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Valor Cancelled at The CW

The CW is giving Valor an honorary discharge, canceling the Army drama after one season.

Valor starred Matt Barr (One Tree Hill, Sleepy Hollow) and Christina Ochoa (Blood Drive) as Leland Gallo and Nora Madani, co-pilots caught up in an international conspiracy.

The series also starred Charlie Barnett (Chicago Fire), W. Tré Davis (Shades of Blue), Corbin Reid (How to Get Away With Murder), Nigel Thatch (American Dreams) and Melissa Roxburgh (Supernatural).

Are you bummed about Valor‘s cancellation, or were you ready to see it go? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.
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Greg Sill, ‘Justified’ Music Supervisor, Dies at 63

Veteran independent music supervisor and film/TV music exec Greg Sill died on Saturday, March 17. He was 63 years old.

According to Sill’s brother Lonnie, he died at Sherman Oaks Hospital, surrounded by family. He had contracted pneumonia following kidney and liver failure.

The son of legendary music publisher and label executive Lester Sill, he began his career as a music coordinator at Columbia Pictures in 1976. He went on to serve as director of music at American International Pictures, director of TV/film music at CBS Songs and at publisher Warner/Chappell. He was also VP of music at Warner Bros. Television.
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Today in Soap Opera History (February 22)

1961: Edge of Night's Sara Karr died.

1989: Guiding Light's Harley married Alan-Michael.

1996: John's life was spared on Days of our Lives.

2011: Brenda and Sonny's wedding was interrupted on Gh, but

the couple was married after Brenda's confession."Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results."

― Machiavelli

"Today in Soap Opera History" is a collection of the most memorable, interesting and influential events in the history of scripted, serialized programs. From birthdays and anniversaries to scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...

1949: On Lorenzo Jones, Belle (Lucille Wall) got the results of her
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Trailer Watch: No One Says What They Mean in Michelle Morgan’s “It Happened in L.A.”

It Happened in L.A.

Remember that episode of “30 Rock” where Liz and her boyfriend go to Ikea and suddenly every conversation they have about furniture turns into a metaphor for their relationship? Well, the couples of “It Happened in L.A.” are doing the same thing, but all the time. Michelle Morgan’s feature directorial debut centers on Annette (Morgan, “Girl Most Likely”), her boyfriend Elliot (Jorma Taccone, “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping”), and their friends, all of whom talk about their relationships without actually talking about their relationships.

In one of their arguments, Annette complains about how Elliot bugs her to take walks with him. When he reminds her that walking is healthy, she yells, “But I don’t want to walk anymore!” Translation: Annette might not want to be with Elliot anymore.

One of the couple’s friends, Tom (Tate Donovan, “Elvis & Nixon”), has a conniption when his girlfriend plans to buy a new couch for their place. “I know what kind of couch I like and this is not it. And I’m not gonna be manipulated into making a huge decision.” Translation: Stop pressuring me to commit!

And, while hanging out with her best friend Baker (Dree Hemingway, “While We’re Young”), Annette announces, apropos of nothing, that “palm trees are actually very condescending.” Translation: Okay, that could just be her random opinion — or the palm trees in question are an Elliot stand-in.

Morgan previously wrote, directed, and starred in the short film “K.I.T.” a portrait of a yuppie determined to prove she is a good person. She has also penned the screenplays for 2008’s “Middle of Nowhere” and “Girl Most Likely.” Also an actress, Morgan has appeared in projects like “American Dreams” and “Cinema Verite.”

It Happened in L.A.” opens November 3 in New York and November 10 in La. You can catch it on VOD November 14.

Trailer Watch: No One Says What They Mean in Michelle Morgan’s “It Happened in L.A.” was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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2017 Emmy race for Best Drama Casting: Will ‘Bloodline’ be the next to get a goodbye hug?

