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This show pull you in
dianos24 January 2005
Great acting, nice storyline the feel of Nowhereman... Whoever cancels these shows should be shot.

Instead lets keep the mainstream brainless shows with childish dialog and story lines that can amaze 7 year old (or those who have stopped developing at that age) Better yet lets only do "reality shows"...

Maybe at least now that the Reality Show craze is fading and people are craving something with substance to watch, maybe at least they will release a DVD.

If you're one of the people who want more then just cheap entertainment give this show a try even though it's already dead, it has something to say.
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The smartest show on cable!
hodges_ss12 September 2002
Odyssey 5 is simply the smartest show on cable! In one commercial, the announcer says that it is the obvious heir to the X-Files. Well, in my opinion as a longtime X-Fan, Odyssey 5 is much better. Five times better, in fact! If I were not already a Showtime subscriber, I would be after catching a glimpse of this show. I can not stress enough what an awesome, entertaining, thought-provoking show this is. The setup: a shuttle crew of five orbiting the earth watch on as the planet is destroyed. They are then met by an alien who sends their minds back in time 5 years so that they can hopefully stop what is about to happen. During their research and efforts, they uncover a new life-form and somehow, somewhere, they have accidentally sped up the earth-destroying process! Catch the crew of Odyssey 5 as they struggle to save the earth and battle their own personal problems.
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Great show, wish we got more of it.
shodanjon6 January 2003
Showtime really hit a homerun with this show. It's smart, sexy and does insightful, thought provoking sci-fi that favorably compares with the first couple of X-Files season. There are supposed to be 20 episodes but only 14 have seen air time (to 1/03) and is appears that a second season won't be done. A real pity because this one is a gem. With this one going away, and Farscape no longer around, there is a shortage of intelligent science fiction on television. Watch what you can of this and just dream about what it could have been.
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Not bad at all.
pdavis68-114 May 2006
I enjoyed Odyssey 5 a lot. It's not great sci-fi, but it's good. And while the premise isn't absolutely original, it has a lot of original aspects. The acting is pretty good and the stories were generally pretty well thought out (though there are a few that aren't excellent).

Showtime really needs to replace whoever keeps getting rid of their good sci-fi shows. They had Stargate and they dumped it. What were they thinking? In its 10th season, it will be the second longest running sci-fi series in history (after Dr. Who, which ran for 26 straight seasons).

I suspect that Odyssey 5 would have found it's groove by the second season, maybe the 3rd. The first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation wasn't so good because the actors hadn't really found their groove yet. The Odyssey 5 actors had a much better head start in that aspect.

I'm really disappointed with Showtime for killing this and now that it's been 4 years, I suspect it won't come back at all, which is a shame. It would have been nice if the Sci-Fi Channel had picked it up and taken it over. They clearly know how to make good sci-fi and I think they could have done a lot with this one.
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s8-1024 September 2002
This show has everything! Aliens, time travel, sentient computers, altered timelines, brainwashed masses, etc! They cram so much suspense and conspiracy into each action packed episode that it makes X-files look like a slow moving soap opera. The way they name the sentients after other TV show characters like Jimbo Jones and Harry Mudd is so cool! This show keeps me on the edge of my seat with my mouth hanging open every week and I cannot say enough good things about it. If you like anything that has to do with sci-fi and you need an excuse to get showtime this is it!
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I miss good sci-fi such as O5
lindasko199926 April 2003
A few weeks ago in the wee hours, I caught my first episode of Odyssey 5 (on the SPACE channel,Canada), and

WAS HOOKED! I didn't quite follow the storyline, but the

actors made the ep, and it has a great atmosphere. Watched another one, and have been telling folks how good

it is, only to find it's already been CANCELLED by Showtime! This afternoon, I saw the pilot episode, and

it's about the ONLY tv sci-fi that has given me goosebumps!

Is it my imagination, or when I was a kid (I'm 40+ now)

was there just MORE good science fiction available, recognized as a thinking man's (er, person's) media or

literature entertainment? You just can't seem to find any these days (Outer Limits manages it fairly often), and

when it does appear, the powers that be nix it. I just

don't get it.

Great premise, interesting characters and outstanding actors....seems like a perfect recipe to me!

Linda Vancouver, Canada
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Odyssey 5 Probably the best Sci-Fi I've seen
tim-70012 October 2005
I have always been a big fan of more of a space opera Sci-Fi. Star Trek, Star Wars etc.. I did like X-Files but I never thought I would really get into one that did not involve a lot of space scenes. Manny outdid himself on this one. I know it is a bit late in the ball game but I just watched the pilot and a couple of episodes.

Odyssey 5 I think is probably one of the best, if not the best Sci-Fi shows that exist. It was packed with action and adventure and comedy from start to finish. Has something for everyone in this series. Edge of your seat type of stuff. I was really impressed. I wish this would have been on another network other than Showtime, I have no doubt that we would still be watching season 5 now..

