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Lakshya!!What a movie
vicramb12 January 2005
I'm the kind of guy who enjoys mindless action movies as well as movies that are intelligent,sensitive&thought-provoking.Lakshya falls in the latter category. The promos were slick and the music sounded good.But when i read the box-office report on this movie i was surprised at the lukewarm response this movie got because i thought this movie would be a runaway hit.However what can people like us do when such gifted film-makers like Farhan Akhtar are discouraged because their movies don't spoon-feed facts to the audience.But all said and done,This is among my personal favourites and i'm giving it a 10/10.2004 has produced some mature and intelligent movies like Lakshya,Yuva,Hum Tum,Swades etc and i'm happy that film-makers are growing up.This movie inspired me a lot and has played a role in me realising the truth that we should always have an aim in life because a life without an aim is like a body minus the soul.

+ points-Acting,Music(Background),Sound,Story,Tight Screenplay,Inspiring,Photography,Cinematography(nicely shot) -points-Length,Slow Pace,2nd half songs.
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Bang on Target! (Almost perfect )
Coffee_Fny7 May 2005
Farhan Akhtar has shown it once again! This man is amazingly creative and magical. His style is great and his efforts of making a movie which has something to be learnt from is fantastic. His movies are not just for entertainment, but also for inspiration. Lakshya is story of a boy who hasn't an aim, a LAKSHya in his life. He doesn't know what he wants to be or what he is good at. Karan Shergill played by Hrithik Roshan (a very sincere actor) is like any other person who wants to know what he wants to be. Inspired by his friend he applies for military school and joins it and then his journey of becoming a MAN from a BOY starts...


Hrithik Roshan: Great performance, just awesome. This actor is the brightest actor in Bollywood today. His performance in KMG was highly appreciated and this performance is on par with his KMG act.

Om Puri: great actor.. some of the really great dialogs were given to him.. He is a living legend.

Amitabh Bachchan: Great performance, His eyes and silence in the movie say a lot more than words.

Preity Zinta: good performance, the character wasn't well-sketched but still good efforts from her side in some of the scenes.

Sushant Singh: This actor is superb, one more under-rated great performance of him after his awesome acting in TLOBS.

Boman Irani: This man is good in everything. His telephone scene with Hrithik Roshan was great. One of the best scenes in the movie.

Overall: A very well-made movie. Great acting by almost everyone in the cast. Great choreography, great cinematography and fantastic direction. Keep it up Hrithik, Farhan and Ritesh (the young producer)

9.5/10 Almost perfect
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Lakshya: Must watch movie.
mukul_parkar7 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Before watching this movie, I thought it is some indo-pak war film. But after watching it became one of my personal favorite. Lakshya is absolutely fantastic. The movie has a very good story and the director has done a very good job. Priety and Rhitik acted magnificently. The songs are very melodious and really make sense to the movie. The movies is picturized brilliantly with the optimum use of special effects. Few scenes from Kargil are truly breathtaking. Its a family entertainer which has everything for everyone. You got to be either a fool or a pro-pakistani to hate this movie. I am rating it as 10 out 10, because it deserves that. I wish to see more movies like this in future.
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one of the most realistic war movies
Devavrat Oak4 January 2005
Finally Bollywood came up with a nice war movie, featuring then ever charming big Bacchan and the heartthrob Hritik. The movie makers surely consulted some service personnel before getting into production. And that was well seen. The tracer bullets, the accuracy of the weapons,uniforms,officer to me relation and other such things were absolutely realistic and stunning. The insurgent chase in the grasses, the rock climbing, the final battle and most important the IMA training were absolutely 9.9 / 10 . Way to go Farhan and his team. this movie is definitely a hit, at least in my home. The support actors were great in their job, specially Sushant and Om Puriji. Bachan sahib doing that 'we've done it' was exhilarating after they won back Peak 5179. The portrayal of the soldiers couldn't have been better. Shankar Ehsan and Loy,what else can i say other than you are great? Awesome movie.