2017 Emmy race for Best Drama Casting: Will ‘Bloodline’ be the next to get a goodbye hug?
In the first five years of the Best Drama Casting category, the Emmys nominated several dramas that had never been Best Drama Series nominees: “Once and Again” (2001–2002), “Alias” (2002), “American Dreams” (2003), “Carnivàle” (2004) and “Deadwood” (2004; also nominated in 2005 when it was a Best Drama Series nominee). In the last five years, […]
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‘I Am Rocket,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Tells Chinese Screenwriters

‘I Am Rocket,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Tells Chinese Screenwriters
“The structure of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ comes straight from Hong Kong cinema (where anything can happen at any moment),” “Guardians” director James Gunn said this week.

Johnnie To, John Woo and Ringo Lam made me fall in love with cinema even more than I had been before.” Other early influences when Gunn was a shy teen growing up in small-town Missouri, were the “Star Wars” films, with their escapism and mythology.

“I was created in giant petri dish to make ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’,” Gunn told an audience of Chinese screenwriters and directors this week at an event within the Shanghai International Film Festival. The event was organized with U.S. screenwriting consultancy Screencraft.

While a trip down memory lane was part of the session, the contrasting approaches to screenwriting of Gunn, “Kong: Skull Island” writer Max Borenstein and Hong Kong’s Peter Chan Ho-sun were the most instructive.

“I figure out everything before I go on stage. I know every shot beforehand,” said Gunn, who also describes himself as a hedgehog capable of doing only one thing at a time. “Guardians” took him more than two and a half years to put together.

Chan, who has made some of China’s most successful contemporary movies, including “Perhaps Love” and “American Dreams in China,” is a different kind of control freak. “I don’t plan, I don’t do story boards, I don’t do special effects. My creative process is working with actors,” said Chan. “And now I’m most enjoying the editing process, working alongside a great creative editor.” Yet Chan extends his creative vision by often doubling up as producer, a detail-obsessed marketer, and as a local distributor as well.

Where the three film makers concurred was on the need to juggle process and passion. “The worst way to make a film is to try to appeal to a mass audience,” said Borenstein.

“Half of film making is about balance. A film is a giant machine that I’m helping to build. Half is very personal, it’s about characters,” said Gunn. “(The whole) is a balance between the emotional and the logical.”

“Without the audience, the film making process is not complete. Even a blockbuster needs to be personal,” said Chan. “There is no secret sauce. You just need to like the characters. In ‘American Dreams’ all the characters were the kind of people I’d grown up with. And when I watched ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2’ recently I saw a personal film, one with a director behind it.”

Gunn went one step further. He described “Guardians” as an autobiography of Rocket, the raccoon character voiced by Bradley Cooper, before adding: “Rocket is me, feeling outcast and forgotten.”

The trip to Shanghai was Gunn’s first to mainland China, but not his first encounter with Chinese audiences. He stays in touch with Chinese fans through his own WeiboChinese social media account. He revealed that he received many complaints from Chinese viewers about the subtitles for the first “Guardians” movie. So for the second picture, which released earlier this year in Chinese theaters, he used social media to work closely with the film’s translator. That was particularly useful in avoiding misinterpretations of idiosyncratic dialog and invented vocabulary.

Gunn was careful to distance himself from Hollywood movies which seek international appeal through calculatedly diverse casting choices. “Chinese people don’t fall for that trick any more,” he said.

The speakers were jointly interviewed by Screencraft’s Emily Dell and Chinese critic and consultant Raymond Zhou.

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In Dreams I Walk With You: The Music of Blue Velvet

David Lynch proved himself as a master of film music in his 1986 feature.

“Every note of music has enough breath to carry you away, and as a director, all you have to do is let the right wind blow at the right time” — David Lynch

Sound and music are incredibly important in David Lynch’s films. From Eraserhead (1977) on, Lynch has shown his talent for creating creepy and dreamy soundscapes, which include music and dialogue as well as diegetic and non-diegetic sound effects. Perhaps Lynch’s most popular film, Blue Velvet (1986) perfectly blends together pop music, original score, and Lynchian sound effects. Blue Velvet is especially rich with beautiful music that both comments on and runs counter to the images onscreen. This was the first film in which Lynch focused on both original score/sound effects and pre-existing pop music.

