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Cute, Harmless Fun
travisimo21 February 2004
Being a fan of the first Lion King, I was definitely looking forward to this movie, but I knew there was really no way it could be as good as the original. I know that many Disney fans are wary of the direct-to-video movies, as I have mixed feelings of them as well.

While watching The Lion King 1½, I tried to figure out what my own viewpoint was regarding this movie. Am I going to be so devout about The Lion King that I will nitpick at certain scenes, or am I just going to accept this movie as just another look at The Lion King story? Most of the time, I found myself embracing the latter.

The Lion King 1½ definitely has its cute and funny moments. Timon and Pumbaa stole the show in the first movie and definitely deserved a movie that centered around them. People just love these characters! My favorite parts of the movie include the montage of Timon & Pumbaa taking care of young Simba and the surprise ending featuring some great cameos.

I could have done without many of the bathroom jokes though, like the real reason everyone bowed to baby Simba at the beginning of Lion King 1. I guess those types of jokes are for the younger set (which after all is the target audience. I don't think many kids are really concerned about Disney's profit margin on direct-to-video movies.)

However, I will say that I was somewhat annoyed when they directly tied in scenes from the original movie to this movie. I'm just too familiar with the original that those scenes just stuck out like sore thumbs to me. Something would be different with the music or the voices that it would just distract me.

As for the music, it wasn't too bad, but don't expect any classics to come from this movie. At least LK2 had the nice ballad, "Love Will Find a Way." As for the voicework, it was well done in this movie. Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella did a great job as always, and even new cast members, the classic comedic actor Jerry Stiller and Julie Kavner (best known as Marge Simpson), did a great job also. You can even enjoy these great voice talents even more by checking out the Virtual Safari on Disc 2 of the DVD. That feature is definitely a lot of fun!!

So all in all, The Lion King 1½ isn't a perfect movie, but it's cute and entertaining. I think many Lion King fans will enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is - a fun, lighthearted look at the Lion King masterpiece from our funny friends' perspectives.

My IMDb Rating: 7/10. My Yahoo! Grade: B (Good)
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Downright not awful!
Relaets8 August 2007
This is a straight-to-video movie, so it should go without saying that it's not going to rival the first Lion King, but that said, this was downright good.

My kids loved this, but that's a given, they love anything that's a cartoon. The big shock was that *I* liked it too, it was laugh out loud funny at some parts (even the fart jokes*), had lots of rather creative tie-ins with the first movie, and even some jokes that you had to be older to understand (but without being risqué like in Shrek ["do you think he's compensating for something?"]).

A special note on the fart jokes, I was surprised to find that none of the jokes were just toilet noises (in fact there were almost no noises/imagery at all, the references were actually rather subtle), they actually had a setup/punchline/etc, and were almost in good taste. I'd like my kids to think that there's more to humor than going to the bathroom, and this movie is fine in those regards.

Hmm what else? The music was so-so, not nearly as creative as in the first or second movie, but plenty of fun for the kids. No painfully corny moments, which was a blessing for me. A little action but nothing too scary (the Secret of NIMH gave my kids nightmares, not sure a G rating was appropriate for that one...)

All in all I'd say this is a great movie for kids of any age, one that's 100% safe to let them watch (I try not to be overly sensitive but I've had to jump up and turn off the TV during a few movies that were less kid-appropriate than expected) - but you're safe to leave the room during this one. I'd say stick around anyway though, you might find that you enjoy it too :)
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One Evening's Entertainment (Max)
bnl7714 March 2004
As far as Disney sequels go, The Lion King 1 ½ is definitely above average. It works as often as it does (which is still only about equal to as much as it doesn't work) mainly due to its simple premise. In true Mystery Science Theater 3000 fashion, we see Timon (voice by Nathan Lane) and Pumbaa rewind the tale of The Lion King to a point before the familiar story. What begins is the tale of Timon, a troubled meerkat. Timon is somewhat of an outcast, the member of the colony who can never seem to do anything right. The only two allies he has in the troupe are his mother (Julie Kavner, The Simpsons) and his Uncle Max (Jerry Stiller, Seinfeld). Concerned with safety and a need to hide from the vicious hyenas, the meerkats must constantly dig and hide in order to survive. Timon, however, dreams of a world beyond the fear. After a cataclysmic mistake during lookout duty, Timon decides to leave his past behind and journey to find a new home.

