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18 Sep. 2002
Vans partner is killed in an undercover sting, so he joins forces with Deaq to track down the killer who turns out to be a crooked DEA agent.
25 Sep. 2002
Girls Own Juice
Van and Deaq go undercover investigating three female thieves who have been robbing jewelry stores, after Billies mustang was wrecked in the thieves getaway Van and Deaq see an opportunity to arrest the thieves and get some cash to fix the car.
30 Oct. 2002
Gone Native
While investigating a pair of Russian arms dealers Van and Deaqs cover is blown by an undercover ATF agent, but they must work with him to get the Russians and determine whether the agent has gone rogue.
6 Nov. 2002
Things Done Changed
Deaqs ex girlfriend turns up and asks him for help dealing with her violent husband, who just happens to be the leader of a gang of armed robbers.
13 Nov. 2002
Ryde or Die
Van and Deaq open a club to investigate an ecstasy dealer who Billie has been trying to get for over 3 years, when the investigation doesn't go according to plan Billie takes matters into her own hands.
20 Nov. 2002
Ray Ray
As their investigation into a counterfeiting case goes bad and someone Van was close to gets killed, Van and Deaq turn to Vans imprisoned father, an expert counterfeiter, for assistance.
27 Nov. 2002
A masked female assassin makes an attempt on Wisdom Baileys life, so Van must try and get into the suspects life to prove it was her, but as usual he gets a little too close.
4 Dec. 2002
Mighty Blue
A friend of Billies joins the team for an undercover drugs sting in hopes of apprehending a Triad gang leader, but after the gangster escapes custody and tragedy strikes the team, Van and Deaq must attempt to apprehend the fugitive.
11 Dec. 2002
Get Your Mack On
While investigating a high class prostitution ring, Van and Deaqs case is jeopardized when the pimp finds out that one of his girls has a relationship with a federal prosecutor and puts a hit out on her, meaning the undercover cops will have to find a way to get her to testify while remaining undercover.

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