David Lynch is never completely serious or completely joking — he is always both at the same time
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Tom Verica to Direct Shondaland’s ABC Legal Drama Pilot (Exclusive)

Tom Verica has been tapped to direct the pilot for Shondaland’s untitled legal drama at ABC from “Scandal” writer Paul Davies, Variety has learned exclusively.

Verica is a familiar face to Shondaland, both on and off the screen.

The multi-hyphenate is known to viewers for playing Viola Davis’ on-screen husband, Sam Keating, on “How to Get Away With Murder.” Aside from acting, Verica is well-versed in both directing and producing. He has helmed numerous episodes of Shondaland’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” and a whopping 21 episodes of “Scandal,” on which he’s served as an executive producer. He also starred on “American Dreams” and directed episodes of the series.

The untitled legal drama is set in the Southern District of New York Federal Court, better known as “The Mother Court,” and follows brand new lawyers working on opposite sides — both defense and the prosecution — as they handle the most high-profile and high-stakes cases in the
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SXSW 2017 Bolsters Lineup With Baby Driver, Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire And Much More

After drawing attention to the festival’s annual Gaming Awards, organizers behind the South by Southwest Film Festival have posted the full, comprehensive lineup, revealing that the likes of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver and Free Fire, the riotous ensemble thriller from Ben Wheatley, are among those films that will screen for critics and attendees.

Per SXSW 2017‘s website, this year’s showcase will host “84 World Premieres, 11 North American Premieres, and 6 Us Premieres. First-time filmmakers account for 51 films, continuing our tradition of unearthing the emergent talent of tomorrow.” British auteur Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers, A Field in England) is a regular of the Texas festival, and will be rubbing shoulders with other favorites including Michael Winterbottom, Nacho Vigalondo, Michael Showalter.

SXSW 2017 begins on March 10th in Austin, Texas and you can get up to speed on everything the festival has to offer down below.

Narrative Feature Competition

A Bad Idea Gone Wrong
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‘L.A. Times’ Filmmaker and Star Michelle Morgan Finds Her Own Voice in Directorial Debut — Sundance Springboard

‘L.A. Times’ Filmmaker and Star Michelle Morgan Finds Her Own Voice in Directorial Debut — Sundance Springboard
IndieWire’s Springboard column profiles up-and-comers in the film industry worthy of your attention.

Don’t let newly minted multi-hyphenate Michelle Morgan’s resume fool you — she always wanted to be a writer. Although Morgan’s first official forays into the industry included small parts on shows like “CSI: Miami” and, yes, even “Saved By the Bell: The New Class” and an arc on “American Dreams,” she originally went to school for screenwriting and simply fell into acting.

And it wasn’t necessarily something that fueled her creatively, which is why Morgan eventually returned to writing, penning the scripts for John Stockwell’s “Middle of Nowhere” and Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini’s “Girl Most Likely.” In 2013, she turned to directing, with her amusing short “K.I.T,” which screened at Sundance. This time around at the festival, Morgan has combined all of her skills, and she not only
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom on Greg's Exit: 'We Wanted to Completely Demolish the Love Triangle'

Fans of The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were crushed when co-star Santino Fontana (Greg) left the show last week, four episodes into Season 2. (Rip, #TeamGreg.) But star/co-creator Rachel Bloom (Rebecca) says Greg’s exit — or should we call it “Gregxit”? — was planned all along.

“We always knew this is how it would go,” she tells TVLine. “And we wanted to completely demolish the love triangle. Other shows have love triangles where the other person leaves. But in the back of your head, you’re always rooting for Ross and Rachel. We wanted to do something else, to say, ‘No,
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Jon Turteltaub, Jonathan Prince Board Cruise Ship Comedy for CBS Films (Exclusive)

CBS Films is developing an untitled cruise ship comedy based on pitch from Jacob Meszaros and Zach Taylor with Jon Turteltaub and Jonathan Prince producing, Variety has learned.

