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How to have a hit show and fail
liqvid6 January 2007
This must be one of the best detective/action series made to date! I know I'm a bit late in commenting but I saw it recently in the UK and was looking forward to another series and have found out (fairly late!) that Fox have cancelled it! From reading other comments it appears it was too expensive to continue! Maybe if they cancelled 2 or 3 of the really rubbish series out there they could put the money back into what was a cracking bit of television? Not only that but they left the series on a cliff-hanger just to rub salt in the wound! Poor Billie left in a room somewhere with a leg full of heroin and a lunatic. Thanks guys! Maybe they could make one more to tidy up the ending at least?! What a shame that good shows actually cost more to make than rubbish ones? Hmmm, I wonder why that would be? If that was aired prime time here in the UK, I'm sure they could make their money but I suppose everyones moved on from that now and it'll never happen. Still at least it puts a stake in the ground for quality and maybe someone will take up the challenge of making some more good telly. Here's hoping ..
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Some of the most entertaining TV I've seen in a while...
atrac11 November 2003
I'll keep this short and sweet: "Fastlane" was an incredibly enjoyable TV Show. It was extremely high quality, glossy, flashy, hip, and entertaining.

Apparently it was canceled because of High Production Costs (?). If this is true, I can certainly see where the money went. It went to producing quality entertainment, meant for 18 and up adults (this was definitely not a "kids" show).

FOX definitely screwed up by airing this show on Friday Nights in the United States. What were they thinking???? Only an idiot would put such an expensive show on a night when most people "go out" to recover from a work week, or even better, go to bed early to recover from a work week. This show had Sunday NIGHT written all over it. Only MTV had the brains to pick up the show second run (a week after it aired on FOX), reaching an audience that I am SURE this show was targeted at. Unfortunately though I don't think people knew enough about the show to make the effort to catch it on either network.

While I severely morn the passing of this show, I can only pray that FOX will decide to recoup some of their apparent "losses" by releasing the first and only season on DVD.

Do you hear me FOX execs??? RELEASE THIS SHOW ON DVD!!! People will buy it!!!

*EDIT* Apparently someone listened to somebody, as it's coming out on DVD Summer 2008! Yes!!!!
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Miami Vice of The 2000's
davesmooth24 February 2004
This was a great show that was pulled after one season. It was like a 2000's version of Miami Vice but with cooler people. The using of Los Angeles as a backdrop was a good choice, because most of the drama cop shows are set around New York. The action was fast paced, and the music was updated weekly. Tiffany, Bill, And Peter were cast superbly, and the scripts were well written. It's a shame that Fox pulled this show. They didn't give it time to gather a following. If I remember correct, they kept switching the nights it was on, which is a major factor in trying to keep viewers. The show ended with a cliff hanger that made you think that it was coming back. If you can catch this show on video, or on cable anywhere, you will not be disappointed.
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Miami Vice the next generation???
jonnydaytona14 February 2003
Fast lane is a great show......Wicked cars, delectable ladies, booming soundtrack and loads of action. The 'backwards' approach to the action is unique and a welcome change from regular cop show fare. (the beginning of each episode is usually the prelude to the climax, then we see how the main characters go to the point. Tiffani Theissen is terrific as the Boss, as are Bill Bellamy and Peter Facinelli who have great on screen chemistry. As great as it is however, it is a blatant rip off (perhaps tribute is a kinder word) of Miami Vice. The pilot episode is the same, check it out: Miami Vice: Undercover drug officer's partner killed.....meanwhile new York undercover cop's brother (also a cop) is killed by same organization. New York Cop (tubbs) comes to Miami to avenge Brother, becomes partners with Miami Cop (Crockett). Substitute Miami with LA and change Crockett and Tubbs to Ray and Deqe. Just an observation....Vice was a great show in it's day and Fastlane is the rightful heir to the throne. Finally a winner from Fox...(it's been a while guys.....)
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Fast Lane
milesbolland15 September 2006
Fastlane was the coolest show on earth. It was shown at about 0400 in the morning which was a slight inconvenience. I stumbled onto it when I fell asleep in my big chair and woke up early in the morning. I flicked on the TV and there it was just starting. Staying up that late when you have work in the morning was worth it. It got it right, everything a excellent TV show needs, Hot women, Fast cars, Big guns, Good bad guys, Car chases, other types of chases, Gun fights, Some decent acting. It is Bad Boys but a TV show, and maybe a little cooler. But that could be controversial, don't get me wrong Bad Boys is awesome. Theys should bring Fastlane back. If you haven't seen it you really have to.
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Great entertainment!
SaturnWings8 August 2003
I don't need to see another ER or NYPD Blue. When it comes to TV, I'm looking for good entertainment, not necessarily mind-numbing but nothing terribly serious. I found Fastlane to be a perfect middle ground. It's the great action flick adapted for the small screen. Fastlane is what its title proclaims, quick paced and not necessarily about the nitty-gritty stuff you'll find in other cop shows. If you want serious cop shows, go watch NYPD Blue, CSI, or any of the plethora out there. Fastlane is its own niche, and I'm sad to see it go. It's nice to unwind to this show at the end of the week.
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This party is 'Off the Hook'
y2jswalls12 January 2003
This show is simply 'Off the Hook'. It rocks Big-Time. This show has it all. For guys or women, it has the hot chicks, the hot guys, the hot cars, the hot music and the hot dialogue between Facinelli, Bellamy and Thiesan who with each episode are becoming more and more comfortable with each other and really making them seem like a little family unit. Granted it may not have the storylines a show like 'CSI' would have, but it's not trying to be like those shows. It is what it is trying to be. An entertaining action show, to give the people in tv land, what is so badly needed. An hour where you can just sit down and have some fun. I loved this show from the beginning and it hasn't let me down yet. Anyone who does not like this show, simply does not know how to just enjoy themselves. And those people would probally nit-pick about every little thing in any show. Well there is no pleasing everyone.

