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Not bad
tay-sedai26 May 2013
I wouldn't call this a brilliant movie, but it certainly kept me watching from start to finish. Michelle Rodriguez's character is replaced by another kick-arse heroine to work alongside Jovovich's Alice. There's also a new super-evil dude to contend with. Naturally the biggest baddies of all are the people who work for the Umbrella corporation! And, man, those zombie dogs are just freaky!

In this movie we get to know a bit more about how the T-Virus came to be, and get a new perspective on how it can be used for good and not just bad. Naturally, though, it's mostly all bad!

As usual, there's a lot of action and a lot of death. And the Umbrella Corporation sure is good at twisting the facts of the truth. I'm intrigued to know what happens next.

So I'm ready to watch movie #3.
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'Apocalypse' doesn't do everything wrong, but it certainly doesn't do everything right.
Darth_Nebuchadnezzar30 September 2004
Following the success of the 2002 adaptation from video game to film that was 'Resident Evil', comes its tantalizingly-trailered sequel, 'Resident Evil: Apocalypse'. I have to say, I was entranced by the trailer of this film. I seriously thought that this film had the potential to rise above 'Mortal Kombat' (1995) and 'Resident Evil' as the best cinematic event to spawn from a video game. 'Apocalypse' doesn't do everything wrong, but it certainly doesn't do everything right.

Let's start with a brief synopsis. Firstly, this film picks up literally days after the first drops us off. 'Apocalypse' opens with a rehashed explanation of what we learned about the two main characters in the original, Alice (Milla Jovovich) and Matt Addison (Eric Mabius). Again, we are told that this Umbrella Corporation is an international super-power and that Alice is (or more accurately was) the head of security in an underground research facility dubbed "The Hive", which harbored research and specimens pertaining to biological weaponry. After that, we are treated to the scientists who wheeled Addison away at the closure of 'Evil', opening the zombie-infested annals of "The Hive". Immediately before the audience 'knows' what happens (its pretty obvious and is given away in the final shots of the first 'RE') we transition into a militaristic evacuation of important personnel associated with Umbrella Corp. After a few assorted events that do (and simultaneously do not) move the plot line (a 'do not' being the lead-scientist asking how bad the situation is). After this, we are introduced to nearly a half-dozen other characters, including a renegade police officer (Sienna Guillory), the remaining members of an elite task force (Oded Fehr, Zack Ward), a VERY stereotypical Black man (Mike Epps) and a hulking creature (which, if you paid attention to the first 'RE', you would be aware of its appearance) that totes both a rocket-launcher and a hand-held chain gun named the "Nemesis".

As far as performances go, the aforementioned actors and actresses do well with the material that they are given. Guillory has Helen of Troy (not from the film 'Troy') on her resume, as Jovovich has Joan of Arc, Fehr has the mummy hunter, Ardeth Bay from the 'Mummy' series and Epps is credible in several comedies. There is no real emotion in the script, so the viewers really can't ask for any emotion from the actors (sadly true).

That is where 'Apocalypse' stumbles, and in many places, falls on it's face.

The plot is paper thin with nearly no real complications for the audience until the last ten minutes (which is a near-complete turn around from the original, which actually evoked SOME thought from the audience). It is basically unleash zombies on the city and shoot 'em up. The small sub-plots really vary from little to no relevance in the story whatsoever. It is pretty predictable that there is some kind of 'oh no, my friend was bitten and eventually, I'll have to kill him just before he bites me' situation, and the big action/set pieces are blatantly set up. The characters are thinner than the plot, with their arcs being straighter than a steel arrow. Alice begins the movie as an ass-kicking femme fatal, and finishes the film being...oh, you guessed it, an ass-kicking femme fatal. Jill Valentine (Guillory) is another one of these masculinely tough females, although sans Alice's super powers. The only real life that is brought to the script is through the epitome of black stereotypes, played by Mike Epps. It was sadly ironic, however that my favorite bit of 'Apocalypse' involved a reference to another video game franchise.

Again, 'RE: Apocalypse' is not completely bad. Although few, it has its moments. Mike Epps has his funny lines and his one encounter with the Nemesis brought laughs from the entire audience, which was something needed in the film. The Nemesis was done well a majority of the time (although there is a bit where the big oaf crashes through a wall and his head piece actually shifts visibly on the actor's shoulders) and makes a formidable villain for a good margin of the film (although his closure is a bit weak). Many of the action sequences had great potential...but the majority of those action scenes were fast-cut, much like 'AvP', so much so that it was very hard at moments to see exactly what was happening in the shot.

'Apocalypse' suffices much more as an action movie than it does as a horror film, and it struggles to keep interest, even for someone who has faithfully played the video games. I will be glad to admit, though...'Apocalypse' has the BIGGEST, most unexpected scare of 2004. I won't say when or where...but I am glad to have experienced it. 'Apocalypse' isn't exactly worth all eight dollars of your admission fee, but it doesn't make a bad Saturday afternoon matinee...6/10.
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Pretty Girls, Big Guns, Ugly Monsters...
MrRazorz1 April 2005
The sequel to Resident Evil – in which a group of scientists and special forces get trapped in a giant underground facility overrun with zombies and mutants – is pretty much what you'd expect. After being captured by the Umbrella Corporation at the end of the first film, almost-sole-survivor Milla Jovovich (the only supermodel in the world who you can take seriously as an action heroine) wakes up in an abandoned laboratory in Raccoon City to find that the zombie-animating "t-virus" has spread to the surface. Half the city are already zombified and killing the other half, and Umbrella Corporation has sealed off the city limits and is planning to "sanitise" the area. Hooking up with a rag-tag group of survivors, Jovovich makes a deal with a rogue Umbrella scientist who promises to get them out of town as long as they rescue his missing daughter who's hiding somewhere in the ruins. Meanwhile Umbrella has its own plans for the lovely Miss Milla, involving a seven-foot armour-clad mutant called the Nemesis who's using the infested city as a training ground. Much shooting/fighting/exploding ensues, and - just like in the first film - the mysterious cliffhanger ending leaves things wide open for another sequel.

