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Creepy, and loving it!
tjranma18 May 2004
I am not too easily creeped out but there are times where I would like to be shocked. I played the 1st one on the PS, and rented the other two when I got a PS2. SH3 is certainly different from the 1st two games, but it still delivers when I want to feel the creepiness around me! The graphics are very good & sure makes for a realistic feel. Included with the game was the original CD music soundtrack and it makes your mind wander when you listen to it! The bizarre enemy characters, though not as creepy as the ones from parts 1 & 2 still provide a thought provoking "Where the **** did they come from?!" If a movie's made about Silent Hill, it'd better be something more than Resident Evil was. Good movie, but the characters should've remained as in the games. Stay true & all will be fine.
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A journey through madness (I a good silent hill way)
marcus_fredriksson22 July 2003
There are games you long to play and games you both long for and fear at the same time. Silent Hill 3 is one of the later. Survival horror genre was invented so many years ago with the great Alone in the Dark. Resident Evil rewoked what seemed to be dead. A great game but in comparison to Silent Hill, its a game for great old grandma. Silent Hill 3 is the latest in the serie and the best imo. You take control of 17 years old Heather, a girl that looks like a ordanary girl with sleep disabilitys, maybe even drug use.

She´s agressive, maybe a little neurotic and totally unware of what hell could look like. We who have played the earlier Silent Hill games know to well. The game consists as earlier of two worlds. One dark and gloomy real world, or is it real? When you walk around you may found stuff that doesnt fit in. Like doors in a corridor, maybe to small or to big. Giving a feel of surealism. Nothing you can pinpoint all the time but its there. Its often pitch black where you walk. And the only light you have is from a lousy chestpocket flashlight. Luckily the batterys never run empty. This world is far more scary then what you see in the Resident evil games, mostly because of the darkness.

The other world, makes the first world look like a paradise with little cute rabbits jumping around, peacefully eating flowers and stuff. The other world, is some alternative world. Full of dirty metalgrates. rusty walls with blood patterns. Sometimes the walls itself is made of flesh and blood. Ofcourse just as dark as the first one. In the other world, you could never trust that what you see really exist. Maybe just some mad hallucinations. However the creatures living there exists.

Its been 2 days since i played it last time. And in a few minutes i will continue. I really recomend this game but for your own mental health, you should be around 18 or more and not of weak heart. If Silent Hill 2 had a Sado-machocistic theme with grotesque monsters like the pyramid head the 3´rd have a more blasphemous theme from a religous view. Monsters are well done and the graphics supreme everything seen in Silent Hill 2. You can also turn of the disturbing grain noice effect and even sharpening the texture. The result are a better view. You can also add more blood to the game, witc i did!

Graphics: 10 (Cant really be better on a Ps2) Sound: 9 (Would have given 10 if it wasnt for the pathetic walk sounds) Gameplay: 9 Value: 8 (Rather short but you can replay it with extras)

I´ll give it a 10! If you have the guts you should get this one! A true classic and the best Silent Hill yet!
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Truly, a terrifying game.
swipht125 August 2003
I rented this game and played it at my friend's house yesterday. This is a very well done game. Maybe because it was so dark that the game seemed extra freaky, but when you enter the small rooms and it is so dark, and so silent...I am just on the edge of my seat, waiting for something to just pop out.

The graphics, while not being as good as "Final Fantasy X's", were very realistic, especially the shadows of the creatures and the girl. The monsters were also very well done; their movements smooth and agile. This game is truly one of the best horror adventures I have seen in a long time. 9/10.
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Makes resident evil an adventure comedy
iamparsa15 February 2019
Oh wow and here thought sh2 was scary, this game is seriously messed up it's unbelievable how creepy it is, start to finish is a horrifying nightmare.

the main character heather mason is one of the most likable down to earth protagonist in the series and you are going to feel sorry for her throughout the game.

it's the darkest and also one of the most colorful game in the series the way that it's mostly red compare to the gray empty feel of sh2.