As Timon sets out, he meets up with the existential primate Rafiki. In one of the truly funny scenes, Rafiki tells Timon to `Look beyond what you can see'. Unfortunately, Timon (not too bright) takes things a bit too literally and begins actually looking for things that are farther away than what he can see. This scene also provides the origins of Hakuna Matata; it is what Timon is searching for and must find to finally be satisfied. It is on this quest he meets the gaseous Pumbaa and a friendship is born.

Timon and Pumbaa search for their Hakuna Matata and it is on this journey that the movie works best. Their story is intertwined with the original The Lion King tale and some of the results are hilarious. Familiar sequences from the original classic are used from a different perspective and it is learned that Timon and Pumbaa were actually there all the time, doing more than we had ever given them credit for. In fact, Timon and Pumbaa seem to be the heroes of the story, a fact never touched upon in the original.

When The Lion King 1 ½ works, it is quite funny. Interjected with the MST3K type commentary and full of familiar scenes with new elements, there are parts of the story that are very clever. However, in a film that runs less than an hour and twenty minutes, you would expect little downtime. Unfortunately, the story is thin and when the quick comedy sketches pass, too much time is spent waiting for the humor to shine again.

The animation, for the most part, is slightly better than most Disney sequels. It is a mixture of traditional animation and computer generated elements. There is not the attention to detail and much fewer awe-inspiring sequences than in some of Disney's greater efforts of the past. The original cast is all here and they slip back into their characters with ease. The new characters are played well, though without much range (Timon's mom is a slightly less raspy Marge Simpson). The new musical numbers benefited greatly from the return of Elton John and Tim Rice and were actually quite fun.

I hold little hope that Disney will be able to recreate the magic of some of its most brilliant classics. The Lion King is not only a outstanding animated kid's film, but one of the best movies ever made. Sequels seem to be inevitable these days with the studio and most of them are abysmal. The Lion King 1 ½ is not a horrible movie. In fact, it is quite fun to watch once. Kids will enjoy the constant low-brow humor and there is enough `wink wink' jokes for the adults that this is a fine family rental.
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Another great straight-to-video sequel/spoof, that's worth a theatrical treatment.
vip_ebriega8 June 2007
My Take: A funny take on THE LION KING, posing as a sequel. Surprisingly amusing.

Surprisingly, "Lion King 1 1/2" is actually another funny straight-to-video, that's worth a theatrical treatment. I don't see why Disney released this straight to video, and release crappy movies like "Chicken Little" and "Return to Neverland" theatrically. Those movies are better off seen in the video stores (in the "new releases" area), rather than seeing their theatrical posters outside the theaters.

This one is merely a spoof of the first film (although the events in "Simba's Pride" hasn't taken place yet), on Timon (voiced by Nathan Lane) and Pumbaa's (voiced by Ernie Sabella) point of view. We get to see them make fun of the events in the first film. Original voices from the first film, like Matthew Broderick, Woopie Goldberg, Cheeche Martin and Robert Guillaume, return to their voicing roles from the first film, while Julie Kavner and Jerry Stiller give some hilarious comedy relief as Timon's mom and grumpy uncle.

So doesn't this sound fun. Maybe not now, but go watch it for yourself. The fact that it's not that serious in its plot makes it the more enjoyable. It's kinda like MST3000 with Timon and Pumbaa.

Video movie rating: ***1/2 out of 5.
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A great family evening!!
Movie Hound Video21 February 2004
One of the best movies for all ages. You will never be able to look at LION KING again without thinking of the extra history this movie adds. Nearly 40 years old, I watched this with my wife and two sons after work tonight & I have not laughed & enjoyed a movie so much in a long time.

