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Watch the First Trailer for Tim Burton's Dumbo

  • Cinelinx
This morning brings us our first look at Disney's live-action Dumbo, that's bothly enchanting and melancholic. Come inside to check it out!

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to Dumbo all that much. The original cartoon movie isn't among my favorites, but there's something about this morning teaser trailer that has my full attention:

Tim Burton has great visual style, and his fantastical approach lends the trailer an air whimsy that makes everything mesh together really well. I'm getting distinctive Big Fish vibes (one of my favorit Burton films) and there's nothing wrong with that. Where I had no interest before, this teaser for Dumbo has me anxious for more.

From Disney and visionary director Tim Burton, the all-new grand live-action adventure “Dumbo” expands on the beloved classic story where differences are celebrated, family is cherished and dreams take flight. Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlists former
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‘Big Fish’ Creators Blast Pittsburgh Theater for Canceling Musical Over Gay Dads in Chorus

  • The Wrap
Andrew Lippa and John August, the composer and script writer of the 2013 Broadway musical “Big Fish,” have blasted the decision by a Pittsburgh theater to cancel an upcoming production because of the director’s plan to include a same-sex couple and their child in one of the show’s production numbers.

“‘Family-friendly’ shouldn’t mean ignoring reality,” Lippa and August said in a joint statement to TheWrap on Thursday. “Let’s remember that in America there are all kinds of families, including ones with two dads, two moms, people of all gender identity, color and creed. Family-friendly is something bigger than it once was.”

August and Lippa made the statement after they learned that the Palisade Playhouse in Pittsburgh had halted the production following the resignation of director Nik Nemec and several cast members. Nemec quit when he clashed with playhouse producers over how to include a gay family in the background of a song.
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Why a “Miss Congeniality” Broadway Show is Inevitable

Not only is it inevitable- if fans had their way, it would be more than welcomed. Miss Congeniality is one of those films which people just love. Plenty of other popular films have gone on to become astounding musicals. Just look at Big Fish, Kinky Boots, and The Producers. These films are part of a long list of well-loved favorites which have also shared their own measures of injurious criticism only to become successful Broadway shows. It doesn’t take much to elicit positive reactions from Miss Congeniality fans when discussing its possible film to musical adaptation. When asked to consider

Why a “Miss Congeniality” Broadway Show is Inevitable
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Tim Burton’s Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Might Not Be a Remake After All

  • The Wrap
Tim Burton’s Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Might Not Be a Remake After All
Tim Burton is giving “Dumbo” the “Big Fish” treatment, as Disney unveiled never-before-seen footage of the upcoming live-action remake of the 1966 classic animated film.

And it looks like Burton’s take has some marked differences from the original.

“The ginal] movie ends with Dumbo flying,” co-star Danny DeVito in a sizzle reel presented at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday. “This movie begins with the elephant flying, and takes the story even further.”

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With the film still in production, the studio’s featurette didn’t include images of the title elephant himself, but it did include concept art of the character that revealed the blend of cartoon and realistic aesthetics in keeping with Burton’s signature surrealist approach to the material.

Dumbo” will feature a cast led by DeVito, who plays the circus’ loudmouth manager Max Medici. The new footage shows Medici chewing out the circus’ strongman, who is also in charge of accounting.

Other denizens of the circus were shown, including the beautiful trapeze artist Collette Marchant (Eva Green) and WWII vet Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell), a former circus star in charge of taking care of Dumbo.

Dumbo” returns to theaters March 29, 2019.

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Disney Teases Live-Action ‘Lion King’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Dumbo’ & More At CinemaCon – Update

Disney dropped a trailer-featurette combo of Tim Burton’s Dumbo in showing off its upcoming slate at CinemaCon today. The ornate period piece brings to mind such movies as The Greatest Showman, Burton’s circus tale Big Fish, and Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful. But they also had more: Before the session ended, the studio also dropped “The Circle of Life” opening sequence to Jon Favreau’s The Lion King, which hits theaters July 19, 2019, and a behind-the-scenes look at…
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Big Fish and Begonia Review

  • HeyUGuys
Writing a synopsis for Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun’s epic animated tale, is one of the hardest jobs a reviewer will ever undertake. For even by Eastern standards, Big Fish and Begonia is way out there.

