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Marion Cotillard: Josephine Bloom



  • Senior Ed Bloom : I don't know if you're aware of this, Josephine, but African parrots, in their native home of the Congo, they speak only French.

    Josephine : Really?

    Senior Ed Bloom : You're lucky to get four words out of them in English, but if you were to walk through the jungle, you'd hear them speaking the most elaborate French. Those parrots talk about everything. Politics, movies, fashion. Everything but religion.

    Will Bloom : Why not religion, Dad?

    Senior Ed Bloom : It's rude to talk about religion. You never know who you're gonna offend.

    Will Bloom : Josephine actually went to the Congo last year.

    Senior Ed Bloom : Oh, so you know.

  • Josephine : I'd like to take your picture.

    Senior Ed Bloom : Oh, you don't need a picture. Just look up "handsome" in the dictionary.

  • Josephine : Oh, so this is a tall tale?

    Senior Ed Bloom : Well, it's not a short one.

  • Josephine : [the phoe rings as a pregnant Josephine and Will come home from the grocery store, she lays the bags down and answers the phone]  Qui appelle? Yes. Yes, he's here.

    [she turns to Will and extends the phone] 

    Josephine : It's your mother.

    Will Bloom : [he takes the phone]  Hi.

    [he holds up a 'one second' sign as he talks to her] 

    Will Bloom : What does Dr.Bennet say? No, sure, I'll talk to him. Yeah, I'll wait.

    Josephine : It's bad?

    Will Bloom : Yeah, it's more than they thought. They're gonna stop chemo.

    Josephine : You need to go.

    Will Bloom : Probably tonight.

    Josephine : I'm going with you.

    Will Bloom : No, no, no. You shouldn't.

    [he places his hand on Josephine's stomach] 

    Josephine : I'm going with you.

    [Will strokes her face] 

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