Probably because it's based on a Japanese video game, this movie isn't afraid to embrace the clichés that Hollywood's spent the last decade or so trying to avoid. Lurching zombies, machine gun-toting monsters, smarmy suit-wearing villains, hard-as-nails soldiers and a wisecracking streetwise black dude are all essential ingredients, as well as not one but TWO sexy ass-kicking heroines. While Jovovich rides in to save the day on a motorcycle and carries so many guns it's a wonder she doesn't fall over, Sienna Guillory (as tough bitch cop Jill Valentine) has the dubious honour of performing various athletic action sequences in a miniskirt and boob tube. Am I complaining? Hell no.

To be honest, it's really quite refreshing to see a movie like this in this day and age. Like the timelessly cheesy horror/action flicks of John Carpenter, the Resident Evil franchise throws realism and political correctness to the wind and just has fun pitting Pretty Girls With Big Guns against Ugly Monsters With Big Teeth. Be honest – unless you're a metrosexual poseur or a card-carrying member of the PC Police, you probably love this stuff as much as I do.
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Resident Evil: Apocalypse (of plot)
Jrdn85322 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood is known for its summertime action "flicks", and recent action films such as The Matrix began to show a hopeful turn towards a trend of thoughtful plots and interesting stories. Unfortunately, the large success of Resident Evil: Apocalypse may very well be the deathblow to this promising new trend. In a sense, the title speaks for itself; Resident Evil: Apocalypse may very well be the apocalypse of intelligent action movies.

After a new virus breaks out in a large industrialized city, citizens begin mutating into cannibalistic, flesh-eating zombies. The Umbrella Corporation, consisting of the people most directly responsible for the outbreak, takes measures to quarantine the city, turning it into a horrific sanitarium. The story follows several characters as they attempt to survive and escape the city with the help of an unseen ally who keeps contact with them from outside the city. Things further complicate when "Nemesis", the movie's biggest, toughest monster, arrives for the sole purpose of killing just about everything he perceives as a threat.

The plot of Resident Evil: Apocalypse is, perhaps, the single worst piece of writing recently played out before the eyes of unfortunate movie fans. From the very beginning, the story begs questions that are never answered: who gave the Umbrella Corporation a building permit for a gigantic wall that would circle the city and with which they could, at a moment's notice, lock everyone inside? Why does Alice come crashing into a church through a stained-glass window, on a motorcycle, "armed to the teeth" with weaponry, to rescue the protagonists with perfect timing, despite the fact that she has never met them before and was, in the previous scene, walking around in the street with only a shotgun and no motorcycle at all? These and many more mind-boggling questions are completely ignored; the person who was in charge of this film's continuity should never work in Hollywood again. In fact, Resident Evil: Apocalypse has more plot holes than moldy Swiss cheese. However, even when ignoring the numerous plot holes -- which is almost an impossibility -- the story itself is still laughable, revolving partly around an insipid "fight for survival" that seems to rely on the main group splitting up and one of the subgroups being brutally slaughtered for no good reason, with the other part being about Alice (a character invented by the script-writer, as she was never in the game it is very loosely-taken from) and her relationship with the monster "Nemesis". Surprisingly, the director managed to craft a story that is significantly less interesting the one presented in the video game version. To cap off all the "excitement", the movie reaches its climax a full fifteen minutes before the end of the film! After a handful of survivors have escaped, Alice is caught and put in a lab, where she not only manages to escape, but also to manifest psychic powers while quipping off several lines that were used to advertise the movie in commercials. What was the purpose of this 15-minute epilogue? To set up the next movie in the series - a completely unnecessary task, as the film has already made it clear that there is absolutely no help for the next sequel in terms of quality. In a way, it could be said that the one thing the plot truly accomplished was setting the stage for even more cinematic fodder in the future.

The acting was not bad, and, in general, was as good as it could have been, given the material the actors had to work with. Although Alice is mildly interesting (do largely to her reflections) and well played by Milla Jovovich, the rest of the characters were mostly stale archetypes. The most blatant example is the character of L.J., played by actor Mike Epps, who embodies every "black" stereotype that is popular today. This character's only true purpose is comic relief, and to that respect, he does it dryly.

The cinematography offers a wide variety of different camera shots, as well as providing a constant supply of "eye candy". In what is easily the highlight of the film, Resident Evil: Apocalypse shows some impressive-looking stunts, such as a scene of Alice running down the side of a sky scraper with either the intent to kill, or the intent to break her legs. Either way, the scene was a joy ride for the vision. Truthfully, the only badly shot scenes that come to mind are the blurry scene (unnecessary, ugly, and pointless), and the climatic fight scene at the end (badly cut and confusing). Overall, though, the cinematography was decently good, which is likely the cause for this film making so much money in the box office.

The setting was exactly what you would expect for an apocalyptic zombie movie - a big city with lots of undead people. The sets maintained a Gothic look throughout, and few scenes took place in daylight. Thankfully, the lighting was very well done, so the film maintained a dark, night-time look while simultaneously allowing the viewers to perfectly see all that was happening. Sets based on real buildings, such as schools and police stations, all looked exactly as they should. Resident Evil: Apocalypse had a big budget, and that fact is made apparent by the great sets and props.