Bring it back..
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Great story and great actors
wuffern14 August 2003
This is/was among my favorite sci fi shows, I got hooked after 20 minutes of watching. The dialoge between the actors are just great, had lots of laughs by their intelligent humor. The story is really interessting and I love the way it unfolds.

Now how they can cancel a great show like this is beyond me, I really hope sci fi channel or some else make more episodes of this great show.
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one of the best
cinnabana7 May 2006
one of the best sci-fi shows that got canceled by the idiots at Showtime. BRING IT BACK. it is now on DVD go out and buy it. It is great. I really don't understand why it was pulled off the air. This season alone there are worse shows on the air..Odyssey 5 was so good!! I loved each and every one of those episodes. What a shame! I just want the show to come back! I have only recently started re-watching the show now that it is on DVD. I was a fan 3 years ago when it was on Showtime. After it was first released I was very very surprised I couldn't stop watching. I like a lot of sci-fi shows but this one was different the story plot was fresh and original. A fantastic show. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.
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Finally! a great sci-fi series
emperor_spongebob15 October 2004
I had missed this when it first came out, but luckily they just re-ran the first 17 episodes on-demand. Sucked em all down in a week and I still want more. Some of the best acting I've seen in a series (not just sci-fi either) in a long time. Especially Weller. Is this "Buckaroo Banzai Grows Up" ?? They should have won an Emmy for episode 6....this is the one where they all start re-experiencing the worst thing that ever happened...so well done (I don't cry at much...) The mystery surrounding the adversaries is so well developed, I find myself guessing something different after each episode. Anyway, it looks like Showtime is extending the run!! New episodes on Sunday nite (10-18-04)Don't miss it!!!
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Seemed interesting at first but it didn't hold me
cherold20 June 2012
I thought the pilot episode of this show was quite promising, and I there were some interesting ideas in the first episodes. But after that pilot, the show didn't spend much time on the story arc, going instead for self-contained stories with maybe a brief hint here and there that the story arc was happening.

The problem was I wasn't really that interested in those individual stories, and I found some of the characters annoying, especially the reporter who was pretty much of an idiot. I realized that while the main story arc was being ignored, I was instead being served a whole bunch of rather soap-operish character arcs, and I felt restless to get to the whole saving the earth thing.

Around episode 8 I was feeling very bored with the whole thing and decided to give up on the show, but when I looked at the episode guide on TV.com it appeared that the story arc came into play with episode 9. So I thought I'd go a little further

So I watched the next couple of episodes, and even kind of liked episode 9, but after feeling bored again with episode 10, I realized that it just wasn't going to happen. I wasn't connecting with the characters, the stories were middling, and there was too much bland soap opera.

I never hated Odyssey 5, or even disliked it, but ultimately it just didn't feel like it was worth my time.
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Great premise, bogged down with side story
ribbonoflight27 November 2012
I rented this from the library and had never heard of it going into it. So I wasn't expecting it to be as explicit as it was. Other reviews have mentioned the swearing. The swearing is nothing compared to the sex. Warning to any parents out there - you'll be hit with a graphic sex scene thrown into the middle of the pilot without any warning. With not one but two naked women. But the explicit sex and gratuitous chest shots (which thankfully lessen as the series goes on) aren't the main problem here.

The main problem with this series is the badly written, awful subplot of the news anchor with the kid who died in the original reality. Rather than just sitting her husband down with the rest of the "5" to explain the issue, she goes behind his back and acts like a crazy person. This is painful TV you just want to shut off.

When they finally move on from that terrible subplot, they bring her back into focus with her romance with her boss. Why they waste so much time focusing on her personal drama in the series is beyond me - I really don't care!

On the plus side, I thought Peter Weller was amazing in this. And there are some really neat sci-fi concepts brought up, many before their time.

Definitely worth watching, even if the series ended on a cliffhanger that never got resolved.
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melwyn12 July 2007
I'm astounded at the number of people who describe this as the best scifi they've ever seen - if that's the case, then god help the whole genre.

I just finished watching the "complete" series on DVD. First the good points: the characters are well written, the dialogue is thankfully excellent (because it's a real let down in many shows), the cast are great, and a special mention to the incidental music. It's one of the best scores I've heard and I think Laura Karpman is a genius.

The bad points: it is not, as others might have you believe, highly original. In very general terms, the "aliens among us" type of story is one of the oldest of scifi themes, and has been around since the early 20th century. More specifically, the show takes a great deal from "The X Files": they've just changed the shadowy secret organisation within the Government to the shadowy secret organisation within NASA, changed "aliens" to "sentients" and Mulder and Scully to the Odyssey 5 crew.

But to describe it as a "complete" series is unfortunate. The DVD release may comprise all the episodes that were filmed, but it is far from the whole story. I watched it with an increasing sense of foreboding as it seemed there was an unhealthy emphasis on character development and "set piece" events that comprised entire episodes, at the expense of the main plot. Of course character development is a vital part, but it should never take first place ahead of the plot. Watching it, I felt as if the plot was moving at a snail's pace.

