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Great !
Michael J. Santos25 February 2005
We just went to see Jimmy Kimmel Live last night(2-24-05) and we thought it was great ! Very professional production. Didn't have to wait in line very long, like some other tapings. Security was good also.

As far as the show is concerned - I think it is just as funny as its competitors. The Cousin Sal bits are hilarious. Uncle Frank is a really nice guy too ! If you are in the area, I would suggest getting tickets.

The audience isn't very large. Only about 100 people. The Band is great and the sound system is superb.

I hat this 10 line rule. Again, I think this is a great hour of late night television.
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Tired of Jimmy.....
mark-795474 October 2017
I cannot take Jimmy's constant political commentary. He is supposed to be an entertainer. His insistence on constantly bring politics into every aspect of his show has caused me to change the channel.

For what it is worth, half of the country voted for President Trump, including me. I am insulted every time I see this show. Jimmy is an ignorant, narrow minded wanna-be comedian....we can do better....and I am done with the Jimmy Kimmel show. Perhaps the money I spend every day is of no interest to his advertisers?

It is unfortunate that so many in the media insist on berating us with their political views.....it was a lot more entertaining when the major networks were focused on helping us escape our daily lives and providing entertainment. Now they just lecture us on their narrow minded views.
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The most lovable and funny host
judahtheclippersfan7 April 2018
Jimmy Kimmel is the opposite of all those things. He's just a guy who attaches himself to funny things and people and somehow they are associated with him. And then he got political and he's not even articulate and intelligent enough to convince anyone of things that they may even agree with. I like Mean Tweets and Guillermo but that's other people on his show. Watch the Eric Andre Show.
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Please cancel Kimmel
Mary Childers25 August 2015
Oh what to say about Jimmy Kimmel--the unfunny man. Not only is he low of laughs, he is a mean-spirited arrogant man. Don't like him nor his show. I completely agree with Leno's assessment of this useless person. He uses his show as a political platform and he and other late night hosts need to take a lesson from Dave Letterman to be funny, charming and nice. Hateful, mean spirited diatribes from idiot California based morons may be common, but comes off as annoying, boring and just unnecessary. Kimmel dishes up the hate with a bemused arrogance that would be breath taking if not so disgusting. I won't watch his show again. Once was quite enough for me.
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Great Show
joehonaker17 June 2005
His monologue is funny, he shows funny clips from current TV shows or World Events and he does a pleasant job of interviewing. Early on, he was given week-long co-hosts which I found a fun addition but they dropped the co-host and made him stand up for his monologue and the show does seem better although I miss Co-Hosts like David Cross, Snoop Dogg, Kathie Lee, Mike Tyson and Janeane Garofalo. His best guests have been Clay Aiken, Dane Cook(Hey Kool-Aid!), Wolf Blitzer(with Kimmel's father impersonating Wolf), Quentin Tarentino, Mike Tyson.... The show has the feel of Early Letterman with a slight edge. The Jake Byrd bits are always entertaining with Tony Barbieri playing an insane(but typical) Michael Jackson fanatic. His Cousin Sal hidden camera pranks are funny and the FCC This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is one of the funniest things on TV in the last 30 years. He has a running feud with the cast of The View and it's been very enjoyable watching him rip on Tons-O-Fun Starr Jones. Uncle Frank does an OK job and is sometimes funny on Red Carpet or Street interviews. Uncle Frank is clueless, it's funny for a little while but get's old and annoying. Geuermo's(sp) Hollywood Roundup is a little boring but the show is still one of the best late night shows. I wish he'd bring that hot hot hot girlfriend(Sarah Silverman)of his on the show more, she is one beautiful yenta. If he set out to best Leno, he could have done that with a pig farting on a snare drum because Leno is just weak unfunny and sad. Jimmy Kimmel Live rivals Letterman in the overall quality of show. Hopefully he will stay on long enough for the rest of the United States to smell what Jimmy Kimmel is cooking.
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Political propaganda at its worst
jmcd20077 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Kimmel has become very rude and obnoxious over the years. He is also the worst late night host on TV today aside from Stephen Colbert.

