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26 Nov. 1960
Harvest of Shame
In this CBS News production broadcast on Thanksgiving 1960, Edward R. Murrow points out the plight of migrant farm workers in America. Topics range from the harsh living conditions, endless travel, low wages, and poor opportunities for their children.
13 Jul. 1961
The Secret Life of Danny Kaye
This news special was re-edited from a 1956 broadcast of Murrow's "See It Now" series.
24 May 1962
Trade or Fade
A wholly absorbing hour documentation around President Kennedys dictum "trade or fade".
22 May 1963
Episode dated 22 May 1963
A reportedly uncensored interview with the Soviet Nobel Price winner Igor Y. Tamm by Marvin Kalb.
18 Sep. 1963
The Priest and the Politician
The saison*s opener recapped and updated the incredible situation in Plaquemines Parish, La., one that blow up into more than the story of another southern sector resisting intergration.
13 Nov. 1963
Case History of a Rumor
Subject is how some vicious gossip spread across the land last February and found an echo in the halls of Congress. The hour, in an oblique fashion, told more about the radical right than most documentaries to date.
27 Nov. 1963
Three Presidents on the Presidency
This news special features previous CBS News interviews with President Truman (interviewed by Murrow in 1958), President Eisenhower (interviewed by Cronkite in 1961) and President Kennedy (interviewed by three CBS reporters in 1962). President Lyndon Johnson appears at the end of the program.
22 Jan. 1964
The Business of Heroin
A fascinating account of dope traffic. Jay McMullen labored two years on this hour documentary, shooting footage in six different countries.
19 Feb. 1964
Flight from Hollywood
A well-balanced, articulate presentation of the problems which began to change the shape of Hollywood in the early 1950s and which in recent years have been thoroughly explored by every medium of communications.
1 Apr. 1964
Episode dated 1 April 1964
The program, in the main, offered "a view from the top", leaders telling about the Vietnam situation.
8 Apr. 1964
Episode dated 8 April 1964
Eic Sevareid skillfully elicited Walter LIppman's opinions about Russia, China, Cuba, the status of the cold war and the possibilities for a solution in Vietnam.
15 Apr. 1964
Cigarets: A Collision of Interests
The plot described the ciggie situation three months after the U.S. Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Healths.
29 Apr. 1964
De Gaulle: Roots of Power
The hour was little more than a newsreel reprise of the role played by that proud, stubborn, astute French patriot.
6 Jun. 1964
D-Day Plus 20 Years: Eisenhower Returns to Normandy
Former President Eisenhower goes through the decisions and actions of D-Day with Walter Cronkite.
24 Jun. 1964
The Education of George Waruhiu
For three years CBS cameras followed the adventure in education of a young African student, as he came over from his village in Kenya to his graduation from Dartmouth College.
7 Oct. 1964
Gideon's Trumpet: The Poor Man and the Law
A documentary on a celebrated U.S. Supreme Court case.
21 Oct. 1964
New York Battleground: The Race for the Senate
The historically significant 1964 campaign for U.S. Senate by Robert Kennedy, his first political election race. It is against the Republican incumbent Kenneth Keating.
9 Dec. 1964
Segregation: Northern-Style
An African-American couple searching for a new house has difficulty finding willing sellers in New Jersey.
12 Jul. 1965
The Rating Game
In its treatment "CBS Reports" tried to remain objective and non-committal television ratings.
14 Sep. 1965
Bulldozed America
Documentary investigation of major environmental issues, including clear cutting of forests, strip mining, highway expansion, damming river canyons, park preservation, endangered animal habitats.
15 Mar. 1966
IOU $315.000.000.000
An hour which emphasized the dangers of inflation against the mammoth U.S. credit debt and six years of unrelieved prosperity.
13 May 1966
Crash Project - The Search for a Safer Car
Episode is examining the vital role of driver malfunctions in car crashes or highway engineering and did focus on a problem that has received much publicity of late.
15 Nov. 1966
The State of the Unions
A far-ranging look and study at America's labor unions.
31 Jan. 1967
Farthest Frontier
Impressive stanza in reeling off the extent of mind drug activity underway - re mental disorders, memory and learning improvement, mind expansion (LSD) and on to the dramatic possibilities for behavioral change.
28 Feb. 1967
The Tenement
One in CBS Reports (1959) of irregularly scheduled in-depth reports. This program focuses on the lives of nine families living in a dilapidated tenement on Chicago's south side in 1966. It includes interviews with Chicago residents, including those who lived at 3823 South Ellis Street prior to their eviction. Program highlights depict the following: a mother and newborn leave Cook County Hospital; Georgia Johnson, a tenant for fifteen years; a mother washes for a family of twelve; an eleven-year-old cares for younger siblings; members of "The Four Corners" gang; children play in a ...