If your looking for an exciting show to have some fun watching, than look no further. FASTLANE is "A #1"
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Hip, Cool, Fun & Sexy!!!
Krister Klementsen27 May 2003

Fastlane is a great show!

Some say it copies Fast and the furious. Maybe!

To me it`s the best parts from Charlie Angels, Mod Squad, Miami Vice, Fast and the Furious, Shaft and more, put into one great show!

The camerawork, the colors, the music, the cars, the clothes, the dialogues, the babes, the scripts and three good actors who work very well together!

Looks like the show is made in widescreen, but changed into fullscreen!

Looking forward to the DVD, lets hope it`s in widescreen, surround sound, and lots of extra materials!

I hope their will be a season two!

To many good shows end to soon! (Birds of Prey, The Flash (1991), Two Guys and a Girl, Jack Of All Trades, and more) It`s usually in the second season, that the show gets a lot of viewers and that it gets high ratings.

Example: Buffy, Xena, Angel, Man from U.N.C.L.E, and more!

Long live good entertainment!!

Fastlane get`s 9.6 out of 10!!
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Edge of your seat
potidaean2 December 2002
People mistake style for flash. This show coasts on charisma, and there's plenty of it. Who really cares if the show is like any other one that came before it? It works by itself and the acting really is great by today's prime time standards. Sure, it's no ER or even NYPD Blue, but it has enough awesome directing sense to keep you excited throughout.
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Absolutely Love It!
guidodanen27 August 2008
Man did I enjoy watching this phenomenal and awesome show! I wished they wouldn't have canceled it! from the actors to the action to the great vibe, this was great TV! Deaqon, Van and Billy are beautifully cast and I think Tiffani Thiessen was a better choice than Heather Locklear (with all respect, because she also is a great actress) What also makes this show unique is the perfect balance of humor and action. The great one-liners and sarcasm from Deaqon and Van, the sometimes bitchy but friendly Billy, the always funny Aquarius, the mysterious capt. Parish and of course the annoying investigator for internal affairs Hill. The great cars, beautiful ladies and the adrenaline level raising action adds to the great writing of the show. I just don't get enough of Fastlane!! I hope one day they will continue the show!!!!!
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Very cool show
DunnDeeDaGreat18 September 2002
Watching the premire of Fastlane tonight I became hooked on the show easily. The visuals look like a big budget action which is considerable since the pliot cost 30 millon to make. Bill Bellamly and Peter Fanchilli have good chemristiy and the show seems like it's gonna some cool storylines. Tiffani Thissen who plays the fellas boss is still sexier than all hell and McG directed this plot in the vein of Charlies Angels his debut film. The opening action sequence had nice visuals and good cinematography. Fiannly the show has another sexy chick in the form of Jennifer Skye.
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Best Show that nobody watched
chewie40222 December 2003
This was quite possibly the most entertaining hour on television. Yes, the plot lines were as old as the cop genre itself. Yes, all of the actors were a bit on the "too pretty" side, and yes, the dialog was at times cringe enducing....but the show worked.

