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Season 4

10 Sep. 2005
Cousin Sid
Casey's cousin comes to the Jones Farm to look for hidden treasure. Unfortunately, he brings some Purple Dragons with him.
15 Oct. 2005
I, Monster
Bishop's Slayer returns in a new form.
12 Nov. 2005
Aliens Among Us
Agent Bishop launches a plan to get the President on his side, by making the Turtles look like alien invaders.
19 Nov. 2005
Dragons Rising
Leonardo goes with Casey to put an end to Hun's plans to bring the Purple Dragons to glory. But can both control their anger and succeed in their mission?
26 Nov. 2005
Still Nobody
Vigilante cop Nobody enlists the help of the Turtles to protect a witness and take down the leader of the Turks, a violent new street gang.
29 Oct. 2005
All Hallows Thieves
On Halloween night, a hideous six-armed idol is used to invoke a horde of imps and their master, The King of Thieves.
3 Dec. 2005
Samurai Tourist
Usagi Yojimbo visits Leo to counsel him. He brings an unruly friend with him - and an assassin.
4 Feb. 2006
Scion of the Shredder
Karai goes after the Turtles.
11 Feb. 2006
Prodigal Son
Leonardo returns from Japan to wreak vengeance on the Foot and Karai.
2 Aug. 2015
Insane in the Membrane
Stockman achieves in getting his new body.
4 Mar. 2006
Tale of Master Yoshi
The turtles are cleaning up their new lair. Donatello shorts out a circuit breaker. Michelangelo begins to flip out, but Splinter suggests telling stories. Leo relays a story that the Ancient One told him at the end of S4E14.
25 Mar. 2006
Adventures in Turtle Sitting
Donatello starts to undergo a horrifying mutation.
1 Apr. 2006
Good Genes: Part 1
Leo, Mikey, Raph, Splinter, and Leatherhead are desperate in curing Donny. Their only choice is to make a deal with the devil (Bishop himself).
8 Apr. 2006
Good Genes: Part 2
The TMNT return to New York to retrieve a pendant that Bishop wants in exchange for Donatello's cure. And it's under the ownership of the New Shredder, Karai.
15 Apr. 2006
The Ninja Tribunal
The turtles are sick of being stuck inside their lair and decide to go out and enjoy the night, but they are approached by strange warriors who make the night a little more interesting.

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