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Entertaining enough
mjw230520 January 2007
Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore) and Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) are New Yorks finest divorce attorneys, but when celebrity Couple (Parker Posey and Michael Sheen) raise the stakes in their divorce, Audrey and Daniel set out to make their cases and end up getting hitched themselves. For the sake of their reputations they must pretend that they are really in love.

Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan have a very good on-screen chemistry, and they are helped by some nice direction and a good script; there's plenty of laughs in this romantic comedy, but it's not a real tearjerker like some others in the genre.

7/10 A fine effort
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Screwball with snowballs
jackie-10722 October 2004
Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Doris Day may have made better screwball comedies, but this one just about works, by downplaying punchlines and taking obvious idiocies as read, such as the leads' addictions to sweeties and their penchant for falling through doors or knocking things over. But with these traits, how is it their apartments are immaculate? A directorial faux-pas here.

Julianne Moore is wonderful as usual, playing the rather uptight divorce lawyer, impressed despite herself with Brosnan's physical attractions. She is a mistress of the personality contrasts: sweet smile against dagger-drawn eyes; disconcerted reactions with suave sophistication; professional aplomb in the courtroom, but slobbing out in front of the TV. She is not only determined to resist Brosnan but successfully compete against him, while her mother, brilliantly played by Frances Fisher, is determined to persuade her to accept his overtures. Frances Fisher almost steals the film with her over-the-top, much-married, society fashion character, distinctly contrasting with Julianne Moore's more stuffy persona (reminiscences of Edina and Saffy in Absolutely Fabulous?).

I cringed at the scenes in Ireland, but this film does not pretend to be anything other than a sweet-thing romantic comedy of deliberate game-playing. It doesn't go for stand-up jokes, but just bowls along happily in its overdose of sugar. Moore is marvelous in serious drama (The Hours and Far From Heaven) but is proving equally at home with zany comedy (see also Cookie's Fortune). Brosnan relies on his handsome looks to see him through any part, but his comedy timing is as excellent as Moore's. The characters' common clumsiness is as well-timed as anything Doris Day did in That Touch Of Mink, or Cary Grant in Monkey Business. Given that Brosnan and Moore are more often seen in adventure or drama, an outing into comedy does not go amiss and gives us a chance to see them do something different. I wasn't sure of the film to begin with, but it grew on me. As long as it is accepted as a light and frothy entertainment, with no other purpose than whiling away a Sunday afternoon in front of the fire with a box of chocolates, it's a fine movie. Does Frances Fisher ever play any other character than someone's mother?
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007 meets (and shags) Sex in the City
shiningmonk8 January 2005
OK, the heading was to grab your attention. Sarah Jessica Parker and her sex-mad cronies aren't (thankfully!) in this, but Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore are.

Every now and then, they make a lightweight comedy romance with English actor Hugh Grant, and someone like Jennifer Lopez or Sandra Bullock, and it falls apart because Grant can't act. Well, this one boldly casts Irish-born Bond actor Brosnan with stage-actress Moore.

It's not a "wet hanky" romance (as some reviewers were evidently expecting) but a tale of one-upmanship between two rival lawyers in Manhattan, both immediately likable characters, with romance, spy cameras and Irish dancing thrown in. Thank God there are no nasal Manhattan accents, people talking really fast about how much money they've made, women discussing sex in coffee houses, people whistling for taxis, scenes of the Statue of Liberty or Frank Sinatra music.

All in all, well worth renting.
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Good, but it should have been better
dbborroughs11 July 2004
You ever watch a movie that under normal circumstances you'd think was great and wonderful, but there is something about the movie that keeps you from fully enjoying it? It gets sort of stuck between being great and being good, so ends up in neither place, and you end up liking but not loving the movie. Ultimately the movie falls into abyss of "almost", and you very quickly forget it altogether.