in terms of story, 2 is slightly better but this is a damn good sequel and in my opinion the second best game in the series.
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A very dark and well crafted game. Very good story and plot. Maybe the scariest game I've ever seen.
matthewwalker5030 October 2012
Very dark, and very frightening. Quite possibly the most frightening experience one will have playing a video game. One brilliant thing about the Silent Hill series is It's unpredictability. For instance, when you hear a noise and think a monster is there, It's actually just a sound effect to surprise you very sharply and make you panic and wonder. The Konami team do an exceedingly good job of creating genuinely scary sound effects that can have you on the edge of your seat, sometimes so sudden that your heart skips a beat. Although Silent Hill 3 isn't the best in the franchise, it is far from the worst. I would rank it as the 3rd best in the series after the 1st two games (In my opinion) being my favourites. The eerie, creepy, gloomy atmosphere is done again, really well. This is one of those rare games that can actually give you nightmares. The Lakeside Amusement Park, which is one of the oldest operating theme parks in America is incredibly eerie, especially when Heather 1st enters the park and falls to her knees in agony as she is giving birth to a demon god. Most modern horror of this generation (Again, in my opinion) seems to lack that "Fear factor" and just seemingly focuses just on the gory violence. Silent Hill 3 executes both these qualities, and even more so in terms of fear factor. Any Silent Hill fan who hasn't yet played the third installment to the series, is missing out on a great game. Highly recommended for any Silent Hill fan.
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How on Earth do these keep being of such high quality?
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews21 February 2010
No, I mean it, I am in a state of utter awe of this ability to continue producing grade-A results. This is a review of the PC version. All that appears to mean is that you can save at any time(with a few delectable exceptions), and are not limited to the well-placed(if arguably plentiful) checkpoints. In ways, this is less hard than the others(on the other hand, it is challenging, yes, also on the easiest setting, of the three for puzzles and four for action... yep, adjustable difficulty, so anyone can play this). It's about as long as the first one(in general, it takes a bit of inspiration from it... including in a way that I'd have preferred it didn't, but I understand that others did want that; you should definitely try to play the original one before this, you will appreciate it on another level), but the well-done puzzles seem simpler(that, or I'm getting better... and I tend to think it's the former, not the latter; meanwhile, this has the greatest riddle-solving system yet), if there may be about the same amount of them. On the other hand, this one may have about twice as many types of creatures. They are grotesque and nightmarish again, and this time, a few are downright bizarre in appearance, resembling nothing that we can recognize. All of the design is impeccably done. This again uses our own imagination in conjunction with the unnerving sights and audio to build up the psychological terror. The atmosphere is chilling, carefully established and maintained throughout, by the grisly sights and the incredibly well-done and meticulously crafted sound-side that is either shocking or hinting, never noisy or dull. This has amazing music, if there may be more lyrics than earlier in the series; then again, they are fantastic, and like the second, this does, as it needs to, distinguish itself(without deviating so much that we get alienated), they can't all be carbon-copies, they have to do something new. This hits the nail on the head in that regard. The plot is marvelous, if not as deep as that of SH2. I refuse to give it away. The story-telling is well-done(I swear to you, I was literally touched a handful of times during this, not only scared) with you finding details as you go along, and then the scripted, in-engine cut-scenes(there are no CGI ones in this one, and they are not missed), with a free cinematography(with that said, were there an excess of shots from below the protagonist, or was that just me?), a wide range of animations and rather articulated faces and the like(I do not personally find the introductory movie as compelling as the other two, perhaps that is only me... it might be the pop song, if I will grant that it's sufficiently sad in tone). This has astonishing graphics, and the lighting, shadows and weather effects(love the "grain") are brilliantly done. You now play as Heather, a teenage girl not afraid to speak her mind. I wasn't bothered by the gender in the least, and her personality isn't irritating(I've yet to come across a single obnoxious person in this franchise up to this point); however, her vocabulary, well, fits her age, and it does take away from the mood when something is called/described using words like "boring", "gross" or "yuck". Well, it didn't bother me enough to take me out of it, even briefly. All of the characters are credible, diverse and well-developed, and there are so few of them that you remember everyone and they all matter, none of them can be left out with no impact. Vincent is one of my favorites of all three games. The acting tends to be magnificent. This is instantly engaging and quite exciting. It takes a while before you realize what exactly is going on, without this losing any of its gripping tension. It is a cinematic experience with its strange, interesting and effective angles, and the dynamic camera that you can exert limited control over. The button for this can get you third person view, and that is invaluable in this. It won't work everywhere, still, it will when you have to, as the video-game won't always automatically do so. One thing I suppose one could say is that the enemies can be frustrating, to an extent not seen before this entry. And there are a lot of weapons, if not any that are superfluous. I've heard complaints about the Uzi... well, can *you* use it constantly? Besides, these are not about the combat. The lead now turns her head at nearly everything you can interact with, which at best takes getting used to, at worst is an annoyance. They split up Enter and Use into separate functions... not sure why. There are several endings and other things to unlock. This revisits areas from the previous incarnation, though they do new things with them. Several of your surroundings are creepy places to begin with, like a subway station and train. You now see the elevator as its moving, another of the countless eerie situations in these. It's all so abandoned, so close to quaint, and yet absolutely not. The interface remains unchanged as it should be, and once you are used to the directional keys(shouldn't take long), the way you move in this is rather intuitive, and you can get into this almost immediately. This does tinker with game-play mechanics a tad, all improvements. You can run a nice and fitting distance before tiring, for example. There are immense loads of brutal, bloody, strong violence and disturbing content, as well as a little sexuality in this - you should be able to figure out pretty quickly if you can handle it or not. I recommend this warmly to any fan of the other ones, and of other smart survival horror VG's. An acquired taste that ages like a fine wine, and that I wouldn't dream of doing without. Return to Silent Hill... if you dare. 10/10
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The best Silent Hill game yet....
abarsby28 May 2003
Welcome back to Silent Hill - the third 'game' in the series, and second on the Playstation 2.

