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Canned Brilliance
Furious_Fenner13 July 2008
Boomtown, a masterclass in story telling and character driven narrative lasted just over one season, and is perhaps the greatest case of a show destroyed because of it's nature rather than it's quality.

In an ambitious take on the well covered cop/crime show niche, Boomtown aimed to show the story behind a crime from every angle; the beat cops, the detectives, the politicians, the paramedics, the victims, and the suspects. Whereas this could have ended up being a gimmick wasted on an audience not excited by such originality, creator Graham Yost managed to mould a brilliant series of stories that always kept the people at the fore-front of the drama, and never gave in to spectacle. The episodes would veer from comic to dark and disturbing from week to week, going from a corpse fired out of a cannon to betrayed police officers and S&M Murderous Psychopaths. All the time the principal cast, and the creditable guest characters, were given the most attention and the stories usually explored the why of a crime rather than the how and who.

The main characters were a mixed batch, all of whom were memorable in their own right. There was the two detectives, the earnest and dignified Joel Stevens (Donnie Wahlberg, displaying his acting chops in a rare chance to prove that he's far more than Marky Mark's brother) and his partner, the flamboyant and tongue in cheek though on the mark Bobby 'Fearless Smith (Mykelti Williamson). The street officers were the chatterbox veteran, Ray Hechler (Gary Basaraba), and youngish Italian bull Tom Turcotte (Jason Gedrick), who is forever his legendary father's shadow. Then there was the strong willed yet vulnerable paramedic, Teresa Ortiz (Lana Parilla), who cares for nothing but the well being of others, and the usually hell bent and cold reporter, Andrea Little (Nina Garbiras), who has questions she should ask herself. However, the real showpiece of the show was reserved for the fast talking, faster switching Deputy D.A David McNorris (Neal McDonough), a brilliant lawyer who trips himself up on account of his demons. All of these characters were fleshed out well and played to a tee by a fine cast.

The show combined breathless showpieces of action and suspense with the occasional injection of humour, plus managed to incorporate a heart and emotional edge that in so many similar mediums seems tacked on. None of the characters are free from this, with each one suffering from their problems, some facing them better than others. Moments brought gasps and tears in equal measure but their was always enough entertainment abound to ensure the show kept on an even keel. The second series, although beginning shakily, got into stride and the series seemed destined for greatness before the networks pulled the plug. It was a sad end, brought about by a general lack of popularity and a view that the show would not provide the means by which to finance it's ambition. Whether Boomtown would have become a household name over time is not clear, but it's obvious that it's loss was felt by those who appreciated it's sublime nature, and it's cancellation represented a defeat in the battle for quality television.

Ultimately, a brilliant show that died young.
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A unique and masterfully crafted cop drama
liquidcelluloid-18 July 2004
Network: NBC; Genre: Drama; Content Rating: TV-14; Available: on DVD; Classification: Modern Classic (Star range: 1 - 5);

Season Reviewed: Complete Series (2 seasons)

Creator Graham Yost ('Band of Brothers') probably should have taken his 'Boomtown' to HBO, where it's edgier whims would have been more at home, instead of NBC – a network with such a long history of recklessly mismanaging shows the ultimate demise the series took at the network's hands is almost a forgone conclusion. 'Boomtown' was surely the best new show of the 2002 TV season.

'Boomtown' tells the story of one crime from multiple perspectives, employing what movie purists refer to as The 'Rashomon' style. I will go out on a limb and boldly say that in the future this show might be the reference point when referring to this style on TV. The ensemble is tightly wound. We follow two detectives: Joel (Donnie Wahlberg) struggling with the death of his child and suicidal wife, and 'Fearless' (the massively underrated Mykelti Williamson) a Gulf War veteran whose friend took a bullet for him. Around them are two cops (Gary Basaraba, and Jason Gedrick), a paramedic (Lana Parilla), a defense attorney (Neal McDonough in a star-making, breakout performance), the criminals themselves and a journalist (Nina Garbiras). Boasting flawed heroes, 'Boomtown' has a richly layered tapestry of characters that the show loves to dig down and explore.

Walburg and Williamson are terrific leads and in Walburg's case, surprisingly so. But it's McDonough who is given the wild card role as the ultimate shifty DA, David McNorris. Yost knows exactly where to have him pop up in the story and is constantly yanking us around regarding where his loyalties lie. McDonough is a blast to watch, wonderfully chewing up every second of screen time with this galvanizing performance. The fact that this guy got Emmy snubbed is all the proof you need as to how out of touch and on auto-pilot the Academy is.