Such is the curse of Laws of Attraction, a really good movie that's just sort of there. Half way into the movie I was wondering to myself why I wasn't connecting more with the movie since its funny, well acted, and very charming in all of the right ways. Somehow despite being able to see the quality I stopped caring what happened.

Can I recommend this romantic comedy about lawyers in love? Yes, its sweet and light and everything a good romantic comedy should be except memorable.

Rent it or wait for cable, but give it shot.

7 out of 10.
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great screwball comedy, ruined ending
solymr4 January 2005
This movie reminds me of the romantic screwball comedies from the 30's, 40's and 50's. The movie succeeds in following the humor, witty dialogs and great pace witch made the romantic comedies of old so great. That is, until the ending. The entire ending is ruined, copy-pasted from every other average romantic comedy today (they split up, the guilty one realizes his/her fault and runs to his/her lover and spills his/her guts out... and they live happily ever after). It is not the director's fault, he even tried his best to make the ending not so sleazy (aka the excellent wedding scene). Pierce Brosnan is great, in some scenes even better then Moore, reminds me of Cary Grant, James Stewart in their best work (Bringing up Baby, The Philadelphia Story...). Brosnan is actually becoming a much better actor than he was 6-7 years before. Julianne Moore is, as always, excellent. The supporting is actually also great, from Sheen, Posey, Fisher, Dunn to the locals in the Irish village. All in all a great screwball comedy which has not been made in years, if the ending were any better...
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Enjoyable, romantic comedy for people in love
jamesjim20028 July 2004
I first saw this film through work at the cinema ( I work in care ). I enjoyed it so much I took my wife to see it to the next night and she enjoyed it to. This is a movie for people who are in love and or thinking about getting married or are married. Despite the humour their is a serious message ie not everything in life is easy and you need to be willing to compromise if you wish to find happiness with the one you love. Not all reviews of this film have been positive. My belief is these critics are not romantic people. This is a very hard film to dislike if you are a romantic person, my wife says I am. I look forward to buying it on DVD I recommend you do the same.
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Delightful and wonderfully romantic. Is that too much?
fredericksmith195212 May 2012
Seriously, you have here the perfect love story in the perfect setting with the most perfect couple one can think of, if you are thinking of true Irishmen and Irish descendants. Pierce Brosnan is witty, charming, cute "as per Frances Fisher in the film", and above all, incredibly gifted in this role. When you watch him here, you are reminded of the films of David Niven or Cary Grant, and that is no mean comparison coming from someone who sorely laments the lost of such talents. Julianne Moore comes up to Pierce brilliantly, and you could see this film occurring thirty years ago, starring Grant and Hepburn. Julianne's character is the perfect foil for Brosnan's in this delightful duel of the sexes. Parker Posey and Michael Sheen are the typical young adults caught up in their success, and going through a rough patch of the "I'm so neglected" stage of marriage, which the two of them carry off wonderfully. The maraschino cherry on this particular confection is the wonderful appearance of the beautiful Frances Fisher, than lovely lady who has the cheekbones of Venus de Milo and the accompanying smile. Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language, I personally recommend this as a film for you and that significant other when the kids are in bed, or for Date Night.
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Loads of talent do not a story make up for
Chris_Docker10 May 2004
It's great to see Julianne Moore in a comedy role again, reminding us of the not inconsiderable range of her talents. Laws of Attraction is a rather well-worn comedy though that lacks sparkle. Two top divorce layers battle it out and eventually get romantic about each other. If the script sizzled it might be able to hold a candle, but it doesn't - which is a great shame given the great performances (Pierce Brosnan also does well, appearing far less wooden than in his James Bond roles). The whole film has a rather contrived feel to it that no amount of acting talent can salvage. Throwing in a bit of Irish countryside seems gratuitous in the extreme, a bit of cutesiness for the American box-office.
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Starts well but gradually gets more unconvincing, slushy and annoying as it goes on
bob the moo28 December 2006
Audrey Woods is one of the best, nay, THE best divorce attorney in town. She has never lost a case and she is about to continue that winning streak with her latest case. When she meets her opposing counsel she has no reason to think that this scruffy man poses any threat to her. When he hands her her ass she steps up the competition and so begins a tense relationship in the courtroom. However outside of the court, the couple find a certain chemistry growing between them but surrounded by so many divorces and arguments how could anything good come of it?