Unfortunately, nothing saves the movie from its horrible plot. A plot should provide any movie with its base, and with a plot so holey and incoherent, everything that could have made Resident Evil: Apocalypse good simply falls apart. Despite the big budget, some reasonably well-known actors, and a license and subject-matter with a cult following, nothing can gloss over the essential flaws that keep this movie from any kind of greatness. People who prefer to see mindless exaggerated action sequences, devoid of any decent plot, will likely enjoy Resident Evil: Apocalypse. However, those interested in intelligent, well-written stories will do well to look elsewhere.
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Resident Evil Apocalypse Has a Lot to Offer
politehere2 April 2014
I've watched Resident Evil 1 to 5 many times, and I have RE 4 and 5 in 3D. Having seen all these movies numerous times, I now have come to the realization that Resident Evil Apocalypse is my most favorite in the franchise. Granted, the first movie in a franchise is usually also the most enjoyable because it introduces us to the movie's universe. As such, the first half of Resident Evil 1 surpasses all others and can be watched many times without regret; however, while Resident Evil 1 is one of my favorite movies of all time, it fails to deliver enough thrills in its second half; and this is exactly what RE Apocalypse compensates for. Apart from that, RE Apocalypse has a great first half, because it is one thing for the T-virus to spread inside the Hive and a completely different thing for it to spread to the entire city. That being said, RE Apocalypse is thrilling and engaging from start to finish, because the universe in which the story unfolds is entirely different from the one in the original RE.

Also, while we had some bland characters in RE 1, such as the medic or the first guy that is pulled in and killed by a horde of zombies, almost all of the characters in RE 2 are colorful and each of them contributes to some aspect of the movie. It also feels good to distance oneself from the claustrophobic feeling one gets in RE 1. RE Apocalypse is an action-packed horror movie that has a lot to offer. We are presented with a stronger and more agile version of Alice who can perform fascinating Kung Fu kicks and acrobatic moves, the most interesting of which, in my opinion, is where Alice is running down a vertical building. The Nemesis is a real life replica of the most feared monster from Resident Evil games. Jill Valentine is simply perfect and makes a video game character come to life. Moreover, the sense of humor helps the movie to not get boring. I remember the first time that I watched this movie, it left me wanting for more. It has a cliff-hanger ending, and you can't help but wish to know what happens to Alice next. This is very important, given the fact that many great movies let the audience down by a disappointing or predictable ending. The movie has been shot beautifully and the background music is exciting. This movie is strongly recommended to all action-horror fans right after RE 1.
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Two babes with big guns killing zombies
Dr. Gore19 February 2005

Lethal megababe Alice, (Milla Jovovich), is back. The Hive gets reopened for some reason. The zombies take advantage of the human's blunder and pour out into Racoon City. Alice and another hot chick decide to bring the war to the zombies. The rest of the movie is one long fight scene with zombie dogs, slobbering creatures and a big monster with a rocket launcher all wanting to waste the killer babe squad.

While "Resident Evil 2" is light on plot, it is heavy on kills, explosions and various other forms of mayhem. I definitely felt I got my money's worth. There are really only two differences between this movie and the original "Resident Evil". One, this movie introduces a new monster, the Nemesis. It's a big monster with bad teeth wearing an overcoat and wielding a rocket launcher. The other difference is that they added another hot woman to the zombie killing mix. Alice needed some babe backup. Overall, I was pleased with this one. It's worth a look.
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IMDb should allow a vote of 0
todd-ramirez26 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so bad I couldn't finish it. Normally I am patient with bad movies, hoping that the ending would salvage them. But RE2 is one exception. The script is atrocious, clichéd, or just plain juvenile. Character development is non-existent, so the scene where the two main female characters meet for the first time was quite appropriate: Jill asks Alice, "Who the **** are you?" I kept asking the same question throughout. This new character of Jill was probably the biggest mistake here. There just is not enough room for the two female characters to co-exist.

Bad acting (which to me translates to bad directing) is commonplace in RE2. Case in point is when Alice, after blasting away some zombies, spins her two guns, a la John Wayne, before putting them back in the holsters. I laughed out loud at that ridiculous scene. From that point on, I just couldn't take the movie seriously.

What a waste of money (I actually bought the DVD, shame, shame, because I liked the first RE). Don't make the same mistake, unless you wanna to be annoyed.
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Return to bloody zombies with high technology science fiction
ma-cortes22 November 2004
The movie concerns about living dead in Racoon City where a lethal virus outbreaks and it infiltrates into human body creating the Zombies after to bite themselves . Milla Jovovich escapes and she's helped by an action woman (Sienna Guillory) and a soldier (Oded Feher) and a journalist(Sandrine Holt). They have to confront several Zombies starving of meat and a nasty and evil Corporation chief.

The film begins as ¨Omega man¨ movie , as a city without people , totally uninhabited . After that , Milla Jovovich will find a motley group at a church where she'll fight against weird creatures and later with Zombies that a mutant virus has transformed into flesh eating . It's a good horror film , made in fast moving and is neither boring , nor tiring , but entertaining . From the beginning until the end the action pace is nonstop . In the picture there are action, terror, suspense , creepy atmosphere and a little bit of gore . The motion picture takes parts of ¨Alien¨ and ¨Dawn of the dead¨ and of course : ¨Resident Evil I¨ . Special effects ,FX , are first rate, they have been made by make-up and computer generator.