In the most simple terms we can muster, Big Fish is the story of Chun, a young girl coming of age in a mystical world that exists out of reach of us mortal humans. A world that controls the tides of the sea and changing of the seasons (based loosely on old Chinese legends).

When Chun turns sixteen, her journey involves turning into a dolphin and travelling up a giant funnel of water to visit Earth.

While there, she is to observe her surroundings and avoid contact with the human race. To the surprise of nobody, Chun breaks the no contact rule when she’s caught up in a fisherman’s net and
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Kennedy Center Honors: Our top 50 recommendations who need to be chosen include Dick Van Dyke, Liza Minnelli, Jessica Lange, Bette Midler

The next recipients for the Kennedy Center Honors will be announced in the late summer, often around Labor Day. The all-star event is held each year in the nation’s capital during the first weekend in December and then airs on CBS as a two-hour special after Christmas.

Each year, the selection committee chooses five entertainment veterans from a variety of fields – film, television, popular music, theatre, and the fine arts. Selected artists are almost always over 50 and generally are 60 and beyond.

The first recipients in 1978 were singer Marian Anderson, actor and dancer Fred Astaire, choreographer George Balanchine, composer Richard Rodgers and conductor Arthur Rubinstein. The most recent honorees in 2017 for the 40th anniversary program were dancer Carmen de Lavallade, singer Gloria Estefan, singer LL Cool J, producer and writer Norman Lear and singer Lionel Richie.

But there are a number of notable performers missing from the honors roll. Our
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An Exclusive “Live Pd” Q&A with Executive Producer Dan Cesareo

TVOvermind recently caught up with Dan Cesareo, president and founder of production company Big Fish Entertainment, and executive producer of hit series Live Pd (A&E), which reached a milestone 100thepisode last month. Cesareo, who founded Big Fish in 2006, has produced more than 750 hours of top-rated and super social programming in the live, unscripted reality, lifestyle and documentary space. Other current Big Fish series include mega-hit franchise Black Ink Crew: New York and Chicago for VH1 (check out TVOvermind’s exclusive with Dan last year on the franchise here); Date Night Live for Lifetime; Chris Paul’s Chapter 3 for ESPN; Tattoo Girls for TLC and culinary docu-series Hustle & Soul for We tv. With a penchant for reinventing

An Exclusive “Live Pd” Q&A with Executive Producer Dan Cesareo
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Marvel Is Aiming for Half of All Future McU Movies to Be Directed by Women

Marvel Studios' success has been unparalleled and unprecedented, but among the chief complaints among many fans for years was the lack of diversity, both in ethnic heroes and female heroes as well. Marvel has most definitely addressed both issues with the blockbuster hit Black Panther, and the upcoming Captain Marvel, but Victoria Alonso, Marvel's executive VP of physical production, hopes to see a day where half of the McU slate is directed by women.

Before joining Marvel in 2006, Victoria Alonso worked in the male-dominated world of visual effects, working on films such as The 6th Day, Cats and Dogs, Darkness Falls, The Core, Big Fish, Fifty First Dates and Kingdom of Heaven. She joined Marvel as the chief of visual effects, serving as both a producer and a visual effects producer on the first McU movie, Iron Man, while also producing the rest of Marvel's early movies before being
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‘Big Fish & Begonia’ Film Review: Chinese Animated Fantasy Tells Bold, Beautiful Tale of Sacrifice

  • The Wrap
‘Big Fish & Begonia’ Film Review: Chinese Animated Fantasy Tells Bold, Beautiful Tale of Sacrifice
Chinese animation makes a confident play for art and relevance with “Big Fish & Begonia,” a swell of myth, nature, adolescent turbulence and fantasy intrigue that impresses more often than it organically dazzles, and yet succeeds mostly because of its beating heart.

It’s impossible not to think of Japan’s animation deity Hayao Miyazaki when watching this movie’s lyrical flourishes — morphing creatures, magical worlds, a little “Spirited Away” here, a little “Ponyo” there — but there’s also a concerted effort on the parts of directors Xuan Liang (who also wrote it) and Chun Zhang to establish their own alchemic wonder. Where Miyazaki’s wisdom kept his prodigious imagination in the service of intimacy, “Big Fish” is daringly, if haphazardly, epic with its vision and feelings. The urge to awe may feel self-conscious at times, but it’s rarely not heartfelt, even when it’s skirting the edge of incomprehensible.

