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A small gem.
Easily one of the finest pictures of 2003 or any other year.
New York Post
The intolerance and inflexibility that marked the Taliban's brutal rule takes a solid hit in this lovely import from Bangladesh.
From folk festivals to political rallies, Masud never overlooks the cultural and emotional elements of a country at a crossroads.
Miami Herald
For all its tumult, The Clay Bird mostly concentrates on its likable characters, all acted with the kind of understatement that makes a good film better.
Accomplished, emotionally involving film.
Village Voice
The film's critique of Islam is offered without rancor, and it's evident that Masud loves all his characters, whatever their viewpoints.
TV Guide Magazine
The film draws careful parallels between orthodoxies and in his own quiet way, Masud, a devout Muslim, level his critique at repressive political regimes and religious doctrines, and those who dangerously confuse one with the other.
Washington Post
The power of this quiet little film lies in the lyricism of its images of life on Bangladesh's waterways and in its towns...and in the naturalistic performances from its cast of mostly nonprofessional actors.
Washington Post
Strikes several beautiful and lingering chords about the human condition, but the notes of the music ultimately never come together to form a coherent song.

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