The film is based on a popular video game and obtained a lot of success such as the first part . The yarn will appeal to terror, gore and video games fans. Rating : 6,5/10 . Above average .
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Another great franchise ruined......
PrimitiveScrewhead26 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Please excuse my short outburst but this movie is utterly awful and bares practically no resemblance to the videogames, especially in terms of style and action.

I'll try and re-elaborate on this. Resident Evil Apocalypse is nothing but TRASH. Pure, post-Matrix trash. The first movie was vomit inducing, resulting in pulsing headaches and dissolved moral. I had a small pinch of hope for the sequel, namely because the hack known as Paul W.S. Anderson wasn't directing (he was too busy murdering FOX's prized franchises) so the directing duties was given to first-timer Alexander Witt. I have come to the conclusion that Witt was just simply Anderson's alias.

The director just copied and pasted what Anderson achieved in the first film, namely rapid editing, a hard rock soundtrack and YAWN, kung-fu melee. The end result was simply a hacked attempt at copying a previous hacked attempt. Was Witt pressured by the studio to copy another Hack's style? The acting. Well, Milla Jovovvovovovocichs hams up the screen time a plenty. Serena Guillory looks quite hot in her Jill outfit but resembles a hooker for the undead. The rest of the cast are just equally as bland. And Nemesis, oh Jesus Crumbcakes. How could you feck up such a powerful, iconic character from the videogames? Easy, get Anderson involved. They MADE Nemesis a complete pussy. And why did he go after Milla? The whole point of the Nemesis in the storyline was to hunt down S.T.A.R.S. Members so why was Milla a hunted target? She has bugger all to do with them. She's just screen fodder.

And the final showdown. LAME. A fist-fight between Milla and the Nemesis, and she fricking BEATS HIM????? And then Nemesis dies by having a helicopter crash land on him? Anyone who played the RE3 game will know what a complete cop-out that was.

If you're a fan of the game, AVOID THIS FILM. But, if you've never played the videogames, enjoy post-matrix filth and into new culture crap and don't give a damn about the quality of films, just want a cheap thrill and all.........AVOID THIS FILM AS WELL!
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About as good as the first, overall
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews1 October 2004
After having seen Resident Evil god knows how many times, and being pretty psyched for the sequel, I finally got to see it, and on the premiere night, too. Of course, I knew that the director of the first RE, Paul W. S. Anderson, wasn't doing this, since he was busy making his dream project, Aliens Vs Predator. Luckily, I can cope with changes like that... as long as the change isn't devastating. For this movie, however, it's hard to tell... maybe the mediocre attempts at scaring the audience and providing shocks was Anderson's fault, as he wrote the script, but it may be the new director, first-timer Alexander Witt, who's responsible. Let me say this upfront; I, as many others who enjoyed the first, really liked the ending, the whole foreshadowing thing, and, thankfully, the film picks up exactly where the first one left off. Actually, it goes a little further back, to show us exactly what happened before Alice woke up. The plot is decent, about as good as it gets when it's Paul W. S. Anderson writing it. It doesn't drag... heh, it doesn't drag... heck, it doesn't even leave the slightest chance for it to drag, as it's constantly moving. The movie never allows the audience to catch their breath; apparently, someone(I'm guessing Anderson or Witt) has never heard of the danger of overdoing action sequences. For anything (at all) to be good, entertaining, thrilling, whatever... there needs to be what is commonly referred to as 'buffers'. Without those nice little talky-talky scenes in-between, heck, maybe even a dash of good old-fashioned character development, the action just ends up being trite. And that's pretty much what happens here. They try to squeeze as much action into every single frame as possible, and it ends up annoying the audience rather than exciting. The director also has a horrible habit of blurring the image whenever there are more than five zombies on-screen, apparently to (I guess) cover up a bad job on makeup... or something to that effect. If the first had too much make up and such, this has too little. The acting is decent enough. Milla Jovovich gives the same good performance that she usually does. The rest of the cast are acceptable. The characters are mostly clichés and stereotypes. Of course, by mostly I mean almost 90% of the cases. You got the stupid reporter who just wants to make a story out of all of this, despite her being in obvious danger; The bad-ass cop who's suspended but still takes her duty deadly serious; the half-witted pathetic guy who's obviously only there for comic relief... actually, scratch that last one, as he was actually pretty darn funny. For once the person who's supposed to be there for comic relief works, instead of just being the *most*(or even worse; least) laughable character. The special effects were well done, but not spectacular. Definitely not the best I've seen. The action was good, but really over-the-top. The scenes with the Nemesis range between being some of the best action in the movie to being some of the most pathetic and smirk-inspiring scenes. The cinematography is nothing special. The film introduced an unnecessary amount of characters, most of whom are just fodder for the zombies or Nemesis anyway. The showdown between Alice and Nemesis was somewhat pathetically staged, and probably would have seemed out of place, hadn't the rest of the film been of the same quality(honestly, it seemed like a video-game... and while I am quite a big fan of them, I'm considerably more interested in playing them than watching them). That big ol' hunk o' biologically engineered walking death was simultaneously underdeveloped(for what they had him/it do) and overexposed. The film is noisy and loud, but not as loud as the first film, and while the sound is often horribly overdone, it doesn't distract as much as several other big action hits. The film is also less loud when it comes to the soundtrack; it was nice to have some change from the one-note *loud* heavy metal from the first film. All in all, a pretty entertaining flick, but out of your mind much faster than it got in(and that's saying a lot, believe me). If you liked the first, are a big fan of one or more of the actors, or you just have nothing better to do for 90 minutes, give it a shot. It kept me watching through the end, and, despite a few disappointments, kept my interest as well. It just didn't stay fresh in my head for more than about fifteen minutes after the credits started, which is very little for a film with so much going on in it all the time. I recommend it only to big fans of the first or of Milla Jovovich. I suppose big fans of Paul W. S. Anderson(they must exist, somewhere) will probably enjoy it too. I will say that most who liked the first will probably like this as well, but possibly a little less due to the lesser directing. 7/10
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More elements of the game included, worth a matinée.
exxonclerk19 September 2004
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I think that's what makes IMDb such a great site for reviews. When a movie trailer peaks my interest, one of the first things I do is come to this site to see what others have thought about the film. Usually there are a variety of opinions ranging from "excellent" to "pure crap" for any movie, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to me and I respect that. It's very disappointing however, to check the reviews and see that virtually no one appreciated a movie that I had high hopes for but have yet to watch. It happened with AvP, in which complaints of bad lighting, bad angles on combat scenes and a general absent-mindedness for logic in the plot ruined any anticipation that built up when watching the trailer over and over. But as I have said, everyone has an opinion and that's what makes sites like this worth checking out. I have benefited from fair reviews in which the critic still disapproves of a movie, but lists it's merits as well as it's faults.