This is an engrossing series that transcends the limits of the usual cop drama. Watching Yost and his ensemble of writers cleverly pulling all the strands of the episodes together in the final minutes is satisfying in a way that evokes the kind of hair-raising, invigorating feeling you only get from great storytelling. A work from creators that obviously love what they are doing and strive in the smallest details to make something we can be proud of.

'Boomtown' looks as good, if not better, than most premium cable series and, what the hell, most movies too. The theatrical cinematography, the vibrant color palette and the subtle, not overdone, use of little tricks like sped up and reversed time are woven into the show beautifully. The action scenes are also extraordinarily well staged with Bennett Salvay's terrific music thumping them along. 'Boomtown' is just as exciting a visceral experience as it is an intriguing character drama and time shifting puzzle. I can't remember the last time a TV show's opening title sequence took my breath away.

The show took a lot of risks and there is a lot of variety amongst the episodes. 'Boomtown' is a standout from every other cop show on TV today with it's unmistakable fluid style. I admire the show's willingness to take chances and am unspeakably grateful for the way it rejects both the 'ripped from the headlines' stories focusing more on evidence and the 'gritty cop drama' mold. But sometimes the lighter tone feels off. For example, 'Insured by Smith & Wesson' (Ray meets his TV idol during a hostage standoff in sporting goods store) or 'Coyote' (a homeless man thinks he is a dog) might seem just silly to the average cop show viewer. But then there are episodes like 'All Hallow's Eve', 'Storm Watch' and 'Home Invasion' that are near masterpieces of acting, writing and directing. Often times the show succeeds in pulling out the rug and leaving us on a shocking, even nasty, final-second twist.

The show's second season "re-tooling" stands as one of the most unbelievable, egregious and disgusting cases of network interference in recent memory. NBC programming president Jeff Zucker and his band of merry men apparently decided that if this show was going to make it they needed to personally reach under the hood and rip out everything that made it so unique and so entertaining in the first place. That included throwing out the original music, the flawed heroes, the darker story lines, the multi-episode story arcs and, of course, the multiple perspective story-telling style in a transparent effort make the show as much like 'Law & Order' as possible. The show predictably nose-dived in the ratings after their much-hyped, totally un-watchable second season premiere 'For Love of Money' (a shameless network attempt to introduce Vanessa Williams to the cast).

The cast who still gave it 110%, but the characters all felt hollowed out. It's only McDonough who proves to be back in full force in the cold opening of 'Inadmissible'. The crew wrote around the shackles as best they could resulting in some pretty good episodes in the abbreviated second season, but the monkey on their back is just too big. Its became victim of a network that whines constantly about how they want something edgy and then stomp it out like a flaming bag when they get it. Do networks honestly look at viewership flight away from them and toward cable and deduce that they need less cable-like shows and more reality shows?

No matter. This was a brilliantly crafted show that deserved a long life. It was pure unadulterated entertainment that bristled with intelligence, excitement and terrific performances. One of the best cop dramas in memory and the genre(and NBC) is worse off without it.

* * * * ½ / 5
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Unique Show That Wasn't Treated Fairly
ccthemovieman-127 January 2006
You can find this television DVD package at a cheap price in many places because the show only lasted one year. What a pity. I found it one of the better crime stories on TV in the past decade. The DVD is well-worth purchasing, even at a regular price.

As some people have said, maybe it was too intelligent for the average boob....but that's a little snobbish. Perhaps the network was at fault, not giving a quality show enough time to develop an audience. Two years of this show might have done it. They have certainly done with other shows, most of which were of inferior quality to this.

What made this show unique was that it showed the crime from five different angles: the victim, the perpetrator, the police, the district attorney and the medical personnel. The episodes were well-acted, from the low key Donnie Walhberg to the super-intense Neal McDonough. Those two, along with Mykelti Williamson, Gary Basaraba, Nina Garbiras, Lana Parilla and Jason Gedrick all were fun to watch, even if they didn't all play likable characters.

The stories were different, too. There is enough variety to make this DVD package enjoyable for multiple viewings.
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A wonderful, if short-lived series.
blanche-230 June 2005
I really don't understand how this show was pulled because it was really excellent. I agree with one of the posters that the people behind it should have gone to HBO. Another possibility would have been F/X, where Boomtown would have found a good home in the company of The Shield, Rescue Me, and Nip 'n' Tuck.

