverse effects so this appealed to me, but it was mostly just a joke.
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The Worst Industrial Disaster in Hollywood!
manjodude24 July 2012
Wow, you see the poster and you read the story and you think this is going to be one hell of a horror flick. Everything seems right except it's one hell of a horrifying flick!

I'm trying hard to figure out the positives first, like I do in all my movie reviews. C'mon man, think! Oh ya, we've some nudity(a positive, right?) which is fortunately or unfortunately the only aspect worth mentioning about.

A chemical factory looks actually like a lengthy house with home furniture strewn around. Few glass bottles in a lone cupboard in a hall seems OK for the makers to convince us that this was indeed a factory! The half-monster woman is actually a normal looking woman in skimpy, torn clothes and some spikes set up on her fingers! Ya, her sharp canines & maybe her white-pupils look are her only monstrous assets. And the victims whom she jumps upon & tears away are shown in later scenes neatly lying in a corner with hardly much injuries on 'em. Must be the radiation or the chemicals in the factory I assume, which heals the skin after death...a medical toxin :p

Talking about the half-monster woman, was it really Tiffany Shepis!! Could not recognize her. Thank goodness, she got slightly better(but still trashy) chances later(movies Dark Reel, Pretty Cool Too) but her best role may have been in Dead Scared(2004) which was well made.

Finally, the truth revealed in the end by one of the characters on why all this mess happened seems convincing to clarify our already messed up minds but doesn't really help much.

My verdict: One of the all-time worst movies from anywhere in the world I've seen. Thank you!
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A good solid effort with a memorable monster
CorblimeyGuvnors8 March 2015
Six teens decide to party in an old abandon factory. Hey it don't matter that there was secret experiments being carried out and one of the nurses was infected with a virus and starts slaughtering people. It is not long before the teens realise that the horrifying events of years ago, were not just a story and the nurse is still alive!!!!

A good cast of people at the beginning of their careers. Lisa Jay and Karla Zamudio have gone on to roles in TV. Rhoda Jordan and Tiffany Shepis are established scream queens in many a low budget film.

Directed by Brad Sykes, who has come a long way from the Camp Blood films, two years previously.

This film was a winner for me and ticked all the boxes of what one would expect. Tiffany Shepis plays the monster Alexa, and this really was the highlight of the film, for me. A cross between Freddy Kruger and one of the zombies from Return of the living dead 3. This film is lively and never outstays it welcome. It delivers on the gory goods and even has one of those famous cameo's from Ron Jeremy, what more could you ask for !!!
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Not a bad take on the slasher movie, but very formulated.
bbickley13-921-5866420 November 2014
I have to admit, I really did like the Slasher, Alexa. It did not hurt that it was played by Tiffany Shepis from those Troma flicks.

And of course the great Ron Jeremy makes a cameo which gives this movie an extra star just for that.

Speaking of porn, I love the fact that this straight-to-video, obviously made on video horror flick had two nude scenes and one long love scene. It felt like a safety net just in case everyone thought the violence sucked.

I can see that considering they used buckets of blood and chop cut editing to create the gore they could not afford to do on camera. Most of the shoe string budget went into the slasher's costume which is not half bad.

Though the characters were very stock, from the virgin protagonist to the jive taking black dude.

I definitely like this movie for what it was.
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Who knew factories were made of plywood and Styrofoam?
TheBlueHairedLawyer27 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Death Factory came out in 2002, and appears to be a copycat of Resident Evil, which came out the same year. A chemist at the Dyson chemical plant becomes infected with a strange virus, and she is fired and left alone to die. Years later a group of community college graduates decide the abandoned factory is the perfect place to get high and party, but the infected woman from years before is still alive, and responsible for a murder massacre that had Dyson shut down. Now she is living in the Dyson plant, ready to kill anyone who invades her home.

First off, I understand that it's a low-budget horror film... but come on, the woman who was a scientist was wearing a g-string and nothing else as she murdered people in the factory? Had she no dignity to at least throw on a lab coat? And speaking of lab coats, leaving them on couches in a Styrofoam enclosure dose not make it look like a top-secret research lab, nor does ordering high school chemistry classroom glassware and putting it up in various rooms. What kind of virus makes a human grow steel knives for hands and daggers for teeth? And by the dates mentioned, the scientist would've been about nineteen when working there, and I highly doubt that nineteen is the age when you're hired to work in a biological weapons factory.