I hope to give a fair review for Resident Evil: Apocalypse. First off, I liked this movie, a little better than the first actually. Apocalypse had a sense of urgency that I thought kept the plot rolling at a nice pace. The actor's performances were alright, I mean really, there was nothing too challenging about their roles. They just had to be convincing at looking scared, angry and eventually dead. The story was laid out decently enough, nothing too innovative or complex, but then again there was nothing innovative or complex about the games in which this movie was based from. I was a fan of the games, for the action and the sheer expasiveness of the settings where the game was played. And that's what I think made this sequel so enjoyable. There were more references and subtle details thrown into this movie making it a more complete game to movie conversion. The action scenes were okay, entertaining and not dragged out. The special effect scenes involving the lickers, explosions, etc were par for the course really, but it was nice to see the slow-mo bullet sequence appear here as it has become a staple of any movie in which a gun is used since the success of the first Matrix and whatever movie the Wachowski Bros ripped it from. The overall location and set of this movie are fantastic, which is it's real claim to fame here. Eerie atmosphere, labyrinthine city, danger around every corner gave the movie the edge that the first didn't quite nail. And finally, the costumes were passable. I liked the Nemesis design, very true to the game and brought to the movie with the same intensity as it had in RE 3. And finally, what everyone thought sent the movie overboard was the Uber-Alice. Did it ruin the movie? Not really. Could the movie have ended the same way if ALice didn't have these powers, I think so. But it would have taken some thought. They destroyed the mutated licker in RE1 okay enough without super powers. Why not just steal Nemesis' bazooka?

The review is getting long here, so I'll wrap it up quickly. Resident Evil Apocalypse is a good movie if measured in terms of action, explosions and atmosphere. It's not going to win any awards for acting at the Oscars, and it's certainly not getting any attention in the horror genre for new and innovative ways to kill people. It's just a flat-out good flick worth a matinée price.
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Worse written than the games, and that's saying something.
phonicpod26 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Badly scripted, acted and shot. Everything feels really rushed, especially the pacing of the shots... one minute a character is fighting off a zombie, only 3 seconds later he's 40 paces down the street... it seems the director really liked the matrix but had no idea what he was doing... the cut scenes in the video game are better directed.

The plot has been rewritten from the games, but instead of refining it, they have taken the games premise and just added ludicrous plot points. The video game was better written, and that's saying something.

Spoilers BELOW ****

By the end of the film the story has gotten so dumb, The main bad guy of the film, "Nemesis" becomes good (?!), and the main character Alice has strangely gained mind powers and she seems to be able to kill people just by looking at them!!?!?!?!

Utterly stupid... don't waste your time with it.
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worst movie i spent money on
phobophile6-114 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
WOW. I remember the first movie was okay so i decided to see the second one ONLY BECAUSE the trailer made it seem like she was in the same setting as the resident evil 2 video game. The game rocked! Within the first 5 minutes of me watching RE: Apocalypse, I knew it would suck. How crappy was the first scene with those astronauts entering the vault and getting the parasite lose. The movie sucked. Oh my god, i cant stress the fact enough. How is it that you cant shoot one of those licker things in the church with bullets because they dodge them, but the hero of the story can jump off of her motorcycle and crash it into the monster sending both the motorcycle and the monster 100 feet into the air... Then blowing the motorcycle up, a perfectly good vehicle to use during this chaos. This movie was so bad, i thought i was infected with the T-Virus when i had a strange urge to eat the brains of the people next to me in the movie theater... but they wouldn't mind, they were watching the most brainless movie ever.
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Makes Uwe Boll's efforts look fantastic.
argentobuff15 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The first RE had a lot going for it.Nice cast.Good fx.Some suspense and general scares.A nice visual style.And a surprise ending that set the stage for a lot of promise to build on toward making one hell of a Horror flick.But a lot of people griped that Re was not like the game enough.Well the bad movie gods heeded their collective whine and have given them what they wanted.While the rest of us are still reeling from this disaster.

Its really a big screen version of the now-classic Playstation game RE 3.It takes place right after the first.Things start out okay.We're introduced to Alice,Jill,Carlos,Nemisis,etc.But after the opening 10 minutes it is all downhill from there.

For starters why give Alice Super powers?It takes away from the first movies realism,makes her shallow,and a grade z matrix wannabe.The stakes go from high to low.Whereas the first you never knew who was gonna live or die.Where is the tension?