What used to be a decent late night program has since turned into a platform for bashing the President, his family, and his administration every single night. Like Colbert, it is clear to me that Kimmel gets easily and frequently triggered by anything that the President does and then proceeds to cry and complain about it on air. I don't tune into late night comedy programs to listen to nonsense like this. If I want to listen to anything political, I'll turn on the news.
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Getting up there
Carrie Beth Anderson15 July 2004
I wouldn't say that Jimmy Kimmel Live has reached the caliber of other late night talk shows such as Late Night with Conan O'Brian, it is an incredibly interesting show. As a Mighty Mighty BossTones fan, I loved the choice to hire Dicky Barrett as the permanent announcer. Some other parts of the show I like are "Unneccessary Censorship", "Dress the Band", "Sit and Be Fit", and Dicky's compliment. I predict that within a year Jimmy Kimmel will be the top late night TV host. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. Another great part of J.K.L is the choice of bands and guests. I do miss the co-host for the week idea, but the show has gotten progressively better without it, so whatever works, right.
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jimmy kimmel live
jim stephens29 December 2004
Jimmy Kimmel Live is a different type of late night talk show. Jimmy is a very creative person who has created a lot of shows, and is going for a different audience than the usual. He is going for the person who likes to see talk show guests, but also has a mix of live musical entertainment, the Jimmy Kimmel concert series, as well as ongoing members of the show doing various gags.

I think he is an excellent interviewer of his guests, and will make them look good on his show, as well as going for questions you won't hear others ask. His show edges more to the sort of show you always see at the later hour (which it occupies now), but may be on earlier in the future against the other two big late night shows.

The skits which are a part of the show include Cousin Sid and Uncle Frank are a fun to see, and some guests doing things you'd never expect them to do either.

I hope he has long running success on ABC and does well in the future.
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Not the best talk show, but Kimmel is a good host
MovieAddict201621 August 2005
I didn't watch "The Man Show" when it was on Comedy Central (from 1999 through 2004) because I never had more than basic cable, however I did manage to catch a few reruns later on and thought hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla were both very funny. It was a good idea for a show and it was carried out well.

Before "Man Show" got canceled the two guys branched out into other programs (Carolla now has his own TV talk show called "Too Late with Adam Carolla" - it's a bit lame sometimes in terms of specific jokes but is a refreshingly frank show overall).

Kimmel started hosting various programs and launched his own late-night talk show (apparently in 2003 but I've only started watching and hearing about it recently).

I've seen a few episodes now and I think it's a good talk show. It could use a bit of work. For one, the writing isn't as strong as it could be. Sometimes the stuff is kind of lame - like the recent interview with Pamela Anderson (Kimmel hosted her roast on Comedy Central, then interviewed her on his show afterwards!), in which they had her play a game called something like "Do You Know Pam?", where the contestants answer questions about Pamela Anderson. The lame part is that they had Pamela Anderson participate in it.

So far this show is pretty funny and I enjoy watching it, but they should recruit some stronger writers because it will never be on the same level as Conan or even Leno otherwise.
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Funny brand of funniness
y2jmann011 February 2003
It's new and hilarious, because Jimmy isnt afraid to diss his guest in their faces. I hope it stays on the air becuase it has potential. Jimmy is young, funny, and hopefully the new face of late-night televisoion, because Letterman just isnt funny anymore
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Crybaby Kimmel
ONeill-SG13 March 2018
This is the same sanctimonious guy who used to host "The Man Show" before he became such a celebrity. What a disappointment he became after leaving. Perhaps he should have stayed with that format because it seems every time we turn around he's whining about something else. It's also seems that with each year passing he becomes more and more emotional, let alone more of a liberal political activist. It's become so cliche now to hear these so-called "talk show" hosts strike their dull humor and lack of wit toward mostly anybody and anything that leans toward the right. Jimmy, you are there to entertain and not subject the viewers to your opinionated leftist views. I have to wonder what the audience response would sound like if they never lit up the "Applause" sign. You know, I'm half tempted to watch the next Oscar telecast just to see how long it will take before he breaks down and wipes the tears from his eyes.
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Potential- but needs to be FUNNY
autumnrhythm18 September 2003
I liked many of the pieces put together on the Man Show. I never liked Jimmy on "Win Ben Stein's Money" but I always loved Adam Carolla on the Howard Stern Show, so I checked it out. Since Jimmy is a devotee of David Letterman and Howard, I thought this show would be cool.

