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Cracks me up every week.
avigon28 July 2004
I love this show. I think it is funny and realistic.

I think that some sitcoms try to sugarcoat everything, but this isn't one of them. Roseanne tried to show "real" family life, but it ended up going too far. I think that Still Standing hits it right on the money.

The parents do dumb stuff at times, but you know in the end that they love their kids...even if we hardly ever see little Tina. lol

The characters are hysterical and Jami Gertz is just too funny. I love her accent. Every week it has me cracking up. I don't watch too many TV shows, but this is one that I always try to make sure I get to see.
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Irresistible rebels
newnanj5 December 2003
I could not disagree with the previous commenter more. I loved "Roseanne" (for the first few years), I love "The King of Queens", I've grown to like "Yes, Dear", and I also *love* "Still Standing". There is plenty of room for more stories about societal rebels who grow up, have kids, and are still rebels. I find Mark Addy and Jaimie Gertz irresistible in terms of their comic timing as well as endearing because of the character they bring to the well-written parts.
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The best comedy of the 2002 season.
Aurthur14 October 2002
Despite the bad comments of this show I've read on this site, be assured this show is funny. In fact, it's beyond doubt the funniest show of the new season. Sure "Good Morning, Miami" had hotties Ashley Williams and "Queen of Swords" Tessie Santaigo, but it's nowhere near as funny.

I decided to watch it because it's after Raymond and Jamie Gertz is hot. I was expecting a mildly-amusing sitcom as the trailers hadn't overly impressed me, but found it to be HILARIOUS. Funnier than Becker, and two lovely ladies in the main cast make it very watchable.

Don't believe the bad reviews, this show is good and I'd follow Still Standing to anywhere CBS tried to put it.
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"Still Standing"- I hope it's still on for a long, long time.
stoogedude15 January 2005
I look forward to every Monday night to see Still Standing. It is a funny show, with good actors and a lot of talent. Mark Addy is the typical football loving, remote control addict father. He is very funny as Bill. Jami Gertz is a fun loving mother, who loves her kids, but doesn't care what they do. It's almost similar to Married..with Children, but not as dysfunctional. Brian is a brainiac who can't believe he actually lives in a family like he does. Lauren just tries to live a normal life with her friends, but can't escape the embarrassment her parents put on her. And Tina is witty girl who is unpredictable all the time. I fail to see how people can say they hate this show, because I enjoyed it from day 1. This is in no way a rip off of Everybody Loves Raymond. This is it's own show by itself. CBS has a hit on it's hands.
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Good show. Still watching...
Eric-122617 December 2002
I have watched only a few of the episodes so far, and I kick myself for not having seen more of the early ones, or at least having taped them. I really like what I've seen - I could watch this one all season!

What do I like about it? Well, for starters, I like the Jami Gertz character, Judy Miller. Of course, I could watch Jami Gertz reading the phone book and I'd be entertained. (Jami Gertz? Is that really Jami Gertz, who played opposite Kevin Bacon in "Quicksilver" (1986) and in "The Lost Boys" (1987)??). Anyway, it's great to see her in a fun role, and she does a very pleasing job with it.

I also like the Mark Addy character, as the husband and father, Bill Miller. I don't mind at all that he is British, even though I DO find myself double-checking his speech to see if I can hear any trace of an accent. That being said, I guess I can see where anyone who has any personal connection to Chicago would be horrified to find a Brit playing this role...

Oh well, it really isn't important. What IS important is that (from what I've seen thus far) the show has a gentle, wry sense of humor, and has nicely plotted story lines, which, though not quite as twisty, kind of remind me of "Seinfeld".

Speaking of comparisons to other TV shows, "Still Standing" somewhat reminds me of "Married With Children", only without quite the cynicism, dysfunctionality, and borderline bathroom humor. And I hope it doesn't stray into that territory.

In conclusion, let me sum up: "Still Standing" - A good show. I'm still watching...
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One of the funniest shows on TV.
docwho6913 November 2002
You have to relate to it for it to be funny. Someone who can't relate will probably find this show lame, much the same can be said of shows like Yes Dear too. Still Standing does not appeal to all audiences but my wife, myself, and all of our friends find it hilarious.
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Great show that deserved a longer run
canadian5822 December 2013
Still Standing is one of the better sitcoms of its time. It has many laughs, good characters (except one, which I'll get to in a minute), good stories, and good heart. It needed at least ten seasons, there are many more adventures that could have been told.