Billed as a big name romantic comedy in the mould of sparky screwball romances of the forties and fifties this comedy at times is great fun but at others falls terribly flat. Given what it was basing itself of it should be no surprise that the first half is the best with energetic duelling between the two leads. Later on the script has to deliver a believable romance out of this and here is where it really falters. It suddenly becomes this twinkly affair in Ireland where love blooms, although it doesn't really although it might. It is a difficult hurdle to get over and the film doesn't really manage it and the final third is deeply unconvincing and hard to care about as it mugs its way towards the inevitable conclusion. It is strange that McKenna's script is so slick when it is in the "banter" stage but so heavy with syrup and silly cliché towards the end, almost like all the talent was put into the first half, leaving nothing for the latter stages.

Brosnan and Moore do try hard to make it work and mostly they succeed, but the material does gradually leave them out in the open. It helps that together they do manage an easy chemistry but later in the film they do struggle to convince with the more emotional side of the characters that exist outside of the fizz and snappy exchanges. Brosnan does well for the majority as he charms his way through but Moore can't seem to slide between the film's levels – she works with the snappy comedy stuff but when the emotional stuff comes she seems to drift between rom-com level acting and trying to go deeper. Support from Sheen, Posey, Fisher and a few others add some limited value around the edges but none can stop the script falling apart the longer it goes on.

Overall then what starts as a reasonable hark back to screwball romances gradually turns into an unconvincing, silly and sentimental affair that not even the big name stars can keep above the water. Not really worth a look for that reason.
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Forget the Movie, Watch the 'Deleted Scenes'
Bob-457 December 2004
I believe 'Laws of Attraction' is the only movie I've ever seen which I greatly preferred the 'alternate scenes and subplots' to what the producers chose to present. The plot involves way too little law. Most of the time when either Brosnan or Lewis winds, it's because of some piece of information the other lawyer should have known. The romance is weak, though not in the alternate scenes, especially those short ones which involves a former romance between Brosnan and the judge's sister.

Had 'Laws of Attraction' incorporated the alternate scenes and subplots, it would be deeper, grittier and funnier, well worthy of a '7'. However, as presented, 'Laws of Attraction' is good only for a weak '6', primarily due to the charms of Pierce Brosnan.
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Flaws of attraction
paulnewman200121 September 2004
One of those tedious, contrived star vehicles which thinks it's taking a rather witty and hilarious look at the timeless battle of the sexes. Instead, it simply takes stereotype rogue A (Pierce Brosnan, disheveled and charming), stereotype career woman B (Julianne Moore, neurotic and uptight), throws them together as opposites who'll inevitably attract in stereotype situation C (they're New York's best divorce lawyers on opposite ends of the same cases) and adds a perky sheen of class with stereotype soundtrack D (it's New York, it's quirky so it's got to be cod-Gershwin, right?). With so much friction, it's only a matter of time until the film finds a reason to dump them in a movie Oirland of quaint rustic types and interminably warbling uillean pipes where they get drunk and marry by accident so Moore can spend the rest of the film rushing about and shrieking. It's only 87 minutes but Laws Of Attraction is still quite a grind to get through and offers only Brosnan's engaging manner to get you through. As for Moore, five minutes of her egregious rom-com gurning will have you wishing someone had dropped her in the freshly chummed studio shark tank.
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Typical Hollywood garbage
giflarosa-122 August 2004
Female divorce lawyer is a good-looking, career-driven neurotic. Only endearing trait is propensity to privately and sneakily consume salty snacks and Little Debbie-like baked goods. Check that - this trait WOULD be endearing if it weren't: a)so obviously meant, as a plot device, to BE endearing; and, b)fingernails-on-blackboard annoyingly overplayed by Julienne Moore.