Take time out and watch this with the kids. It will remind you of how Disney used to be when you were a young one.
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Dig-a tunnel, dig-dig-a tunnel...
Frequency27013 February 2004
Lion King 1 1/2 is a very fun and addictive sequel. Don't expect the production values of a theatrical release, but do expect the highest quality of direct to video release.

It is set up as Timon & Pumba begin watching the original Lion King in a darkened theater and abruptly switch tracks and begin narrating their own story. This is done with frequent comedic interruptions. For example, during one particular tense moment a home shopping commercial pops on and a chagrined Pumba realizes he has sat on the remote. These little moments pepper the movie, and whether you find them entertaining or not will greatly depend on your sense of humor. If you are particularly bothered by movies that deliberately remind the viewer is watching a movie, than this may not be your cup of tea.

Animation is the best they've invested in the Disney DTV line, and is integrated almost seamlessly with the original material. The newer, independent material uses a lot of the artistic style of the original. The voice talents are all well performed, though I couldn't help thinking of Marge Simpson every time I heard Julie Kavner.

Many of the jokes in the movie will be well recognized by viewers as recycled over the generations, but are presented more with the familiarity of comfortable quirks of old friends than annoyingly repetitive.

The music has made me realize how much I enjoyed and miss a good musical integrated with a Disney feature. The toe-tapping opening feature of 'Dig A Tunnel' is well choreographed and hilarious. Timon and Pumba's take on the Lion King's opening sequence and their introduction to paradise are also amusing. The only problem was the reprise of the 'Dig A Tunnel' at the end of the movie, switching its lyrics and tune from defeatist to uplifting.

Story line is pretty well done, and the integration of new plot elements is done almost perfectly, though the final bit during the hyena chased stretched the storyline credibility a little. The new story doesn't seem to handle saccharine or emotionally charged moments to well, and does better when it is resorting to full comedy.

Overall, worth purchasing. If you like all the bonus features that come with a typical 2-disc set, then go for it. For the penny pincher who still is willing to invest on a good flick, wait until it drops four or more dollars and go rent it right away.

Damion Crowley.
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Another gem in the Lion King crown
moviefan6915 February 2004
The Lion King series is easily the crowning achievement in Disney animation. The original Lion King is the greatest masterpiece in cel animation. Lion King II:Simba's Pride is the BY FAR the best direct-to-video sequel that Disney, or any other studio, has made for an animated feature. It deserved a theatrical release. The same can be said for this movie. It has the original cast, songs by Elton John, a hilarious story, exciting action, and touching character moments. Everything you've come to expect from this series. Not so much a new story, but filler and extended background on Timon and Pumbaa, and their place in this story. What impressed me the most, was the care taken in the animation. All to often, Disney shorts on the animation quality of their video and television efforts. But here, they seamlessly blend new animation with footage from the original film. The scenes never seem out of place. Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella are in full swing as Timon and Pumbaa. Matthew Broderick, Robert Guillame, and Moira Kelly reprise their roles as Simba, Rafiki, and Nala, respectively. We even get a return visit by Whoopi Goldberg and Cheech Marin as the hyenas.There are MANY big laughs in this movie. So if you love Lion King, you need this movie. The story is just not complete without it.
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A very good movie; better than expected.
grumpyass12 February 2004
I wasn't sure when I heard about this coming out. I was thinking how dumb is Disney getting. I was wrong. I found it to be very good. I mean it's not The Lion King but it's cool to see another side from a certain point. It was very funny. Also it wasn't one of those corny disney sequels were the animation sucks, it was just like The Lion King animation. The only thing that eritated me was the whole movie theater thing through out the movie. Not to give anything way but you'll know what I am talking about. I also fun that it was cool to have most of the cast from the original to return. It was a very good movie over all.
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A disgrace to the original
MovieAddict201627 September 2005
I found this to be an utter waste of time, effort and money. I know Disney always displays lack of creativity when making "straight-to-video" films - but rehashing the plot of the original film with a "new perspective" is an all-time low...soon they'll just be re-releasing the original films with new animation and new songs and be calling it a "new version of the movie we all love." Nathan Lane surprisingly returns to his role of Timon yet again. Timon and Pumbaa the animated animals from the world of the original "Lion King" embark on a narrative journey to tell us the original story the way it REALLY they see it.

