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Poppy Montgomery: Samantha Spade



  • Samantha : Hey, you think it's easy being surrounded by guys with guns all day?

    Martin : I thought you liked guys with guns.

    Samantha : I like the guns.

  • Danny : [whispers]  Two years working white-collar in Seattle and he gets this assignment?

    Samantha : Doesn't hurt to be Victor Fitzgerald's kid.

    Danny : Mmm. No wonder he's smiling.

    Samantha : Not a bad smile, either.

  • Samantha : [about a missing person's father]  He's barely got a pot to piss in and he's taking his daughter to a $300 dinner on a Saturday night?

    Jack Malone : Well, think about it. He abandons her when she's a kid. He doesn't know how to deal with it. Now he wants to be her best friend. It's classic guilt.

    Samantha : Is it guilt or romance? You don't go to Carmine's unless it's valentine's day or you're going to propose.

    Jack Malone : How would you know?

  • Vivian : Where's she going?

    Danny : Maybe it's a booty call.

    Samantha : Your mind is always in the gutter. There was no call.

    Danny : Tom Wilkins, 11:48.

    Martin : In my experience, there's usually not a three-hour lag between the call and the, uh...

    [clears his throat] 

    Martin : delivery.

  • Samantha : Think a fresh change of clothes will make up for a lost night's sleep?

    Jack Malone : Well, if I looked as good as you in black, I wouldn't need to change.

    Samantha : [laughs]  Jack... your collar.

    Jack Malone : You're starting to sound like my wife.

    Samantha : You should listen to your wife.

    [Sam fixes the mussed collar] 

    Jack Malone : You do this for Dr. Fred?

    Samantha : Sure.

    Jack Malone : How is Dr. Fred?

    Samantha : Busy and unavailable, just the way I like 'em.

  • [at a boxing training camp in the Catskills] 

    Danny : I don't understand why someone would come all the way out here to get in shape. I've got a gym nineteen blocks from my apartment.

    Samantha : Your apartment's also in the vicinity of three gentlemen's clubs.

    Danny : I like a little variety in my workout.

  • [investigating the disappearance of a boxer] 

    Samantha : I don't get it. You get beat in the head for a living, and you make money only to have your manager steal it. What's the point?

    Danny : Boxing does have its benefits.

    Samantha : What? Wearing satin shorts to work?

  • [In reference to the "lake" incident] 

    Samantha : Heard you got a little wet.

    Martin : Beats sweating my ass off in the doghouse.

  • Jack Malone : There's a lot more than pain here. There's a lot of secrets in this marriage.

    Samantha : Aren't there secrets in every marriage?

  • Samantha : Is that from your infidelity handbook?

    Jack Malone : Chapter three.

  • [Talking about a re-united marriage] 

    Samantha : So, what do you think their odds are?

    [Sam doesn't get an answer] 

    Samantha : Are you all right?

    Jack Malone : Marie and I separated.

    Samantha : When?

    Jack Malone : Three months ago.

    Samantha : Three months.

    Jack Malone : Yeah.

    Samantha : Well, I don't know what to say.

    Jack Malone : Well, you know, we were trying to work it out, and, uh we're in kind of, uh... limbo.

    Samantha : I'm going to go home.

  • [Waiting to interview a missing person's mother] 

    Samantha : I know this house.

    Martin : It's a long way from New York, that's for sure.

    Samantha : Girls with dreams have been running away from this house for a hundred years.

  • [an ex-veterinarian takes over a high-school type boarding school] 

    Jack Malone : With what qualifications, looking after animals?

    Samantha : Well, high school's pretty rough these days.

    Jack Malone : Hilarious.

  • Martin : You know, we could make a sex tape. Post it online here, then you wouldn't have to tell anyone about us.

    Samantha : That's cute.

  • Jack Malone : Five a.m. Danny's up early.

    Samantha : That's assuming he went to bed.

  • Samantha : Yeah. I was married once. When I was 18.

    Vivian : Really.

    Samantha : Yeah, it was red hot for the first two weeks and ice cold the last four months.

    Vivian : Well, at least you understand commitment.

    Samantha : [laughs]  Thanks.

  • [Jack brings Sam a cup of coffee] 

    Samantha : Ah, thank you.

    Jack Malone : Looks like I should have brought you eye drops.

    Samantha : Yeah, and you look like a million bucks.

  • [Looking through videos the missing girl made] 

    Samantha : I've been sitting here all night looking for clues, looking for suspects. I mean, I'm not just seeing her I'm seeing... everything she sees and I keep thinking that if I get to know her maybe that'll help, you know? And then I think maybe I'll get to know her and it won't make any difference at all, it just...

