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it's a promising movie
lansmich24 October 2002
at first it was odd to see judy ann santos being paired with someone more than two years younger (dingdong dantes). but it worked!

although the director was a bit confusing with his shots, there were actually some "kilig" moments on the screen. the plot showed rezette (judy ann) falling head over heels for eric (dingdong). it was predict- able from thereon but given the right elements and a tear-jerking story with a social angle, this partnership of judy ann and dingdong could actually prosper.
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A music video extended to an hour!
fab-one11 July 2002
A movie inspired by a popular song, "Akala Mo" unites two main stars from two rival networks in the Philippines. It's a surprise pairing of ABS-CBN young superstar Judy Ann Santos and GMA-7 heartthrob Dingdong Dantes in a movie made by Viva Films, the movie company identified with another rival TV station, IBC 13 or the so-called Viva TV. The light romance-comedy is definitely experimental that even the person in the director's chair is a newbie.

This product of first-time big-screen director Lyle Sacris, a 26-year old award-winning music video director responsible for the headbashing videos of local rap-metal groups Slapshock and Chicosci, is just like a music video stretched to an hour and 46 minutes.

Santos plays Rezzete, a security guard assigned in a condominium who falls in love with one of building occupants, Eric (Dantes), a car salesman. Rezzete does everything just be noticed by Eric who is not even serious in entering into a relationship. The movie reflects that modern women are no longer afraid to court the man of their dreams.

Rezzete's best friend, the building janitress, Beauty (Candy Pangilinan), courts the condo all-around-man Jun (Dennis Padilla), while her cousin (Anne Curtis) voluntarily sets herself for a "blind date" with Joey (I forget the actor's name). Woman power? Maybe.

In the end, Aiza Seguerra, of course, appears and sings the title track, which is taken from her second album, "Pinakamamahal".

The movie gave me a SEVERE headache. The rotating shots sucked all the way. There was nothing unusual - even with that "girl power" angle. The direction was lousy.

Getting an MTV award for best video doesn't mean that one is qualified to direct a full-lengh movie. A forgettable film. A boring cross-over.
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