Of course Timon is now the hero of the story, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah...

The musical sequences are lame and the animation is crap. The vocal talents are impressive for a video feature, but then again, when was the last time you remember Matthew Broderick, Whoopi Goldberg or Nathan Lane being in anything of real commercial substance? Overall if you liked the original you'll hate this. It's insulting because it's unfair to children and adults alike. And that about sums it up.
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Disney is desperate for cash !
funkyblues15 February 2004
Having watched both the Lion King and Lion King II and enjoyed both thoroughly. I thought Lion King 1.5 might be worth watching. What a disappointment ! Disney must be getting desperate for revenues.

Especially now that they lost the deal with pixar.

Basically, they just picked up some bits of footage that were left on the editor's floor (or garbage can) and glued them together to make a

quick buck. Unlike LK I & II, both of which had strong story lines.

This movie hardly has a story at all. While the characters and animation are always fun to look at, there is simply not enough material here for a movie. Some of the bits could have been good 2nd disk fillers on the original offerings.

Disney - Shame on you for putting this trash out to make a quick buck!

Next time take the time and effort and put our an enduring work.
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good, but the first one is the best of the rest.
rossrobinson27 July 2004
The Lion King 3 or 1 1/2 as it's known to some other countries i think is good, i found this movie very intresting because it told us what Simba got up to when his father died and when he ran away from pride rock as his uncle scar told him to run away and never ever return. Simba meets too other animals called Tiom and Pumbaa who i think are funny and got a sense of humour together. When Simba joined in the fun with the two little rascals, to me it feels like Simba had a new set of parents who would look after him and watch him all the time (Keeping an eye on him and watching him all the time, just to keep him safe) This movie was sort of based with the lion king as there were scenes what we didn't see, how simba grew up step by step as in the lion king we only saw him as a young cub and then an adult, in the lion king 3, there was sort of a middle with simba as he was half cub and half adult (To me it means that he was in the middle of becoming an adult and out growing his young stage) This movie was brilliant and i give it 10 out of 10.
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A fun sequel that's worth a watch
Smells_Like_Cheese7 March 2006
"The Lion King" is without a doubt my favorite Disney movie of all time, so I figured maybe I should give the sequels a chance and I did. Lion King 1 1/2 was pretty good and had it's good laughs and fun with Timon and Pumba. Only problem, I feel sometimes no explanations are needed because they can create plot holes and just the feeling of wanting your own explanation. Well, I would highly recommend this movie for lion King fans or just a night with the family. It's a fun flick with the same laughs and lovable characters as the first. So, hopefully, I'll get the same with the third installment to the Lion King series. Sit back and just think Hakuna Matata! It means no worries!

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It's Entertaining..
BatmanFunReviews20187 November 2018
The Lion King 1½ or also known as The Lion King 3 boasts some pretty good laughs and having Timon and Pumbaa telling the story from their own side but also the commentary and all that? Was pretty good and worked enough although if you're expecting anything close to the original? You'll be very much disappointed with this one.
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Best Disney sequel?
ericstevenson19 August 2017
It seems like most people agree that this is the best direct to video Disney sequel ever made! Granted, that's not quite saying that much, but it's still something. This was loosely based on "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" which was appropriate for Shakespeare Month. The opening song with the meerkats is probably the best in the movie. I'm going to have to mention the show "Timon & Pumbaa" which was a completely wacky spin off with these two characters. I doubt it's canon, seeing as how it was just a goofy cartoon that didn't really mean anything.