The story follows four longtime girlfriends who take a break from their grown-up lives, as they get to re-live their adolescent fantasies on a reunion cruise headlined by their favorite ’90s boy band. As they sail among 2,000 other crazed superfans, friendships will be tested, alliances will be formed, and bad decisions will be made. Courtney Saladino is executive producing.

The project is being developed in the vein of “Bad Moms,” “Bridesmaids,” and “Last Vegas,” which Turteltaub directed for CBS Films. Turteltaub’s directing credits include “Cool Runnings,” “While You Were Sleeping, “Phenomenon,” “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” and both “National Treasure” movies, which he also produced.

Prince created and executive produced the NBC series “American Dreams.” He recently partnered with Sundance Productions on
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Gail O'Grady and Jeff Kober Join Cmt's His Wives & Daughters Comedy Pilot

Gail O'Grady and Jeff Kober Join Cmt's His Wives & Daughters Comedy Pilot
His Wives & Daughters just added not only another missus to the mix but also the marriage-minded country star around whom the Cmt pilot circles: Revenge alum Gail O’Grady has signed up to play the former; Sons of Anarchy’s Jeff Kober, the latter.

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As previously reported, the sudsy proposed hour-long comedy follows the misadventures of womanizing music-biz legend Eddie Ray Banks (Kober) and, as the title suggests, his scheming daughters and wives — among them O’Grady as Donna, the shallow second spouse who stole him from his first,
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Film Review: ‘David Lynch: The Art Life’

Film Review: ‘David Lynch: The Art Life’
That hoary old question of whether life imitates art or art imitates life is refreshingly irrelevant in the case of certain creative beings, for whom art is life and vice versa. David Lynch is one such being. Extravagantly surreal as the products of his imagination may be, they are deeply rooted in personal history and philosophy — and it’s this connection that Jon Nguyen’s disarmingly off-kilter documentary “David Lynch: The Art Life” probes to rewarding effect. Nominally focused on the celebrated filmmaker’s lesser-known dabblings in fine art, “The Art Life” emerges as a more expansive study of Lynch’s creative impulses and preoccupations, as he relates first-hand the formative experiences that spurred and shaped a most unusual imagination.

Essentially a feature-length interview with the man himself, with no other on-screen contributors, the doc’s simplicity of form belies the kinks and curves of its portraiture. It’s
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15 Emmy Fun Facts Leading Up to This Year’s Awards

15 Emmy Fun Facts Leading Up to This Year’s Awards
Awards season trivia is a seemingly never-ending well of facts and figures that, practically speaking, rarely amount to more than an extra point or two at your local bar’s trivia night. Still, with TV’s biggest night of the year on the horizon, here is a list of 15 Emmy-related fun facts to impress your watch party, or at least hold you over until Sunday.

1. Netflix and Chill

Since becoming eligible to appear on the Emmy ballot in 2013, Netflix has gathered a total of 117 nominations overall. This year, Netflix reigns as the third-most nominated network — behind HBO (94) and FX (56) — with 54 nominations for 2016.

2. Glorious Cloris

Cloris Leachman reigns supreme with the most Emmy wins by a single actor, male or female, with a whopping eight victories. The TV legend has trophies from her appearances on “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Touched by an Angel,” among others.

3. Never Nominees

Popularity among audiences doesn’t necessarily guarantee Emmy success — stars
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Adds Brittany Snow

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Adds Brittany Snow
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Season 2 forecast: lots of Brittany Snow.

The vocally talented American Dreams/Pitch Perfect alum will appear in three episodes of the CW comedy’s second season, TVLine has learned. Her character, Anna, is described as “a hip and cool L.A. chick and beauty entrepreneur who sweeps into town and shakes everything up for Rebecca.”

And don’t get your aca-panties in a twist: She’ll have a musical number during her run on the show.