Detailing the story’s intertwined human and spiritual worlds takes some time in the early going, but the set-up’s basic gist is that life on earth is tied to the movement of the oceans, which are controlled by beings in a sky realm. The story centers on one of these otherworldly figures from above, a 16-year-old girl named Chun who is eager to explore the human world through an established ritual — one involving a massive whirlpool-like water portal — that allows an “other” to visit life below in the form of a red dolphin.

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The trip can only last seven days, however, and mustn’t involving direct interaction with humans, due to the prevailing belief that they’ve made a mess of things. (And who can blame them, especially when it comes to sea mammals?)

Chun defies the rules, though, and initiates a wordless dolphin-girl connection with a kind fisherman’s son who shows an abiding respect for aquatic life. When Chun gets trapped in a fishing net, the boy saves her, but drowns in the process. Distraught and eager to right this wrong, Chun returns to her world with one of the boy’s possessions — an ocarina — and looks for a way to bring him back to life. This requires bargaining with the soul keeper, a wily, mahjong-playing figure who demands half of Chun’s life in return for the chance for her to nurture the boy’s soul, manifest in their realm as a baby dolphin, into adulthood, after which he can return to the human world.

Chun’s selflessness isn’t seen as such by the others, except for her childhood pal Qiu, a gung-ho boy with obvious feelings for Chun. Though he suffers pangs of jealousy over Chun’s attention to her human-born, dolphin-bodied charge (which she names Kun), Qiu sticks up for Chun, and eventually offers his own form of sacrifice to keep her and the ever-growing Kun safe.

See Photos: A Timeline of Stop-Motion Animation History, From 'A Trip to the Moon' to 'Isle of Dogs'

But they’re up against a concerned citizenry, who blame the increasingly unnatural weather on the human in their midst. Chun and Qiu are also in danger of being manipulated by a devious sewer queen who houses the souls of departed human sinners in the form of rats.

It may feel as if an entire encyclopedia’s worth of Chinese mythology were coursing over you in one trippy movie. Indeed, much of the integrated inspiration for Liang’s and Zhang’s story comes from such storied texts of colorful folklore as “Classic of Mountains and Seas” and “In Search of the Supernatural,” and perhaps most prominently — in the case of one character’s turning into a giant tree, and its importance to the story’s resolution — from the ancient Taoist collection of fables called “Zhuangzi.”

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At its visual best, “Big Fish & Begonia” makes lyrical connections between atmospheres — as when an underwater sequence, seen from a different angle, looks like creatures are swimming through the sky — or just revels in a stunning vista altered by the characters’ ability to transform themselves and the world around them.

It may be a convoluted yarn, but there are pockets of grace when it comes to Liang’s and Zhang’s sincere evocation of the responsibility behind stewardship of our and others’ souls, and a belief in sacrifice as it relates to love and death, even our relationship to the environment. (And having spent over a decade painstakingly turning a personal project into a feature-length reality, Liang and Zhang clearly know a thing or two about nurturing something beloved into existence.)

The story is ultimately defined by the trade-offs its mythical beings make that give life to some at the expense of others, and those spiritually affirming decisions eventually take pride of place amidst the overwhelming campaign of climactic set pieces (namely, the threatened destruction of Chun’s world) that dominate the second half.

Chinese animation is still feeling its way into the industry, but “Big Fish & Begonia,” with its big-canvas approach to myth, world-building, wonder and fragile humanity, announces itself as if cinema was more than ready for it.