To my surprise, Jimmy is above average with guests (already better than Leno and better than Conan when he first started). And Jimmy is more of a common man than Conan or Dave- and quite more blunt and irreverent. However, Jimmy's main potential was to make late night comedy far bluer and politically incorrect than it is. He has failed to do that.

After coming out with an interview in Playboy saying his show would be "the comedy version of the Tonight Show!" Jimmy has instead hired hack writers (many first time proper "comedy" writers) to come up with sub-Leno/Conan bits. In other words, no punch lines, a lot of doctored pictures and video and random clips from TV shows that prompt Jimmy to make fun of them.

His first act (a.k.a. monologue) is, to be perfectly frank, unfunny. The jokes just aren't there. I don't know what the excuse could be for that. Howard Stern, at this late stage, is STILL funnier just going off the cuff. Jimmy and his numerable writers have all day to come up with jokes that make Jay Leno sound like Chris Rock, for God's sake.

The other major problem is the guest co-hosts: nice stunt, but the fun is wearing off. When you have a five-year-old rapper for a co-host or that old stand-by Mr. T, it's time to find a regular who can contribute to the comedy. After five days, it's just not funny. And if people don't like this host, you're wasting an entire segment of the show on them. Only a few guest co-hosts have been great, but it's not necessary to have them for five straight shows.

I honestly hope they revamp the show on their first anniversary and get a regular co-host (Adam Carolla would be first choice, but clearly Jimmy/ABC wanted to go without him) as they have with the announcer.
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Watch JKL once and Leno, Letterman, Kilborn, & Conan seem tame and out-dated.
missproducer23 April 2003
Jimmy Kimmel is brilliant. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is the freshest, funniest show on TV. Period. Despite a lack of big name celebrities (due to Leno's scare tactics) JKL has managed to flourish; largely due to Kimmel's quick wit and off the wall segments. What other show would feature Mike Tyson singing, a

pillow-fight between Goldberg and Jimmy's cousin Sal, Jay Mohr doing Nyquil shots, Snoop Dogg at the swap-meet and a gangsta spelling bee? And what other host would dare dance in his underwear and a fig leaf with a Japanese pop band on live TV? Only Jimmy Kimmel on JKL that's who.

Thank you Jimmy for resuscitating television.
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POOP this show.
treykrumel27 March 2017
POOP jimmy kimmel and his show he the most unfunniest person on the planet seriously he's useless he makes people pull on stunts just for money!!! that's really sad and one time he made someone get beat up and you make money out of this that really upsets me JIMMY!!!!! and i hope you are seeing this review too let you know how a mean spirited and selfish guy you are and i hope you show gets canceled that's enough for now.
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Wow- this show hasn't been cancelled yet! Why?
harrispilton10 February 2004
How is this show still on the air? It has been on ABC for over a year and hasn't gotten better at all. The Chevy Chase show wasn't this bad and it only lasted 5 weeks. JKL is worse than Craig Kilborn- and that is b-a-d.
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Talk show without firm footing passes on charm.
Eight Two22 February 2003
With a grin that might be mistaken for intoxication, Jimmy Kimmel spends most of Jimmy Kimmel Live seemingly bemused by all the corporate fuss made over his silly ideas (the now-prohibited open bar for the studio audience, his proposal to have a TV monitor on the desk so that he could flip over to competing shows should things become at all dull), and he hosts this talk show much the same way Al Pacino's suicidal ex-navy colonel waltzes through "Scent of a Woman": aware of his own encroaching demise, and free to be himself. The mortality rate of talk show hosts is not comforting to any young upstart, for every Leno and Letterman, there are Chevy Chases, Pat Sajaks, Lauren Huttons, Rick Deeses, Whoopi Goldbergs, Magic Johnsons, Keenan Ivory Wayanses, Chris Spencers, etc., but Kimmel seems to be downright tickled pink. Although defanged considerably since The Man Show and lacking an intrinsically hilarious writing team, he maintains (and relies on) a likeability that patches the often awkward holes well, like early Letterman without the memorable bits.
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Please stop all the Trump bashing
amandamichelle7427 May 2017
I love this show and I find Jimmy Kimmell very funny. However, lately the whole damn show revolves around Donald Trump. Jimmy, you were never so political before and it has come time to stop. A few jokes and poking fun is fine. But, your monologue every night is all about Donald Trump. He actually won the election. Let it go. Stop acting like all the crazy Hollyweird lefties. Again, I find you very talented and very funny with sincerity. I appreciate when you share your feelings without blaming the government. Don Rickles was very funny and you never knew his politics. I used to never know yours and I respected you for that but lately the show has done a 180 and I really don't care for it. Let's all laugh and joke at something, anything else and not politics. See you on my DVR. Praying for your baby boy. Take care
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it turns out you have super powers..
merelyaninnuendo25 December 2017
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy lacks spontaneity and hosting quality and if the host ain't worth it then how much of a change can behind the stage will make.
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Funniest Talk Show. Ever.
crappyemailrepository9 March 2004
We watch this religiously. If a particular night leaves us shaking our heads in disappointment, it's only because we've been spoiled by its usual brilliance.