Series star and co-creator Rachel Bloom announced the news via song on her Twitter account on Thursday.

We are so excited
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Vince Curatola Returns To ‘Law & Order: Svu’; Arlen Escarpeta Joins ‘The Magicians’

We’ll be seeing more of Vince Curatola in the new season of Law & Order: Svu. The Sopranos alum is returning for the upcoming 18th season of NBC’s veteran drama series in his recurring role of Judge Al Bertuccio. Curatola recently wrapped feature Patriot’s Day, in which he plays the mayor of Boston. He played Johnny Saks on The Sopranos and also appeared recently on The Good Wife. Curatola is repped by Stone Manners Salners and Bob McGowan. Arlen Escarpeta (American Dreams
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Get Cast in a Neutrogena Commercial Plus 4 More Paid Gigs

This week in Backstage’s casting highlights, we have five commercial opportunities. Ranging from a Neutrogena commercial to a shoot that takes place on an actual trampoline, you need to check out these gigs! National Beverage Commerciala national commercial for a specialty beverage seeks a male actor for a leading role. The actor, who should be aged 40–50, will be needed for production on Aug. 29 in Boston, Massachusetts. Commercial SPOTParagon Creative is casting “fit, fun” actors for an upcoming commercial shoot “that takes place on a trampoline.” Yes, you really will be paid to spend time on a trampoline. Production will take place Aug. 8–10 in Newnan, Georgia. Product Brand Model/Actor For Hsn’S American Dreams Productshsn’s American Dreams Products seeks a leading lady to serve as a product brand model/actor. The company, which “represents new products and inventions that air on Hsn’s American Dreams TV show,” will hold production Aug.
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Hairspray Live Recruits Disney Channel Stars to Play Amber and Link

Hairspray Live Recruits Disney Channel Stars to Play Amber and Link
You can’t stop the beat Disney Channel kids: Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie) and Garrett Clayton (Teen Beach Movie) will sing and dance their hearts out in NBC’s upcoming Hairspray Live, the network announced Monday.

Cameron will play Amber, “the ambitious mean girl” who resents protagonist Tracy Turnblad’s overnight fame after the Baltimore teen wins a role on “The Corny Collins Show.” (Fun fact: Cameron played Kristin Chenoweth’s character’s daughter in Disney Channel’s Descendants, and she’ll play her daughter again in Hairspray Live.)

RelatedHairspray Live Adds Ariana Grande in Pivotal, Pigtailed Role

Clayton’s character,
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6 Latin American Projects Selected for Sørfond 2016 Including Carlos Reygadas' New Film

Out of 61 applications received, 9 productions were granted support by an international jury consisting of Rima Mismar (Lebanon), Dag Johan Haugerud (Norway) and Yngvild Sve Flikke (Norway). Among these films, 7 are fiction films and 2 are documentary. 

The jury said this year's selection included a great variety of projects, which made it possible for the jury to pick a diverse selection of films with an extensive geographical range and good gender balance. 

The majority of the projects are the directors feature film debut, in addition to some more established directors. The projects presents new views on important aspects of living; family ties, relationships across generations, homosexuality and aging - everything set against historical, political and social contexts of their respective countries. 

For more information on  Sørfond's grant support visit Here

The following productions received funding: 

"Map of Latin American Dreams


Country: Argentina

Director: Martin Weber

Script: Martin Weber

Norwegian co-producer: Lightsource Film Production As - Arne Dahr

Main producer: Maravillacine

Amount of support: 280,000 Nok (approx. 30,400 Eur)

Project synopsis: Between 1992 and 2013, the photographer Martin Weber travelled through eight countries in Latin-America and asked people to write down their dreams on a blackboard. The film is a documentary road movie were Weber reflects on the people in the photographs, and we follow him on a new journey after the people he photographed to see how they have changed in line with their dreams. 

"Will She Win the War?" 