    [Starts to cry] 

    Samantha : ... God, I'm sorry.

    [Jack puts a hand on her shoulder] 

    Jack Malone : This is... well, you're not supposed to get used to this. You're not. When you do... it's time to hang it up.

  • [Staking out a ransom drop spot] 

    Samantha : Nothing but the rats and the roaches.

    Danny : At least you got company.

  • [Sam is seeing her therapist] 

    Samantha : So, you see... when a bullet goes in to the thigh, it can lodge in the fascia. That's the, uh, connective tissue. Mine was a through-and-through, which means the bullet went...

    Dr. Lisa Harris : I know what it is.

    Samantha : Okay, so to answer your question, getting shot felt very much like someone had taken a jackhammer to my leg. A burning hot jackhammer.


    Samantha : And you're staring at me.

    Dr. Lisa Harris : Samantha... I asked you what it felt like to be shot, and you described, in quite some detail, the physical experience of being wounded. I'm interested in knowing how it felt in other ways.

    Samantha : Oh. Why didn't you say that?

    Dr. Lisa Harris : Samantha, you were brought here because you were a hostage in a kidnapping, during which you were shot in the leg with your own gun. You were assigned to desk duty, and as soon as you were allowed back on active, you shot and killed two suspects during an investigation.

    Samantha : That was a good shooting.

    Dr. Lisa Harris : Yes, I read the report.

    Samantha : There's a little girl, a violinist, who is missing. I'm sure you've heard. I could help her a lot more if I was out there doing my job.

    Dr. Lisa Harris : Well, right now, this is part of your job. And as our time is up I won't keep you. I have you on for Thursday, 8:00 a.m...

    Samantha : I can't do Thursday. But I'll call you.

  • [Looking through a messy apartment] 

    Martin : Hmm, very functional.

    Samantha : Reminds me of a dorm room at Quantico.

    Martin : Good ol' Club Quantico.

  • [Going through the missing doctor's med books] 

    Samantha : Neurology, toxicology, virology.

    Martin : The study of viruses.

    Samantha : Well, that's not odd, considering he's a doctor.

    Martin : Here's some light reading: "Dirty Democracy". "How the U.S. Sends Its Blasphemers to Death", "Why Terrorists Keep Picking on the U.S.", "How the U.S. Has Perverted Dozens of Foreign Elections" and much, much more.

    Samantha : All by Colin Blume. From Boston.

    Martin : A bit inflammatory, no?

    Samantha : Last time I checked we still had freedom of the press.

    Martin : Look, I'm not condoning censorship but we've got a profile.

    Samantha : Yeah, of a Saudi Arabian Doctor. That's all we have.

    Martin : Look, profiles aren't flawless but they exist for a reason. I mean, come on, we use them every day.

    [Sam picks up another book] 

    Samantha : Oh, look, Pediatrics. Maybe he's a pedophile too.

  • [Jack brings in the Joint Terrorism Task Force in about the Arabic doctor] 

    Samantha : Jack, I, um... I think you're making a mistake. I think... that you have jumped the gun bringing in JTTF.

    Jack Malone : Yeah, well, that's my call.

    Samantha : You're right, it is your call. But just... think about it. I mean, after this investigation, do you think Anwar will be able to get a job in his field? Forget the CDC. He'll be lucky if the INS renews his VISA.

    Jack Malone : It's not my problem. Look, if any of this is making you uncomfortable I can transfer you to another case.

    Samantha : [coldly]  No. I can manage.

  • Martin : Sam, I want to show you something.

    Samantha : It's "Samantha". Nobody calls me "Sam".

    Martin : Jack calls you "Sam" all the time.

    Samantha : Well, Jack's the boss. In case you hadn't noticed.

  • Martin : How do you know the father took her? Maybe they were kidnapped. Maybe he was killed and then she was taken.

    Samantha : Even a psychotic pedophile is unlikely to target a girl traveling with an adult male.

    Martin : So without any evidence to suggest this guy was dirty you assume, this is a custody thing or incest.

    Jack Malone : Careful, Martin, she's got a thing about men.

  • [the missing father was having an affair] 

    Samantha : Another woman.

    Martin : So says busybody.

    Samantha : And you believe the trusted car thief? One minute he doesn't know anything about his boss the next, he's crying into his soup about what a Quaker the guy is.

  • Samantha : Oh, the wife's always the last to know.

