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Season 1

18 Sep. 2002
Vans partner is killed in an undercover sting, so he joins forces with Deaq to track down the killer who turns out to be a crooked DEA agent.
25 Sep. 2002
Girls Own Juice
Van and Deaq go undercover investigating three female thieves who have been robbing jewelry stores, after Billies mustang was wrecked in the thieves getaway Van and Deaq see an opportunity to arrest the thieves and get some cash to fix the car.
30 Oct. 2002
Gone Native
While investigating a pair of Russian arms dealers Van and Deaqs cover is blown by an undercover ATF agent, but they must work with him to get the Russians and determine whether the agent has gone rogue.
6 Nov. 2002
Things Done Changed
Deaqs ex girlfriend turns up and asks him for help dealing with her violent husband, who just happens to be the leader of a gang of armed robbers.
13 Nov. 2002
Ryde or Die
Van and Deaq open a club to investigate an ecstasy dealer who Billie has been trying to get for over 3 years, when the investigation doesn't go according to plan Billie takes matters into her own hands.
20 Nov. 2002
Ray Ray
As their investigation into a counterfeiting case goes bad and someone Van was close to gets killed, Van and Deaq turn to Vans imprisoned father, an expert counterfeiter, for assistance.
27 Nov. 2002
A masked female assassin makes an attempt on Wisdom Baileys life, so Van must try and get into the suspects life to prove it was her, but as usual he gets a little too close.
4 Dec. 2002
Mighty Blue
A friend of Billies joins the team for an undercover drugs sting in hopes of apprehending a Triad gang leader, but after the gangster escapes custody and tragedy strikes the team, Van and Deaq must attempt to apprehend the fugitive.
11 Dec. 2002
Get Your Mack On
While investigating a high class prostitution ring, Van and Deaqs case is jeopardized when the pimp finds out that one of his girls has a relationship with a federal prosecutor and puts a hit out on her, meaning the undercover cops will have to find a way to get her to testify while remaining undercover.
10 Jan. 2003
An investigation into marijuana dealing leads to a former informant of Billies being used as part of an undercover operation into a gang of drug dealing surfers, but as the operation continues to go well, the snitch may be planning to double cross them all.
17 Jan. 2003
Strap On
After $500,000, which is being used in another undercover case, is stolen by two female thieves, Van and Deaq attempt to catch them before the investigation is blown, but when they discover the thieves are lesbians, Billie must step in to investigate them herself.
24 Jan. 2003
Billie forces Van and Deaq to work with and train Jarod, a rookie officer and the son of a high ranking deputy police chief, as they go after two deadly blackmailers, but when Van is taken hostage by them it may be that Jarod is Van's only hope of getting out alive.
31 Jan. 2003
An investigation into Cyrus One, the head of a criminal enterprise who specializes in hiring hitmen to kill police officers, leads to several murdered cops and Billie being targeted by the hitmen, but when an Internal Affairs Agent, Rolland Hill, begins an investigation into the "Candy Store" it may be that the undercover cops are way out of their depth and in trouble with both sides of the law.
7 Feb. 2003
After the shooting of Cyrus One by Billie, and Cyrus' gun missing she is arrested for murder and sent to jail, so Van and Deaq must find a way to prove her innocence, but after they discover that the only eye witness to the shooting, Skyler Chase, is a an undercover FBI agent, they suspect she may be a rogue agent and aim to prove her guilt and get Billie out of jail.
14 Feb. 2003
After being released from prison, Van's father, Raymond, is almost killed in a drive-by shooting, payback for double-crossing a Nigerian crime lord. Van and Deaq with the help of Raymond and a fellow counterfeiter, Gretchen, will have to come up with a plan to bust the crime lord, but with Raymond constantly jeopardizing the case, Van will have to work hard to keep him out of trouble and out of jail.
7 Mar. 2003
Slippery Slope
Billie assigns Van and Deaq a seemingly easy task to pick up a fugitive and bring her back to LA. One piece of information she left out is that it is Cassidy Shaw, she has stolen money from a Crime boss and has several hitmen after her, after the hitmen make an attempt on her life, Van and Deaq try to keep her safe and return her to LA, but a shock awaits as Sophia Jones, the fugitive hit woman, turns up unexpectedly with the intent of killing Cassidy, but instead teams up with her.
14 Mar. 2003
Simone Says
An arms dealer turned informant will only agree to co-operate if his daughter is kept safe, with her fathers enemies looking to kill her in retaliation for his betrayal of them, Van and Deaq are assigned to look after her, but the assignment is not made easy though as the 18 year old doesn't want to be protected and doesn't realize the danger she is in until a gunmen attempts to kill her.
21 Mar. 2003
A vicious psychopath murders a man in cold blood, the victims brother turns out to be a notorious gang member, Garavato, who blames the slaying on rival gangs and is out for blood. With the threat of a gang war breaking out, Van and Deaq meet with Garavato and he agrees to give them 3 days to find the killer before he takes matters into his own hands.
28 Mar. 2003
Deaq is having a hard time, with his murdered older brother's birthday approaching, he must put that aside and concentrate on his current assignment, a criminal enterprise with ties to gun running, drugs and extortion, headed by Super G, a man with multiple enemies and with a failed assassination attempt only a few months earlier he is paranoid about security, so Van and Deaq pose as security experts in hopes of infiltrating and bringing him down.
4 Apr. 2003
Van and Deaq get split up to investigate two sides of a massive drug deal known as "The Summit", between Murdoch and Ghost Goucher, a pair of crazy drug dealers, and Lena Savage, a porn producer, but when Roland Hill requests that a former informant of Billie's, Nat Raiden, be used to mark the drugs so the cops can track them, she ends up putting the whole team in danger of not just losing their jobs but also their lives.
18 Apr. 2003
In need of a break after a stressful case, Billie decides to give Van, Deaq and herself the weekend off to rest up, with 48 hours hours without anything to do Van decides to relax by the hotel pool and have a drink with Hillary, a hotel employee, everything seems fine until he receives a phone call from an anonymous caller telling him that his drink has been poisoned and unless he complies with his demands he will be dead in 12 hours, his task will be to break a serial kidnapper out of jail.
25 Apr. 2003
After Billie figures out that the mystery caller is Nick McKussik, the first person to work in the Candy Store, he calls Deaq telling him that he has poisoned a family and unless the team do exactly what he asks they will die, with no other choice they comply with his demands, which results in them having to break into a high security vault and stealing billions of dollars worth of diamonds.

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