PS. Preity Zinta was not actually required so much, it looked quiet unnecessary.
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Lakshya is absolutely excellent: A Class Product from India!
akumar8221 February 2005
Absolutely fantastic. Hrithik Roshan is brilliantly understated in this coming-of-age epic. World-class production values and high father-son, soldier-soldier emotional content that's not forced (Like the overdone mess LOC). The war scenes were brilliant. People must remember, this film was NOT BASED ON KARGIL. Akhtar took the war as a backdrop to show Karan's transformation - his path from irresponsible and misguided childhood to manhood. This film was quite an experience. I just can't understand how this flopped (If grossing 22 Crores in India can be termed "poor box office performance"). Man, my countrymen really take the cake. Garbage like Veer Zaara (Stunning locales, beautiful people, and amazing music, but overall POOR in terms of content) and Kal Ho Na Ho are lapped up by audiences, but Yuva and Lakshya are rejected completely. After Shah Rukh Khan murdered Asoka with his obsessive megalomania and J.P. Dutta took jingoism to an all-time low in LOC, Lakshya is an epic motion picture. Somewhat muted and subtle, but never EVER slight. Hrithik's a star.
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A must watch movie and yet another masterpiece from Farhan Akhtar...
chetan_thebest200319 June 2004
The movie is all about having a LAKSHYA (aim) in our lives. It would'nt be inappropriate at all to comment that this film in one way points out at today's indecisive youth who are not clear about what they are going to do of their lives, and change their focus every now and then.

The story is about Karan (Hrithik Roshan) who is very talented but utterly confused about his future. Rather his girlfriend Romila (Preity Zinta) has since the very beginning ambition of being a news channel correspondent. Karan's indecisiveness widens the gap between him and his father (Boman Irani) who expects nothing from his son and the same thing ultimately results in his breakup with Romila too. This changes Karan's life and he gets determined of getting in the army and passes out from the IMA (Indian Military Academy) with a very enviable record. At the same time Romila too becomes a successful news channel correspondent. But both of them don't know what their futures has in store for them. They meet again after the turmoil in Romila's life from a broken engagement and this time the backdrop is the picturesque Kashmir valley and the event being the Kargil war. Karan has been deputed there as an army officer and Preity comes for a live coverage of the war. The story now flows ahead with the attempt of Indian forces to get back peak no.5179 from the Pakistani forces and the intersection of Karan's and Romila's lives at many instances acting as the currents. The ending is predictable but yet you would love to watch it.

The movie is yet another masterpiece from Farhan Akhtar,the Director after the tremendous success of "Dil Chahta Hai". This is also yet another testimony of Javed Akhtar's writing prowess. The lyrics and dialogues are superb. Moreover the choreography (Prabhu Deva) and photography (Christopher Popp) are worthy of praises. Hrithik Roshan gives another flawless performance after "Koi Mil Gaya". Another attraction is Colonel Sunil Damle (Amitabh Bachchan). Amitabh Bachchan gives those dialogues a beauty and charm which is so characteristic to himself. Preity Zinta is good in her role too. You can't pinpoint anybody or anything specifically as that would diminish other's efforts as all of them have performed commendably. The backdrop of Kashmir valley and the Himalayas has been so beautifully captured in the frame. Also the war scenes look so much authentic which is very tough job to do. The running time of the film is above 3 hours but you can't realize that ( you can't help it as you get fully engrossed in the film.....). Hrithik's dancing skills are unveiled so beautifully yet again. He can easily claim to have a rubber body--so flexible,so much in tune with the rhythm. Good music from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio once again. Actually i could'nt think of any flaw in the movie as every aspect has been given it's due attention.

I would claim it to be a must watch movie and rate it a hefty 8.5/10
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Clean Unadulterated entertainment, Great performances
bn080921 June 2004
Lakshya is a very well made war, coming of age movie, which can compete with anything from the west.

I personally, feel it ends two debates, other than the fact that it establishes Hrithik as the ultra star-great actor mould (la Kamal Hassan),

a) Farhan Akhtar is the talent to watch for, A Mani Ratnam in the making for Hindi Cinema

b) Prabhu Deva can hand over mantel of the best ever dancer on screen to Hrithik Roshan (you have to see to believe what happens on the screen in the song "Main Asia kyun hoon", which Prabhu Deva himself has choreographed).

Just go and enjoy, this wonderful clean entertainer, which has great music and cinematography to complement the performances from the actors, and the skillful direction of Farhan Akhtar

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Good story, well told
sudheerapte20 June 2004
Enjoyable, good story, well told. Farhan Akhtar has done it again, after his first movie Dil Chahta Hai.