The characters were hard to care about, so I didn't care what happened to any of them, and the end was like a rip-off of the 1980 slasher Friday the 13th. If you want a funny horror flick to watch with your friends at night, this one is alright, but as far as a good movie goes this one doesn't fit the category.
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Average videotaped slasher with a female ghoul.
capkronos4 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Three teen couples that include the expected pairings; the nice, preppy couple, the black couple and the 'bad' couple (who show what bad-asses they are by wearing leather and bandannas), break into an abandoned former chemical lab. You know one of those places one shouldn't go into at night because people always seem to be disappearing there and it has a notorious history of mass murders and unorthodox scientific experiments taking place on the premises. Tiffany Shepis has the role of Alexa, a vicious, white-faced, zombie-like, kinkily-clad ghoul with metal claws who attacks them all. The character was obviously inspired by Melinda Clarke's zombie in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD III and is fairly well-designed for the budget and engagingly played by Shepis. There's plenty of blood and T&A and the surprise twist at the end is OK, I guess. Of all the films I've seen directed by Brad Sykes and released by Brain Damage Films, this is easily the best one and I somehow sat through every predictable, forgettable moment of it without turning it off. Porn star Ron Jeremy shows up as a drunk bum to help open the movie.
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"Look! A door!" Another rubbishy low budget piece of horror crap.
Paul Andrews4 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Death Factory starts as flashy annoying git Francis (David Kalamus) & his annoying girlfriend Leticia (Rhoda Jordan) tell their equally annoying friends Rachel (Lisa Jay) & her boyfriend Derek (Jeff Ryan) plus Louisa (Karla Zamudio) & the nerdy yet still very annoying Troy (Jason Flowers) that they are all invited to a party at his house as his parents are away for the weekend, unfortunately his parent's change their mind & they have to find an alternative venue to hold their festivities. Louisa comes up with the perfectly reasonable idea of holding the party in a disused factory that has been condemned as any sensible person would, the group are well adjusted human beings & as such have no problem in holding a party in an abandoned rundown potentially dangerous factory, I mean would you? However their flawless plan goes awry when it turns out that the factory is inhabited by a flesh eating zombie (Tiffany Shepis) that wants to kill everyone it meets, sometimes it's just not your day...

Written & directed by Brad Sykes Death Factory is crap, I'm sorry but it's as simple & straight forward as that. Why is the question I ask here, why do I keep putting myself through this much torture by continuing to watch this sort of absolute crap? The script is terrible, for a start it's very boring, it's slow & the fist 40 odd minutes of this are almost irrelevant while for some reason it takes itself extremely seriously. Add to that the fact that there were many plot holes that bugged me throughout the entire film, for a start the most annoying one was that for some inexplicable reason these idiotic teens couldn't just walk out of the factory once the realised there was a killer running around, I mean why couldn't they just walk out of the door they entered the place through? Is that such a hard notion to think of & execute? Thre is no reason at all for them to have stayed in the factory once things went bad, none whatsoever & I don't buy the 'maybe the got lost' idea either (did these kids have the memory capacity of a goldfish?) so I just kept thinking to myself 'get the hell out of there you annoying idiots', they never did though. I wasn't sure about the killer either, I must admit she looked pretty cool at times but where did the metal teeth come from & the long metal A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) rip-off sharp nails attached to her fingers? The script is as unambitious & threadbare as they come & is merely an excuse to kill a bunch of annoyingly clichéd teens off & nothing more, not much effort was put into it & it shows as the result is a poor low budget straight-to-video horror film of the worst kind that has zero entrainment value beyond seeing how the killer dispatches her victims. Overall I'd say this is one to avoid...

Director Sykes seems to specialise in this sort of low budget straight-to-video horror crap & if the rest of his output sucks as bad as this I hope I never see another one of his films. The character's are awful as is the dialogue, in fact you could turn the sound off Death Factory & still easily understand what's going on it's so simplistic & predictable. Just to add insult to injury there are meant to be a couple of 'twist' endings too including one of the group being a traitor, wow guys I didn't see that coming, & another 'shocking twist' that reveals, wait for it, that the killer in fact isn't dead! Damn what a surprise, what an original 'no-ones ever thought of that before' twist! Does that mean that there's going to be a sequel? I'm shuddering at the mere thought... There's no atmosphere, the entire film looks cheap & unappealing, there's no scares or tension & even the gore is disappointing. Almost of the kills are exactly the same, killer grabs victim, slashes them with Freddy Kruger rip-off razor nails & bites their neck, these scenes feature lots of blood but it's of the splashed around everywhere variety rather than any explicit gore.

The budget was obviously low but there are plenty of great low budget films out there so that's no excuse, is it? For some reason the filmmakers keep shooting scenes in front of the same wall, a wall with a strange sign on it saying 'Nuclear Medicine', eh? I sat there looking at it (hell it was far more interesting than was happening on screen elsewhere) & thinking what the hell does Nuclear Medicine mean?! Basically Death Factory has all the production values of your holiday video. The acting is terrible.