The Nemisis is kinda fun to watch.They got him right.But even he is sabotaged by the random shots that reveal him to be an over-sized Stuntman in a rubber suit.A competent director would know to shoot around this.Even the Roger Corman cheapies know how to do that on a tenth of this flicks budget.

Where are the zombies?For the most part they are again sabotaged by the director,who keeps them out of focus most of the time.Its like they are ashamed to say this is a horror flick?

Where is the freaking logic here?The characters do the stupidest things?There is some howling dialog here.Its hard to sustain interest upon hearing what comes out of the cast mouth.Why the hell would they bring a kid along on a rescue attempt?The action sequences resemble MTV videos from 1986.

Milla is okay as Alice.I would watch her in a soup commercial.But she comes off as really pompous here.Sienna Guillory and Oded Fehr are about the only ones that come off well in RE 2.Mike Epps,Thomas Kretschmann,and Jared Harris are wasted here.The cast all come off as kind of smug in my book,and its hard to like them.

The directing,scripting,and visuals all look terrible here.I don't wanna be hard on Witt.But I would have went with Anyone else but him. I suspect its not all his fault though.I was never part of the I-hate-Anderson-crowd.But I think the fault here lies with him and the producers.He ruined AVP.Now this!I think he owes me 20 bucks now for paying to see the combined dreck that is AVP and RE2.In the same year no doubt!!!

RE2 held a lot of promise that has sadly been flushed down the proverbial toilet.Ever more cringing is the fact that a RE3 is on the way.
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More Sci-Fi and Action, But Less Horror for "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"
AdrianValOlonan17 December 2014
After watching the first DVD in my collection box, I excitedly hopped in for the sequel "Resident Evil" Apocalypse". The outbreak worsens as the T-virus invades Raccoon City. New characters enter. New enemies come in. And a greater battle against Umbrella Corporation ensues.

The bioweapon "Nemesis" is probably the main attraction of the film. He doesn't look disgusting but threatening. Action sequence is grander than the first film. The church scene, the rooftop, and the final fight are well-choreographed. However, it fell short on horror, which is one of the three main genres of the video game franchise that serves as the source material.

The film shows how more evil Umbrella can get, and this is scary for the real world. The plot twist is unexpected, and confusing. It's obvious that there's a need for a second sequel.

I'm giving the film 8 of 10. Again, I'm looking for sci-fi, action, and horror, but it fell short on the horror genre. However, this is an action-packed film.
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My favorite of the Resident Evil Live Action Movies
Terryfan11 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is my favorite of the Resident Evil Live action movies, I seen the movie twice in the theaters, I own it on DVD,Blu-Ray and UMD PSP.

I just felt this one in my opinion really show respect to the games because they did tones of things in the movie that came from games like Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and Code Veronica.

Also we get to see the debuts of Jill Valentine (A Resident Evil Legend) and Carlos from Resident Evil 3.

Milla Jovovich returns as Alice the main hero of the series with Jill Valentine being played by Sienna Guillory and I will say Sienna did well playing Jill she even look at her from Resident Evil 3 so I'll give her points for looking like the character Oded Fehr plays Carlos and he did well for the most part as Carlos they made Carlos different from his video game counterpart.

The story takes places right after the first movie, The T-Virus has now escape into Raccoon City and has infected many and slowly turn them into Zombies.

Major Tom Cain played by Thomas Kretschmann is order to lead a team to get all of Umbrella's top researchers out of the hot spot but one Dr.Ashford played by Jared Harris refuse to leave without his Daughter Angie Ashford played by Sophie Vavasseur. Angie was to be taken to him but her car crashed forcing her to take cover in her school.

So Dr.Ashford contracts the Survivors, Alice, Jill, SJ (Mike Epps) and Carlos and makes them a deal, in return for a way out of the city they will rescues his daughter.

Things get worst as Cain sends Nemesis after them from Resident Evil 3 played by Matthew G Taylor. Nemesis really was a force to be deal with. Nemesis was very dangerous in the video game because he could run dodge attacks and chase the player into different areas of the game. Nemesis in this movie is very much like his video game counterpart.

So yeah I felt like they really did a lot of tributes to the games with this movie and in my opinion the story was very well done because of the way they mix action and horror in the movie.

Being this is my favorite of the series I think it is the best out of the ones that were made and I'm glad to have it and have seen it in the theaters.

I give Resident Evil:Apocalypse a 10 out of 10
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Great Movie
firegoddess82729 December 2004
I personally loved this movie. I saw Resident Evil 1, and it wasn't as good as the 2nd one. Maybe its just me, but I love the action, and the constant suspense when you never know what will happen next. The music,

I admit, wasn't as good as it should be. Milla is a great actress and she does a lot of her own fighting, and that is admirable.

I did, however, find a lot of bloopers, which made the movie less enjoyable, but most weren't painfully obvious.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for an action packed show.

This movie would definitely give anyone an adrenaline rush for the fight scenes.
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The 3 E's... Exciting, Entertaining, and Energetic
tequila_mockingbird19 September 2004
This movie is what might happen if you take a typical zombie flick and give it a plot, lot's of action, and a large city with PLENTY of extras to show mobs of zombies. It has humor. It has suspense. And it has a plot that unfolds; even if you've played the games, it's got plenty of changes to keep you guessing. With, I might add, several of the game characters (Jill, Carlos, and the little girl). I enjoyed this movie better than any since Lord of the Rings, Return of the King. Not that you could compare the two. It's just that there haven't been too many good movies since then.

