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Doom’s Hell Followed Dlc Unleashed, Double Xp Weekend Kicks Off Tomorrow

What better way to get in the Halloween spirit than ripping demonic nasties limb from limb? Hell Followed, the latest multiplayer Dlc for id Software’s Doom reboot, is upon us, and there’s even word of a double Xp weekend to draw in the crowds.

Priced at $15, the expansion is the second slice of paid Dlc for the gruesome shooter following Unto the Evil. Bundling together three new multiplayer maps (Argent Breach, Molten, and Orbital) along with the Cacodemon, the add-on heralds the arrival of both the Reaper weapon and Threat Pulse equipment, while there’s also mention of additional armor sets, patterns, colors, and taunts. Hell Followed is part of Doom‘s Season Pass, which runs for $40.

To celebrate the Dlc’s launch, Bethesda and id Software will be hosting a double Xp weekend from October 28 at 12pm Et. It’ll run through until Monday, October 31, at which
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Star Wars Battlefront’s February Update Has Gone Live

Star Wars Battlefront developer Dice has been making some rather substantial and extensive changes under the game’s hood for its February update and frankly, we’re not sure where to start – the list is freaking massive.

Before we start dissecting all of the little, large and much-needed changes though, you’re probably more interested in the new content that’s been added with the patch.

First up is the new Twilight on Hoth map that’s been added to several modes, including Walker Assault, Drop Zone and Heroes vs. Villains. Judging by the map name, expect to be battling it out as the Rebels or Empire in the freezing midnight blizzard that sweeps through the snow-covered planet when the sun (or is it suns?) sets.

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Continuing the chilly theme, Survival in the Ice Caves is a new map added to Survival Missions, and the
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Monster-Mania Looms Over Cherry Hill

The summer may be nearly gone, but Horror Is Eternal!! Monster-Mania 15 is set to hit the tranquil town of Cherry Hill, New Jersey (just north of Haddonfield ... no lie) this Friday, August 20th, running through Sunday, August 22nd.

The summer massacre is the biggest date of the year for Monster-Mania, and this show in particular will Not disappoint! The lineup includes director John Carpenter headlining alongside a Boondock Saints reunion with Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and David Della Rocco, a Pet Sematary reunion with Brad Greenquist, Denise Crosby, Dale Midkiff, Andrew Hubatsek and Miko Hughes And A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child reunion with Lisa Wilcox, Danny Hassel, Beatrice Boepple, Erika Anderson, Kelly Jo Minter and Joe Seely.

They've also got a tribute to our dearly departed Lost Boy Corey Haim with Brooke McCarter and G Tom Mac ("Cry Little Sister"). Need more star power? How about Barbara Steele,
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Nis Bring Local Slate of Productions to Cannes

With two major Us productions set to film in Ni this year, Northern Ireland Screen are focusing on bringing local talent and productions to this year's Cannes Film Festival revealing five new home-grown productions in the works. The screen agency's profile is currently at an all-time high amongst the global film-making community. New titles include; 'Paddy Mayne', an action drama penned by Richard Crawford (The Abduction Club) and produced by Alistair Maclean-Clark (The War Bride, Octane, Heartbreak Hotel, Arn), 'Teenage Kicks', produced by Michael Kelly, Pete Foott is directing with Spence Wright (Red Mist) and John Cairns screenwriting; 'Jump', the creation of 'Raw' writer Lisa McGee with Brendan Byrne on board to produce and director Kieron J. Walsh (When Brendan Met Trudy); director Tom Collins (Kings) is planning the adaptation of 'Reading in the Dark' - based on Seamus Deane's award winning novel; and 'Parabellum', produced by Colin
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3 to have premieres at Cinevegas

3 to have premieres at Cinevegas
The fifth annual Vegas.com Cinevegas International Film Festival lineup is highlighted this year by the world premieres of First Look Pictures' Octane, Blockbuster's Sylvester Stallone starrer Shade and the Hunter S. Thompson documentary Breakfast With Hunter. Running June 13-21, the Cinevegas festival will feature 85 films representing eight countries and including 12 world premieres. Opening night will feature the premiere of Octane, which stars Madeline Stowe as a mother who must save her daughter from a bloodthirsty cult. It was directed by Marcus Adams. Closing the festival will be the crime drama Shade, which stars Stallone, Melanie Griffith and Gabriel Byrne and is set in the world of underground poker games and martini bars in Los Angeles. It was written and directed by Damian Nieman. Also closing the festival will be the premiere of director Wayne Ewing's Breakfast With Hunter, which chronicles Thompson's career interwoven with his struggle to bring his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to life as a feature film. Complete festival details are available at www.cinevegas.com.

Naomi and Bijou in Catfight

Naomi and Bijou in Catfight
Supermodel Naomi Campbell had to be separated from actress Bijou Phillips by Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs when the two starlets clashed at Paris fashion week. The American wildchild accused the British clotheshorse of trying to chat up Bijou's fiancé, Sean Lennon, while the actress was away in Europe filming Octane with Norman Reedus and Madeleine Stowe. Bijou reportedly "accidentally" slammed in the leggy Londoner at P. Diddy's fashion bash at Plaza Athenee last Tuesday. After Bijou jostled her, Naomi threatened the actress, shrieking, "I'm gonna knock you out, Bijou." An eyewitness says, "Bijou jumped up ready to fight but friends intervened before they had a chance to really go at it." Combs played go-between and helped the two to make peace after pulling them aside and having a talk.

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