The only part I don't like about this show is Judy's worthless, annoying sister Linda. She's a character that's not needed, but the writers must have felt they needed three adults in the main cast so they wrote her in. Linda is a terrible character, always whining, sad, alone, bitching about men or what not. The only good part about her is she is usually the butt of Bill's jokes.

This is a show with role reversal between parents and their kids. Lauren and Brian seem to have their act together, and their parents get to learn more from them than vice versa.

This is probably one of the most underrated shows out there. It's not available commercially on DVD, but I found one online that a private seller recorded off the TV. Glad to have it in my collection.
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Funny series - should still be making new episodes
frank-phillips7 July 2007
We watch this show on reruns every afternoon. It should still be in production, making new episodes. A feature length movie would be possible -- delving into Bill and Judy's earlier years. I think there is much to be mined about their youth -- neither had a great childhood -- their alcohol consumption in future years. All with lots of humor. I am compiling a list about the show, e.g. -- "What the hell?" -- Judy's 3 little words words before she let Bill kiss her the first time. I would love to see a reunion show on TV -- seriously! It could go into Brian saving his parents from losing their home after Bill loses his job. Lauren could become a famous singer. Whatever happened to Tina? She seemed to be most like her Dad. Brian and Bill must have a great deal in common. Bill's dad didn't understand him, called him a sissy, just like Brian's dad calls him a sissy and girlie. In retrospect -- was Judy really the bad girl in school Bill seems to think she was? Maybe, maybe not. Was she really out of his league or did she just play him as she does in every episode?
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Absolutely Fabulous!!
LisaRenee6 January 2003
Anyone who can't laugh at "Still Standing" is a sniveling snob that lacks a street-smart sense of humour. Mark Addy and Jami Gertz are a wonderful team that consists of Mr and Mrs Middle-Class America. The common life they portray will keep you rolling from their hysterical imperfections and how they deal with them as a family. If we could all laugh at ourselves....what a wonderful world this would be.
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Worth watching
realmusicman29 March 2004
The entire sitcom premise has run its course as of late without a lot of originality or true humour. However, I have found this sitcom to be the happy exception to the rule.

"Still Standing" is one of those shows that I found solely by accident. As one who intentionally avoids television most of the time, I stumbled on this program while engaging in the rare activity of channel surfing. The show exhibits a fresh sense of humour and while somewhat cliché in character development, the writers have managed to create some new ideas and humour within this formula.

While not destined to become the top sitcom of all time, "Still Standing" is innovative and humorous and perhaps deserves a look.
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Mark Addy is hilarious!
mattymatt4ever11 October 2002
So far, CBS has the best sitcoms. I love "Becker," but if any show has the right to replace its time slot, it's this show which perfectly tops off the Monday night lineup. The pilot is jam-packed with big laughs. Mark Addy is the perfect Archie Bunker-type TV Dad. Jami Gertz is a great TV wife. She's also gotten a lot prettier over the years. The second episode isn't as funny, with Addy's English accent slipping more often. But I still liked it. Hell, it was hard to live up to the hilarious pilot. Hopefully, the show will continue to be funny and the writing won't get stale, because this really does look like a promising sitcom.

My score (the pilot): 9 (out of 10) (the second episode): 7 (out of 10)

