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Great Actors
paizelyadams3 June 2005
I was stunned after watching the Pilot of Dragnet. I have seen most of the episodes of this "new Dragnet" and it is really ingenious. I liked O'Neils representation of Joe Friday. He performed absolutely convincing and showed his range of variation. Besides Josef Bolz as Martin the "Psycho" was very convincing in his performance. I can only recommend on "Dragnet". You will enjoy great actors in unaccustomed roles. Awesome. Unpredictable. Fascinating. I bite my time during every commercial! I am big fan of the new Dragnet. It is my personal favorite appearing of O'Neil and Bolz. I hope we are going to see more of them ! I am still impressed :)
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Sgt. Joe Friday For The 21st Century
stp4314 April 2003
It may seem unimaginable that an iconic television series such as Jack Webb's Dragnet could be updated and still do justice to the original's charm and quality, but Dick Wolf and others behind the gripping Law & Order television series apply the strengths of their previous efforts into a superb updating of Webb's immortal series on the most famous working detective in the annuls of the LAPD.

Ed O'Neill is still most famous for his role of Al Bundy in Married.....With Children, but few remembered how he tackled the role of Popeye Doyle in the eponymous 1986 TV film sequel to The French Connection, and though not as gripping as Gene Hackman he nonetheless did a commendable job in a very difficult role. O'Neill really flexes dramatic muscle as Detective Joe Friday, in a much-faster-paced version of the classic series that at times reads like a real documentary, a goal Webb strove to achieve throughout the original run of Dragnet but which Dick Wolf and company have the resources to pull off.

While this new version of Dragnet is more keyed toward crime-solving and has a much greater intensity as a result, it nonetheless leaves some room for levity, such as in the recently-aired Bel Air kidnapping episode where the perp makes a deal with the LAPD to rat out his boss, but is arrested anyway because the FBI wants him. "We're local, they're federal," deadpans Ed O'Neill's Joe Friday, a line more fit for Ben Alexander's Frank Smith or Harry Morgan's Bill Gannon than Joe himself.

Ed O'Neill has thus succeeded in keeping an iconic character in TV history "alive and working," and TV land's LAPD knows that its most famous working detective is still on the job in the 21st century.
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Producers should make good TV, not cancel it.
bcjj12 December 2003
What are the producers doing? They create a show which is good but the characters needed to be given time for viewers to be comfortable with. But in their all the same corporate panic stricken lack of mentality, they change them and when it makes the show worse the cancel it.

Ed O'Neil's Joe Friday was great, viewers needed to let him grow into the role, like Raymond Burr did with Ironside after Perry Mason. Ethan Embrey was more than quite capable as Bill Smith. I am of an older generation and just want to watch shows with good scripts and believable characters.

Some one have sense and bring it back as it was in the first few episodes, and like good wine let it mature.
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Good Before the Tinkering
Fenrir-513 October 2003
One must really wonder why Hollywood execs are so damn stupid. Okay, Dragnet wasn't a powerhouse, runaway hit. But it was a solid show. So which is better: a show that develops a loyal following who watch it regularly, or a show that is tinkered with to get people interested, but so similar to everything else on the market that it dies a quick death?

Apparently ABC thinks the latter. Which is why we now have numerous tight-shirt-clad model-quality women wandering around the station house, pretending to be cops. Including the always annoying Rosalyn Sanchez, who is neither as attractive nor as good of an actress as she or her handlers seem to think. There's nothing wrong with having female cops on a show, but why are they always so stereotypically "attractive", and always wearing tight rayon shirts to show off their bulging silicone? Sure, breasts are fun. But is it necessary to dump sugar on our every meal? Do these catalog women really belong on a purportedly serious cop show with rumpled old Ed O'Neill?

Dragnet is an ancient franchise, one that was supposedly built on the strength of the stories. Ed O'Neill is a very good actor (and I wish the posters would stop with the lame "Married With Children" jokes, they're not funny). It is possible to have a good show that doesn't rely upon the tired formula of scantily-clad women pretending to be professionals in a professional environment. Look at the X-Files, which although flawed towards its end, started out as the tale of a rather mousy-looking guy and a kind of dumpy girl solving weirdo crimes. It gained acclaim from its stories. Even "ER" started with a lot of less-than-Fabios on its staff. Same goes for "NYPD Blue", which used to have "real" New Yorkers on its stage. Notice a pattern? After each of these shows started to add more and more models to the set, the show quality disintegrated. Sure, one of them is still a powerhouse, and one lasted for a while. But that's because they were spending good will they had built up with the audience. Dragnet wasn't left on its own long enough to build up good will; so now we have a cookie-cutter show that is trying to earn a place. And now it is sure to fail.