Female divorce lawyer meets opposing male lawyer who appears to be a disorganized slob. Disorganized slob turns out to be sharp attorney who immediately sees through her tough-woman facade, wins her grudging respect, and is also very good-looking. Despite being SO DIFFERENT, they fall in love. What a surprise.

Damn - is there really an audience for this... swill, crap, detritus, offal? - I mean, words fail me. I saw it on an airplane (talk about a captive audience) and cannot imagine anyone actually paying to see this. Horrifying.

Oh dear God - please save me from seeing any more total failures of imagination like this movie.
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Loved it!Loved it!Loved it!
kos519 November 2004
Laws of Attraction was absolutely fantastic! For me, it was the perfect romantic comedy! Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan really redefined the age-old saying "opposites attract". It was awesome. The characters were hilarious, the plot was great! Its a smart, witty, hopeless romantic sort of comedy. Numerous times I found myself completely carried away in some of those "hopeless romantic" sort of lines. It was well thought out. I would say its more of the intelligent person's romantic comedy, even though I know everyone would enjoy it! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great, funny, intelligent, romantic comedy! If you're searching for a very tasteful,funny,romantic movie, see Laws of Attraction!
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Well that spoiled it for me.
film-critic8 February 2005
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ … sorry, I feel like I could doze off right now and we haven't even made it to the meat of the review. That should give you a quick idea of what I thought of this film. This film was blander than the sugar-free bread we eat at this house. There was no suspenseful moments, there was absolutely nothing to laugh about (other than the sheer stupidity of this film), and the chemistry was horrible. How does a director expect us to sit through an hour and a half of this without hiring two actors that actually seem like they enjoy being together, or that they would realistically meet in real life. I never once imagined Moore and Bronson as a couple, and unfortunately, this film did not strengthen my imagination.

So, where did this film go wrong? To start with the characters would mean having to talk about Moore and her inability to be funny. She is not a comic actress. She commands the screen in her dramatic roles, but brings nothing to her humorous side. There was a moment during the film when I thought I could see her "humor" on/off button. It was hard to distinguish between Moore the actress and Moore the dehumanized robot that attempted to provide humor to this dry piece of crust I like to call Laws of Attraction. It was pathetic, and at times "silly". It was not helped by the fact that Brosnan didn't even bother putting any effort into his role. I think that is what bothered me the most about the characters, they were not complex (though they tried to be), they were not entertaining, and they were not challenges on the actors part to portray. I enjoy a film so much better when actors go beyond their normal stroke of acting ability and provide something of substance and intrigue. The only aspect of this film that I was intrigued about was the ending credits.

How many times have we seen this story? For those that argue that Hollywood brings us unique and crisp stories with each production should see this film. This film felt like a cinematic representation of an Alley McBeal episode. There was even the scene with the unisex bathroom … did nobody see this connection? There was nothing special about this film. Normally, when I write these reviews I have at least one positive note to bring to the table, but with this film, there was nothing. From beginning to end, this film was horrible. The director must have known that it was an overplayed story because he literally rushed through this story. It reminded me of a child's first time with a woman, rushed and fumbled they try to make it to the end, but never really succeed in satisfying anyone. I hated and cringed every time Woods' mother was on screen. Her parts were underdeveloped, dull, and unnecessary to the story of the film. She was filler, nothing more. I kept looking for something, anything that I could bite down on and taste the flavor of this film, but all I seemed to find was gristle and fat (a meat joke for those carnivores out there).

Overall, there was nothing redeeming of this film at all, and I can now fully understand why it rushed directly to the silver screen and even faster to the video release. I can now fully understand why there were so many copies for me to choose from at the store. I guess others discovered the truth about Laws of Attraction, and why the box oddly smelled like curdled cheese.