Timon and Pumbaa really are quite funny in this movie. Despite the title, it doesn't take place between the original and "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride". The entire movie is actually being watched in a theater by Timon and Pumbaa, kind of like "Mystery Science Theater 3000". I'm not going to spoil the ending, but it's really one of the funniest you could ever ask for in a movie like this. The animation here is quite impressive. I guess I can thank Disney for giving us at least one solid decent video sequel. ***
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Hilarious and an Enjoyable movie
omarandali24 February 2016
Best movie in the lion king series after the first lion king movie. The plot is pretty good, since were looking at Timon and puma's side of the story (and a bit of samba's', since he was kicked out of the pride lands and ended up in a jungle with Timon and puma.) Secondly, the characters are interesting and in a way, unique. and, the scenes in the movie are funny, and hilarious. Overall, the movie was great, funny, and very entertaining, definitely a "must watch!".---------- ---------- ----- ---------- --- ---- --------- ----------- ------ ----------------------------------

--- ---- ------ --- ----------------- ------ -------------------------------------- ------- ---- --- -- --- ----- -------- --------- - -- ------ -- ---- ----- --- - ----- -------- ----------- ---- -------- --- --- --- ------ ---------- ----- --------
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Truly the best and most unique of the film's hero, Timon the meerkat
Alncr10 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As a serious Timon person, he is superb from this film in comparison to what you see of him on the previous films and animated media in the franchise (especially the "Timon and Pumbaa" television series), and you actually want to like him from this film because it shows that he's not a bad character at all, as some of the Lion King fandom tries to make him out to be, and as a result of this have also tried to put this film down too.

Two of the unique things of this film that I really like seeing about Timon from this film is that he interacts with us viewers (fourth wall breaking) in a few scenes and I especially like the one where he looks right at us and says: "Well. Now I'm convinced." That's really original and its great to see awesome characters like Timon talk to us from their films.

The other thankfully and possibly more important thing here is that you see a complex Timon (who more people can relate to), who isn't just comically appealing from this film as he is from the previous ones where he mainly takes the role of comic relief, but also experiences and brings out deeper things and I especially like seeing how he deals with personal conflict of his very own on this film, like the troubles from his meerkat colony.

Since I'm also a veteran LK fan (all the way back when the first film was originally released in theaters in summer 1994), I've always seen that Timon had a lot of potential to be a comically unique film protagonist.

I understand those in the fandom who complain that they would've liked to have seen another lion character in the franchise be the star of a third Lion King film, or if a viewer doesn't really have any interest in Timon (Pumbaa, not as much, because this really isn't his film). But that doesn't mean at all that the film or characters here aren't any good.

But I understand why the creators actually made this film to be specifically centered on the beautifully animated meerkat person and overall, even though some of his behavior and ideas for him were apparently unexpected to many out there (including his unique relationship with his mother), when you consider this film as a whole, I think it is great and it shows that Timon is a wonderful animated hero and the best Disney character (and also an all time for me), in my eyes. There are even a few acceptably deep (and at least two dramatic) moments that come from Timon here as well and also make me feel for him.

This is the best and most unique Lion King film of the franchise, even if it deals directly with a non-lion character, who is already very well humanized as an anthropomorphic one. Timon is even more so of this film of his very own and his appearance here is exceptionally appealing and colorful for a 2D animated film character and hero. Especially considering that he was originally designed to be a comic relief from the first LK film.

*I would give this film a 10/10. But the only thing that slightly ruins the treasures of this film for me, are the interruptions of the Timon and Pumbaa in the theater silhouette scenes (I really think the film creators could've done better without this aspect and given more time to developing the original plot for Timon especially with his family and meerkat colony), and especially all of the non-Lion King Disney characters that come in at the very end. Other than that, I most definitely and always enjoy and cherish all of the original scenes and moments of Timon himself, here.
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Quick Reviews!!
malkane31621 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
7 if you're a kid- 6 if you claim to be an adult. This semi-sequel to the Lion King sees to spin off side characters Timone and Pumba, retelling the original story through their eyes, including the story of how they met. In the grand tradition of Disney, inferior sequels are made, and occasionally TV series featuring the adventures of minor characters from their biggest hits. You can be as sceptical as you want about this, but kids and fans of the series will likely not care; their are enough jokes and songs and interesting things to ensure that this is one of the few above average sequels. This works because of the charm of the much-loved central characters, the quick pace, the in-jokes involving the first film, and for older viewers there are some funny gags. The animation is as good as ever, if a little less flamboyant than the original, but the plot here is all about taking it easy, Hakuna Matata.

