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Season 3

30 Nov. 2002
The Show Must Go On/Christmas in Mouseland
The Cinderella Mouse Ballet is showing in the Theatre Royal, directed by Ivor Operatski, a rather strict director. Priscilla Pinkpaw gets the main part but not Angelina because she cannot sing very well. Distraught that her rival is Cinderella Mouse while she is the Wicked Stepmouse, Angelina tries to prove to Mr. Operatski that she can do it, but without success, so Angelina storms off in a fit of temper. Meanwhile, Henry is unable to withstand Mr. Operatski's angry demands./A sledging accident results in Miss Lilly's ankle broken. Ashamed of her selfishness, ...
6 Sep. 2005
Angelina's Princess Dance/Angelina and the Sleeping Beauties
Miss Lilly has an exciting opportunity to take Angelina and her class to the Queen Seraphina's Castle for a grand performance, with Angelina as the director and Sammy invited to the special effects. Queen Seraphina also wants Angelina to let her daughters Valentine and Sophie participate in the dance./Unfortunately, Valentine and Sophie are not talented dancers and quite demanding. Things go from bad to worse when it becomes frustrating to keep up with the princesses' and Angelina's demands. However the sisters make it up to Angelina and all the dance class and the ...
5 Sep. 2006
Angelina Sets Sail/All Dancers on Deck
Miss Lilly has a wonderful surprise to take Angelina and her class to (fictional) Dacovia for Ivor Operatski's Ice Fairy Princess performance. On the 5-day journey on board the Royal Stilton, Angelina sympathises for Miss Lilly's nephew Yuri being pushed around by the captain and in his love for the captain's daughter. Angelina carries out a plan to resolve this, but only gets Yuri into trouble. / When a storm comes, the ship gets wedged between a couple of very big icebergs. To make matters worse, the Pinkpaw twins have broken the radio. The dance performance takes ...

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