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L.A. Now Casting: Play Edward in an Anaheim Production of ‘Big Fish’

Be the hero in the larger-than-life Andrew Lippa musical “Big Fish,” now casting its Edward. Based on the Daniel Wallace novel and Tim Burton film of the same name, “Big Fish ”is a fantastical musical that illustrates the larger-than-life anecdotes of Edward Bloom, a man nearing the end of his life, a fact that has compelled his son Will to embark on an adventure of his own. A male actor, aged 35–59, is currently sought to play the lead role of Edward. Talent must be able to sing (vocal range: bari-tenor G2–G4) and dance. Rehearsals for “Big Fish” will begin May 15, and performances run select dates from June 29–July 29 at Chance Theater in Anaheim, California. Union actors will be paid $240 per week under the Aea Special Appearance Agreement. Nonunion actors will be paid $725 for the whole production run. Find out what’s next by applying directly at Backstage here! Check
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Now Casting: Play a Principal Role in a Summer Stock Production of ‘West Side Story’ + 3 More Gigs

Something’s coming—something good—at the Shenandoah Summer Music Theater. The company’s summer stock production of “West Side Story” is now casting its Tony, Riff, Anita, and Bernardo. Plus, a short film about a series of nightmare sequences is looking for leads and background for its individual sequences, a production of “Big Fish” needs talent in Anaheim, and an actor is wanted to play a young pregnant woman doing her best to survive. “West Side Story” Join the principal cast of Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre’s production of “West Side Story.” Male and female talent, aged 18–30, is wanted to play the lead roles of Tony, Riff, Anita, and Bernardo. Rehearsals will begin June 21 with performances July 5–15 at the Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre in Winchester, Virginia. Equity members will be hired under the Equity Guest Artist Agreement and non-Equity artists will be paid $1,500. All actors will be provided with housing. Apply here!
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Jimmy Kimmel Hinted at a Major Oscars Scandal in His Opening Monologue

Touching upon the Harvey Weinstein scandals in his opening speech for the Oscars, host Jimmy Kimmel quipped that the only other person to get expelled from the Academy was a character actor named Carmine Caridi, who received the same punishment as Weinstein because he lent a "neighbor a copy of Seabiscuit on VHS." Surely, this shout-out must have been awkward for Caridi, who's been out of the spotlight for the last 14 years since his expulsion from the Academy. Many younger viewers may miss this reference, but Caridi's scandal was quite a debacle back in the day. In early 2004, federal authorities alleged that Caridi gave Russell Sprague screeners of over 60 movies seeking consideration for the Academy Awards after it found a copy of Something's Gotta Give circulating illegally on the Internet in 2004. Sprague and Caridi had met in Los Angeles when Sprague helped Caridi with a broken Vcr. They kept in contact,
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Trailer Lands For Upcoming Manga ‘Big Fish & Begonia’

Manga Entertainment has debuted he first trailer for their upcoming release Big Fish & Begonia, which will arrive in cinemas on Wednesday 18th April.

Twelve years in the making, artful anime feature Big Fish & Begonia is a visually stunning cinematic adventure that captures the unique aesthetics, mystique and rich cultural traditions of ancient China. The film entwines new storytelling, mythical legends and lyrical characters from notable Chinese classics In Search of the Supernatural, The Classic of Mountains and Seas, and Daoist classic Zhuangzi.

“Our dream is to make an animated film that touches people’s hearts and inspires people with love and faith,” said writer/director Xuan Liang.

Already a great box-office success overseas, Big Fish & Begonia is China’s foremost anime feature film. Many animation enthusiasts, artists and critics alike have heralded Big Fish & Begonia‘s artistic achievement as the forefront of the burgeoning Chinese animation industry. This highly-anticipated movie
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Full Line-up Announced for 41st Annual Portland International Film Festival

Earlier today the folks at the Northwest Film Center announced the full line-up for this year’s Portland International Film Festival, and have published a Pdf for all to read online. The printed copies will be making their way around town this week.

The Northwest Film Center is proud to reveal the 41st Portland International Film Festival (Piff 41) lineup. This year’s Festival begins on Thursday, February 15th and runs through Thursday, March 1st. Our Opening Night selection is the new comedy The Death of Stalin from writer/director Armando Iannucci (Veep, In the Loop). The film, adapted from the graphic novel by Fabien Nury, stars Steve Buscemi, Olga Kurylenko, Jason Isaacs, and Michael Palin. The Death of Stalin will screen simultaneously on Opening Night at the Whitsell Auditorium, located in the Portland Art Museum (1219 Sw Park Ave) and on two screens at Regal Fox Tower 10 (846 Sw Park Ave).

