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8 Jan. 2006
Bed Time
What happens if a tortoise suffers from insomnia? How does a woodlouse with adenoid problems stop snoring, and why does the Dove of Peace get aggressive if he doesn't get a full nights kip? Nocturnal critters shed light on the workings of the night shift.
15 Jan. 2006
Self Image
Do Bald Eagles ever feel self-conscious? What does a Sharpei think about his wrinkles? How does a zebra tackle her laughter lines, and why are snakes allergic to bananas? Pampered pets pontificate on the pitfalls of personal grooming.
22 Jan. 2006
Have you ever wondered what animals are really saying? Well, after watching Monkeys debate the origins of language, a cat contemplate deep sea communication, rats arguing over baby talk, and a raven getting a grump on, you'll probably wish you'd never asked
29 Jan. 2006
Safari Park
An itchy-footed meerkat who hitchhikes to Bath, a giraffe without a working permit, a hyperactive ostrich, a territorial gorilla, a confused lion, a forgetful baboon and a lazy hippo reveal life behind the perimeter fence.

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