Overall score: 8 (out of 10)
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More than a knockoff .. a very comfy comedy...
A_Different_Drummer1 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Detractors of the series say it was "merely" a knockoff of Married With Children (which is like criticizing a sci-fi film for being similar to Star Wars) but a 4-year run is not bad for any comedy in this era. I felt that Addy and Gertz had both chemistry and comic timing. He could take prime steak and make it seem like hamburger. And she could do the exact opposite. In other words, perfectly matched, counterpointed, and making for a comfy little comedy where you looked at the characters like an extended family. The best episode was the one where the ignored and under-appreciated daughter played by Renee Olstead imagines herself on a nightclub stage bashing out a blues tune -- and does a fantastic job because she is a singer in real life -- and then gets completely ignored by the rest of the family ... again! Under-rated. Fun.
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Still Awesome!
reynosa9925 April 2009
I know some of you think that this show is just another dumb sitcom and the writing is juvenile and sophomoric. Well what did you expect geenius?.I mean they do have 3 kids on the show and 1 of them IS in the 10th grade. DUH! But some of you have even gone so far as to compare the show to Roseanne and Everybody Likes Raymond. What are you, on drugs? That's like comparing Laverne & Shirley to Lonesome Dove! I would have to say its more similar to a dysfunctional Family Ties, with the 60's mom & dad replaced with an 80's model. Now some of you folks have even complained about Mark Addy's English accent. Now your just pissin' me off. That's like complaining that Judy's dress is too tight and lowcut. To quote Bill "Son, sometimes you gotta go after that hot slut a little harder then your regular girl,and that hot slut was your mom and I did or you kids would be a whole lot uglier than you are today"
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Hilariously funny!
sumana-m215 March 2009
What most people here who have written bad reviews about this show forget that this is after all JUST A SHOW!! It's meant to entertain and if you start comparing it to real life, you're being too biased. There are parents out there who are more concerned about their own lives, who act a little immature and in fact there is a child in each one of us. This show does take it to the extreme at times but doing it with humor makes it hilariously funny. I never get bored watching this show!! And you won't either. Judy and Bill have excellent chemistry on screen. And they really do not in any way build a bad impression on the viewers. Enjoy it!
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Now, this is the kind of humor American TV needs.
thewisetraveller9 March 2008
I caught this one by accident. It's smart comedy...not the stuff you have been watching on TV all your life. If you don't get it, take it for granted that you are real damn slow at humor and continue with the lame sitcoms.

The talented cast is awesome on screen. The writers of the show need some real applaud. Watch it....this show makes my day...I miss it every time I'm out of the country.

People who are sensitive to a character on screen who doesn't care about her kids should not be allowed to watch the show and comment on it. I mean....take the humor people!.
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Love the show
nyyanks00626 March 2008
I too discovered this show after production ended. Its hard to find a good sitcom these days, and this show seemed to be like all the rest, a husband and wife with kids. It's been done so many times, but this show by far is the best. I never knew Jamie Gertz could be so funny. Never heard of Mark Addy, but he is hysterical. The entire cast comes together well, and the show is hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud multiple times during every episode.

I think if you're a fan of Roseanne, Home Improvement, King of Queens, Raymond, etc., you will love this one. I think it beats all those hands down.
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One of the wildest sitcoms ever produced
brendanchenowith19 February 2008
This show bowls me over in every way. Jami Gertz successfully played 1,000 miles against type and Mark Addy was the perfect American dad. Renee Olstead, Taylor Ball and Soleil Borda were hilarious as "THE THREE KIDS". Nothing about this series was formulaic. Sure the parents, kids, annoying in-laws were all there, but this was not your typical series in that vein.

As a matter of fact, might I suggest that this was a parody of those blue collar hot chick marries a fat blue collar slob and has three snotty kids genre? The other blue-collar series, while amusing, was nowhere near as funny as this one. Reba comes a very close second to this, so you can imagine I must be in hog-heaven with two hours of the Millers and Harts every night on Lifetime. I realize Lifetime began airing this masterpiece on the strength of the long-suffering beautiful wife, but she can also be as idiotic as her husband, who is also smart and who does care for his children despite his jokes about them.

Sure, the Lifetime programmers may have thought they had another series which shrieked, "women are better - men are lazy, slovenly pigs - women save the family - men are mentally ill and hideous", but this is not the case. I think this series belongs on Comedy Central, but more crucially, on DVD.

Final accolade - this is a series in which it was evident the entire cast had a great time playing these characters. I ought to know - I'm having a great time watching them. I'm very sorry I missed this in production. It sounded too much like King of Queens and Everybody Love Raymond (two series I don't care for and I've always loathed Roseanne) Little did I know. This is even better than "The Nanny" and that's WAY hard to beat.
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Great Show
Sport_Ho13 July 2005
I love the show and I love the theme song. I sing along every time.

Mark Addy is a genius and totally amazing how he changed his accent to 'Chicago'. Jamie Gertz is so cool too. The kids were all cast magnificently. They are all so different yet play off each other so well that it is believable they are siblings.

The writing is great too. The parents are of my era so I can relate to the rock concerts, being cool. smoking weed, catching the kids sneaking out, etc. I can also relate to the smart kid and the girl trying to find herself.

I love this show and I hope it stays on for a long, long time.
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Fun Family Sitcom
choochiface8 September 2002
I was lucky enough to see this show being taped. If it is as funny on screen as it is live then they are on to a real winner. The tapeing took 4 hours but it just flew past.