Kimmel seems born to do a late-night talk show. I didn't like the Man Show, and I didn't like this one when it premiered, but I tried it a few months later and it was suddenly hilarious; the more ABC lets Kimmel have his lead, the funnier he is.

Non-intellectual without Lenno's cheese (when there is cheese, it's so obviously, self-consciously cheesey that it's satire), sardonic without Letterman's bitter edge, he's the perfect combination of no-bs and master bs-er.

I don't think he attacks his guests, as someone mentioned (maybe that was in his less-funny, starting-out phase), but he doesn't kow-tow to them, either. Kimmel can talk frankly with anyone. He can spot the silliness or pretense in anything, and point it out whether he's talking to his uncle Frank, Britney Spears or, I would imagine, the President of the U.S.

ABC, leave him alone, you'll only do yourself a world of good.

  • Sean Miner
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Former Tonight Show Watcher On Board With Real Jimmy
Tim A6 March 2014
Having watched several years of Carson and Leno, I was really unprepared for Jimmy Fallon. I had known him a little from Saturday Night Live and had seen a few minutes of his late show, but really not enough to make a formed opinion.

I barely made it through his first Tonight Show. Fallon is much like a child screaming "look at me" as he goes down a slide... it's not very entertaining, it can be annoying and it takes no talent.

I had watched a few episodes of Jimmy Kimmel's show prior to Leno leaving and he seemed okay. Not being a fan of Letterman, I decided to give Kimmel a try before permanently switching to reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.

I've been watching Kimmel for several weeks now and unlike Fallon, he is very funny, his jokes are crafted and most importantly he feels honest. Perhaps one of my biggest complaints about Fallon is that he is extremely fake and put-together. He recently even did a polar plunge in his "signature" suit. How ridiculously fake is that?

I compare that to Kimmel who wore a loomed suit made of rubber bands for an entire show for a good cause. He even choked up a bit talking to the child on-stage. It was honest emotion and gave him humanity that Fallon just does not have.

For those who've never seen his Thursday "Censored" bit, it really can be quite funny. If you enjoyed Leno's "Headlines" you might like this also.
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dividfbrown5 March 2018
Jimmy has gone rogue - no longer entertainment but a political hack at best or worse - depending how you gauge a left wing nut. Yeh - I'm a Trump supporter and anything that endorses a bum like Kimmel - boycott. Used to be fun to watch him - now - a left wing mouthpiece revelant only to left wing nuts hearing what their aching ears want to hear.
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Trash talking Jimmy
lfussner28 January 2018
It has come to the point that my entire family and friends will no longer watch Jimmy Kimmel's shows. His trash talk and harsh language has become ridiculous and absolutely unneeded. Sad, because Jimmy used to be my 90 year old grandmother's favorite. Not anymore! She had to shut the television off when he started talking about out President the other night.
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Not Funny.
swat6116 July 2003
1. Jimmy Kimmel isn't that funny, and 2. this shows how desparete ABC was for a late night talk show, they gave it to Jimmy Kimmel. The Man Show was ok, pretty dumb at times, but it had some funny stuff. but Jimmy Kimmel Live is just stupid, i give it a year before its cancelled.
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