Death Factory is total crap, I'm sorry but that's the way I see it. Sure the killer is OK but she's a blatant rip-off of Freddy Kruger from A Nigtmare on Elm Sreeet & the self mutilated zombie character played by Mindy Clarke in Return of the Living Dead III (1993) both of which are far superior to Death Factory in every way...
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What can you expect for a movie filmed in four days on a budget of $9000?
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki6 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*** This comment may contain spoilers *** A group of stereotypical teenagers are looking for a place to party, when one girl talks them into going to the abandoned factory on the outskirts of town. When they get there, while inside they they find out that the factory was closed due to a biological chemical accident years earlier, where one worker went insane and killed a number of people there. The girl (played by sexy little Tiffany Shepis in horrible makeup) was turned into some kind of creature with Freddy Krueger- like fingernails and freaky looking dental work. Now she is killing them one by one, and chewing and clawing them into pieces, in full gory detail. Near the end, it's revealed that the girl who suggested this factory as the place for their party is the sister of the girl killing everyone, as she needs their blood to survive. Surprise of surprises.

I rented this because sexy little Tiffany Shepis is in it (and I was at home sick with a flu and bored to tears) but she's only briefly in a few darkly lit scenes, and she's hidden behind blood splattered makeup the entire time. But that's the entire point of this mediocre, zero budget, shot on video flick: it's an excuse to show off some extremely gory effects. Nothing more. Nothing you haven't seen 1000 times before or since. If you're looking for gore and lots of it, rent this one. If you're like me and just wanted to check out Tiffany Shepis again, rent The Hazing. Again. The ending of Death Factory is straight out of the original 'Friday the 13th'.
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I've seen koolaid stands with better funding...
Elswet7 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
And that just makes this all the better. This movie was horribly low budget, blessed us with the worst acting I'd ever seen, and peppered with some really horrid sets.

Honestly, this movie is not fit to watch. It is not scary. It is not eve a good attempt. The only decent factor about this attempt was the writing. The story itself was a decent fast-paced tale of zombies created by a virus. While not original by any means, it was a decent production considered it had no hopes of anything better than going straight to video.

Some straight to video ventures are actually quite decent. Unfortunately, this movie is riddled with the low budget disease to the point of resembling a third-grade film project.

It rates a 1.0/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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This One Made Me Laugh
Renie16 May 2003
I've seen some low-budget stinkers before, but this one took the cake! As I was watching it, I kept thinking of "Scream," which is such a vastly superior slasher flick compared to "Death Factory." I laughed even harder when Ron Jeremy showed up. The characters were cookie-cutter slasher-film victims, and the "creature" looked more like a reject from the Freddy Krueger School Of Slashing. The acting wasn't too terrible, but when a "horror" film makes you laugh more than scream or jump, then it's a total waste of time. I watched all the previews on the DVD, too, and those films looks like bombs, as well. I really would have hated to be on the clean-up crew for these films!
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Slapped Together, Good Acting
heatherashley18 December 2002
I saw this 3 nights ago. Jeff Ryan, and Lisa Jay put out a dynamic Acting job. The "girl" was twisted, and unimpressive, BUT...her arm puppet steel contraptions were impressive. Ultra low Budget, (even a orange Electrical cord is showing in many scenes..but what the heck..being shot in 4 days... what are you going to pay attention to? The "couple where the guy is constantly laughing..were right on target with their performance, and their love scene look VERY real. all in all....HELLS HIGHWAY with RON JEREMY was better. and the Best Male actor in Hell's Highway was Mr. Grey. (also the hottest) But Ron Jeremy as usual, puts in a GREAT cameo. not bad for a budget that was probbaly 40.00
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Another pretty good no budget "horror"
stormruston21 September 2006
I think I am burning out on these low budget horrors, there are so many of them now.

This one fall in the middle of the pack.

The acting is OK, ranging from believable to over the top. Tiffany Shepis as the creature is pretty scary.

The gore was poor, lots of blood, but no organs or chunks to speak of, and very repetitive.Lets face it these low budgets are all about the gore, so even tho the acting was a bit better then normal for this type of movie, the lack of quality gore put the movie in the overall 5 to 7 range out of 10.

A typical low budget B or a pretty good ultra low budget B.
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this movie was ok... but Jason Flowers ( Troy ) rules
svagetwstr7 February 2003
the movie was decent for a low budget junk flick.... But that guy Jason Flowers ( he played Troy ) was by-far the most entertaining person in the movie. And he could act. This guy is gunna be a big star one day.

good job cuz.

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Just wait!!!
jeannajeanna30 November 2007
Wait till you see Death Factory The Bloodletting HTTP://

DEATH FACTORY: BLOODLETTING" (SAW meets GRINDHOUSE) is a horror film about a group of online deviants who are invited to an abandoned factory to witness a "Bloodletting", an event displaying the torture and murder of an innocent person. Once inside, they soon realize that they have been lured into a trap by a self-righteous madman who uses the factory and it's bloodthirsty inhabitant as his own personal version of Hell. ----

It was a blast to be in and I can't wait till it comes out in May 2008
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