  • [Talking about a father-to-be] 

    Jack Malone : My wife was nuts about all this baby stuff, too. A lot of bedside reading. "Daddy, Who Are"..."Prepping Papa". This guy was really committed.

    Samantha : [flatly]  Yeah, he's a real saint. Eight-and-a-half months pregnant and she's waiting on him hand and foot.

    Jack Malone : She brought him breakfast. He didn't ask her to go downstairs and rotate the tires on his car.

  • [after the husband has an outburst in which he threatens someone's life] 

    Samantha : Wow. Well, that's refreshing. He's got the FBI in his lap and he still says whatever he's thinking.

    Jack Malone : Either that or he just can't control himself.

  • [Looking through office buildings] 

    Danny : But all we have is an address? Wow, this is some lead. Looks like we're going door to door. I should've brought my bibles.

    Samantha : Yeah, I think you're more of an insurance guy. In the meantime, give me the names. I'll, uh, I'll start running them.

    Danny : You want them in alphabetical order?

    Samantha : Very cute. What are they?

  • Danny : Morning, hot stuff.

    Samantha : Good morning to you. Late night last night?

    Danny : A man's got to do.

    Samantha : Yeah? Who's the lucky?

    Danny : I don't kiss and tell, you know that.

  • [Looking at a blood-stained car] 

    Danny : Oh, something definitely happened. If that's her blood, there's only one question: Where'd they dump the body?

    Samantha : You are such a pessimist. She could have been assaulted and kidnapped for all we know.

    Danny : I bet that's what you told the cops, right?

  • [Going through missing flight attendant's room] 

    Martin : Mmm, she's in AA. One day at a time. So, what do you think about that?

    Samantha : Turning everything over to a higher power? Hey, like John Lennon says, "Whatever gets you through the night."

  • [about murdered internet-daters] 

    Samantha : Any luck?

    Eric Keller : Actually, we've been too lucky. Our ladies have had more dates in the last two weeks than all of them combined in the last two years.

    Samantha : Got a list for me?

    [Eric digs out a folded sheet of notebook paper] 

    Samantha : Ooh. Very official. Can you get me a bit more background on any of these guys?

    Eric Keller : I'll see what we can do.

    Samantha : Okay.

    [Sam starts to leave, but turns back around] 

    Samantha : You know... you don't look too bad yourself.

    Eric Keller : Thanks.

    Samantha : But for a detective, your investigating skills are pretty poor. I didn't let my hair grow; I cut it.

    Eric Keller : Uh, Yeah.

  • [about leaving Sam alone with her ex-boyfriend] 

    Samantha : You did not have to do that.

    Danny : Sure, I did.

    Samantha : Oh, god.

  • Martin : Samantha... you, uh, you got time to grab a drink?

    Samantha : Oh, I've... I-I told Keller I'd meet him. But, I mean, you're welcome to come with us if...

    Martin : No, no, that's all right. No, you guys go ahead. Thanks.

    Samantha : Okay, well, maybe some other time?

    Martin : Yeah, some other time.

  • [about a missing vet's war medals] 

    Jack Malone : Distinguished service medal... Bronze Star... Purple Heart... Silver Star... Vietnam Service Medal... Liberation of Kuwait.

    Samantha : Are they in order of importance?

    Jack Malone : Uh... no. If they were, it would be Silver Star first, then Bronze Star. It appears that they're in chronological order. Maybe the timeline of his career.

    Samantha : Well, then I think I know how his career ends. His service pistol's missing.

  • [after Danny's been shot at] 

    Jack Malone : [into phone]  How's he doing?

    Samantha : [into phone]  Well, he'll never admit it, but he's a little amped up.

  • Danny : What do you know about bog turtles?

    Samantha : Bog turtles?

    Danny : Apparently, they're an endangered species.

    Samantha : Bog turtles... who knew?

  • Martin : This case is really getting to you.

    Samantha : Yea.

    Martin : Is it the kid?

    Samantha : It's all of it.

  • [Martin gives Sam a long to-do list] 

    Samantha : I thought you said one thing.

    Martin : Yeah, but this is you.

  • [Sam has been shot during a hostage situation] 

    Barry Mashburn : [to Richard]  Where'd you get the gun?

    Richard : [points and stutters trying not give Sam away]  It was... I-I... it was over there. I don't know. It was there.

    Barry Mashburn : [to Richard]  You the cop?

    Richard : [scoffs]  If I was, I'd have taken you out five hours ago.

    Barry Mashburn : All right, who's the cop? Huh?

    [Barry starts to swing his gun around] 

    Samantha : [shouts]  I am! I'm FBI.

