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Season 2

4 Oct. 2003
Daddy's Girl
A teenager's disturbed friends are suspects in her torture and murder.
11 Oct. 2003
The murder of a Latina prostitute uncovers a major prostitution ring run by a "coyote", someone who's bringing in illegal aliens from Mexico.
18 Oct. 2003
17 in 6
Friday and his team attempt to infiltrate the horrors of inner city warfare when a gang turf war in L.A.'s most crime-ridden precinct ends in tragedy.
25 Oct. 2003
The Magic Bullet
An eccentric music mogul is the prime suspect in the death of a groupie he was dating who's found dead following a wild after hours party in downtown L.A.
1 Nov. 2003
Slice of Life
Fishermen find the headless body of a woman who just had a baby, but the police have no idea where the baby is or how this horrible crime happened.
21 Apr. 2004
When a Malibu teenager is abducted and murdered, his parents' alternative lifestyle is questioned.
28 Apr. 2004
Frame of Mind
An online porn actress is somehow connected to seemingly random murders.
5 May 2004
When a priest is decapitated, his murder is revealed to be related to his secret past in Bosnia.
10 Oct. 2006
The deaths of an artist and his girlfriend leads the detectives to a case of poisoned drugs. When they arrest the dealer, Sergio, they find more levels and have to prevent more people from dying and find the man who made the drugs before they kill more addicts.
11 Oct. 2006
Killing Fields
A routine arrest leads to the discovery of a serial killer who tortures and cremates his victims.

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