Milla Jojovich is really cool and she's a talented actress. Her character really rocks when her hidden secrets come out. Mike Epps kept me rolling with laughter. He's always funny, and it was quite nice and different to see Oded Fehr in this role as Carlos. Cool. As for Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine... she was a PERFECT match. This movie was very fun and I'd love to see it again and again and again....

I voted 9/10. I thought they out-did themselves on this one and i thought the first one was good....
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The Resident Evil movies are a blow to all fans of the video games.
thefifthtoon18 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this movie about two years ago, but I didn't bother to write a review about it or anything. To tell the truth, I was so mad at the movie (and those who made it) that I couldn't watch it without yelling at the television screen.

Being an ardent fan of the Resident Evil video games - I've played and beaten all but one - I was not only disappointed by this movie and it's predecessor (which I haven't seen enough times to review, fortunately), but I was angered by the complete disregard that the people who created the film had for the story of the games.

Alice doesn't exist in the Resident Evil video games. She has never existed in the video games. At first, I had held out a hope of tying her into the video game plot, perhaps via the T-Veronica Virus of Resident Evil: Code Veronica (for the Dreamcast and Playstation 2), but they let me down. All they created her for was to have a sexy, uber-powerful female lead - a Mary Sue for the big screen.

They introduce Jill in this movie... for what reason? Oh, right, so they can get the hopes up of fans of the video games, because maybe, just maybe, this will start to sound more like the real thing, and less like a thirteen-year-old's fanfiction story. But they disappoint yet again, proving that they only brought Jill in to make Alice look better - by being stronger than Jill and "showing her up."

Carlos Oliviera, who accompanied Jill in the Resident Evil 3 game, also appears in this movie... only to be stripped of his accent and identity, reduced to little more than a stand-by to shoot at things that get too close. Oh, wait, for one line, they did attempt an accent - an Egyptian one. What part of the name Carlos Oliviera suggested to them that he might be best played by an Egyptian actor? Because really, I was thinking that Spanish would be much more appropriate.

Two minor characters from the game also make appearances - in name only - in this game: Nikolai and Mikael. Of course, in keeping with this sad excuse for a movie, they don't resemble their video game selves in any way, shape, or form. Oh, wait. Nikolai's still blonde. My bad.

Not even Umbrella resembles itself in this movie. The "Hive" isn't present in any of the games - there is a main Umbrella headquarters, but it's in Europe, and it certainly isn't any kind of huge, underground hive structure. I'm pretty sure someone would have noticed it long before this movie - the government, for example. There are reasons why, in the game, Umbrella's bio-weapon branch works in absolute secrecy in hidden, underground labs.

Then there's Nemesis, who is Jill's rival/boss monster in the Resident Evil 3 game. Apparently he used to be Alice's boyfriend - I'm not entirely sure about that, and I think it was a stupid sub-plot - and... I'm sorry, when did they ever give an indication that Nemesis had a heart? The plot to this movie was also flimsy, and the dialog terrible. I wouldn't have been able to watch the whole thing, if it weren't for the laughs I got out of how terribly they did this.

I don't understand why they felt the need to attach the Resident Evil name to these awful movies, if all that they were going to do was take it so wildly away from the games that it's hardly recognizable anymore.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the only way I think these movies can be redeemed would be if Alice dies a horrible, painful, and above all, permanent death in the next one.
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A pile of zombie s***
liquiddrew1226 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
What do you get when you take the greatest survival horror video game series and have a complete idiot(Paul W.S. Anderson) put it into a movie? if you answered a god awful movie your right. RE:Apocalypse is a complete mess for several reasons. 1:Thier's no story to back any of this mindless zombie blasting up. 2:Thier's no character development at all you don't care if any one in this movie dies because you don't know what makes them important. And 3: Overall this movie is no where near as good as any of the games. RE:Apocalypse tries to trick you that it'll be a good movie with characters from the game. But any resident evil game fan well quickly realize that it was a pathetic excuse for there money. Overall if your a zombie movie fan avoid this and see the Dawn Of The Dead remake or 28 days later, If your a resident evil fan it might be worth a rental I guess if you liked the first one. Anyone else watch something else because anything beats watching this crap for the next 90 minutes.
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Quite good but not better than the first
springsunnywinter8 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
**PLEASE NOTE THIS COMMENT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS TO THE FIRST RESIDENT EVIL** After watching the first Resident Evil I knew that the there would be a sequel but I thought Nemesis will jump out of nowhere and Alice will start shooting him with her shotgun because Matt was infected & he was put into the Nemesis program. At the start they showed what happened in Racoon city before Alice woke up in the Hospital, which was sensible and the first appearance of Nemesis was so cool when he wiped out the S.T.A.R.S team. My most favourite scene in the film is when Alice was running down the building. In the second part they went a lot deeper into the T-Virus & it was a bit confusing but in the first it was very straightforward. The whole film is very similar to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the scene where Alice was running across the building while the helicopter was trying to shoot her and when she was cornered she dropped her gun & caught it before it hit the floor was taken from the game Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. Overall it's quite good but not better than the first and I'm looking forward to the third installment Resident Evil: Extinction I hope that also turns out to be good.
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THE funniest movie i have ever seen
kingkci24 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoiler Alert* (coincidentally can you spoil crap?) Where on earth to start...oh my, I'm trying to sit here with my friend and figure out how to best describe the utter stupidity presented in this movie...truly a waste of the breath in my lungs...