    Barry Mashburn : [disbelieving]  No way.

  • Jack Malone : Okay, I want you to take Martin with you.

    Samantha : No, Jack, I can do this on my own.

    Jack Malone : Yes, I know. I want you to take him anyway.

  • Martin : Are you coming?

    Samantha : Hold your horses.

    [Sam slowly pulls herself out the car] 

    Martin : Physical therapy going pretty well, huh?

    Samantha : Do yourself a favor, don't get shot. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

    Martin : I'll try my best.

  • [Staking out the father of two 'kidnappers'] 

    Martin : Doesn't look like he needs any more money. He's probably just protecting his kids.

    Samantha : Yeah, remind me not to have any.

    Martin : They don't all turn out to be psychopathic kidnappers, you know.

    Samantha : Let me guess - 2.2, white picket fence, golden retriever.

    Martin : Yeah, maybe. Something like that.

    Samantha : Not for me. Not in this world.

  • [Sam has been put on leave after the shooting] 

    Martin : Hey, what are you doing here?

    Samantha : I forgot something.


    Samantha : The kids are all right?

    Martin : That's what Roger Daltry says.

    Samantha : [smiles]  Right. Yeah.

    Martin : Get some sleep, will you?

    Samantha : Yeah, I just got to... find the thing that I forgot... before.

    Martin : Right.

    Samantha : Yeah.

    Martin : Okay.

    Samantha : Goodnight.

    Martin : G'Night.

    [Martin starts to head for the door] 

    Samantha : Martin?

    [Martin stops and turns around] 

    Samantha : You know how you said we should get a drink sometime?

    Martin : Yeah?

    Samantha : I could really use a drink.

    Martin : Well... nothing worse than a beautiful woman drinking alone.

  • [after Sam's OPR meeting] 

    Samantha : Remind me to slam that OPR guy with a softball at the next spring picnic.

    Vivian : I'm not sure that's how you get on their good side.

  • [about a missing priest] 

    Samantha : So maybe he's really good at keeping secrets... or he just doesn't trust his coworkers.

    [Sam sends Vivian the "Look"] 

  • Jack Malone : I talked to Schmidt in OPR. You can go back into the field, under one condition.

    Samantha : What?

    Jack Malone : We want you to see the in-house counselor.

    Samantha : "We?"

    Jack Malone : Okay, me.

    Samantha : No.

    Jack Malone : Samantha, you may not think that I'm the best person qualified to talk to you about this... But this kind of event can have long-term fallout, and you've got to deal with it.

    Samantha : I just feel like you've lost faith in me.

    Jack Malone : Nobody has lost faith in you. Least of all me.

  • [Sam is going to Palm Springs with Martin on assignment] 

    Samantha : I might be reading too much into this, but there's, um... no hidden message in you sending me on vacation to Palm Springs, is there?

    Jack Malone : What kind of message?

    Samantha : Like, maybe I'm just getting back to work, and you're trying to get me out of your hair.

    Jack Malone : You are... reading too much into this. You should just take it for what it is: In-flight movie and a little bit of sun... and a chance to interview a convicted felon and a potential murderer. Enjoy.

  • [Martin is confronting an ex-con he used to work with] 

    Martin : Are you any better with names like Dennis Ricci or Timothy Deleia? You were both.

    Lucas Vohland : Is this your girlfriend?

    Samantha : I'm his partner.

    Lucas Vohland : You're a lot better-looking than his last one.

  • [about missing con-artist] 

    Martin : It doesn't seem like you kill somebody for ripping you off on a painting.

    Samantha : Certainly not those people. They'd probably just refill your iced tea. You know, it sounds more to me like Whitney knew she was going to get caught, and she ran. I'm driving.

    [Sam's cell goes off] 

    Martin : No, I've seen you drive.

    Samantha : I'm driving.

    Martin : Oh, where's the airbag?

    Samantha : [into phone]  Hello? Oh, yeah, look, I'm really sorry about that. I kind of got busy. Yeah, Thursday at seven sounds great. Okay, I'll see you then.

    Martin : Hot date?

    Samantha : Yeah, with my federally funded therapist.

  • [about missing fiancée] 

    Samantha : So, she's on her way back right now and start her new life?

    Martin : Yeah.

    Samantha : I'd hold off buying a wedding present.

  • [after Sam's appointment] 

    Samantha : Sorry, I got held up with something.

    Jack Malone : How'd it go?

    Samantha : Pointless.

    Jack Malone : That's good.