Hrithik Roshan's character grows up from being a confused young lad to a man with a mission. Shades of An Officer and a Gentleman, Guns of Navarone, and a little of Saving Private Ryan.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have created more of their world music, and it rocks. The first two songs were fabulous; the other songs should be skipped, I thought.

As in Dil Chahta Hai, the parents are all ultra-supportive. They also dress and decorate in expensive nouveau handlooms, rattan furniture, slip covers, etc. Boston Brahmin did a good review.

Very nice and straightforward; none of the Hindu Family Values reactionary material that Bollywood routinely churns out.
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Farhan is a very promising film maker
shanawaz_8225 June 2004
One of the best Hindi films i have ever seen. I have never heard background music like that in any other Hindi film, at least in the last decade. The special effects in the rock climbing scene were done very well. Farhan has proved to be a good film maker by making two completely different sorts of films and made them both beautifully. The shots were like paintings and everything looked authentic and real, like the uniforms and the helicopters and the camps fitted perfectly with the surroundings and the imagination of it all as a whole is just amazing. Farhan to me is a very promising film maker. Hritiks acting was outstanding, except for a little over acting in the beginning. Overall i must say that i know i can expect great things from farhan and from Hritik. Good luck! and Congratulations!
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anurag100728 June 2004
For all of those who are fed up of Rona Dhona movies like Kal ho Na Ho, this is a must see. Positives are -

1. Hrithic Proves that he is the king in the making after Amitabh Bachchan and he fits into the any character (Koi Mil Gaya or Kaho na Pyaar hai) perfectly. Thats called Versatality.

2. A perfect movie which can be watched with the family.

3. A positive message for the youth that they are not born only to die for girls (like shahrukh Khan Does in Darr) but they should have an AIM (Lakshya) in their life. 4. A movie of international Standards. If Farhan Akhtar & Hrithik were Americans this would have been a strong contender for Oscar.
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Lakshya - Landmark Indian Movie
manofsan23 June 2004
I found Lakshya to be a refreshing step up in the quality of Indian films. It depicted courage, loyalty and other exemplary values in an interesting storyline. The musical song-dance numbers were well done, and the background musical scores were also emotive. I found the cinematography really stood out in this movie as above par, showing off the scenic landscape of the mountainous Kargil region.

Regarding krishnam's commentary, I really have to disagree. Firstly, it's silly and petulant to single out this movie for such criticisms while ignoring the glaring errors and inaccuracies typical of most other Indian movies. I feel it should be judged relative to Indian cinema in general, although it could even compare favorably with various Hollywood hits.

I thought the director, composers and cast did a very good job, and hope this film becomes a benchmark for future Bollywood creations to be measured against.
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just one step behind to be called a masterpiece
maverickagk5 October 2004
Though it is one step behind but i still feel that this film is milestone in bollywood film industry. This film was underrated by the critics of bollywood because they are used to the same old masala films. This film shows that the two masters of bollywood are here. One is Farhan Akthar who can(i hope) rise the film making standards of bollywood to international standards

Another one is Hrithik Roshan.He is an superb perfect actor in a making He is growing as an actor by every film. I think he will become my all time fav actor of bollywood after om puri n amir khan.

The most difficult thing which was attempted in this movie was shootin war scenes at night n "the scenes were pretty authentic" In technical aspects the movie is benchmark for bollywood i would rate 8.5/10
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No sophomore slump from Farhan Akhtar
keynesrules18 June 2006
When your first film is 'Dil Chahta Hai' a movie that not only clicks with Urban audiences all over India, redefines cool amongst the aspiring yuppie crowd and stylistically influences the Chopras, Johars and other filmmakers in terms of what GenNext wears and does, there are going to be huge expectations from your second effort.

Director Farhan Akhtar does not disappoint with Lakshya, the story of an urbanite Delhi slacker named Karan Shergill (Hrithik Roshan) who's just graduated from college and is still not sure what he wants to be when he grows up. His patient girlfriend Romi (Preity Zinta) loves him and is confident that he will excel in whatever he sets out to do, but even she is beginning to get weary of his attitude towards his life and their relationship. On a whim, Karan decides to join the Indian Army, clearing their grueling entrance exam, with a friend. It's a decision that puts further strain on Karan's relationship with his overbearing father (played masterfully by Boman Irani).