Just as not every movie is made with the hopes of "Man, I hope this movie wins an Academy Award", not every TV Show is made to win an Emmy. This show was beyond definition, sometimes it was a comedy, sometimes it was action, but it was ALWAYS entertaining.

The ever-lovely Tiffani Thiesen brought new life to the tired of "tough-as-nails Captain" role. The music completely off the hook, the action was over-the-top bombastic. There was not another show like it on television, nor is there anything worthy of taking is place.

Mensa members need not apply....but anybody looking for 60 minutes of pure fun is more than welcome!
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Fun and exciting
Almost Cool26 September 2002
Even though I agree this show is not the most original or the most thought provoking, it does provide a lot of fun and excitement. I love the music, the action..everything about this show is great. It's just something that you can turn on and forget about all the crappy stuff that is going on in the real world. I'm glad this show is on Fox because even if it doesn't have the best ratings, they'll still keep it on. Great show guys!!
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The movie is coming
info-872025 May 2006
The movie is coming!

I just found out about this today and I'm totally freaking out.

My cousin got a job interning with the writers.

This is the greatest day of my life!

My favorite episode was the one where Van got too close with that hot girl and it compromised the whole sting, then he flipped the car and Deaq said something hilarious. Man, that was dope!

He said anyone can email for more details or to just show support.

Also, they didn't cancel it due to ratings, really they spent like 20 million dollars an episode or something.
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Great Show!
emailryan12 April 2006
Fastlane was and still is a great entertaining show with awesome stories, great music, fast cars and hot women all with cool stunts. Fox was stupid for ending the show, but then Fox TV is known for canceling good shows or trying to cancel good shows like Prison Break and Family Guy, Fox TV must be run by brainless monkeys, hello, they canceled Firefly just as it was building momentum and getting really really good.

I read that Fastlane was ended because of high production costs, but I believe that is just a cover up for Fox TV stupidity. Fox even ended the series with no closure and left the viewers hanging.

You can still watch Fastlane on G4 TV and it was aired on Court TV for a short time! I hope they release it on DVD soon.
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"A"....MAZING Show.
capecodboy25 March 2006
This show is great. Within each hour I find myself sweating in suspense, in awe of the action sequences, and laughing at the dry humor between the crew of "The Candyshop". It was made in 1992, yet They used cutting edge music just now becoming popular, such as 1 episode where they used the theme from the O.C. . FOX would be doing itself a H-U-G-E favor by putting it back on the air. Y'know that feeling you get when you see a great movie in the theaters and wish it could be like 10 hours long? thats the feeling you get with FASTLANE, but your wish comes true. each episode is it's own 1 hour movie, and a great one at that. Mcg is an amazing director, and the casting was spot on, right down to Jay Mohr as a stuffy Internal affairs investigator, or a young Jaime Pressley as a crook. If anyone is interested in seeing this superb use of an hour, its on the G4 NETWORK(FORMERLY "TECH T.V.", which is offered by 95 percent of all cable providers. if u have any questions about this show or where to see it or get it, email me at also, anyone that hasn't already, do yourself a favor and watch RESCUE ME this summer! :)
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Hot Show
celiachung217 March 2005
This was one hot show. About undercover cops Peter F.(married to Jennie Garth), Bill Bellamy (from The Brothers, Love Stinks) and Tiffani Amber T (from saved by the bell). Yes.. it has lots of cliché.. but it's entertainment.. and at the end. That's what really counts. The show is strongly rated PG13. Cop show what do you expect? Some bloody scenes and lots of sex.

I would classify it as a Fatansy show. They go to so much, yet they never die. But the idea and plot and stuff was awesome. Is my all time favorite show :) Check it out at <--- there were some people posting download sites online. Friendly place. Go forum
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i like it
IndiePurple8 March 2003
now, i'm not big on the flashy stuff. the killing and all that jazz, but i have grown found of this show. don't know how and don't know why. If you DO pay attention to the plot, it is a truely well thought out show. And if you DON'T, you can enjoy the flashy car crashes and drive-bys. Either way, people should be happy with this.
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It's a great show, nice cars and nice ladies
flapreview4 April 2006
Fast Lane is a real nice show. It is cheesy in terms of direction and visuals with all that thief/cops thing, but the storyline is good and it's really really well produced indeed. Even if you can say "I think I've seen that before" you will be amazed to see that if it has just been done over and over, it was very well done. Although it comes along movies like Fast and Furious - which is a cheesy movie itself - , the show has nothing to do with that movie, and in my opinion it's way much better than it in terms of story, acting, beauty direction and final production. Fast Lane is just what people look for in terms of entertaining: cars, races, guns, police/thieves and beautiful people all throughout, all that in an excellent production and direction.
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Worst Show in the history of Television
nofx198319 October 2005
When I heard McG was connected to direct Superman, I was interested in his work to see what he can do, thus provoking me to watch "Fastlane" on Fox. Nothing was more painful in my entire life. I wanted to stab myself with something so I would never remember the pain and horror of this series.