Please, for the love of god, stop tinkering with these shows to meet the teenage demographic! There are enough damn shows out there for small-minded, short-attention-span teenage boys. Give us some stories and something to figure out - you know, the things television crime shows used to be about.
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As a BIG fan of the ORIGINAL...
andydufresne9 March 2003
I have listened to the original. YES, listened. Dragnet was originally a radio show. Not that at 45 I'm old enough to have heard it live but I have heard tapes.

The later television show with Harry Morgan as the partner aired every night after the 6 PM news where I grew up. Joe Friday was not cynical he was a flag waving TRUE BELIEVER. There were never dirty cops in the original Dragnet, the crooks were all bad guys and Joe and his partner put as much energy into catching the thief of a Baby Jesus statue as they did in finding a murderer. They didn't worry so much about "civil rights" and TECHNICAL things like that. They were only interested in arresting the crooks. I don't think Joe Friday ever cracked a joke or took a drink. They SAID that all the cases were REAL but I have read that it was partly due to the way you could define "real" in those days.

Ed is playing Joe Friday as at 21st Century cop. There may have been a better choice for Friday but I don't know who. The chemistry between the two leads seems great to me. I love the way Mike Post has updated the theme, One of the most easily recognizable TV Themes ever! The new version sounds like L.A. to me. Frankly just because of that I was willing to give it a chance. It showed some respect for it's predecessor.

I am enjoying the show and I think it will last a while. Sometimes you can go home.
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This show rocks!
tforbes-215 April 2003
No, this is not the 1967 version.

And this is not 1967 anymore.

This show has been rebooted in a very effective manner. I think this is not only the best show in ABC's lineup, but it is one of the best shows on network television. This show is a textbook example of how you update an old television show into the 21st century. Furthermore, the casting and acting is very effective. Ed O'Neill and Ethan Embry play their roles very well. I hope this show remains on the air for some time. It is well worth it.
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Shows promise
jgreen882417 February 2003
I've only seen a couple episodes of this new Dragnet, but so far it looks like the show does have promise. I'm particularly impressed with the job Ed O'Neil is doing as Joe Friday. The Friday character is the exact opposite of the Al Bundy character that O'Neil previously played on Married..,With Children, but he manages to give an convincing performance as Friday. It takes a real good actor to play an idiot, then turn around and give a serious performance. This is especially true given the fact that O'Neil has Jack Webb's shoes to fill.
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Drag-not quite
RealmMan9 February 2003
This is another well-written, tightly-paced crime drama from "Law & Order's" Dick Wolf... but it ain't "Dragnet." It's really a fourth version of "Law & Order" set in LA with Jack Webb's characters plopped into it. This show is all-but unrelated to the classic series. Don't get me wrong, Ed O'Neill does a good job as a hard-nosed cop -- just as he did on "Big Apple" -- but much of what made "Dragnet," "Dragnet" is lost here. One of the founding principles of Jack Webb's series was that the episodes were dramatizations of actual LAPD cases. Here, "inspired by actual events." It looks to be a good cop show, but it's "Dragnet" in name only.
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jwrowe37 October 2003
Well, I liked this show from it's initial outing on Sunday nights on ABC Television. It was in a great time slot, and I liked the chemistry on the show. Plus, the Dick Wolf factor is there. Gritty, ripped from the headlines sort of stories.

But, ABC has decided to tinker with the formula. Change the title of the show, move it to Saturday nights, and remove one of the leads. I liked Ethan Embry, a lot. I'd love to know why he was dropped from the show.

I will continue to watch, as I like Ed O'Neill, and the whole concept of the show. I'd like to see a tie in, perhaps with some of the other Dick Wolf family of shows, like what was done with "Law & Order/Homicide" in the 90's. Tie all four of the Wolf shows together in a week long plot.

