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Far way better than Inception
amanwhorocks31 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
1. Cruiserweight Elimination Match: Nova Vs. Luki Vs. Short Boy Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Tony Mamaluke Vs. Christopher Daniels - Exciting match full of moves I never saw before. Best moves when cooperated 2 guys. And finisher move of AJ styles looks destructive, even from the turnbuckle! 10/10

2. Reno Vs. Alan Funk - Alan parodied Hulk Hogan and was better than original. Nice moves were there by Reno. 8/10

3. Kronic Vs. Native Blood - Kronik easily won in a quite average match with some screwed moves. 6/10

4. Midgets wrestling - I never like it, I'm so sorry but it always reminds me fighting kids. Extremely long thing. 4/10 Steiner in Pause destroyed Disco Inferno in the ring.

5. Cruiserweight Championship: Juventud Guerrera Vs. Champ-Psicosis Vs. Eddy Guererro - Very good match, Eddy defeated Psicosis by Frog Splash. 9/10

6. Sabu Vs. Devon Storm - Tough match full of sweat and great moves and screwed moves. Sabu got really hurt and lost with that Devon Storm, that actually surprised me. But I'm glad they pushed younger talent. 8.5/10

7. Lenny/Lodi Vs. The Cat/Rick Steiner - I hope I never saw Ernest Miller And Rick Steiner on PPV again. But I do. This was super embarrassing few seconds squash match. Waste of time and talents. 3/10

8. WWA World Heavyweight Title CHampionship: Champ-JeffJarrett Vs. Brian Christopher - Christopher is substitute for Macho Man, he never was a challenge. The one and only nice move in this bout was Christopher's neckbreaker, nothing more. JJ retained. 6/10
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