Unfortunately, it ended up on network television where it lived a short life. Boomtown sported a wonderful cast, including Donnie Wahlberg, Neil McDonough, Mykelti Williamson (whom I remember when he was a kid on "Cover Up"), Jason Gedrick, and a story arc which featured the beautiful Vanessa Williams and Rebecca de Mornay.

Boomtown had a lot of style, interesting stories, and a great cast. It's no wonder NBC got rid of it. Bozos!
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Powerfully acted
ascutch123 April 2003
This is the best crime drama on television and the best in recent memory. The changing perspectives are not what sets the show apart. In fact, this aspect is hit and miss. One week it might add something, the next week the story could be told in sequence with equal force. What sets this show apart is the performances of the cast. Neal McDonough is awe inspiring as talented but tragically flawed Deputy DA David McNorris. His performance is more intelligent and nuanced than anything else on network television. It is an incredible combination of a man with positive attributes who is constantly on the edge of self destruction. Donnie Wahlberg and Mykelti Williams also play roles of a lifetime. This is an addictive show that is a must see on Sunday nights.
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It doesn't deliver an hour's worth of story, but it does deliver.
Victor Field26 February 2003
The last time DreamWorks and NBC got together for a series imported by Channel 5 (pre-Five), the result was "The Others," which was appropriately enough co-produced by Delusional Films. Appropriately, that is, because delusional is precisely what the makers were if they thought that sub-"Poltergeist: The Legacy" sleep-inducer had what it took to become a hit. (It was cancelled after about 13 episodes by NBC and swiftly demoted to a late-night slot in the UK.)

"Boomtown," though not the most blistering series to arrive in years, is much, much better. The hook is that each episode follows one story through seven participants; an assistant DA (Neal McDonough), a reporter (the gorgeous Nina Garbiras), two uniformed cops (Gary Basaraba and Jason Gedrick), two plainclothes cops (top-billed Donnie Wahlberg and Mykelti Williamson) and a paramedic (Lana Parilla) - these last few are what seem to have led some to compare it unfavourably to "Third Watch," and this show does have some flaws; the stories of each episode would in fact be a lot shorter if they didn't keep repeating scenes in order to have them from another point of view.

But when the show does work, it's enormously effective; and so far, it hits more often than it misses, with each of the core having more than one strong moment; the continuing plot about Wahlberg's severely depressed wife is especially noteworthy, and the acting and scripting are strong enough to make it worth the time. "Boomtown" may not be as effective as Graham Yost's earlier "Speed," but he also scripted "Broken Arrow" and co-wrote "Mission To Mars." This is far better than either.

I doubt this'll last long, but I'll enjoy it while I can.
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One of the best series - ever (NBC sucks)
chweechua27 December 2009
I caught an episode here and there when it first aired. It was obviously a one of a kind, super-engrossing and enthralling ride with each episode. Now years later, I pick up the DVD series as I meant to a long time back and finally get to catch all the episodes again during the Xmas break. Oh wow.. this series is still a polished gem.

Anyways on an aside, I've always figured GE and it's so-called managerial prowess have been over-hyped for donkey years. Came to that conclusion even before the financial crisis revealed GE as just yet another souped up financial hedge fund masquerading as an industrial company. Jeff Zucker never seemed to have a real programming knack... maybe he was good at tweaking the financial games like other GE chieftains, but I don't recall any of the best NBC legacy shows before he became CEO having his imprint (E.R., Jerry Seinfeld, Friends etc). And on his watch, NBC steadily lost viewership and ratings faster than any of the other networks.. yet the guy is still the CEO? For Boomtown to lose its essence during the 2nd season via Zucker's interference, that's just another travesty notched on his bedpost. *sigh* Creative masterpieces are few and far in between, total bummer that this series got canceled.
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Intriguing idea, or so I thought
JennyP23 February 2003
Boomtown had real possibilities. Take a crime & punishment procedural drama, but split up the story among the perspectives of all the people touched by the story - basically the criminals, beat cops, witnessess, paramedics, prosecutor, and cynical reporter.

I assumed this meant we'd get a Rashomon-style mosaic that gradually illuminated the Truth about what really happened and why. But apparently that's not what the producers had in mind. As we see the crime and its aftermath unfold through the various people's perspectives, it's really the same story. These diverse people all see the events happen exactly the same: as the events really, objectively did happen. They just react to the events differently.