High school sweethearts married with 3 kids, facing the trials and tribulations of every day life.

Hope this ones around for years to come!
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Funniest Family Sitcom Since Roseanne!
USNchic19 September 2006
"Still Standing" is the funniest family sitcom since "Roseanne." Every episode made me laugh. It's a shame it got canceled. Judy has got to be the funniest sitcom mom every. I love her sarcasm. Her relationship with her mother-in-law is priceless. I think most women can relate. The kids are great, too. Brian is the perfect nerd....he just makes you shake your head. Lauren is the epitome of a popular teenage girl....lying to her parents and dating the bad guys. Tina takes after her mother with her sarcasm, which is adorable because she's so young, but it's not annoying like most little kid actors that try to be sarcastic. And let's not forget Linda. Her wackiness just adds to the dysfunction. I love it! Bring "Still Standing" back!!!!
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Too funny!
InVaDeR_Lizzy8927 July 2004
This show is pretty good. I love Judy and Bill's smart ass comments and how they deal with their kids. It's just brilliant.

I also love Linda. Smart, funny, hates Bill and shows it! (She should be in it more)

Tina is pretty cute. She should have more than one line, I think. But she does a good job for someone her age!

Lauren and Brian are also good. Brian can be a little fruity, but he's funny!

Bottom line, Still Standing is still perfect! CBS did a good job on this show, and I hope it stays around for a while.
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Late Comer
andrealknapp14 November 2007
I had held off ever watching this show for just one reason. Mark Addy is English. After seeing him in The Full Monty, watching him try to 'do' an American accent was just too painful.

Then, drunk one night, I watched this show and kicked myself. This show is hilarious and the timing of the main characters is spot-on. They are just like most people which is why I think I like the show. They are just like me and my husband.

I have my DVR set to tape the show WHENEVER it is on!

Excellent show and once I've finished writing this, I am going to Amazon to see if there are DVD collections of the show.
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Still funny
jwtrox0870627 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the funniest family sitcoms I've ever seen. It reminds me a little of Grounded for Life (another funny family sitcom), only a little less mature, so it's more family friendly, but the content is real enough to make this a credible show. It's a shame it's out of production after only four seasons. Yeah, it wasn't M*A*S*H or Full House, but it is certainly a breath of fresh air on television, and it certainly brightens my day to join the Millers in another misadventure of their everyday lives. I like Jami Gertz better in this show than any other movie or show she's done, but I don't know how I can say that because other than this show, I've only seen her in Twister, and I wasn't a big fan of Dr. Melissa Reeves, but I did empathize with her after the drive-in movie scene. Anyway, I also like Mark Addy's character as well. Bill & Judy Miller are parents that I almost wish I had. The comedy is great in this show. The lines never stop coming sometimes, and I find myself having to catch my breath from laughing so hard; it's almost like watching Robin Williams do stand-up...not really. But it's great. If it comes out on DVD, I'm totally buying it.
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Great Show
hlfmoonbay18 January 2007
This show came on to Lifetime recently, and at first I thought it was another yawner...until we sat down and really watched it. It's HYSTERICAL!!! It apparently must have taken the place of The Nanny, which we also found out years later, was really funny. CBS has some pretty funny sitcoms in the early evening when no one is watching...pretty cutting edge in some ways, and irreverent. I was shocked to see that Mark Addy is British and was schooled in The Royal Theatre, or something like that. Guess we have another 'House' on our hands, a Brit crossing the pond and doing an amazing American accent. On The Nanny, Niles played a Brit almost flawlessly, and HE is from Arkansas or Tenn. or Kentucky, one of those. Anyway, the show is a blast, and it is fun to discover a new show that we totally missed in primetime...I have been finding others who like it too, of all ages...sorry it was canceled.
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A mistake to Cancel it!
RWheels1 October 2006
This was one funny show. There is so much reality crap on TV. All the good sitcoms went away. This should not be. We need good sitcoms like "Still Standing" to we can relax after our long day of "Reality."

The CBS network made ANOTHER huge mistake.

This series was right up there with Everybody loves Raymond,Friends, Sex and the City, Frasier.

What has happened to the TV sitcom? What has happened to TV as a hole. It is as if the Networks don't want to pay actors any more so they put on Reality shows. Yuck!!!!!!

Get with it Networks!
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