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  • It was a Masons like sign between members of the 'Keepers of the Kingdom'. A secret society of staff and former staff of Kingdom Hospital. The Keepers are mentioned throughout the series.

  • Antubis is Anubis, the Egyptian god.

    Anubis was the guardian of the dead. The reason he looks like a giant anteater is because when he introduced himself to Mary, she thought he said ANTubis. Because Antubis is 'different things to different people' his form became based on her misudnerstand. This is explained by Sally Druse in 'Finale'.

  • Paul's backstory is gone into in slightly more detail in the accompanying book 'The Journals of Eleanor Druse: My Investigation Into The Kingdom Hospital Incident'.

    He was a fifteen year old boy and patient of the hospital that stood on the site before the Kingdom Hospital in the series - referred to as 'The Old Kingdom'. He was undergonig sensorary deprivation treatment in a saline tank. He can be seen in it singing during the episode 'Butterfingers'. He died when The Old Kingdom burned down.

    The events of his death are uncertain. But he is believed to have drowned.

    The reason he looks like Antubis' Human/Anubis form is explained by Antibus. Because Mary refused to believe that anyone was truly evil, including Paul, Antubis' human form came to resemble him. And like with his anteater form, everyone else now sees him as such. This doesn't explain how Antibus looked like Paul before Paul was even born, let alone died, during the original Mill fire however.

    They were both played by the same actor - Kett Turton.

  • The report was an autopsy on Elmer himself.

    The report was not 'real' as such.

  • Antubis saved Mary because she was the only person who knew the truth about The Gates Mill fire.

    He used her by sending her back to 'town' to get and hide the newspaper clippings, be killed horrifically and join him in limbo so that they, and the information in the clippings could later save everyone 150 years later. So in fact not saving her but using her in his century and half long plan.

  • This was meant to be funny (both Goode's actor and the man in the video are the same man, that man being Stephen King, who co-wrote the screenplay for Kingdom Hospital).

  • It is implied that Otto never actually told anyone about his impending blindness. Throughout the series he is shown to be extremely wary of losing his job, and when he does miraculously get his sight back, he admits to Dr. Havens and Dr. Massingale that he never told anyone that he was going blind because his own doctor told him that he would have to retire. That being said, he was never totally blind at any point during the series, he just had really bad vision and had to wear thick glasses to see at all. Ironically he was one of the first to actually see Mary Jensen, and one of the few staff members who could actually see the supernatural activity going on in Kingdom Hospital.

  • There's not much of an answer here, except perhaps that nobody liked Brenda, either. She in-part was impressed by his big-shot Boston medical career, his money, and she wanted a boy toy to dote on her, which backfired when Stegman became obsessed with getting rid of Dr. Hook.

  • Kingdom Hospital is a completely fictional story; the hospital, all the characters and Antubis are all made-up, mostly based on Egyptian myth and on the Danish television program 'Riget'. Antubis, or "Anubis", is a mythical Egyptian deity which in drawings and artwork resembles both a dog and an anteater. The Civil War was indeed a real historical event, and was also a time of early industrial manufacturing and psychiatry, hence the "bleaching vats" and Dr. Gottreich's lobotomy obsession. Lewiston is a real place, located in Maine, but there is no Kingdom Hospital there. Blondi the German Shepherd was based on a real dog, oddly enough Adolph Hitler's German shepherd, also named Blondi.

  • The gang weren't trying to harm or deliberately harass Stegman, they were just having some harmless laughter and he overreacted.

  • The actor who played the role of Otto (Julian Richings) is actually British-Canadian, and was hired on because King thought he looked like a good actor for the role appearance-wise. However he faked a German accent as sort of a running joke in the show, which was also used when he did the voice of Otto's pet dog, Blondi.

  • He is upset about his expensive car being defaced so he is mocking the state of Maine, which he sees as a low-class place full of bumpkins and freaks. However the "Maine hick scum" thing is also a reference to a notable ending in episodes of 'Riget' (Riget was a similar TV series and the original which inspired Kingdom Hospital). In Riget, an antagonist character is heard shouting "Danish scum!", and since Kingdom Hospital is set in Maine, Stephen King opted to use a phrase that would fit the Maine setting while still keeping the same feeling as the original.


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