Once in boot camp however, Karan is unable to withstand the pressure & discipline that army life places on new cadets. He drops out of the academy after a few weeks and reunites with Romi at their favorite spot. Romi is however, devastated to hear Karan has dropped out and decides to end their relationship once and for all, citing that Karan has no aim in life whatsoever. This turn of events pushes Karan to return to the army and to finish what he started - for Romi, and more importantly for himself. It is at this point that the father-son pair of Javed & Farhan Akhtar make things interesting by weaving the fictional story of Karan together with an actual piece of 20th Century Indian Army history.

Fans of 'Dil Chahta Hai' may be surprised at how less light-hearted the tone of the movie is especially in the second half where it strays into the realm of pure action. What Farhan displays here is how adept he is at managing realistic action and provides a fresh look at the war genre, free from the cliché-ridden plots of J P Dutta. Amitabh Bachchan makes a memorable appearance as Karan's superior officer who leads our protagonist to a final, tangible Lakshya (aim/goal/target). Cinematography in the mountain ranges of Kashmir is wonderful and as is becoming apparent with Farhan's films, the story in extremely grounded and rarely leaps into the realm of 'far-fetched'. The music by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy suits the tone of the movie, and Farhan wisely limits the number of songs to carefully selected arenas. He does however recognize that in Hrithik Roshan he has the most gifted dancer in Bollywood and in the song 'Main Aisa Kyon Hoon' he lets his star cut loose in a wonderfully choreographed piece by Prabhu Deva. I think it is Hrithik's greatest performance on the dance floor to date.

Finally onto Hrithik himself, someone who I've admired more for his dexterity in dance scenes than for his acting chops. Hrithik delivers his best performance to date in Lakshya (I thought he was over the top in Koi...Mil Gaya) and manages to capture the initial confusion and eventual determination of Karan wonderfully. When his character returns to military training you see his metamorphosis into a man obsessed. The scene where he reconciles with his father over the phone before setting out on his mission is dignified and soulful. You really believe that Karan's dad has accepted his son's decision. Finally when Karan reunites with Romi after years of army service and points out to her with sincerity "This is my Lakshya", you believe in the conviction of this young man. This it truly Hrithik's movie all the way and for once his theatrics outshine his foot skills.

Lakshya is mainstream Bollywood cinema with a difference. Just as with 'Dil Chahta Hai' there is a 'hatke' quality about this film which audiences should appreciate. Farhan doesn't make conventional 9 song love stories and he doesn't need to. His unique vision is a welcome addition to Bollywood. With Lakshya there is a lot of maturity in his storytelling and direction. The action/drama quotient has been upped in favor of humor which was a smart decision considering how sensitive and serious the final act is.

In a final note, some people have commented that the factual incident weaved into the storyline & Javed Akhtar's remarks on the matter means that 'Lakshya' is an Anti-Pakistan film. I would suggest instead that it is a pro-army and pro-determination (if that's a word) film. Karan's example shows us that if we focus our minds onto achieving one task then no power on earth can prevent us. If we look inside ourselves and dedicate our energy on achieving our Lakshya then nothing is impossible. One now expects great things from Farhan Akthar's 'Don'.
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Indian cinema coming out of age......
amar_iitb-18 November 2004
it was really a treat to watch Indian moviedom coming out of age with the hands of farhan akhtar.....the total style of the shooting is quite unfamiliar to that of contemporary bollywood.....with a few discrepancies and slack shots the movies altogether fares quite well in a year infested with insipid and redundant flop flicks....