Timone and Pumba decide to watch the events of the first film, frequently stopping mid-film to joke about parts of it, like a real audience. We see how Timone is a near outcast, he feels he does not fit in and decides to go looking beyond what he sees to find his ideal home. On the way he meets Pumba, another outcast and they become friends. Soon they meet Simba, a Lion cub, natural predator of T and P, but they form a trio. However, when Simba realises he must follow his own destiny and leave the group, it is up to the others to decide whether to help or not, and how. Of course the usual Disney elements and themes are here, friendship, good versus evil etc. The plot is simple but works on many levels, making it smarter than your average animated movie. As the CG movies appear, Disney's traditional form must become smarter, but not forget the roots which made them popular. Toy Story and all that have come since have been clever, with jokes to suit all ages, and it seems this is the way the market is shifting. However, there will always be a place for films like this, and you cannot go wrong buying this for the youngsters.

7 out of 10
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"And I thought beans were the only musical food!"
ryan_kuhn13 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If The Lion King is a serious story about a young lion growing up to avenge his father's death, The Lion King 1 and a half is the total opposite, full of whimsy and cheer. The Lion King told the story from the side of Simba the young lion, 1 and a half is from the view of Timone and Pumbaa, a less than perfect duo made up of a meercat who left home because he could not dig tunnels without burying his friends and neighbors and a warthog who has an odor issue. The movie is a little short on substance, but Disney does a good job of filling time with various sketches starring Timone and Pumbaa as they "watch" the movie with us. My favorite is the sing-along that happens halfway through the movie, make sure you watch the bouncing bug! Disney has advertised 1 and a half as "the rest of the story," though it really isn't. It is just a different perspective of The Lion King, without all of the serious stuff that pervaded most of the second half of the original Disney classic. Credit Nathan Lane as Timone and Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa for their voice work, without their efforts, the movie may not have worked. The sing, they entertain, and they make us laugh. They also give us a reason to avoid a hot tub with a warthog.
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A film made with one purpose: the box office.
filipemanuelneto30 July 2016
This film is a spin-of of "Lion King", focused on the characters of Timon and Pumbaa. Directed by Bradley Raymond, with a script by Tom Rogers, the film features the voices of Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Whoopi Goldberg and Julie Kavner.

When I saw this movie by its cover I thought it would, of course, a continuation of the second film. When I realized it was a spin-of based on friends of Simba, I was a bit disappointed. When I realized it was a bad movie, I was really upset. The director tried to evade the rules and do something that rarely occurs in animated films: a spin-of that elapses before the initial movie events. Its a high- risk maneuver and Raymond was unable to give it the original magic, of the first film. They cannot even be compared.

This film is the following of a policy that Disney has tried to do in recent years: pick up a highly popular secondary character, from a movie that already exists (highly lucrative, of course) and give this character a whole film through a spin-of. This is just to make money at the expense of a success already achieved. Many of these films get similar popularity but much lower quality. So it is here.

