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The Magician's Nephew
skullislandsurferdotcom9 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Those long gone and sorely missed ABC Weekend Specials, the introduction with the animated wizard conjuring butterflies flying from an open book, snared the attention of many youngsters who, at a certain point on Saturday Morning, wanted something beyond cartoons i.e. real humans and real stories but not without a touch of whim and fantasy: Like in this creative two-part episode about a spectacle-wearing kid, Zack, visiting his Aunt's (played by Jane Withers) dilapidated magic factory that, while shabby on the outside, harbors a score of neat tricks by two talented magicians within.

REPO MAN ingénue Olivia Barash, then a child actress who appeared in TV shows ranging from THE INCREDIBLE HULK to LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, is a magician's daughter that joins Zack in trying to rescue the building from a geeky yet sinister tax attorney, who, with the aid of a bitter custodian, tries closing it down for good.

Zack, despite being bullied at school, plans a big magic show in the school auditorium, and with Olivia as his assistant they have but one shot at saving the beloved old factory.

A pretty good storyline and likable characters will keep you interested in the turnout, and best of all, there's a lotta cool magic tricks.

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