the scene where hrihtik calls his dad and bids him goodbye is a real gutsy one.....the shots on the high altitudes of ley and ladakh needed grim determination and apt technical expertise.....also the part of the movie before the interval has a quite sublime flow in it which keeps you fixed to your seat.....
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Great execution, amazing Cinematography, superb performances makes Lakshya super hit
sanjayv26 July 2004
This movie is a must-see for all cine-goers, specially those who value great cinema. It is not Pakistani bashing movie or anything like that. It is mainly about a guy who does not have any aim (Lakshya) when everyone else is planning to get into some or other professional career. Karan is a laid back guy who prefers to live life as it comes, day by day and suddenly everything changes after he decides to go into Military after one of his friends think of going on army. Later, his friend drops that idea and now Karan is baffled as what he will do alone in the Army but finally he ends up there. The sequences where Karan realizes about his self-existence and when he becomes serious about his life are done brilliantly. I can say without any doubt that this movie is at par with some of the great Hollywood flicks (Forrest Gump, Men of Honor etc). Picturesque location only add to the already perfect recipe. Farhan Akhtar is amazingly talented guy and he has given another power packed movie. Hats off to Farhan and I am now a deadly fan of him.
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Excellent movie! Best war movie!
indianshadow1 July 2004
I have seen Lakshya twice and I thought it was really great. When i first saw the music video for the song where Hrithik is in college, i didn't think the movie would be that good. After watching it, I was amazed at all the scenes.

The fighting scenes were very realistic and sad. I don't agree with one of the comments where the music didn't fit with the script. The music fit perfectly, I have never heard Indian music like this before, this is something new for Bollywood, a lot different than A.R Rehman's style.

Shanker, Eashan and Loy produces great music, Dil Chata Hai, Kal Ho Na Ho and now Lakshya! The music brings the movie to life, especially the background themes. I wish you could buy the background themes on CD. I will definitely be buying this movie on DVD!!!

I give it a rating of 10/10! Best Bollywood movie out this year!
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Good work, Farhan Akhtar!
Lacuna Inc.28 June 2004
Farhan Akthar has to live upto his debut 'Dil Chahta Hain' - a feat which will be difficult to match. FA will carry the DCH label forever, much like Ramesh Sippy was labeled with the Sholay tag. Comparing Lakshya with DCH is inevitable. And FA does score in many places. The story is quite simple. The setting is in late 1990s - just prior to the infamous Kargil. Roshan is Karan Shergill, the younger sibling in a well to do Delhi business family. Karan is a happy-go-lucky naive kid who has nothing to worry about in his life. His lady love, Romila Gutta aka Romy (Zinta), on the other hand, is a career minded young lady who has a clear idea what to do with her life. When placed at crossroads when all his friends are deciding about their future career prospects, Karan is influenced by one of his friends' decision and plans to join the Army. And to his own surprise finds himself in the Army training school. However, this sudden transition from his Bohemian lifestyle to army life proves to be more than he can handle and he quits the course. However, Karan realises that things will never be the same again with Romy, who clearly sees him as a quitter, a loser with no ambitions, no goals(That's Lakshya in Hindi) in life. Hurt and dejected, Karan joins the Army training again and comes out as a hard-boiled Lieutenent.

Karan is posted in the volatile Dras sector, Kashmir. Here meets the stiff, focused Col. Damle (Mr. Bachchan) and his troops who make Karan realize that his Lakshya is to serve the country. Before long, there is a war brewing in the mountains, with Pakistani insurgents blocking out the supplies to various army bases high up in the mountains. Karan suddenly finds himself responsible for his country's safety and plays a key role in winning the battle against the intruders. His Lakshya is met. Technically, the film is brilliant. One of the first army movies made in Bollywood without an overdose of jingoism. German cinematographer Christopher Popp captures the night war sequences beautifully. The natural beauty of the rugged Ladakh has been brought to the screen in its whole. FA is a fine eye for the minor details, e.g., the name plates on the vehicles are in white letters written on black boards, like they were prior to 2001-2. The tense screens between Roshan and his father (played by the inimitable Boman Irani) are excellent. The film was conceived very very well. However, since nothing is perfect, no review is complete without some criticism. Lakshya has its faults - and most of these are because we had expected otherwise from the director of DCH. For one, there is not much of a script, so people watching for killing time will be bored. Unlike most war/army movies, this is more of a drama. Unlike DCH, we hardly have a light-hearted moment in the movie. Javed Akthar has returned to script writing after a long gap BUT I had expected more. Second, there are too many characters. Many actors in "special appearances" prove to be more distractions than integral elements of the story. Amitabh has his moments, but Om Puri, Lillette Dubey and Shushant have been wasted. At points, we feel that FA had a hard time to decide whether to keep pop-patriotism away from the movie. Songs distract and do not fit in the script, unlike DCH. My rating - 6.5/10 - for the sincerity with which the movie was made, for FA's dedication to his work, and for Hritik Roshan's performance.
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Farhan Akhtar, you beauty!
jsbco20005 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I would not comment on things and stuff. 4 powerful scenes define the movie for me: 1. The scene where Preity is across the road and Hrithik gets out of the jeep and runs to her. She says that she will wait, Hrithik comes closer and does nothing, says nothing. But it is so understood he wanted to kiss her and could not.