The script is not interesting, the story is quite boring. This pair of friends, who once entertained us, didn't bring anything new. The voice actors did a good job, but its one of the few pristine features of the film, along with the design, animation and cinematography. It has some moments of humor but it's not funny, and the jokes didn't stay in in our memory. Basically, Disney should learn to understand that there are characters that were made to be funny and secondary, never to be protagonists.
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The Lion King 1½ (2004)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain27 December 2011
Well they tried something different, but it will probably fail to impress fans of The Lion King. Placing Timon and Pumbaa into earlier events and adding plot points later, just tarnishes the original and even contradicts it. It just seemed like a lot of, sometimes inventive, excuses to make a few cheap jokes. At least they managed to get back the majority of the original voice cast, but to imagine Pumbaa's fart caused the bowing at the beginning of the original is actually kind of annoying. By the end it is obvious that the makers were favoring parody, but these two work best as co-stars, and comic relief, rather than the heroes of the movie.
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Truly Tasteless
didonatope31 October 2011
Overall, Lion King 1 1/2 is a sadistic experiment in throwing pop culture and toilet humor into the original classic. However, it could have been good. It does bring a few good ideas to the table. Timon's back story isn't executed too poorly, and the idea of giving Timon and Pumbaa a back story was a great idea. However, the execution of the plot was horrendous, as it can never make up its mind; is it a parody of the first film or a serious back story? There are also numerous continuity errors between this and the original Lion King. For example, in the original Lion King Rafiki tells Timon and Pumbaa that Simba has went to fight Scar, but here, it is Nala. Why did they do this? Simple; in this film Rafiki serves as Timon's guardian angel, a plot element thrown in to make this film a cheezier midquel (Kudos on the honest title by the way, this is not a Lion King 3 and I'm sick of midquels and prequels being paraded as sequels). Classic scenes from the original such as the sunrise, the animals bowing to baby Simba, the "Be Prepared" musical number, the stampede that KILLED MUFASSA, and just about every serious moment are ruined by Timon and Pumbaa's unfunny commentary and fart jokes including cutting to QVC footage, Pumbaa breaking wind numerous times, and literally pausing the movie to parody Mystery Science Theater (disrespecting fans of that show as well). If you respect the original, I suggest not only avoiding this film, but throwing any copied of this film in the nearest blender you can find ASAP. This movie may not be a complete disaster because of its decent execution of the story it is telling by itself, but the way it literally pastes jokes on the original film to pander to the little kiddies is a disgrace. A disgrace to everyone who loved the original, everyone who worked on the original, and a disgrace to people who value film as an art-form in general. From a moral perspective, it is perhaps the most tasteless, disgusting, and sickening heap of trash ever designed by the utterly worthless Disney Toon Studios.
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With The Lion King 1 1/2, the series seems to be moving away from drama, and more towards a comedy
patrick_dunne26 January 2006
The Lion King 1 ½ is called by this name because it isn't exactly Lion King 2 or 3. It's more of the first one, just Timon and Pumba's point of view.

In this story, Timon and Pumba were both expelled from their kind. (Just like they said in the song "Hakuna Matata" in the first one.) So, they go off, trying to find a new home to live in; somewhere where they can live up to the phrase "Hakuna Mattata." Along the way, various stuff happens- stuff that I either forgot, or stuff that I'm too lazy to write about. Anyways, they meet Simba, and the audience is given a chance to watch what we didn't see in the first one. Of course, the first wasn't incomplete or anything; this one just added extra stuff.

However, there are big differences between this and the original. First of all, the story seems simpler. It's more interesting, but it seems to closely resemble a simple adventure film. Second of all, The Lion King 1 ½ tries to be more of a comedy than the surprisingly moving drama the first one was. Third of all, it just seems too cheesy! Farting jokes make up most of the premise. The last song in the film just adds to it.

The Lion King 1 ½ is good for the kids, but miles away from the original.


Good: Well, it's interesting and funny for children.

Bad: It seems way too corny and simple to even have the name "The Lion King" on it. Plus, bias may be a factor to those who have seen the original. Oh well. Hakuna Matata. No worries.

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This is NOT the godfather part 3...
undercover_dancer21 February 2004
Yes, it is build on "The Lion King", but the original movie was a masterpiece, so why shouldn't it?

If your children loved "The Lion King" make sure *NEVER* to put them anywhere near "The Lion King 2", and bring them this movie instead.

And with vocal talent of Nathan Lane, Julie Kavner and Ernie Sabella to name few, it is a great cast and movie.

People, I rather see this movie 10 times then watching some of Disney's "not-so-great" movies (and the list there is L----ong)!

I suggest to everyone to see "The Lion King", and a day after see this movie. It's the real sequal to the movie.

If combined with the original, it is getting a 8/10!
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Good Family Fun
Spooky20018 February 2004
This is a great movie. It is cute, funny and fun to watch. If you like Timon and Pumba you should watch this one. It even has the original voices of Adult Simba, Timon, Pumba, Rifki, The Three Main Hyenas from The Lion King. Timon's mom is voiced by the same person who voiced Marge, Patty, Selma, and Marge's mother from The Simpsons!
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