Let's take a look at the cast. First off, McG has to be so politically correct and have a black guy and a white guy as the main players. Why? Just to be a girl, I guess. The chemistry between the two reminded me of two drug dealers making deals after school. Then you have the hot Tiffani Thiessen. The only reason to watch this lame show. She acts like a total biotch, and never takes her clothes off, so in order to get through the horrible dialogue, you have to use your imagination to undress her. Finally the plot which is so bad, it's laughable.

The plot deals with really "cool" cops that break the law to protect the law. Yes, you read it correctly. That is the truth. But don't worry, it gets worst. Then you have the super hip cool bad guys ready to take action to steal from somebody. That's when our black/white heroes jump in trendy cars and wear way cool clothes and fight crime in such a way cool hip way to beat the way cool evil bad guys.

Bottom line, never watch this show. This show has potential to be the worst television show of all time.
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Form Over Substance
senor_pelicano25 April 2003
There's no question that Executive Producer McG has technical chops, as he demonstrated in the surprisingly uninteresting "Charlie's Angels" a few years ago. But with "Fastlane" all the split-screens, slo-mo, and steadicam wizardy can't overcome the utter lack of substance at the heart of this series.

Several people have rightly compared the series to Michael Mann's "Miami Vice", and the parallels are clear since "Fastlane" borrows/steals just about every significant element from the earlier series. But those of us who watched that series from its inception through its demise will recall that it began with a real dramatic edge that only later gave way to comic banality in the closing season. In short, "Fastlane" picks up precisely where "MV" rightly died and continues down hill.

At its best, "Miami Vice" conveyed the darker side of undercover police work, and managed to combine powerful storylines with great music and compelling visuals. Not only is "Fastlane" mostly "sound and fury", the show lacks the acting capabilties that Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas and, particularly, Edward James Olmos brought to the set (though note "Fastlane's" casting of the always appealing Bill Duke in the EJO role in an attempt to add a level of gravitas to the overall fluffiness of the series). Indeed, the overall quality of the ensemble acting in "MV" was quite high.

"Fastlane" also lacks the quality teleplays that characterized "MV" in the first 2-3 season. What we get are the triumph of the visual over the cerebral - not always a bad thing to be sure - but fatal in a series that leans so heavily on its three main protagonists' looks and so little on its dialogue or their ability to deliver it.

Another point of reference - "The Fast and the Furious" - succeeded precisely to the extent that Rob Cohen built up the relationship between Vin Diesel's and Paul Walker's characters. The interplay between Bill Bellamy and Peter Facinelli never rises above shallow banter, while Tiffani Amber Thiessen is simply unbelievable (did the LAPD pay for those breasts?).

Clearly Fox is aiming at the 12-18 year old adolescent male demographic, for whom the series' videogame-like action, hip-hop soundtrack, and parade of eye candy visuals might possibly hold some interest.

Ultimately, McG is no Michael Mann (or John Woo, for that matter). He's a talented pop video director who still hasn't found a personal story to tell. Perhaps one day he will. Until then, "Fastlane" and "Charlie's Angels" represent his contribution to culture.
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A visceral novelty that commits the cardinal sin of any guilty pleasure action show – it's boring
liquidcelluloid-18 January 2006
Network: Fox; Genre: Action; Content Rating: TV-14 (for language, violence, nudity, and sexual content); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Season Reviewed: Complete Series (1 season)

After taking a bat to an already 70s TV series with the original "Charlie's Angel's" movie, director McG puts on his creator/producer hat on to, along with John McNamera, bring that chainsaw music video style to the small screen.