2. The scene when Preity discovers Hrithik alone, staring at the peak. Hrithik points to the peak, his eyes told it all for me.

3. When Hrithik calls his dad the night before leaving, and tells him that he made the call to him and not his mom. And, when he says I love you. It just touches you

4. Obviously, the scene where Hrithik puts the Indian flag on the peak and looks up

Brilliant Movie!!
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love and war but more of the latter...
HeadleyLamarr24 December 2006
After seeing liking Dil Chahta Hai and Don I wanted to see other films by Farhan Akhtar. Lakshya surprised me quite a bit. The coming of age of an aimless young man (Karan played by Hritik Roshan) was shown quite well in this film. His motivation is love, he decides to stop drifting and joins the army, after a false start he does shape up and then realizes he might have lost his love (Romi - Preity Zinta) to someone else in the process. Posted near the Kargil border his bravery and dedication to his country is amply tested. He also encounters Romi as a war journalist. In the end he does reach his Lakshya - his goal, and achieves personal growth in the process.

The movie is beautifully shot in locale in Delhi, Dehradun and in Kashmir. The scenery is stunning and some of the war footage is mind blowing. There is a rock climbing episode that will remind the viewer of the Guns of Navarone but is spectacular all the same. Mr. Roshan make a very believable war hero and seems well capable of the heroics he performs. Miss Zinta is good in a not so major role.. The big B is very restrained as Col. Damle and the rest of the cast does their job really well. The music is good except for the first song with Hritik dancing in front of all the mirrors - that is just bad. The story has some inconsistencies - why is she the only journalist at the front line? How did they let her in so close to the fighting? But in the end Lakshya is a serious story about the journey into adulthood, and becoming man enough to shoulder responsibilities that come your way. Watch it - but be warned, it is not a popcorn flick!
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brilliant movie
abhi928116 December 2006
Hrithik Roshan (brilliantly) plays the role of a young man, and unlike most Hindi movies a young man everyone can relate to as he is not someone from a different world. this is the story of that young man Karan Shergil, and even though war takes the center stage for the better part of the movie. this is not just a war movie, this is a movie about the quest of a normal young man, the quest to give life a meaning, and transformation of a immature youth to a mature man, this is about the power of the ego of a man. born with a silver spoon, he is indisciplined and aimless, then he stumbles and faces the harsh reality of life. Lonely and lost he tries to pull things together and go on to achieve things nobody believed he ever would. One of the most moving scenes of cinema history he calls his father just before embarking on a mission where chances of his survival are next to nothing, he apologizes to his father, but in reply his father says that he is proud of his son. For me this is the best Hindi movie of all time. Farhan Akhtar's direction is crisp and precise, the cinematography of the movie stands out, so does a couple of dance sequences. Preity Zinta has tried to look like Barkha Dutta and she is OK, Om Puri is impressive in his little cameo, but i feel he was underused, Amitabh Bachchan is there just to add some extra star power. But this is a Hrithik Roshan movie from start to finish, and he manages to pull out the performance of his life. five stars
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Cinematographic Excellence!
Sherazade12 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Farhan Akhtar (Dil Chahta Hai) outdoes himself on his sophomore directorial effort the lesser successful Lakshya, which deals with a young man coming of age and trying to find himself in the world. The ever charming Hrithik Roshan plays Karan Shergill, a preppy happy-go-lucky slacker who is just comfortable going to school, hanging out with his best buddy Romila Dutta (Preity Zinta sporting really bad hair in the first half of the film) and just taking it easy in his parents house. Everything is fine until one day, his father begins to pressure and pester him about what he intends to do with his life, then he compares him to his brother who lives and works abroad which brings down Karan's spirit. He (Karan) tries to seek comfort with Romila but in the long run, she stands up to him as well and tells him that if he doesn't give up his slacker ways, she cannot continue to hangout with him. Most of this is told in flashback, as present day Karan (in a quest to prove himself to all of him friends and loved ones) has already joined the army and is about embark on a very dangerous journey to secure the Indian perimeter and get rid of Pakistani terrorists. Romila is the reason for most of the flashbacks, as her present day self is now a famed reporter and is engaged to somebody else. The chemistry between Zinta and Hrithik is as solid as it has been, which is probably why they have starred in so many films together. Every song and piece of music in this film is great, especially the song and dance between Karan and Romila, and not to mention that knockout 'Main Aisa Kyu Hoon.' Amitabh Bachchan, Om Puri, Sharad Kapoor, Amrish Puri (in a very special appearance) among others, round out the stellar cast in strong supporting roles. It's a great film and cinematographically stunning! India should have been proud but instead, the movie was ignored at the box office.
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Good Attempt.
Herag Halli16 July 2004