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Roles Where Actors Portrayed Much Older Characters

  • Cinelinx
New Year’s resolutions are a time to work towards a transformation of your body and/or your life. To honor these goals, this month we’re going to look at transformative roles in film. This week we look at some prominent examples of actors played characters that are much older than the actors’ actual age.

It’s one thing to mentally prepare to play a character in a movie or a play. It’s another thing to physically transform yourself in order to better identify with the role. Some transformations are only skin deep; extensive makeup or prosthetics may be sufficient to pull of the necessary look. Other transformations are more involved; many actors may take part in weeks, if not months, of preparations for a role. This can include intense training, specialized diets, and exhaustive exercise routines. The end result of an actor going through such a transformation
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Celebrating National Popcorn Day with popcorn movie scenes!

  • Cineplex
Celebrating National Popcorn Day with popcorn movie scenes!Celebrating National Popcorn Day with popcorn movie scenes!Adriana Floridia1/16/2018 9:11:00 Am

At Cineplex, we love popcorn.

It comes as no surprise that we'd take any opportunity to not just eat it, but celebrate it. This Friday is National Popcorn Day, and we are doing just that! On January 19th, Scene members will receive a Free small bag of popcorn, making it a good day to come out to the movies!

We also found some memorable moments in film where movie characters also enjoyed our favourite buttery treat. Check out our list of Popcorn Movie Scenes below, and make sure to eat some popcorn on January 19th!

Big Fish

Time stops as Ewan McGregor walks through popcorn.


Drew Barrymore makes some popcorn while on the phone with a serial killer.

Real Genius

Literally, a house full of popcorn.

The Last
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‘The Shape of Water’: Why Guillermo Del Toro and Vanessa Taylor Didn’t Speak While Writing Their Film

‘The Shape of Water’: Why Guillermo Del Toro and Vanessa Taylor Didn’t Speak While Writing Their Film
When crafting their love story about a mute cleaning lady (Sally Hawkins) and gilled government asset (Doug Jones) who fall in love without saying a word, “The Shape of Water” screenwriters Guillermo del Toro and Vanessa Taylor also did not speak. It wasn’t a meta exercise or conscious choice — just the practical outcome of exchanging emailed pages and drafts for six months while the roving del Toro kept up appearances in Toronto, Europe, and his native Mexico. Thus, in Taylor’s mind, they had no disagreements; they shared differing points of view with a more playful shorthand.

“There were things that he put in that I took out, and then he would put back in,” and vice versa, Taylor said in a recent phone interview. “Obviously, as the director, he could choose to do whatever he wanted to do.” So far this award season, “The Shape of Water” has
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Justice League: The Flash's Dad Is Actually a Very Famous Actor

Image Source: Warner Bros. Ok, maybe Justice League isn't the best superhero movie that's ever been made, but there's still plenty of room to enjoy it. Once you look beyond the sad Amazonian costume redesign (and the other myriad issues), it's still an action-packed, much more lighthearted, overall sort of entertaining addition to the cinematic branch of the DC Extended Universe. All things considered, some of the best fun during Justice League comes from the little Easter eggs that are sprinkled throughout. You know, like the postcredits scene and the little superhero cameo. Oh, and then there's the (very handsome) man who plays the father of the Flash aka Barry Allen aka Mr. Ezra Miller, who is also very handsome. Barry's dad, Henry Allen, only pops up in a couple of Justice League scenes. Henry is in prison for allegedly murdering Barry's mom, Nora Allen. Near the beginning of Justice League,
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The Last Word on ‘A Monster Calls’

I’m not actually sure what angle to take on ‘A Monster Calls‘. I’m not familiar with the award-winning children’s book it’s based on, so I can’t really come at it from that angle, although the animation and special effects, are impressive and seem special at moments. I’m certainly not gonna pan the movie outright, it’s too well-done for that, but I’ve just seen too many movies beforehand. Too many movies, read too many books, seen too many similar projects…, this is the kind of movie that’s either gonna work on you or it’s not, and I’ve just become a little too jaded over the years, or maybe I’ve just outgrown the narrative.

Actually, that’s not true, I’ve never liked this narrative structure. Structurally, the movie that ‘A Monster Calls‘ reminds me of, is Tim Burton‘s
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