All those familiar with either of the other two epics will immediately be familiar with this offering. This time however, you take the role of "Heather"; a woman battling to discover who true identity and destiny.

It's rather difficult to discuss the game without spoiling the story, so i'll just briefly other aspects of the game.

Silent Hill - the original on PS1, was a classic, it had everything; the story, the music, the atmosphere, tension, and the sickening creatures.

Silent Hill 2, seemed somewhat rushed, beautiful lifelike FMV's (for a 1st generation PS2 game) , a truly twisted story, but long loading times and poor level design with pathetic monsters.

With Silent Hill 3, the dirctor seems to have learned his lesson and got it right in all aspects. GONE are the hideous loading times between rooms and an updated interface now makes inventory interaction so much easier.

The graphics are incredible, as good as you're ever going to see on a PS2, they are almost of XBox quality.

There is now a massive variation in the types of creature that inhabit the World too, somewhere between 10 and 20 different types.

The music is hauntingly familiar, and the atmosphere created by the sound FX makes the hairs on your arms stand on end sometimes - especially when the static from the radio comes on when a creature is close (brrrrrr)

I'm not really into all this use of FMV for telling a story, so I am glad you can skip through it with the START button, although one nice feature is that if you have a SH2 save game on your memory card then you can interact with some of the FMV's which is a nice feature.

This game definately is not for young children ! Also, not for those of a Christian persuasion, the game is EXTREMELY blasphemous ! (You want to see someone puke up "God" and then another eat the twitching Foetus ?? Well you will in SH3)

Silent Hill 3 is probably overall, the greatest Survival Horror game on the PS2 - therefore on all consoles. It has everything the others in the series had, and yet whilst not genre defining, it certainly ups the ante and makes the rival "Resident Evil" series seem VERY creaky by comparision.
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Great game, lived up to my expectations.
Patience_Is_A_Virtue1 January 2008
The third installment of the Silent Hill series will not disappoint any big Silent Hill fans, and that is a promise. While it lacks the depth and emotion of Silent Hill 2 and is less captivating, it is still a great game nonetheless and doesn't fail to hold your attention.

