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Honey brings out the wholesome, affirmative side of the hip-hop aesthetic without being overly preachy, and it offers a winningly utopian view of show-business success without real costs or compromises.
Entertainment Weekly
Despite some sizzle with love interest Mekhi Phifer, the alluring Alba ends up a desexualized mouthpiece.
Charlotte Observer
The story's sweet, however stale, and many performers have energy. But screenwriters Alonzo Brown and Kim Watson drain the reality out of it.
By no means is this a good movie, but it's warmed by the solar energy of its star, who surely deserves better than this formula empowerment flick.
If you're in the mood for a hip-hop film with more happy faces than "The Partridge Family," Honey will divert you.
Dallas Observer
Certainly it exists solely to sell a soundtrack; the movie, like most made for teens, is well beside the point.
There's an entertainingly ludicrous movie lurking somewhere inside of the ludicrous, mediocre one this actually is.
Miami Herald
The dancing, while reasonably entertaining, isn't anything you haven't seen before on MTV or BET, although the soundtrack might be a worthwhile investment for hip-hop fans.
Hip-hoppish Honey is in the harmlessly junky "let's put on a show" tradition of "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo," minus electricity but with a budget for supporting-cast navel rings that 1984's break-dance sequel certainly didn't have.
Honey's a little too darling for reality but, obviously, that's not what this candy-cane vehicle of a movie is all about. It's about the way Alba moves and how good she looks when she's backlighted and smiling.

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