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2 Jan. 2005
Home Again
J.J. is still haunted by the war and finally sets a date for his wedding with Beth. Pete thinks Chris started a fire at the recruitment center and Chris delivers an ultimatum to Meg.
9 Jan. 2005
Truth Be Told
Meg's special night with Chris is ruined in the morning. J.J. and Beth refuse to have a Catholic wedding as Helen wants. Henry starts a new project to impress his new girlfriend.
23 Jan. 2005
For Richer, for Poorer
J.J. learns that plans for his house are gone thanks to the war and learns that his mother is against the war. Chris leaves town and Meg.
30 Jan. 2005
Starting Over
It's the Senior Prom and Patty is invited, which she rubs in Meg's face. However, she is later upset when her date asks somebody else. Roxanne works to convince Luke to shave his beard off, while Meg prepares to face the prom on her own. J.J. comes to her rescue after having a fight with Beth, that begins when J.J. confesses his gamble that he lost. While at the prom, J.J. is offered a job at the high school. Meanwhile, Jack feels the pressure from his bribers and struggles to make a choice, which effects his family more than he knows.
9 Mar. 2005
Meg is torn between her feelings for Sam and the fact that they can never be together. Patty wins the essay contest and no one believes her as it is listed under another name.
16 Mar. 2005
California Dreamin'
Meg and Roxanne go to Hollywood for a special American Bandstand (1952) episode. While the girls are there, they meet Barbara Eden. J.J. goes for an interview with an engineering company in the hopes of following his dream of becoming an astronaut. Meanwhile, Sam realizes the he has more in common with Nathan's date than Nathan does. Pete and Shelley decide to have an "open relationship" where they can see each other and other people. Jack decides to tell a reporter his reasons for leaving the City Council.
23 Mar. 2005
No Satisfaction
With his brother Ted in the hospital, Jack faces a tough decision: whether or not to take him off life support. Meg and Roxanne are excited about the Rolling Stones concert but are surprised to find where their seats are. Patty wants to become cool after being teased by some students at summer school about being a nerd. She receives a makeover from Meg and Roxanne and goes on American Bandstand (1952) but ultimately decides that she likes who she is.
30 Mar. 2005
It's My Life
When Chris returns, Meg finds out that he has been drafted and is going to Berkeley to avoid it. Meg must decide between being with Chris or being with her family but her decision is made even harder when Jack threatens to disown her if she leaves. Roxanne begins to cut hair at the Vinyl Crocodile much to Luke's dismay. J.J. begins to feel overwhelmed at work when he volunteers to help on a project. Nathan is given a second chance by Jack when he allows him to do deliveries again. Helen decides to accompany a mother to pick up her son's coffin.

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