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Sex & Nudity

  • No actual nudity except for shirtless people, and a headless corpse (its genitalia is completely covered)
  • Bobby reads a seedy magazine with a giant-breasted nurse on the front cover and the title "Spanking Nurses". Inside there are scantily-clad nurses with captions such as "I love Lucy". Dr. Hook and Otto are seen in the pilot flipping through the same magazine, but neither are really interested in it.
  • Sally mentions that even though she isn't home to see him, she knows Bobby watches dirty movies.
  • A young man and an older woman have sex (not graphic) in a morgue.
  • An obese lawyer is sued by a woman claiming that he got her underage daughter pregnant.
  • Stegman and Brenda kiss in odd ways, have phone sex with phrases like "I've always wanted to get nasty in the back of a taxi!" and Brenda fantasizes about him having sex with her.
  • Johnny B. Goode tells Stegman that he has a crack in the back of his pants.
  • Dr. Massingale seduces Elmer to get him to bring her an anesthesia report.
  • A few lewd phrases such as "I have a 6-inch titanium in my pants", "If I wanted you to know what I'm feeling I'd give you a rectal exam" and "bend him over the back of the car and shove each of those papers into his behind" are said.
  • "AIDS testing" is mentioned.
  • Mentionings of sterilization, uterine cancer and overian tumors.
  • Sally discreetly alludes to the fact that she and the dying old man beside her once had sex a long time ago.
  • Dr. Hook goes around with his fly unzipped throughout the second episode for comedic effect.
  • A man mixes up the lyrics to the "Red Dragon Tattoo" song by Fountains of Wayne, singing instead "I'm fit to do you, now that I'm horny".

Violence & Gore

  • Peter is struck by a vehicle being driven by a junkie. Almost all his bones are broken and he is paralyzed, covered in blood and left for dead. A crow threatens to eat his eyes and Antubis eats ants off of his face.
  • A baseball player shoots himself in the head but survives.
  • A man falls off a horse.
  • Lots of graphic images of brain surgery.
  • Mary is lobotomized and tortured for ten days by a maniacal doctor.
  • Blondie carries grotesque things around, like severed heads and human hearts.
  • A man plots to steal another man's organs while he sleeps.
  • A burn victim is seen covered in blisters.
  • A man overdoses on drugs in an apparent suicide pact. This same man is later lit on fire.
  • Elmer and Dr. Massingale both fake their own deaths in an attempt to scare each other.
  • A morgue full of bodies in various states of decay is a frequent setting.
  • People perish in a fire.
  • Antubis is trapped under a scaffolding and nearly bleeds to death, but Peter saves his life.
  • Otto is knocked out after the ceiling collapses on top of him.
  • A priest is impaled on a chain-link fence.
  • A nurse repeatedly faints at the sight of blood.
  • Sally has a vision of Bobby and Otto both being shot and killed by Stegman.
  • Stegman botches a little girl's brain surgery, leaving her in a state of limited function, which he tries to cover up.
  • Brenda shoots and kills Stegman's lab rats, and it is implied that she has cut out one of the rat eyes and made love potion from it.
  • Otto mentions that he would be going completely blind in seven years if it weren't for the miracle at Kingdom Hospital.
  • Sally hides in the bathroom to avoid being murdered.
  • Antibus bites a man's throat out, blood sprays up in the air.
  • Antibus rips a man's heart out. Blondi drops a new one into his dead body and then leaves.
  • A dog with glowing red eyes chases Stegman up the hallway, trying to tear a chunk out of his behind.
  • A very old man passes away peacefully.
  • Lots of graphic shots of blood but surprisingly not many actual character deaths. There is a lot of off-beat hospital humor which some may find morbid (for example the scene where Otto catches some nurses and doctors singing the song "Na Na Na (Kiss Him Goodbye)" above a severely injured patient, but nothing overly inappropriate to the point where it crosses the line, especially as this is a 2004 TV movie.


  • Not a lot, if any, although there are many usages of "damn", "goddamn", "hell", "jesus", and similar phrases.
  • Stegman refers to the two telepathic orderlies with Down's Syndrome as "feebs" (feeble-minded), as well as imbeciles, idiots, dunces and morons.
  • Brenda gets called a "fat cow with a backside the size of a moving van".
  • Otto says "holy Mary mother of god" when he sees the giant anteater.
  • "Jerk", "dope", "loser", "bitch", "jackass", "big boy" (said at an overweight orderly), "creep", "malingerer" (directed towards an apparently ill elderly lady), "hypochondriac", "ugly", "toad" - this is about the extension of rude phrases.
  • Some racist remarks are made from Stegman ("too many immigrants", "we should sterilize them and use them for slave labour").
  • Somebody calls Otto "Vlad" in reference to his morose, frail vampire-like appearance and his accent.
  • Some sexual dialogue, nothing overly revealing, just a couple of instances such as "I want to get nasty in the back of a limo with you".
  • A stoned man, while climbing onto his roof, sings out "I'm fit to do you, now that I'm horny" (the actual lyrics to the song are "it's fit to be me and it's fit to be you").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many instances of alcohol bottles in plain sight, champagne glasses, a man getting alcohol poisoning and being a former alcoholic.
  • Hook, Bobby and Otto hide beers in a desk.
  • A man is said to be a junkie and states that he has an "ounce" in his van of "primo stuff".
  • Crack vials are seen on the ground. A crying man says "those damned crack addicts!" loudly.
  • Stegman asks people if they are addicted to drugs.
  • Brenda slips "love potion" into Stegman's coffee.
  • Otto suggests going to a nearby town bar for drinks.
  • a man and woman overdose on drugs in an apparent suicide pact.
  • A doctor injects a group of supernaturalists with a hallucinogenic drug supposedly to allow them to use psychic powers to dream together.
  • A character smokes a cigarette.
  • Stegman's experiments involve getting lab rats addicted to cocaine, to which Dr. James says, "oh no, we can't have little rodent junkies running amok!"

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Peter's accident is quite disturbing, a hit-and-run case.
  • Dr. Traff, Dr. Mallingale and Otto get buried alive when the ceiling collapses in an earthquake. One of them is injured slightly and knocked out for a while. They later all discover that this is the morgue they are trapped in.
  • A little girl is injured by malpractice and left in a state of immobilization, unable to feed herself or walk, and having to wear a diaper. Her grieving mother blames the doctor, who makes inappropriate remarks in reply.
  • Scenes of a civil war fire in the past.
  • Mary is killed slowly over a period of ten days by a quack doctor's lobotomy experiments.
  • Antibus is benevolent to the group of friends at Kingdom Hospital, but his giant sabre-toothed anteater appearance may frighten some viewers.
  • Sally is horrified at the vision of Bobby and Otto being shot to death by Stegman.
  • The appearance of some of the characters like Mary, the ghostly teenage boy, the headless man and Mona, may frighten younger viewers.
  • The way in which Stegman treats Christa and Abel (he insults them for having Down's Syndrome) may bother some viewers.
  • The name "Blondi" (the German Shepherd), is a reference to Adolph Hitler's own pet dog, and "Otto" (Blondi's owner) incidentally has the same name as Hitler's administrative assistant, which might disturb some viewers.
  • Elmer's head-hiding incident is quite disturbing.
  • Stegman's careless attitude towards the hospital staff, patients and all of Maine itself may bother some viewers.

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