That was a disappointing choice, IMO, as this intriguing story structure turns out to be more of a superficial gimmick than something with deeper potential. In fact, it ends up feeling much like every other crime drama out there, since their stories also devote a scene or two to the criminals, a couple to the cops, the detectives, the prosecutor, etc.

Perhaps to compensate for this, as we got to know the main characters over time the writers kept piling up emotional crises & relationship entanglements to their lives. It ended up feeling like a soap opera.

Apparently it got cancelled after a half-dozen or so episodes. Mercifully. Sigh.
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Creative Series, well worth viewing
misslu5 December 2002
This show is fantastic, but not suited for anyone wanting to veg. Told from the different points of views of the various characters, the writers seamlessly weave the stories lines together to complete the picture. The endings are often unexpected. "The Pilot" was heartbreaking. "Insured by Smith & Wesson" merged an old Joe Penny show (Riptide) into the mix and makes you become emotionally involved in the faded actor he portrayed. The most shocking ending was in the "Reelin' in the Years" episode with Patricia Wettig - I gasped in shock. You come to see that nothing is as expected in a very refreshing way.
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Not very impressive
reccepatrol25 January 2003
When I first saw the comercial for this new TV show, I though it might be interesting. At the very least, it would provide a relief from all the reality-television crap. The concept seemed rather interesting, a crime that is seen from different characters' point of view. Unfortunately, the writers rely too much on this all in all only half original idea. The stories are too obviously crafted to fit this style. The storylines of the few episodes that I did watch reminded me of those of first year film students. All they needed was for everyone to commit suicide and they'd be good (oh, wait, I think they did that). All in all, I found it very difficult to get into and stay in the stories, so I give it a sad 6/10. Still not a terrible grade, I gave them extra points for at least trying something different.
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Wake Up and Smell the Hype - It wasn't a good show at all
LennieChriqui23 August 2007
It's amazing what a pass show that have an "original" premise get.

If there is something that is hyped as "clever" or even worse "groundbreaking" in the makeup of the show, it gets a complete pass as to whether it's actually well-made, well-written or well-acted.

Boomtown wasn't well-made. That's why it didn't find an audience. Its "originality" was really only a gimmick that would have worked had the writing and direction been better, but they weren't.

It came across as yet another over-hyped, badly-made TV show that was intended to please critics only (as they tend to over-intellectualize everything and not care about little things that actual viewers care about like character, story and craftsmanship.

The characters and the plots were instantly forgettable. The cast was uneven (Jason Gedrick being the standout and wasted as usual in yet another dreadful creative mess) and the camera-work was terrible as is often the case with over-hyped shows that rely on "let's shake the camera, that way the critics will think it's "realistic".

Guess what guys. When you shake the camera, the audience reaches for the remote. It did just that and killed Boomtown.
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WANTED: Network Execs with a Set.
redryan6426 February 2005
Every once in a while a series comes along which is unique, interesting and even borders on being a work of art. Such is the case with "BOOM TOWN". It was captivating and lively. It took the cops and robbers genre and brought it up a notch or two by using the dramatic device of showing the same occurrences from 5 or 6 different points of view.

In its short run on NBC's Sunday evening line up, it walked a thin line. It built up a very sizable following of loyal fans. These were the kind of viewers who were highly loyal, almost fanatical. Unfortunately, the audience was not large enough or didn't hit the desired demographics. The series wound up on the scrap heap. The fate of "BOOM TOWN",as with all other network series, relied on that dreadful term, THE BOTTOM LINE. Its cancellation was determined by numbers alone, and all determined on the short term.

Looking back in the past, we had different series,now remembered as TV all time classics, that nearly bit the dust in premature cancellations. We don't have to look back too far to recall the uneasy existence that "HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET" had. (some have made comparisons of the two series) "HILL STREET BLUES" took a while to catch on and required some negotiating from then Mary Tyler Moore Productions Execs to the network to be given another chance.Years earlier, Producer Sheldon Leonard had related in an interview how he had pleaded the case for "I SPY" to be spared.