First and foremost is the incredibly co-ordinated Hrithik Roshan with a stand-out Choreography. Hrithik is the Indian "Michael Jackson". He is maturing to be a great actor apart from his physical versatility akin to Circe du Solei performer. The Production is good but I am dismayed to the fact that the Indian Producers are not adept at portraying the battle scenes-they all sound like dejavue from the previous movies like "LOC". The Enemy is not identified well. The well intended efforts of the young and upcoming director suffers from poor editing. The continuity is disjointed so much so the the relations are fragmented and lack an emotional depth. Preity Zinta who matches Hrithik's acting prowess but she is just average and her short hair makes her look boyish. The Music by SEL, is superlative except the background Singers for the team song for the Soldiers should have sounded more Macho-it just does't fit the screaming voices as in their training. The pall-bearer is Hrithik Roshan who in the few scenes seems to be confused between his "Jadoo" role and the role of a teenager but does comes out with flying colors towards the end. This is undoubtedly a great actor in making. The movie suffers from a Script writer who is as confused as "Karan" and drifts between family drama to slopes of Kashmir-it gets very predictive. The characters or mere caricature, detached and cold as a mountain. Overhaul this is a good Pic, but there is nothing to be gung-ho over it.
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The best movie ever made!
singhal-himanshu13 April 2011
My romance with Farhan Akhtar's Lakshya started in 2004, when I saw the flick for the first time at a Delhi cinema theater. 4 years down the line…the affair continues. It was an instant connect. The cinematography, the characterization, the modern 21st century look, fantastic news hairdos of the lead actors and the haunting background music that just grows on you. For me, Lakshya is definitely in the league of some of the best movies I have ever seen. The Godfather, Rocky, Pulp Fiction, E.T.(Extra Terrestrial), Million Dollar Baby, Gladiator & Forrest Gump were all amazing…but none of them had the soul and the intensity of Lakshya. The film's protagonist Karan Shergill (Hrithik Roshan) is a rich, aimless, laid back individual with no ambition or drive in life. Much to his father's dismay, while his peers are busy making decisions about their careers and lives in general, Karan is happy chilling and just going along with the crowd. His only form of stability comes in the form of Romy (Preity Zinta), his girlfriend, who has a completely different take on life. Independent and ambitious, she knows exactly what she wants and how she plans to achieve it. Exasperated by his father's consistent digs and comparisons to his older brother, Karan decides to join the army only to give up a few days later. Appalled by his poor attitude, Romy dumps him, driving Karan to return to the army once again. This time round, the experience proves to be a turning point in his life. His attitude soon changes which gradually transforms him into a man who discovers both himself and his future goals. And then from his goal of joining the army, to his goal of winning the battle for his country…to his goal of getting the love of his life….he just goes on to achieve things he always wanted. Its not that I have a fondness for underdogs…or anything, but it's the sheer intensity, the sheer energy of this movie that attracts me towards it. There are only two reasons, I love "Lakshya". One, superb characterization by Farhan Akhtar and second Hrithik Roshan looks just perfect as Karan Shergill. Lakshya is without doubt, technically exhilarating. An inspiring and polished piece of cinema, the movie gets an altogether new meaning due to the cinematography of Christopher Popp, which mesmerizes. The peaks of Ladakh, and ruins of Delhi have been captured with such finesse; it makes you wonder why Bollywood filmmakers shoot abroad when there are such stunning visuals nearer home. The cliff-hanging scene coupled with some of the battle sequences too are mind blowing. The music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy, though not chart busting, matches the mood of the film. It is difficult to forget the thump in the title song "Lakshya" and the determination on Hrithik's face. Despite good performances by Big B and Zinta, the star of the show is undoubtedly Hrithik Roshan, who does an excellent job as Karan Shergill. What I like about his character is his transformation from a lazy lout to a man….with determination visible on his face. His performance is so believable, that for a moment I really forgot I was sitting inside a cinema theater watching a movie. The first sequence of the movie where Amitabh Bacchan talks about how important it is to do things perfectly, and asks Karan Shergill to adjust a painting on his wall…that looks tilted towards one side…reflects the attitude with which the film has been made. Lakshya, for me, depicts Karan's transformation. It shows how the Army, and its disciplined, selfless and spartan existence molds an impressionable young individual accustomed to a hedonistic lifestyle, into a mature human being who can think and act for himself. A movie I have seen countless number of times…and have enjoyed every bit of.
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A movie about growing up!!!!
mharishkashyap15 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Not many movies have been made in India about someone growing up as a person, although every other film is being promoted so. The film, according to the director Farhan Akhtar depicts his own life before he ventured out into film making. This is also his second film as a director, following the cult-hit "Dil Chahta Hain".