OK, lets start with one of the main characters, Alice whom my friend and I repeatedly referred to as "Boomer" because of her ability to constantly amaze us. This name is merely an understatement, as we are presented with multiple encounters of seemingly "near death" situations in which she quickly devises some witty plan, gains the strength of an ox, the agility of a rabid bunny, and the brain capacity of Stephen Hawking. One incident in particular is the scene in which "boomer" valiantly smashes through an assembly of stained glass windows on her motorcycle and carefully times her departure from the vehicle in the form of a triple back-flip, projecting the motorcycle at high speeds towards the apparently "bullet-fast" creature within the building's confines, only for the motorcycle to attain a vertical position along the creatures' abdomen, turning perfectly, exposing the "ever-so-small" gas tank, allowing "boomer" an effortless, but nonetheless accurate shot at the flammable contents of the tank, and thus "efficiently" dispatching this foul creature from existence... With her flawless perfection of shot, and ample bosom, how could anyone despise this movie...for laughs. Certainly not for actual enjoyment.

This movie was so bad, i purged in an empty popcorn container, forgot about it, picked up the container once again, and proceeded to name the individual ingredients i recognized as food, and formulated names for things that looked supernatural. That was a much more fulfilling use of my time than watching this crappy flick.
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Reasons that Resident Evil: Apocalypse sucked.
noxturne17 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoilers, but you can't spoil the rotten.

1. After all the dead people came back, the Umbrella Corporation managed to cover it all up. Even though news stations reported it, newspapers were printed up, and people escaped who saw it all happen, it was all covered up. There were NEWSPAPERS PRINTED! No one had the internet? No one BLOGGED ABOUT IT? Information wants to be free!

2. This stuff reanimates dead flesh. Somehow, it managed to seep through the ground and into the coffins of people who had been dead for 20 years. Even though there shouldn't have been any flesh to reanimate, not to mention they moved like muscles hadn't atrophied, tendons hadn't turned to so much body goo and chunks o'flesh.

3. The stated reason for closing off the only exit from this city was to keep the infection in. Though there were OTHER EXITS that could have been destroyed by ramming a truck into them, no one went to them. Horror movie stupidity. Who would say, ah, they're right, I could never scale that wall using mountaineering equipment. I'd rather stay in this place with dead people trying to eat my flesh!

4. The stuff managed to reanimate dead dogs somehow, and created some other undead creatures, though no explanation was given for them. If it could do dogs, though, that means all animals are fair game, meaning that rats, for an example, could be brought back from the dead. Rats will always escape. There are sewers, they can climb walls, they can jump pretty damn high. There is no such thing as containing a plague that infects animals. There are dead birds all over the place, none of them flew out and infected people with deceased bird poo? Even gerbils and hamsters can get away, so says Richard Gere.

5. Other minor nits are zombies that were sometimes smart, sometimes dumb, using doors vs. scratching at them, zombies that were either superfast ala 28 days later, or superslow and so comical, who would be afraid? You could outrun them by speedwalking! The Grandmas of Doom (the speedwalking gang that used to harass me in the mall) could have taken them down.

In closing, see this movie only if you don't mind turning off your brain and watching action. Don't think. It will fall apart in front of your eyes. I hate this movie so much, and it's definitely an insult to horror movies in general, and the first movie in specific.
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Better than the first
filmbuff19709 October 2004
I liked the first movie, it was good average entertainment. I think this one is slightly better than the first, mainly because this one is scarier. I admit i preferred the zombies in the Dawn of the dead remake but thats because they were fast. The script is no great shakes, the cast are OK. Though the bad guy seemed like he was doing a poor man's Schindler. The FX was fairly decent and the movie never becomes boring, it's too fast paced for that. Some of the sets were obviously based on the games. At least it made me jump out of my seat a few times. Needless to say a third one seems very likely but i like where there going with one scene reminding me of Brian De Palma's The Fury. 6 out of 10
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Wow.... so much thievery... used so poorly. *Possible Spoilers*
hickieboy200119 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
***Possible Spoilers I Guess***

Let me start off by saying that I generally enjoy going to the theatre just to be amused by a big budget exploso-fest and save the movies I would actually criticize for a more intimate small-screen viewing. That said, i had few or no problems with the sparseness of the dialogue, the emphasis on action, the plot gaps, or the nonexistence of character development found throughout.

However, the one thing that i found truly frustrating was the way that Resident Evil: Apocalypse felt the need to shamelessly rob other movies blind, and then not even have the decency to make a tasteful theft of it. From the first scenes of Alice, when she is walking around a deserted city, even without knowing she'll be meeting Zombies soon enough, a definite 28 Days Later feel creeps in. The appearance of and even the final fight with Nemesis seems to remind me of a particular episode and monster of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And yet these thefts are not even limited to movies with at least a 1-year grace period, as the Entire LJ character, from his mannerisms, to his lines, right down to his hat appears to be lifted wholesale from the Homeless guy in Day After Tomorrow.

Yet the worst theft is unquestionably the scene in which the director chooses to rob Jurrasic Park in an almost Frame-by-frame manner, taking the nerve-wracking scene in which the children in JP fight and flee from Raptors in the kitchen and turning it into a watered down clone in which Valentine and Angie flee and fight zombie dogs in a kitchen. Once a dog is beaten over the head with a frying pan, the parallel is completed, and no questions can remain about who the director decided that fearsomely intelligent killing machines can be easily replaced by dogs reminiscent of Santa's Little Helper at the close of a Simpson's Treehouse of Terror where everyone is turned inside out by a mysterious fog.

All in all, this movie was in my opinion, mockably bad, particularly for its brazen thefts, and can be best summed up in what is quite possibly the most hilarious bad line of dialogue I've ever seen: (Regarding one of the Zombie dogs)... Nikolai: Save the girl! I've got this B***h!
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