We all know that Television is a business, and that there may be none more competitive. Let's just see a little more common sense and patience. Who knows, perhaps "BOOMTOWN" was close to being just around the corner from a big numbers following.
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Episode by episode it's good but is occasionally forced and doesn't quite hang together as a series
bob the moo6 May 2003
In Los Angeles stories happen all the time. Every person involved will see it from a different angle – have different information and differing perspectives in each case. Boomtown takes a different crime each week and follows the investigation as it involves detectives Joel and Fearless, street cops Ray and Tom, the DA David McNorris, medic Theresa, journalist Andrea, the victims and the perps.

This came to the UK on channel 5 in a wave of generally strong US exports. 5 grouped it with the new CSI on a Tuesday night – this followed the first series of The Shield and the opening of CSI: Miami. I watched it as it looked like an enjoyable cop series. I'm nearly at the end of series 1 of Boomtown and have enjoyed it although it hasn't gripped me in the way that other cop shows such as Homicide :LOTS, NYPD Blue (the Caruso years) and even The Shield have. I think the reason for this is that, although each episode is good, it tends to focus on that 45 minutes rather than a longer series view. There has been some character development but not to the extent that I feel like I know the characters in the way I did with Homicide. Instead it is more nuggets of information that are given out occasionally rather than characters.

However each episode works well – most are interesting, tense or exciting. The only downside is that it has to fit into this multi-perspective mould every week and sometimes the stories are forced into this form. Mostly the stories fit nicely into the structure and are complimented by it – but the odd episode just felt that it could have worked better with a linear line without all the cutting around. This is the main reason that I have come back to it after a few weeks where Sopranos clashed with it in the schedules (and you KNOW who wins that fight!), because I know that each episode will work well by it self – but I need more to make me really stick with it as a series and not just dip in and out.

The actors are good – although some have meatier characters than others. Wahlberg has easily the best character as he is the one who has had the most development and subplots that run through episodes. Williamson is surprisingly good despite a quite superficial character – but his Rambo antics in one episode were a bit too much. McDonough as McNorris is good and balances the requirements of the law and the cops well. Garbiras plays his one-time mistress but her character has now become defunct – floating round the edge of the show with the plot really obviously looking for ways to crowbar her in. Basarba and Gedrick are good but neither have really come on as characters – with us learning that Ray may be a dirty cop, but not much more than that.

Overall this is not a classic cop show. It has a good gimmick that it uses quite well most of the time and also manages to avoid feeling gimmicky. If you're looking for a series that you can get into the characters then this is not for you – The Shield did it quite well recently. But as a series that can be easily dipped into for one-off enjoyable episodes then this works pretty well.
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Most orignal crime drama on TV
Boomtownfan0410 April 2003
"Boomtown" not only brings the story in a new light but the writing,actors, and directors shine every week without letting the viewer down! The past five episodes have shown a more humane side to the show by revealing more and more. That is what makes it watch able along with the crime in every point a few. "Boomtown" doesn't have to be like every other "Law and Order" & "CSI" type drama. It is about dam time NBC put on a show in Los Angeles about different types of people! "Boomtown" may not have lived up to it's hype according to some viewers but if they would just open their eyes and see the show has more good then bad they would REALIZE it is worthy of staying on the air for more the one season. :) All of the actors/actresses on the show are more then creditable enough to be a apart of the show and display their excellent acting skills week after week without getting sick of. Graham Yost hasn't let any fans/viewers down. It may not be "Speed" but "BOOMTOWN" was meant to go the extra mile in exciting TV viewing! Please keep this amazing show on the air! It is WORTH WATCHING EVERY WEEK!!!
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An innovative cop-thriller
Bullet-Tooth-Timmy3 March 2003
At first glance, BOOMTOWN might look like another of the long list of stereotypical network cops and robbers show where action and violence compensate for everything else. Not so for this exceptional thriller. I couldn't help but take in the consideration of BOOMTOWN's use of

the multiple P.O.V. Meaning, the police don't get to hog the spotlight, but others involved in an episode, including hospital personnel and even the criminals, acheive a piece of the viewer's attention as well. An interesting concept, for sure.
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ambitious writing
SnoopyStyle13 July 2015
It's the hard world of L.A. crime. David McNorris (Neal McDonough) is a righteous A.D.A. married to Marian (Kelly Rowan) but cheating with reporter Andrea Little (Nina Garbiras). Detective Joel Stevens (Donnie Wahlberg) is married to suicidal Kelly (Megan Ward) and is partnered with Bobby Smith (Mykelti Williamson). Officers Ray Hechler (Gary Basaraba) and Tom Turcotte (Jason Gedrick) are beat cops. Teresa Ortiz (Lana Parrilla) is a paramedic who later joins the police.