  • [about a home invasion] 

    Martin : Woman came home, found him kicked back on the sofa with a bag of cheese balls, watching SportsCenter.

    Samantha : At least it wasn't porn.

  • [questioning the attorney of a death row inmate] 

    Samantha : Do you think Ricky did it?

    Lawyer : I don't think he got a fair trial.

    Samantha : That's not what I asked.

    Lawyer : I know.

  • Samantha : I wanted to tell you something.

    Martin : Sure. What's up?

    Samantha : I'm happy.

    Martin : Okay.

    Samantha : I mean you make me really, really happy.

  • Danny : So you and Marty seem... well, you seem something.

    Samantha : Yeah, we are.

    Danny : That's good. It is good Sam. Why are you hiding it?

  • Martin : [Martin has just found out about Jack and Samantha's past affair]  I guess old feelings die hard.

    Samantha : They don't die, they just... fade. And then you feel bad that they faded becuase you wonder... you wonder what they meant when you had them.

    Martin : Well, I guess if they didn't fade, there... there wouldn't be room for new ones.

    [Martin slowly smiles at her, she equally slowly smiles back] 

    Samantha : No, I guess there wouldn't.

  • Samantha : Hey, Martin?

    Martin : Yeah?

    Samantha : You wanna share a cab?

    Martin : I live uptown.

    [points opposite direction] 

    Samantha : Yeah, I know.

    [Martin hesitates, then smiles and walks toward her] 

  • Samantha : I am a woman whose slept with two men on the same team. If people find that out...

    Martin : Oh, is that all we're doing? Just sleeping together?

  • Samantha : Well, you just got your head handed to you.

    Martin : Wouldn't be the first time.

    Samantha : I guess some things around here won't change to much.

    Martin : I was thinking some things will, though.

    Samantha : What do you mean?

    Martin : [quietly]  I mean you and me. We, um, sort of got interrupted this morning.

    Samantha : Yeah, we did.

    Martin : [smiles]  I'll walk out ahead of you.

    Samantha : [quickly]  Okay.

  • Martin : So, Scully, you done yet?

    Samantha : I still have about a half hour here.

    Martin : [sighs]  Okay.

    Samantha : [smiles]  You know, I still haven't seen your apartment.

    Martin : No, you haven't

    Samantha : So I'll come by later?

    Martin : [nods and smiles]  Sounds good.

  • Samantha : You wanna tell everyone, don't you?

    Martin : Look, Sam, you already know how I feel, and now Danny's asking. But this probably isn't the best time to talk about it.

    Samantha : Fine, we won't talk about it.

  • Samantha : You know, I didn't... say anything earlier, but, uh, thank you. For saving my life.

    Martin : [smiles]  You're welcome.

  • Samantha : Are you wearing a wire?

    Vivian : It's not a wire. It's a halter monitor for my heart. I went to see a doctor a while back and he's been running some tests. Look, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't say anything to anyone about this, at least until I find out more about it myself.


    Vivian : I mean, even Martin.

  • Samantha : Well, there's always Daddy Dearest. This way he gets the money and the girl.

    Jack Malone : You have a chip on your shoulder.

  • Martin : [after breaking protocol on a case]  How long does it take to get out of his dog house?

    Danny : Depends on the dog.

    Samantha : Don't mind Danny. He's just, uh, marking his territory.

  • Samantha : [interrogating a suspect]  Did you charge a plane ticket to Houston four months ago?

    [suspect nods] 

    Samantha : And then again two months ago, and then *again* last week?

    [suspect nods nervously] 

    Martin : And did you run into this guy while you were there?

    [shows her a picture of a suspect] 

    Martin : Lives in a suburb outside of Houston. Loves boats, loves to steal people off of boats.

  • [Sam's working on the man with two lives case] 

    Vivian : What are you doing?

    Samantha : Trying to figure out who was following our "Prince Charming".

    Vivian : Don't judge the guy. It sounds like he was really trapped.

    Samantha : It's called divorce. What is with you people?

    Vivian : You're taking it a little personally.

    Samantha : You go to a lawyer, he draws up the papers, you sign them, you swallow your regret, and you move on.

    Vivian : And of course you're speaking from experience.

  • [Father-in-law of the missing person is a suspect] 

    Jack Malone : He's afraid. He thinks we're on to something.

    Samantha : I'm sure he's quaking in his boots. We got nothing on him, Jack.

  • [Walking through a group home] 

    Samantha : Growing up here, I don't even know how these kids have a chance.

    Vivian : Is that your liberal conscience talking?

    Samantha : That's my heart talking. Where's yours?

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