Country: Iran

Director: Mina Keshavarz

Script: Mina Keshavarz

Norwegian co-producer: Gammaglimt As - Christian Falch

Main producer: MinDoc

Amount of support: 180,000 Nok (approx. 19,500 Eur)

Project synopsis: Roghieh, mother of five, decides to make a bazaar for female street vendors in her local community in South Iran. The bazaar is threatened by the new mayor, who want to tear it down and replace it with a shopping mall. Roghieh takes up the fight. 

"The Heiresses" 


Country: Paraguay

Director: Marcelo Martinessi

Script: Marcelo Martinessi

Norwegian co-producer: Norsk Filmproduksjon As - Hilde Berg

Main producer: La Babosa Cine

Amount of support: 415,000 Nok (approx. 45,000 Eur)

Project synopsis: Asuncion, Paraguay. 2012. The Heiresses is the story of a woman of prosperous social background. She had inherited enough money to live comfortably. But at 60 years old she realizes that her inherited money is gone. This new reality alters the balance in which she has been living and forces her to transform a world that until then had seemed motionless.

"Where Life is Born" 


Country: Mexico

Director: Carlos Reygadas

Script: Carlos Reygadas

Norwegian co-producer: Mer Film As - Maria Ekerhovd

Main producer: Mantarraya Producciones

Amount of support: 280,000 Nok (approx. 30,400 Eur)

Project synopsis: "Where Life is Born" is a simple, but strong story about love and loss of love in an open relationship. The story follow a married couple in a difficult period and unfolds on their ranch were they breed fighting bulls. 



Country: Peru

Director: Alvaro Delgado Aparicio

Script: Hector Gálves and Alvaro Delgado Aparicio

Norwegian co-producer: Dag Hoel Filmprod As - Dag Hoel

Main producer: Siri prod

Amount of support: 460,000 Nok (approx. 50,000 Eur)

Project synopsis: An artisan family in the highlands of Peru makes traditional art. The respective master teaches his son, Segundo, the secrets of the art. The father is Segundo´s hero and and beacon in life, until Segundo discover his fathers secret life. 



Country: Colombia

Director: Jhonny Hendrix

Script: Maria Camila Arias and Jhonny Hendrix

Norwegian co-producer: Dag Hoel Filmprod As - Dag Hoel

Main producer: Antorcha Films

Amount of support: 415,000 Nok (approx. 45,000 Eur)

Project synopsis: An old couple in Havana awakens their sleeping love life with a video camera. The films they make takes the couple out of a difficult economic situation. "Candelaria" is a film about love, moral and difficult decisions. 


"Cactus Flower"  


Country: Egypt 

Director: Hala ElKoussy

Script: Hala ElKoussy

Norwegian co-producer: DUOfilm As - Marie Fuglestein Lægreid and Linda Bolstad

Main producer: Transit Films

Amount of support: 370,000 Nok (approx. 40,200 Eur)

Project synopsis: About three people in Kairo that is brought together in a moment of homelessness. The trio embark on a journey, which leads to an extraordinary friendship and self-discovery. 



Country: Jordan/Palestine

Director: Annemarie Jacir

Script: Annemarie Jacir

Norwegian co-producer: Ape&Bjørn As - Ruben Thorkildsen

Main producer: Philistine Films

Amount of support: 550,000 Nok (approx. 59,700 Eur)

Project synopsis: Shadi has returned to his hometown Nasaret to help his father with hand-delivery of invitations to his sister´s wedding, a palestinian custom. As father and son spends their days together, walking from house to house, sore details of their relationship is brought to light and challenges their fragile and different lives. 

"The Immersed Family" 


Country: Argentina

Director: Maria Alché

Script: Maria Alché

Norwegian co-producer: 4 ½ Fiksjon As - Turid Øversveen

Main producer: Pasto - Barbara Fransisco

Amount of support: 550,000 Nok (approx. 59,700 Eur)

Project synopsis: A film about a typical Argentinian family, who attempts to tackle the secrets of the past. The film is told through the eyes of a middle aged women, and the story starts with her sisters death. 
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