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13 Feb. 2004
Love Potion #976/J
A laboratory mishap exposes Jimmy, Carl and Sheen to a powerful pheromone that causes each of them to fall madly in love with the next female he sees.
12 Mar. 2004
The Junkman Cometh
Jimmy must rescue Brobot's parents from the terrifying Junk Man, a galactic space scoundrel who plans to dismantle the robots and sell their parts to the highest bidder.
10 Mar. 2004
The Great Egg Heist/The Feud
Jimmy and Carl get caught in the middle of a feud between their dads. Jimmy must help Asian Princess, Peggy Tsu retrieve the Egg Drop Jade before her evil brother steals it.
9 Mar. 2004
MaternoTron Knows Best/Send in the Clones
While Judy Neutron takes a spa vacation, Jimmy invents The Maternotron 6000 to take care of the house./Jimmy clones himself so he doesn't have to do chores.
11 Mar. 2004
Out, Darn Spotlight
Jimmy tries out for the lead role of Macbeth in Principal Willoughby's play "Macbeth in Space" for a chance to kiss Betty Quinlan, but Nick Dean receives the role, and Jimmy desperately volunteers himself to be in charge of the stage effects so he can still impress her by creating outstanding props and visuals. Nick wipes out on his skateboard, so Jimmy has to memorize and play his part at the last minute, leaving Sheen in charge of the effect module while he's not on stage. Cindy is cast as a witch, and she goes out of character several times to draw attention to ...
26 Mar. 2004
Foul Bull/The Science Fair Affair
During a class trip to a rodeo, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen fall for a cute little cowgirl named Sally./Cindy Vortex leads a campaign to ban Jimmy from the school's science fair.
7 May 2004
The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Timmy Turner is magically sent to the secret lab of none other than Jimmy Neutron, the boy with the genius IQ. How will Timmy and Jimmy get back to each others own worlds?
7 Jun. 2004
The Mighty Wheezers/Billion Dollar Boy
Jimmy and company are invited to the home of a spoiled Boy Billionaire - who wants Jimmy's dog./Jimmy designs a temporary remedy at the Wheezer's house so he and Carl can have fun.
26 May 2004
Men at Work
Carl, Sheen, and Jimmy take jobs at a local burger joint. Jimmy transforms it to a fully automated restaurant that aims to please the customers and destroy the competition.
8 Mar. 2004
Sheen's Brain
Sheen is one math test away from being left back, so Jimmy turns his Brain Drain helmet into a Brain Gain helmet and uses it on his buddy, instantly quadrupling Sheen's IQ.
9 Jul. 2004
Win, Lose & Kaboom
Space rocks with markings are landing on planets throughout the galaxy. Jimmy convinces Carl, Sheen, Libby and Cindy to break into an Army base and decipher the rock.
11 Nov. 2004
Attack of the Twonkies
Jimmy returns from an excavation on the Twonkus-3 comet with a small furry creature burrowed in his soil samples that have a rather violent reaction to music.
27 Nov. 2004
Lights! Camera! Danger!
After a run in with a radiation belt in outer space, Jimmy, Cindy, Carl, Sheen and Libby are all endowed with super powers.

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