Party Monster (2003) Poster


Dylan McDermott: Peter Gatien


  • Peter Gatien : Does she speak?

    Gitsie : Only when he wants me to.

    Peter Gatien : My kind of girl.

  • Michael Alig : It's not me that's tired. It's your club. No one wants to come here.

    Peter Gatien : [hands Michael an envelope]  That's a statement. The damage done to the club will be reimbursed from your earnings from this party and the next two parties that you throw.

    Michael Alig : Wow! A job! You won't regret this.

    Peter Gatien : We'll see.

  • Michael Alig : [catches James and Keoki doing drugs]  You pathetic, drug addict losers!

    James : Michael, I am not addicted to drugs. I am addicted to glamour.

    Michael Alig : You! James Clark, you should be ashamed of yourself!

    James : How dare you use my real name. And Michael, your champagne. Oh correction, your sparkling wine tastes like piss!

    Michael Alig : [to Peter]  So where was I? Oh yeah, so we'll put James in a cage and hang a sign over it that says "do not feed the drug child." It will transform Limelight and New York nightlife forever and it will be more outrageous than anything before. New stars, no rules, anything goes. Everyone will want to come.

    Peter Gatien : Michael, aren't you listening to anything I've said?

    Michael Alig : Yes siree! But this will work.

    [pees in James' champagne glass] 

    Michael Alig : I'd stake my life on it.

    Peter Gatien : You're crazy.

    Michael Alig : Ah, James! Keoki! Just in time to toast to Disco 2000.

    Peter Gatien : To Disco 2000.

  • Peter Gatien : I know you don't like them, but the place is packed almost every single night. The kid is doing something right.

    Natasha : And that's gonna do us a lot of good when the feds shut us down.

  • Michael Alig : Think of the press.

    Peter Gatien : Think of the cost! I buy you an apartment, set you up with a magazine, pay all your bills, and still you want more. It's never enough. Is it?

    Michael Alig : It's a reciprocal kind of relationship. You know, Peter? Father son kind of thing.

    Peter Gatien : And another thing. You drug use is become in discriminant.

    Michael Alig : I won't do crack without heroin!

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