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Captures the Scope of the Sixties
rvdalton16 October 2005
I really enjoyed the scope of this movie which not only captures the events and feelings of the sixties, but examines the fifties mentality which led to the sixties. It's also historically fascinating to realize that many centuries' sixties seemed to lead towards cataclysmic changes. This movie explores the many revolutions of the sixties and the sometimes impassioned comments from participants. I wish it were available in DVD format. Civil rights, sexual freedom, anti Viet Nam, political activism, LSD and drugs, counterculture, comedy, music, ecology all saw tremendous upheavals and reformations in the sixties. A great history lesson, but will we repeat it in a different form in 2066?
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outstanding mini-series on the turbulent 60s by PBS
larryficks27 May 2005
This is an outstanding mini-series done in 1991 by PBS. It shows actual footage of the 1950s and 1960s people, events, and changes that took place done in narrative dialog by the people who really lived thru the experience. It is broken down in segments, each 1 hour long, showing and the events and outcomes from the late 50s up thru 1970. I have used as an teaching aid in both High school and college courses. It is in black and white from the original film footages. A must for all to re-see or see and to be used in teaching the unique events and changes that took place in the 1960s.. The parallels to the 2000s is scarily quite similar and familiar.
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