The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (TV Series 1998–2006) Poster

Rob Paulsen: Carl Wheezer, Carl, Gus, Principal Willoughby, Thomas Edison


  • Carl : Hey Jimmy, I thought we weren't supposed to like girls.

    Jimmy : [Lovestruck]  We don't. Betty is a woman.

  • [Sheen and Carl are playing a board game] 

    Sheen : Seven. Your llama falls into a mud pit.

    Carl : Sheen! There are no mud pits in "Llama's Day Out".

    Sheen : Maybe *that* explains why I'm having no fun.

  • Jimmy : [Sheen, Cindy, and Carl are sampling Jimmy's Book Gum] 

    Sheen : Tastes fishy. Call me Ishmael. Starbuck, it's the great white whale. I'll get you, Moby Dick!

    Cindy : Give me that. Tastes like fried chicken.

    [southern accent] 

    Cindy : Oh, Ashley. Oh, Rhett. I don't know nothing about birthin' no baby.

    Carl : Mmm, William Shakespeare.

    Jimmy : That might be a little strong for you, Carl.

    Carl : [English accent]  But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the East and Juliet is the sun. See how she rests her cheek upon her hand? Oh, were I a glove upon that hands, that I may touch that cheek.

    [Sheen nervously takes a step away from Carl] 

  • Cindy : You just can't accept the fact that my plan is better than yours.

    Jimmy : Is not!

    Cindy : Is so!

    Jimmy : Is not!

    Cindy : Is so



    Sheen : [laughing]  That was cool, Carl. I really believed you for a second.

  • Sheen : Hey guys! I think I found a bathroom! It smells like a bathroom!

    [Holds nose] 

    Sheen : I wish I had one of those deodorizers you hang in the car for the rear-view mirror.

    Carl : [Takes out deodorizers]  Lemon or strawberry?

    Sheen : Thanks Carl.Hey! How come you carry those around with you?

    Carl : 'Cause.

  • Cindy : Your sick patch dissolved into my skin, Nerdtron!

    Sheen : Jimmy, your patch pulled a Houdini.

    Libby : Cure me, or suffer the consequences.

    Carl : I don't want to be a bubble boy!

  • Sheen : This year's play is "Macbeth in Space". What's that about?

    Carl : Some guy with a girl's last name.

    Ike : Principal Willoughby said it was written by a guy named William Shakespeare.

    Oleander : Isn't he the janitor?

  • [Jimmy is struck by lightning over the phone] 

    Carl : Jimmy! Are you okay? If you can hear me, give me the answers to 5a through 11c. You know, just so I know you're OK.

  • Carl : We saw a ghost, and it has Jimmy!

    Cindy : Good. It can keep him.

    Sheen : You really have some anger issues, don't you?

  • Sheen : Poem? I thought we had to do an interpretive dance!

    Carl : No, that's Thursday.

  • [Jimmy has made himself stupid] 

    Jimmy : You guys wanna see My loopy dance? I'm loopy, I'm loopy, I'm loopy loopy loopy.

    Carl : Normal Jimmy seems kinda stupid.

    Sheen : Yeah, he's really messed up. I like him!

    Carl : Me too! Let's keep him.

  • [In Carl's dream] 

    Jimmy : I have to prove to Carl he's dreaming.

    Cindy : I washed your brain, but I had trouble getting the think stains out.

    [Jimmy kisses Cindy] 

    Carl : Jimmy kissing Cindy? I must be dreaming.

    [later, out of the dream] 

    Cindy : Not even in HIS dreams, Neutron!

    [Cindy slaps Jimmy] 

  • Edison : [seeing the light bulb on Jimmy's lab]  And where did you get that? Where I come from that's copyright infringement. Copyright infringement!

  • Carl : [backstage, just before the curtain opens]  Hey, Jimmy, I just found out that the play Macbeth has a curse and you're not supposed to say Macbeth cause if you say Macbeth bad things happen cause you said Macbeth and we've been saying Macbeth a lot and congratulations on getting the part of Macbeth.

    [gasps in sudden realization] 

    Carl : I said *Macbeth*!

  • Jimmy : [Jimmy had to kiss Cindy to escape from Carl's dream]  Uh, Carl, you won't tell anybody about that awful desperate thing I did to wake you up?

    Carl : Sure thing, Jimmy.

    Cindy : [barging into Jimmy's kitchen]  Not even in *his* dreams, Neutron!

    [slaps Jimmy] 

  • Carl : This reminds me of the story of the boy who cried llama.

    Sheen : Wolf.

    Carl : [alarmed]  Where?

  • [Jimmy's pants disappear, leaving him in his underwear] 

    Cindy : [laughing]  I see London, I see France!

    Carl : You've got really good eyesight.

  • [Carl and Sheen see Prof. Calamitous enter the Candy Bar] 

    Carl : Sheen. It's the perp!

    Sheen : Hey, yeah. You wrestle him to the ground and cuff him, and I'll watch.

    Carl : Why do you get to watch?

  • [Thomas Edison appears in Jimmy's Time Pincher] 

    Edison : That Henry Ford is such a knucklehead... Where am I? Who took my iced tea?

  • Willy Loman 3000 : Hey-hey-hey, y-you look like a couple of intelligent young men.

    Carl : Na-hah, it's just the glasses.

  • Jimmy : I present to you the greatest thing your eyes have ever beheld.

    Carl : A llama?

    Jimmy : No.

    Carl : A baby llama?

    Jimmy : No.

    Carl : A baby llama with a hat?

    Jimmy : No!

    Cindy : An invention of yours that actually works?

    Jimmy : No... I mean, yes!

  • Carl : Today, I found something that has never been seen before in the history of the world... a half-eaten Krunchy Kreme jelly donut!

    [all gasp] 

    Sheen : But they're 100% irresistible! No-one cannot finish one!

    Miss Fowl : I'm afraid I know someone who could. An old student of mine, Finbarr Calamitous. He was a brilliant boy but he could never finish anything, not even sentences, that's why I failed him. And he was bad.

    Nick : Like me?

    Miss Fowl : No, you're bad in the new sense, meaning good. Finbarr was bad in the old sense. He disappeared one day after not finishing his lunch. I wonder why he has returned... Carl!

    [Carl has eaten the rest of the donut] 

    Carl : What? I don't know!

  • Carl : Not that fresh air and ticks in your sleeping bag isn't fun, but why do we have to go camping with you, Jimmy?

    Jimmy : Because if you don't, I'll be forced to publish these high-definition photos of you two playing with Pomono Beach Debbie Dolls.

    Sheen : Pomono Beach Debbie is an action figure. She posesses special powers that can defeat any adversary... except Ultra Lord, of course.

    Carl : I like the pretty bathing suits.

  • Jimmy : [Sheen is slicing up a recently defeated lima bean monster]  Fortunately, as all bean farmers know, phaseolus lunatus perishes when exposed to dry air and overly-nitrogenous soil.

    Carl : But you hit it with a hammer.

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