The first season is an ambitious police procedural that depends on impressive writing from show creator Graham Yost. It shows the same crime from different POVs. It may have been too ambitious for network TV. It never received great ratings despite some critical praises. The later changes never really click and it's canceled after 2 seasons.
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Best non-HBO drama series on TV
tdepp-210 March 2003
"Boomtown" is one of the few truly creative non-HBO drama series on "regular" TV. Most of the time, when a TV series departs from linear story telling, it is impossible to follow. Here, however, because of outstanding writing and directing, the multiple view story telling works and works well. It is seamless. The 3/9/03 episode of the gang banger on death row who's arranged for the kidnapping and murder of a young police officer while the banger is be executed in prison was one of the most gripping hours of TV I've seen in a long time. Neal McDonough as the tightly wound, moral, yet flawed Deputy D.A. David McNorris is one of the best character portrayals on "regular" TV drama. He has the same spark that George Clooney had in the glory days of "E.R." (This guy is going to be a big star--you heard it here first.) Mykelti Williamson as Detective 'Fearless' Bobby Smith is another intriguing character. Give this show a couple of viewings and you will find that it grows on you just like "6 Feet Under" or "The Sopranos."
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One of the greatest shows ever.
JackBauerPowerHour31 December 2003
So many words to describe how great BOOMTOWN is. The 1st Season was truly Brilliant with great writting on every episode, amazing directing, wonderful characters, a beautiful theme song and top notch acting by all the actors. Seeing this show for the first time, I couldn't believe what I was watching. Neal McDonough performance as the Deputy DA David McNorris is nothing but Astonishing . Episode by Episode this show got more smarter and more addictive. This was the best show on TV in 2001-2002 and also the best I have seen in years, this also should of been nominated for every EMMY nomination there is but it wasn't. The 2nd Season of Boomtown was not better than season one but it was just as great. Nina Garbiras was not in the show any more, she was replace with Vanessa Williams who played the sometimes tough Katherine Pierce. The writting was just intelligent as ever, you still cared about the characters deeply, in the second episode you see David McNorris fighting his inner demons. When NBC put this show on hiatus because poor ratings(even tough NBC didn't promote at all). In November NBC cancelled the show, me and every other fan were very p**sed about this but in mid december I heard that they were gonna air the four remaining episodes of the series. I was very happy, I loved the little marathon they had on saturday and was very sad to see the final Boomtown episode. This was the type of show you could use the word "Great", even tough is not on no more this will never be forgotten by real TV viewers.(1st Season=A+)(2nd Season=A-).
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Truly One of the Best!!!
findlayfarms21 July 2005
The plots were thought provoking and kept you on the edge of your seat. Each actor played their roles with an honesty and realism that is so sadly lacking in so many shows today! It should never have been canceled! Each week they gave us something to look forward to. The problems that each character had only made them more REAL. It showed the trials and struggles that police deal with on a daily bases, showing their strengths and weaknesses without being over the top. That they had problems in their personal lives that affected their work is completely real life! Yet it didn't rule the show, just added to it. Each character made you want to hold them and hit them, sometimes at the same time! It is a series that should have continued for years to come! Even critics agreed. Why it was canceled, I will never understand!
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One of the best shows in the past few years. NBC is absolutely retarded for canceling.
michaelc558830 December 2006
Stunning visuals, unique storytelling, interesting characters - the list could go on. Why would NBC can this? From the very first night the show aired my dad and I watched every episode. Nothing compared. Nothing has compared since. Personally, and this is hard to saw, but my favorite part are the long uncut shots used. The direction and cinematography are simply beautiful in this series. The acting is nothing short of excellent in every episode, even the guest stars. The actor that played the grandfather in the pilot episode is amazing!! The chemistry amongst the whole cast works well. My only wish is that the show was still on.

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Absolutely Fantastic
pinklady248914 July 2006
I recently received the first series of Boomtown free with an order of DVDs for some strange reason. It sat unopened in my living room for a good 3 months. I finally thought, what the heck, and watched them. I was completely captivated by this show. From the opening second to the very end of every single episode. I literally stayed awake an entire night because I could not stop watching. The opening sequence is one the best I think I have ever seen. The score of each episode is fantastic as well. The main cast was excellent, with special props going to Neal McDonough, who did the best acting I have seen in quite a long time. The characters were all real and the people who played them did it beautifully. The concept of showing the different points of view was brilliant, but it was not actually each persons point of view, just the story pertaining to them (which is my only criticism of the show). The cinematography was completely breathtaking. The creators and crew of this show captured lightening in a bottle.