"Fastlane" is "Miami Vice" for the MTV generation. Bill Bellamy ("Getting Personal") and Peter Facinelli are our mis-matched partners, Van and Deaqon. Over the course of the series the two trade lame quips and movie references in place of real dialog. Nobody apparently told McG that the hip-hop crowd this show so transparently panders to might not get all the Steve McQueen references. Playing their boss, and the boss we all wish we had, is Tiffani Thiessen (ditching the Amber-). Thiessen jumps right in the middle of this insanity, stripping down to her party clothes in front of the boys and going deep undercover as Jamie Prestley's girlfriend in the show's marquee moments.

I will say this, "Fastlane" is exactly what it intends to be. It does everything with such full-bore gusto that those into this type of stuff should be in hog heaven. The question really is, are you into it? You'll see cars, you'll see motorcycles, you'll see scantly clad women, you'll see bullet-time, you'll see a hyper-active use of split-screen and you'll see entire scenes bathed in a single florescent color like Cartoon Yellow or, my favorite, "Silk Stalkings" Blue – all designed to catch the eye for those passing by with their remotes.

While the show is stock full of hot femme fetal blonds (it is a running gag that Van falls for all of them), it saves up most of its energy to lust over the cars. What "Fastlane" really wants to be is hot-rod street racer wet dream. The camera zooms in and drools over every shiny curve of that week's featured car or motorcycle as warranted by the "plot".

Fortunately, for McG, TV is a medium that we don't have to drive to a theater, pay for, or even pay close attention to for the show to fall ass-backwards into a purpose. For "Fastlane" that purpose would be as a slack-jawed, eyes-glazed over, drool-on-the-chin guilty pleasure. Little more. It is cinematic, only in shallow appearance. An uninspired visceral novelty desperately straining to be hip and cool that gets old very quickly.

This is the type of show that has become critic-proof because critics hate it like clockwork. It's not that I don't like this type of show; but there is an art to constructing a guilty pleasure, a fine balance, and this one just doesn't work. I found it all boring to the point of reaching for the remote and even the promise of more skin, flying bullets and mindless hookups wasn't enough to ever keep me riveted for the full hour.

* ½ / 4
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holy god......
thedizdar9 March 2005

I just saw an episode while browsing through internet TV. The channel said it was playing "Chappelle's Show." I thought nothing of the absence of Dave Chappelle in the show and kept watching... waiting for the joke. I HONESTLY thought it was a spoof of some lame-ass action show until I saw the title credits. SERIOUSLY. I never thought I could witness such horrid acting, dialogue, directing, script-writing, EVERYTHING. Normally I'm not one for bashing but Jesus Christ.

I certainly hoped everyone has aged and honed their tastes a bit since the airing of this steaming pile of crap.
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This show sucks!!!!!
CJ_0768 February 2003
Ever seen a show so bad that you just want to start slamming your head into a door just to get rid of the mere thought of it? Now you know how I feel about "Fastlane". Coming off as nothing more than a bad ripoff of "Miami Vice", and the LETHAL WEAPON movies for the Gen-X crowd, this show is plagued with problems. The acting is hammy and sometimes flat, it's littered with clichès and stereotypes, the villians are downright annoying, the editing is as bad as a music video (no wonder it also plays on MTV), the rap/hip hop soundtrack is overplayed to sheer boredom, the split-screen effect in most episodes is out of place and distracting, and the car chases are tedious and tacked on (the producers have seen THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS one too many times). Even the creator John McNamara even said he doesn't like it, that should say something! The only good and redeeming value about this crapfest is Tiffani Thiessen. Not only is she the only decent actor on this show but she actually comes off with her dignity intact. I definetely wouldn't want to p**s her off! But even she should have known better than to subject herself to this degrading tripe. Why this show is still on is beyond me. This is the type of programming that you look back in 10 years and groan at (and you thought "Automan" was embarrassing, ok so it is). Getting your teeth drilling at the dentist is less excrutiating than watching this show.

1/10 for Tiffani Thiessen only.
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Fastlane is poorly done!
dontlookbackjack24 December 2002
I agree and think this show is trash. It is completely fake because Tiffani-Amber Thiessen would not have a position such as that being that young when it takes years of hard work to get that high. Also I think that this show is for these guys to prove how macho they are and who they can sleep with next. The plots in the show seem interesting at first but later are ruined because of all the macho and sex B.S. Also if Tiffani-Amber Thiessen is a main character why not have her in the show a little more? I feel over all that this show was poorly done. It needs to be more carefully planned out if they want it to be at all entertaining!
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