Grade: * out of *****
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You Know How It Goes
hillari23 April 2004
Ms. Moore and Mr. Brosnan made for a likeable pair in this movie. However, when you break it down, it's still the same old tired romantic comedy plot that's been done to death. Boy meets girl, there's some initial dislike and/or rivalry between them, and the world is alright for them at the end. Even the usual tricks that come with this type of plot are tired--although there is bit involving a pair of panties that was very amusing. I absolutely loved Francis Farmer in this film. Besides looking fabulous, she was a hoot as Moore's fast-living, but wise mom. Whenever Ms. Farmer was onscreen, the movie became lively for too brief moments. Parker Posey had some good moments, as well. This is not a boring movie, but you leave the theater knowing you have seen this before.
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There should be laws against this garbage
skymovies11 October 2004
What a novel idea - a 'romantic comedy' that's neither romantic nor funny. Pierce Brosnan clearly took no chances to make this concept work, using his own production company to pull together just the right combination of talent. The director had to have a proven track record in disregarding punchlines, pacing and cohesion - step forward the man who gave the world Sliding Doors and Johnny English. Likewise, the script should take a worn-out, opposites-attract scenario, ditch the snappy for the sappy, and throw in some Oirish blarney because, bejesus, there's no charm to be found elsewhere in proceedings.

But to make the whole thing really stink, there had to be absolutely no chemistry between the leads. Step forward Julianne Moore, a remarkable dramatic actor with an even more remarkable ineptitude for comedy (see Nine Months and Evolution for details). Not that the works needed gumming up any more - the writers and director conspire to make it the longest 90 minutes of the year - but any sparkle there may once have been is dulled by the doughy-faced combination of Brosnan and Moore. It's like watching your parents on a date.

Laugh-free, shoddily made and criminally boring - the VCR is going to whiff for a while.
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afenner12 May 2004
Four of us went to see this movie and none of us was overjoyed with it. If it were on TV we would have changed the channel after about 15 or 20 minutes. I even fell asleep during it. It sure wasn't a comedy. Cute but boring. I would pass up this one. There weren't over twenty people in the theater to watch this picture and I would be surprised to see this picture on the upper list on ratings as time goes on and people have a chance to talk about it. As with most all movies, the previews of this one kind of give you the sense that it may be funny and very interesting to watch. I think the best parts of the movie were the previews. I would suggest saving your time on this one and see something else.
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This is a Romantic Comedy???????????
lavatch12 March 2005
Whatever happened to the classic romantic comedies of yore with characters who have names like Holly Golightly? "Laws of Attraction" has to be one of the oddest romantic comedies ever churned out by the mills of Hollywood. The film's premise is that in the course of their high-profile cases as adversaries, two hardboiled divorce attorneys fall in love! But the courtroom scenes are unpleasant, and the two leads (Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore) both seem uncomfortable in their roles. (Burt Reynolds and Diane Keaton might have provided more chemistry and more laughs.) Another curious casting choice was Frances Fisher playing Julianne Moore's mother. In their scenes together, they looked like sisters, not mother-and-daughter. But the main problem of this film was the strained effort to parlay the courtroom divorce scenes into a payoff of romantic comedy. The writers and producers of this film should have taken a look at our culture and seen that divorce is not a fruitful ground for romance, and it is not a laughing matter.
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Courtroom Romance
Chrysanthepop11 September 2009
Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan freshly pair up in McKenna's splendid 'Laws of Attraction'. It is sort of an unusual romantic comedy set partly in America and partly in Ireland. Moore and Brosnan are a delight to watch, especially how their love story unfolds in the courtroom. Brosnan is great at playing the Irishman (as he also proved in 'Evelyn') perhaps because he is one. Moore keeps proving what an incredibly versatile actress she is as she shows a flair for comedy. But it is the scenes between Frances Fisher and Julianne Moore that I enjoyed watching the most. The movie has some great punchlines the best of which are delivered by Fisher. Lending hilarious support are Michael Sheen as a rockstar and Parker Posey as his fashion designer wife. The Irish scenes may be a little clichéd and 'touristy' but nonetheless fun to watch. On the flip side, 'Laws of Attraction' felt a bit rushed in parts and the plot could have been better developed. However, that doesn't stop it from making the viewers laugh out loud and root for Daniel and Audrey to succeed in their fun romantic adventure.
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likable stars, predictable plot
Buddy-5130 June 2005
Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore go the Tracy-Hepburn route in "Laws of Attraction," a romantic comedy that, unlike the films of that earlier pair, rarely rises to the level of its two notable stars. Brosnan and Moore play opposing attorneys who find themselves in an intense love/hate relationship both in the courtroom and out in the real world. Moore is one of New York's most successful divorce lawyers whose on-the-job experiences with estranged couples has pretty much turned her off of marriage completely, while Brosnan is a divorce attorney, who, though ruthless in court, has managed to retain his faith in marriage as an institution. The couple bicker, squabble and wrangle over issues both personal and professional - all the while falling madly in love with each other.