The game is a direct sequel to the first game. If you haven't played it, that game revolved around Harry Mason searching for his daughter in Silent Hill. Well, now that little girl has grown up and is a young teenage girl, who serves as the character you play as in the game. Like all young teenage girls she has quite a temper on her, but her heart is in the right place and she is determined to find out what is happening to her. Heather wakes up in a shopping mall after falling asleep in a restaurant, and is leaving when she is approached by a detective who goes by the name of Douglas Cartland. He tries to get Heather to come with him to speak to someone, but Heather vehemently rebuffes him and goes to the bathroom, where she escapes through the window. Thinking she is safe now, Heather goes through the back of the mall, only to discover that something has gone terribly wrong. Soon, her whole world has been shattered, and the only thing she can do now is survive.

The graphics are superb, and are much better than any of the other games (including 4) the plot is brilliant, and the characters are all extremely interesting, to the point that you really care about them, and that even goes for the bad guys as well. All in all, Silent Hill 3 is one fantastic game. However, like all games, it has it's pros and it's cons.

Pros: -The graphics. They are fantastic, and are the best of the entire series.

-The monsters are more challenging than any of the previous games, and are often much harder to defeat. This serves as more of a challenge to the gamer which is definitely a good thing.

-The weapons are fantastic. There is a lot more to choose from then in any of the other games. Also you can unlock certain weapons which is really fun.

-The characters are probably some of the best in the entire series, especially Heather, who is my favourite character of the series.

Cons: -The fact that you don't spend a lot of time in Silent Hill irked me slightly. Also, you don't get to run around exploring the town like you did in the previous games. It takes the fun out of it a little bit. However, you can pay a visit to Heaven's Night, the club from Silent Hill 2 just in case any fans of that game are interested.

-The camera angles can get quite annoying at times. Sometimes the camera goes allover the place. I can't really explain it, but you'll see what I mean when you play. It doesn't really cause too many problems though.

Apart from that, this game is well worth buying. I'm not sure that it's better than Silent Hill's 1&2, but it is definitely worth playing if you're a fan of this series, or even if you're not, you should still give it a go, but I'd advise playing the first game before you do. 8/10
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witchcraftpentagrams19 August 2007
This is a little fact for you here. "Silent Hill 3" is the scariest game in history. I am not joking it seriously is. If you ever play this game. it will make you want to scream and shout while your playing because it is so scary. The girl who you play as will get your juices going. The character and monster design is incredible and amazingly realistic. Some of the monsters which you meet throughout the game will haunt your dreams forever. Definitely not for the weak hearted and if your a fan of the series well then i suggest you get a copy of this fast because it was very hard to get mine believe me. and all those sound effects will make you want to kill yourself if you hear them in real life. The music i really great especially in the opening. so if you wanna to scare the crap out of yourself get this game but if silent hill 2 scared you. don't let the thought of playing it cross your mind.
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Silent Hill 3 (Short Game Review)
Cirene4041 June 2019
  • Atmosphere
  • Heather
  • Musical score
  • Creatures designs
  • Psychological elements
  • Writing

  • Not much
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Silent Hill 3 patches the problems of the first and second games and provides a satisfying experience.
harsawa23 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Silent Hill-3 May not be the best in the series in my opinion *That would go to The Room* but it comes closer than either of the first two- which were already amazing games. Silent Hill 3 is were the series gains momentum, begins to define it's place, and truly begins to fix problems. Silent Hill 3 opens in a dream sequence, a bloody and ruined theme park. Deja vu for fans of the original. However in this sequence you die. When you wake up a weird old man appears to be stalking you so you escape from a bathroom window. Bad idea. You just walked into the portal between your quiet town and silent hill. In this transition, creatures stalk you till you actually get into the town. Silent Hill 3's story progresses slower, and so does the game. But it quickly gains speed and throws you into your worst nightmares. The music is the best of the series, and has the first uses of lyrics in Akira Yamaoka's music. Silent Hill 3's story is just as bizarre as the first 2, however it's best to be familiar with the first one too fully understand SH3. I would recommend highly recommend Silent Hill 3 to any survival horror fan.
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"Silent Hill 3"- A phenomenal exercise in pure horror.
MaximumMadness15 November 2016
Since the release of the original game all those years ago, the "Silent Hill" franchise has become something of a phenomena in the world of survival-horror gaming, quickly transforming into one of the most widely beloved and highly recognized examples of the genre. Through now countless entries and follow-ups or one sort or another, the series has grown beyond the confines of its humble beginnings and now exists as a media franchise unto itself. However, there is one constant that has always been accepted as pure fact... that no matter the quality of later sequels or spin- offs, or of spin-off media including comic- books and film, nothing has ever quite reached the quality and class attained by the original three games, released between 1999 and 2003. Some have come close... very close, even. But there's just something about that initial trilogy that rings true in the hearts of gamers as being pure.