The film depicts the story of a person, Karan Shergill and how he transitions from being an aimless youth to a mature and confident person. Karan Shergill is a college-going guy who has no aim in life. But when he inadvertently takes up an exam and gets selected for IMA (Indian Military Academy), his life is about to change. He is not aware of the military discipline and ultimately one fine day he runs away from the academy. His parents mock him and his girlfriend scolds him for this decision. What follows is how he corrects his mistake and his ultimate challenge, the Kargil war.

The movie does not just depict Karan's change, but also runs a parallel story of his girlfriend Romi, who is a successful and confident woman, but who also has to deal with issues of her own. Ultimately both the stories collide on the war-front. The story moves at a relatively slower pace and the both of halves of the movie are completely opposite. It is extremely tough to tell by looking at the other half that this is the other half of the same movie. But that is what the movie is all about!!!!! Direction-wise, this is the best effort from Farhan Akhtar yet. Many people felt that if it is possible to himself to surpass his directorial debut, Dil Chahta Hain. But Farhan Akhtar does a brilliant job does a brilliant job of it. It is really surprising to note that the movie got extremely favourable reviews at the time of its release, but was still not a box-office hit.

Acting-wise, Hrithik Roshan excels in his portrayal of Karan Shergill. He has brought out the transition of irresponsible, aimless youth to a determined and focused person extremely effectively. This should definitely be marked as one of the highlights of his career. Preity Zinta carries on her strong character from DCH and is as important to the story as Hrithik Roshan's character is. Boman Irani and Amitabh Bachchan do splendid jobs of their short on screen time. The rest of the supporting cast (specially Sushant Singh) are also fabulous.

The technical department has done a wonderful job in bringing out the beautiful but deserted locales of Ladakh and Kargil. The war sequences are brilliantly shot. It is the first time in Indian cinema that a war movie looks like a war movie and not like an action movie. But finally the heroes of the movie are Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar.
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I was sold in the first 10 minutes.
mrbahl21 January 2009
If you want to see the beauty of the war torn area of northern India, you have to get the blue ray DVD of this one. The way farhan shows the peaks and the valleys of kargil, its breath taking.The movie begins with the protagonist going to his posting. I was sold in the initial 15 minutes. The jeep going through different valleys and mountains showing off the grandeur of Himalayas pictured with full justice to the scenery. I was lucky enough to watch the movie on the big screen and it was jaw dropping good. this movie hits you at many levels. But I would have to say the best part is the cinematography.Even later when he is trying to show the war even then its shown with impeccable brilliance.the Shots of the army helicopters and the gun shots at nights, you have to see it to believe it. But that's not all, it also has a gripping story, Hrithik fits just into the role of a zero to hero perfectly. good luck for your future work farhan.
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