Though bright and humorous at times, "Laws of Attraction" can't overcome the trite predictability of its storyline or the stereotypical nature of its characters. Brosnan and Moore are both attractive and energetic performers, but the screenplay lacks the kind of madcap sophistication that was the defining trait of those films of the '40's that this movie wants so desperately to emulate. It is indeed encouraging for those of us in the over-40 crowd to see two such seasoned players starring in a romantic comedy, but too often they are asked to behave in ways that are not so very different from the teeny-bopper or even twenty-something characters we find in most films of this type nowadays.
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Married to a fink
jotix1009 March 2005
Peter Howitt's "Laws of Attraction" is an excuse to present two attractive actors in a light comedy that should have been much better than what one sees on the screen.

Julianne Moore is one of the great actresses working in the American cinema these days. She projects a luminous presence in everything she undertakes. In fact, this gorgeous woman is about the best thing in the film. Pierce Brosnan, on the other hand, plays the rogue lawyer with no scruples. He will do anything to undermine the woman he is supposed to be in love with.

Some of the minor characters were fun to watch in action. Frances Fisher, who could be Ms. Moore's older sister in real life, has been called to played her mother! Yes, by the magic of this inspired casting, Ms. Fisher is the mother that, having a great figure, and a nice personality, can still attract men, on her own terms. She resents being called "mother", and frankly, who can blame her? Parker Posey is excellent, as usual. Nora Dunn, as Judge Abramowitz, shows she should be seen more often.

While there are some funny moments, the film feels flat at times.
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'Laws' Should be Illegal
katydid48197 May 2004
It tries too hard. That is the sum of my entire review. It knows that there is nothing new to do with this genre and so it might as well go down in a blaze of glory. However, the blaze gets lost after the first fifteen minutes.

The banter exchanged between Brosnan and Moore is the reason why this movie can pass as a comedy. They are witty and at times do actually make the audience laugh out loud. This makes up for the poor plot line and otherwise completely unsuited dialogue. The characters do not exist in what they say and it is only due to Brosnan and Moore that they exist at all. Moore, who plays the uptight, to the point lawyer has lines that could go either way depending on who is delivering them. And as for Moore, talented as she is, this is not her movie. Brosnan is the one to watch. He finds his character easier than she does and plays along. When watching Moore you get the impression that she thinks she is part of something more important than this embarrassment of a movie.

It's not worth $8.50 and it's not even worth a rental fee. Avoid it. There are better movies to waste your money on this spring. **/****
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Charming and Delightful
claudio_carvalho3 February 2006
In New York, the efficient, insecure and single divorce lawyer Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore) faces the charming, unethical but also efficient divorce lawyer Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) in a litigation case. On the evening before the trial, they date and drink a lot, they have one night stand, and she loses her first case in court when Daniel uses information disclosed by Audrey in their meeting in the previous night. She becomes upset with him and their competition increases, until the rock star Thorne Jamison (Michael Sheen) and his wife Serena (Parker Posey) hire Audrey and Daniel respectively in the millionaire divorce case. They have to go to Ireland, where they get married after a drinking night. When they wake up in the next morning, they have to face the new reality of husband and wife.