Might be fun to see Katey Sagal turn up on a show, too. "Awwww, Pegggggg!" But that might be just too much.

Watch It!
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fgunther3 February 2003
This show takes a cast of top-notch pros (like Lindsay Crouse and Erick Avari, just to name two) and uses their talents to the hilt.

The storytelling is taut and well-paced, the secondary characters very well-written (check out Cleo the hooker in "Silver Strangler").

In a word, I like this show.
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L.A. Dragnet; Cancelled!
Fodera6 November 2003
Yes, it's true. The show has been cancelled as of 11/14/03. The fault lies with ABC; they put it in a lousy time slot and barely promoted the show. The second season will have 10 episodes assuming that all the shows that were completed get shown. There is a tiny chance that NBC could take it but who knows.
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A pleasant surprise
GLCorps28149 March 2003
When I was a kid, I grew up on Nick at Nite's reruns of the late 60s version of Dragnet. I absolutely loved that show, even if my clearest memory of it is how the Blue Boy episode scared the pants off of me. So I was one of the first people to go "aw, crap, what are they doing?!" when I heard about a new Dragnet. I figured ABC had come along to destroy one of my favorite childhood things, just like their parent company Disney ruined Inspector Gadget with that hideous film. I watched the first episode out of a sense of loyalty to the original, so I could tell people every little thing that had been done wrong this time around. Instead, I was telling people how good it was. This new Dragnet may be very different, but there is still that Dragnet FEELING to the show. It feels just like the old one did when I was a kid. It's countless times more like the old one than I thought it would be, and have since watched every episode of it. And, frankly, the cast is great. Ed O'Neil is a fine Friday, and Ethan Embry has realy impressed me. Now here's hoping the network doesn't decide to "retool it"...
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New Coke or New Beetle?
Soukey28 February 2003
I like this show but you won't if you look at it wrong.

If you see it as the New Coke version, all you can see is something that's different from Jack Webb's classic. It has a different feel and the same name, different style but the same character, and it's too much like other shows on the air. It won't be what you want.

I prefer to see it a akin to the New Beetle; A 21st century re-take of a classic old show. It's not the same as the original but it doesn't claim to be. Joe Friday is a hard, cynical cop of our times. He's seen it all and yet he still cares. The voice-overs let you see how he sees the situations. It's different than Jack Webb but TV is vastly different now and audiences are more savvy. Look at shows from the 50's and 60's; stilted dialogue, simple plots, and hokey criminals. Audiences today don't think all answers are simple. Webb had audiences that were used to Perry Mason; today they're used to Law & Order and NYPD Blue. The New Dragnet had to take that into account or they would have been competing with TV Land. It's by the producer of Law & Order and has many similarities but the same can be said of Adam 12 in its' day. Webb's Dragnet was right for its' time and the new Dragnet is right for the new millenium.