The third entry in the series, "Silent Hill 3" is one of the two fan favorites that constantly vies for the title of the best. And while I do think it may never quite reach the exceptional quality of its immediate predecessor "Silent Hill 2", the fact still remains: this third chapter in the series is an immense achievement and continues to this day to be one of the most frightening and harrowing exercises in pure horror ever crafted for a home gaming console. In every way exceptional, "Silent Hill 3" is a game that begs to be played and replayed over and over again, and I'm more than happy to indulge in it.

We follow Heather, a feisty teenage girl who is haunted by disturbing nightmares of a treacherous and dark alternate reality to our own. Upon learning that she is being followed by a Private Investigator while visiting a mall one day, she attempts to flee, only to find herself gradually being pulled into a living version of her nightmare. And this journey will lead her through Hell and back as she struggles to discover what is happening and how to escape from the clutches of this seemingly demonic realm... Along the way encountering other characters who will slowly reveal the depths of the intriguing and twisted story she now finds herself in. And eventually, it will lead her to the freakish and haunting domain we know as "Silent Hill."

Differentiating itself from the previous entry, "Silent Hill 3" is far more focused on story than character this time around, and it helps lend to some nice contrast that sets this entry apart and allows us to absorb it without the burden of comparison. It is established early on in the game that this is a definite continuation of the tale first began in the original entry (though to what end remains a bit of a mystery that I will not spoil), and when viewing it as a direct sequel, it's a refreshing return to familiar grounds with just enough different to set it apart. It features an extremely intricate and intriguing plot that relies greatly on the player's ability to interpret symbolic imagery and subtle storytelling, which gives it an infinite replay value in order for the player to pick up on new details.

This is very much in my opinion the most disturbing and frightening entry of the series, thanks to it's absolutely mind-shattering use of atmosphere and design. Team Silent outdoes themselves yet again when it comes to the fear department, with perhaps the best-realized version of the iconic "Otherworld" in the entire series. With a predominately red-based color scheme and a new focus on creating environments that appear to be living and breathing in their own way, you'll be left on the edge of your seat on a near-constant basis, feeling yourself being pulled into the world alongside Heather. The creature design is also ramped up dramatically. If you thought Pyramid Head was the scariest monster of the series, wait till you get a load of what the team has in store for you here!

Characters are a bit more archetypal here, but still never anything less than compelling and thoroughly likable in every respect. It's fascinating to suddenly shift to controlling a young girl for the first time in the series. Though there may be a degree of initial worry in how they will handle her character, there is nothing to fear, as Heather is extremely complex and never falls victims to any of the classic clichés available. I also highly admired the supporting character of Douglas Cartland, a Private Investigator hired to track Heather down for reasons unknown. He makes for a compelling and even touching character, and you learn very soon on that he will become one of your most invaluable of allies. And our new villain Claudia Wolf is just wonderful and an ideal foil to the charismatic young Heather. A recurring figure you'll continue to meet throughout your quest, Claudia is very much one of the most threatening forces in any entry of the series. Just a great cast of characters all around.

All of this builds towards creating an absolutely stunning and deeply intense gaming experience unlike any other you have ever played. While I do think it might lack the emotional resonance of "Silent Hill 2", this in no way invalidates the game in any way. It's still a perfect entry in the series, and to this day is still well worth your time. Just be sure to bring a change of pants, because with how creepy this game can (and does) often get... you're gonna need it!