"Laws of Attraction" is a charming and delightful romantic comedy, mostly supported by the gorgeous and sweet Julianne Moore, and the handsome and charming Pierce Brosnan. Their chemistry is perfect, and the situations, mostly caused by the character of Daniel Rafferty, are many times hilarious. Daniel is an unethical lawyer that uses any resource to win a battle, no matter how dirty he is. And Julianne Moore is also great in the role of an ethical lawyer that follows the rules. There is one very silly and unnecessary scene, when Audrey visits Daniel's office for the first time, but it does not spoil the film. Parker Posey is also great in the role of Serena. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Leis da Atração" ("Laws of the Attraction")
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A decent but forgettable film
christian12330 March 2005
Laws of Attraction is a decent romantic comedy but it's not really worth watching. Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan are rival divorce lawyers who wake up after a drunken bender in Vegas to find out they've gotten married. In order to keep their reputations intact, they must make the most of it and pretend that they're happily married…but could true love be far behind? The story has been done a lot and Laws of Attraction does nothing new to try to make it exciting. The film is pretty bland and it just goes straight down the middle with pretty much no surprises. So the only reason why the film works a lot better then it should is because of its two leads. Julianne Moore plays her role well as does Pierce Brosnan and they manage to carry the film but their isn't a whole lot of chemistry between them. The movie also has these unrealistic scenes where one character just happens to run into another in a random street corner or even in a random road in Ireland. At least the film keeps it short with a running time of 90 minutes so while it does get boring you won't have to sit through it for that long .Peter Howitt directs and he keeps it at a slow pace. The supporting cast is also pretty good which include Michael Sheen, Frances Fisher, and Parker Posey. The film starts off well but some events happen near the end that are to hard to take serious. This film actually had a lot of potential but due to the poor writing it didn't turn out to be such a good film. Rating 6/10, worth watching if your a fan of Brosnan and Moore but if your not then this film is not really worth watching since it has nothing new or exciting to offer.
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One of the WORST films I have ever seen!
saberlee4412 June 2006
This film, about two opposing divorce counsels, played by Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore, had no merits to speak about. In the blink of an eye, they meet in court and in the blink of the eye again, are married. How? Why? I wasn't even sure how they got from Point A to Point B but it didn't matter, nor did the fact that there was no chemistry between the two at all.

Quite frankly, although this film is not highly rated, I'm surprised to see it rated as high as a five. Of course, I thought INTOLERABLE CRUELTY was also one of the worst films I've ever seen, and people seemed to like that. I would label this film "Intolerable Cruelty 2."

There were, for me, parallels between the two films. They both centered around couples who had no depth of character, evoked no empathy, and I couldn't have cared less what happened to them. Only Frances Fisher, as Ms. Moore's mother, managed to redeem a tiny piece of this ghastly film.

When I had initially heard that Julianne Moore received bad marks for her "comedic" talents, I thought surely, the critics must be being a bit unfair to this very fine actress. But she wasn't very good. Seeing her in this role reminded me of a time when I attended an office Xmas party and saw someone I respected down and out drunk. It was embarrassing and I wished I had never seen it and never let it tarnish my image of that person. However, in defense of Ms. Moore, who I still think is a fine actor, I can't imagine the finest comedic actress in the world saving this film.

As they say, if it's not on the page, it ain't on the stage. In my opinion, when this film was finished, it was put in the wrong can. It should have gone in the trash can. Horrible, boring, clichéd script that didn't know what it was supposed to be. The plot was not believable. That's fine, if you're consistent. I believe that Mr. Ed could talk and did talk to Wilbur. But I had no idea what this was supposed to be.

Other than that, it was a wonderful film. :0)
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