I like the New Beetle and that doesn't change my feelings about the classic Beetle. And I like the new Dragnet too.
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A worthy successor
jbmartin-211 June 2014
At least for the first season. Ed O'Neill isn't Jack Webb, but he doesn't really need to be. He manages to make the character of Joe Friday his own without diminishing the original portrayal in the least. His stoop-shouldered presence is reminiscent of his Al Bundy, but he still conveys Friday's well-known moral fiber flawlessly. The scripts were well-written and the actors well-chosen. (Look for a couple of Breaking Bad stars in pre-fame guest roles.) The quality dropped dramatically in the second season, with Ethan Embry replaced by somebody whose name escapes me. By the last episode of season two, I was ready for the series to die a dignified death.
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Det. Jimmy McCarron
desmond_harrington_fan_14 October 2003
Detective Jimmy McCarron {Desmond Harrington} is so cute. I love him I loved him ever since his first movie and I think dragnet is a great show.Desmond Harrington is my favorite actor and he has a great part in a great TV Series.dragnet is now one of my favorite shows.
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best new show of 2003
elmo000911 August 2003
from the opening episode, I was thinking this isn't your parents dragnet, grisly plot lines, Friday and Smith having emotions. so now whats this I hear that they are basically going to write out Ethan Embry who I though was great, had great attitude, and have Friday be the head of a task force, what I thought that was so great was Friday and Smith doing the investigating, My Mother who watched the original as a kid, also loved the show, she didn't really think of it as Dragnet but still a great new show.
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fantastic !!!!
JoshsDad10 August 2003
I love this programme. I can vaguely remember the original serieswhich was shown here in the 70s but have watched the two movie versions (not the Tom hanks monstrosity). This version is excellent, it is a pity it is shown here so late because I think it could be really popular. All the cast are superb and the stories really grip. The new version of the theme gets my foot tapping and it has become the highlight of my viewing week. Anyone else in the UK watching this ?
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What a great show
lavincen26 July 2003
I cannot imagine a better show on network television. I watched the pilot again just today, and get a chill. It is a great show! I know that Webb would love this adaptation. I watched the 1969 movie with Webb and Harry Morgan recently and the new version is better. I want the first season on DVD.
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Show starts off well
klimber17 February 2003
I think that Dragnet will do well in the Sunday night slot. It is a good show with lots of promise. The two leads have great chemistry between youth and experience, they should have chemistry anyway...Embry and O'Neil were cast as the leads of DUTCH a decade ago. That movie did very well for them together.
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Good show
Sarah-Embry12 February 2003
Alright, alright, I'll admit that the only reason I originally began watching this show was because Ethan Embry is it, but it is actually a lot better than I expected it to be. Ethan and Ed have really good chemistry onscreen (reminiscent of their Dutch days?), and everything fits well. A lot of people have complained about Ethan's being 'too young' for the role of Frank Smith, but they made his character a good 5 years older than he actually is (think back to episode one, where he tells Joe Friday he was in kindergarten in 78, which in actuality is the year he was born).
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Dum da dum dum
sasha-1210 February 2003
I just watched the second episode of DRAGNET and all I have to say to Dick Wolf and ABC is THANK YOU! This show is so engrossing. They have been able to revive a brand name and breathe real life into it! Lord knows how kitsch the original series was. Ed O'Neill is wonderful as Friday. I originally tuned in because I'm LAW AND ORDER fan but now I'm hooked!
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Didn't think it would be that good
torrent7803 February 2003
With all the other crime dramas that are being played out on TV one of the classics returns. Dragnet is one of those shows that surfaces from time to time. I had checked it out because I thought the previews looked pretty good. Man, was I suprised. The story was great and payed homage to the old serials, and the humor(mostly thanks to the awesome Ethan Embry) made me remember the movie from the 80's. The only complaint is that the chemistry between O'Neal and Embry could've been a bit more real. I think as the show progresses, though, this will not be a problem. Watch Dragnet.

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Dum Duh Dum Dum - Dum Duh Dum Dum DUM
raptor1473 February 2003
Dragnet is back and better than ever

Unlike the original TV series in the 1950's and the 1960's with Jack Webb, this version is well updated and more serious, built for the more adult look at police work. A far stronger version than the two Jack Webb movies and much greater than the 1989 short lived "Dragnet in the 90's' This version starring Ed O'Neil and Ethan Embry top all, and in my opinion is one of the best TV cop shows on the airwaves today. Personally I still like the chemistry of the 1987 comedy spoof "Dragnet" with Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks, but this New Dragnet has everything you could want, murder, intrigue, and mystery.

I am going to tape all the episodes just in case the series is short lived. But I think despite what critics say the audience will love this rendition of the classic TV show
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Embry and O'Neill have good chemistry
Ten13Grl2 February 2003
The first episode of this series was a little shaky, but I believe that if given enough time, the show can find its ground and stand firmly. Ed O'Neill's Joe Friday doesn't have the same cool as Jack Webb's did, but he plays the part well. O'Neill's chemistry will Ethan Embry comes through the TV well and it's funny to see Det. Friday and Det. Smith intimidate suspects by talking about all the bad things that will happen in front of them. It's good to see both Embry and O'Neill back in a tv series and if the show can come up with some really interesting initial story lines, it just might be around for a while.
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Not too shabby
RKL-32 February 2003
I enjoyed the first episode very much. I'm glad to see Ed O'Neill back on television again. I'm also glad the didn't borrow heavily from the original series. I think the two stars have some good chemistry, perhaps because the had each starred in Dutch 12 years or so ago. I hope the quality of the shows continue.
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