"Silent Hill 3" is another perfect 10 out of 10 for the franchise.
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Game chronologically, this is a direct sequel to the First
newmoon967 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
((States that is may 'contain spoilers' for safety reasons.))

Recently, I have just gotten into the Silent Hill games, I was determined to play it for years now, but, I never got around to it, just because, I truly never understood what it was about, and even though I have a love for all things horror, I didn't want to get myself into something I didn't enjoy. So eventually, I purchased the original Silent Hill off of Playstation Network, and devoured it in two days, I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I jumped, it was an amazing game. Three months later, Easter was coming, and I asked for Silent Hill 2 and 3, upon realizing the HD collection was cheaper, my grandmother purchased that instead. Though, I wasn't pleased, I didn't fuss over it, because it was still Silent Hill, regardless of new voice overs. After completing Silent Hill 3 to six stars, I have to say, I like this game more than the first, and the second. The story was as immersive and appealing as I hoped it was, and I was pleased to find out that it was a direct(not so direct?), sequel to the first game. Like the second and first, I too, devoured this game in almost one sitting. It features everything I loved from the first game, as well as little easter eggs to the second. Heather, to me, is one of the most appealing Silent Hill protagonists so far, just because she has one of the most appealing back stories, I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't played, but trust me, if you enjoyed the others, you'll enjoy this one. Buy this game, play it, and love it, just like I did, treat it with kindness and respect, and it will do the same to you.
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Another good addition to the franchise.
KillerK199123 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Silent Hill 3 carries the precedent set by the last two games in stride; a creepy must have for both fans of the series and those just looking for a cerebral scare. This iteration doesn't do much to change the game in the slightest; the controls are still clunky yet somehow leaps and bounds above its RE cousin, and the enemy variety is once again extremely lacking. The scares again are beautifully subtle, the winner here being the ever-present sense of dread that stands out even in moments of silence. The graphics are similar to Silent Hill 2's yet containing a level of polish that helps it hold up even to this day. The plot actually succeeds in being the first of the series to attempt to somewhat explain the nature of the town seen in the original game, creating a good mix of the cult plot of the original,and the sexual imagery of the second. The characters are all likable here, despite the dialogue being all over the place. Heather grows on you; she is one of the toughest, most unique female video game characters I have yet to see, and her performance picks up as the game continues, however sidekick and second-most seen character Douglas unfortunately sounds like he is in some kind of bizarre trance. It should be mentioned that the game is extremely short compared to the last two, and most games for that matter; however there are some exciting, easily accessible extras to keep you coming back. All in all, this game is one of the last good bastions of the classic ps-ps2 survival horror era, one that should be picked up by anyone who is a fan of the series or the genre.
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Very good story and atmosphere...just what you expect in Silent Hill.
Aaron137525 May 2008
This one I like a bit less than part two, but they are almost even in their enjoyment value. However, my favorite of the series now has to be Silent Hill Origins thanks to a vastly improved combat and movement system. This one has a good story of a girl who while at the mall starts to see weird things, then of course monsters show up and our gal named Heather must navigate the demented mall, which gets even more demented after a ride in an elevator. She also has to navigate the subways, sewers, and office buildings...all this before she even gets to Silent Hill! And once you get to Silent Hill you will be amazed at how foggy it is! The story is great as it seems to be a sequel to the first one, and of course Origins fits nicely in there too. I would elaborate on it more, but I don't want to give to much away...except I will say I hated that Claudia woman a lot. Those religious nuts always get my blood boiling. So there you have it, the atmosphere is also killer, I loved how you switched over to the more deformed and evil world and the puzzles were not to difficult to piece together. The problems come in the combat...a weakness for all Silent Hill games, you often get damaged and killed less because of your skill and more for the camera angles. Granted this makes it a bit more scary I guess, but I hate when the camera pans to the front of you when I need to see what is ahead. It is also sometimes to hard as I had a bit of difficulty with the final enemy even on easy. Still all in all this was a great survival horror game.
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