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Surreal relationship comedy
bob the moo19 August 2002
A couple (Michael and Patricia) are in a stagnant relationship until Michael begins an affair. The affair is with a blow up doll that he keeps in his garage. However eventually both relationships will hurt the other and Michael must chose between the two loves of his life.

One of the short film entered into the orange Short Film Award 2002 this is a surreal domestic comedy that could be a sitcom pitch from hell! `A zany threesome with a man, his wife and his blow up sex toy'. However it manages to be clever and funny. The film never ignores the surreality of the situation and embraces it well. The situations are well written and are well directed with a sort of mock introspectiveness. The final bit of dialogue is very good.

However it is still clever. Witness the reinvigorating of Michael as a person being shown in his skin condition clearing up. Or his wistful glace at ballons he has inflated for his wife's birthday. These little things were clearly well thought out and inserted very well.

The cast really help this film by giving these little things life. Paul Kaye gives a very understated performance for someone better known as loud mouth Denis Pennis. Phillips is also very good although one of her sceptical glances is a little out of place.

Overall this is clever and funny and uses it's surreal story well. Only the final shot of the doll lets it down as I felt the previous line had been a good enough place to finish it.
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