I cannot even fathom why this show was canceled. I was mesmerized by it and when I finally got to the last episode I was still hungry for more. Whoever decided this show should end should get their head checked.
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Boomtown, Freaktown, L.A. Flawed
sellington-12 July 2005
I missed the broadcast, serialized weekly television presentation and picked up Season 1 at the suggestion of a friend. I think the program was intended to present a city's infrastructure powered by imperfect people employed in occupations that make impossible demands upon their personal lives. I think we were given a unique cops & lawyers show as a wonderful compromise between what was intended and that which network would allow. Unlike Paris, London and Vienna, Los Angeles, though similarly sired by a great river, now has "a concrete drainage ditch" where that great river once was. Likewise, the multiplicity of central characters are revealed in the course of Season 1 to be significantly different from the persons they appeared to be at the beginning of the series. Their imperfections and the enormous burdens borne by each open slowly through the course of eighteen episodes into a fragrant blossom of great power that smells of intense humanity and the brilliant collaboration of writers, directors and more conventionally "technical" artists of every description. I return to Boomtown frequently, simply because its significantly better than broadcast, serialized, weekly television presentations, and it probably always will be.
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TheFiddler29 February 2004
I am into TV series these days, a lot ! When I first heard about Boomtown and decided to watch , I did not really know what to think about it, that spoiled I was from recently watching the first 2 seasons of the Shield. Also a big fan of The Sopranos and 24 I have had big expectations . After the first two episodes I was not sure what to think about it and feeling that the technique of delivering something new , by having a look at a crime from different points of view, tempting in the beginning, had rubbed off already. Still I continued and watched and I am not sorry. A wonderful series, heartwarming at times, lovely characters all played very good with their own moving stories. A few good twists in some episodes and a great finale of the first season and here I am where I was with The Shield, The Sopranos and 24 : I want more . Definitely not an action packed, high tense series , but some wonderful entertainment, definitely worth following it to the end...
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Great Pilot....but slowly the quality is dwindling........
markymarky17 September 2003
I'm not big into watching TV shows in general but this one intrigued me. The billboard ads and the fact that Donnie Wahlberg (ex NKOTB and The Sixth Sense) was in it pushed me to watch the pilot. I must say it was fantastic. The quality of the acting, the storyline, the sub-plots, the whole premise itself was great.

That first show got me hooked and I made a conscious decision to keep watching the series.

But then it all started to go wrong.....

Admittedly, here in Ireland, we are a little behind our US counterparts and I have only seen six episodes so far but the freshness and quality of the initial show has been ditched for a more mundane, run-of-the-mill, cops/robbers show which makes you think why they bothered to be different in the first place.

The episode where Fearless goes on a mad Rambo-like rampage killing off, what seemed like, the entire Russian mafia and destroying a motel into the bargain to "save" a little girl was the most embarrassing piece of television I have seen in a long time. That particular episode was topped and tailed but a ridiculous sub-plot where a dead body gets fired from a circus cannon !!! Come on !!!!

Wahlberg, in particular, is superb in this. His gritty style and not-so-pretty-boy looks makes him a more believable character. Better than his whispering brother by miles.

However the cast do as best they can with a deteriorating script which seems to get worse week after week. Less of the theatric cop stuff and more of the characters private lives might rescue this show yet. I hope it does because this is the only show I watch regularly on TV and I don't want to ditch it......
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Another GREAT Series Bites the Dust
fabfemfatale3 January 2004
How can NBC be such a wishy washy network? Finally a cop show that covered criminal activity from the point of view from all involved. From the "perp" to the uniform to the detective to the paramedic to the ADA and so on. There were great story lines and wonderful acting from the phenomenal ensemble cast. Adding Vanessa Williams to me was just what the show needed. Then Boomtown. Why weren't people watching? I don't get it. This show had promise. They did however show 4 new episodes on the last weekend of 2003. I'm not a big "cop show" watcher and this show was my link to excellent TV. Now it's gone. How depressing. With all the talent that was on the show, I'm sure these marvelous actors with rise above and show us true acting talent.
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