Had I known that it is basically not finished, I would not have bothered investing 15 hours of my life into watching it. There's no such thing as a "great story" that's only half written, and the really frustrating thing is that they could have wrapped it up in 18 episodes with sharper writing and editing.

If you like stories to have an actual ending, don't bother with this. It will only make you angry and disappointed.
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Science affliction rather than science fiction.
tonyd11763-957-38798923 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This piece of claptrap is so boring and slow-moving that it's no wonder the series failed to get renewed. Convoluted plot lines that make the X-Files look sane by comparison, villains everywhere you turn and no two of them seem to be working together. The operative phrase from the 1960s would be "no redeeming social value".

When the Seeker explains how all the societies that he visited were destroyed the same way as Earth it seems obvious that he's the cause and he's sending them back to create the seeds of Earth's destruction. Every episode seems to further expand this premise since every threat that the 'Odyssey 5' conquer seems to cause two more to replace it, just like the Hydra of Greek Mythology.

If you absolutely MUST waste time on this series, borrow it from your Library so at least it won't cost you any money.
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Why do all the good shows get cancelled?
siggyatstage3 December 2007
This show had it all, a good cast connecting from the very first minute, a good unique storyline and good ratings. And it was cancelled. Just as Space above & beyond and Earth 2 to mention just 2. Shows that have been cancelled for the most weird reasons.

Odyssey 5 is simply the best mix of scifi you can get. It's funny as stargate but more serious. The actors do stuff you would expect you would do as well.

It's just a shame that it won't comeback and a pity that no other network had picked it up when it was cancelled. Now we will never know how the story will unfold.
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This was GREAT!!!
MrCynister12 July 2007
I had show-time, and I could not believe they canceled this show, this was the best Sci-fi show of it's time. and not many got to see it. I was so PO'ed that from all my looking into, they canceled this show because show-time wanted to go in a different direction, the show had good ratings. I was/am PO'ed till this day.....watch all the Episodes if you can, each and everyone is at worst very good. Such a waste, such a freaking waste. This probably should have been on HBO or Scifi, because it would have had a lot more viewers. I remember writing show-time some nasty letters, but they fell on deaf ears, they came up with shows like Weeds, which is a hit but I cannot stand...go figure. this show was easily a Battlestar Galactica equal...no if ands or buts.
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The Executives At Showtime Should Be Fired For Cowardice!
liberalgems27 February 2007
This is absolutely one of the best series I have ever seen in my 40+ years of watching television! It's obvious why the executives at Showtime panicked: The series was way too subversive for a politically conservative medium like cable t.v.! The political and philosophical statements Odyssey 5 were literally making in each episode were just too much for the spineless creatures that rule the cable airwaves!

My favorite genre is science fiction & fantasy. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly over the years. Nothing, except for Star Trek, Farscape and Babylon 5 comes close to the genius and passion of Odyssey 5! I can think of few television series where I cared so much for each main character, or the extensive range of emotions felt. The series was like theater! There's no other way to describe it!

Had those responsible at Showtime kept Corporate at bay, instead of canceling the series literally in mid-sentence, the eventual controversy Odyssey 5 might have generated would've been good for business!

The only drawback the series had was the importance of watching each episode in sequence. But with all the recording technology now available, this minor obstacle would not have been very difficult to overcome!

The loss to science fiction was incalculable by the obnoxious cancellation of this unique series. Perhaps, someone soon will have the courage to pick up the pieces and write a book, or make a movie, and finish the series with the same amount of passion and subversiveness as the creators of Odyssey 5 did! One can only hope!
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Bring it back :)
nrotic14 January 2007
What happened to this series? Why did it die, great characters , great stories, I recently watched the 5 disc series with a friend of mine and I agree with the other comments. I liked the cast they all had their substories and their interactions, demons, etc.. I thought the casting agent did a great job joining these people that jelled so well on screen. Manny Coto is a name I will be looking for in future projects as the same for the writers on this series. Like it was coming together and the characters we were seeing more of them, I know with a show that gets these great reviews they should Bring it Back !!!! The fans are demanding it :) Even though I have seen the actors on several other shows looks like they were enjoying it as well.
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gingeriffic5 June 2007
Not bad, but I don't understand the love from the other commenters. It was an interesting story, and I enjoyed Sebastian Roche. Peter Weller's performance really grated on me. I have actually known a few astronauts and believe me, they don't act like that! That cowboy nonsense is long gone.

Worst for me was that the writers resorted to liberal use of vulgar words as a substitute for, oh, I don't know, actual dialog. I don't mind an occasional curse word, being an occasional user myself, but when whole conversations consist of:

"S**t" "F**k, f**k"

You know something is missing!
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Endless illogical choices by the characters really spoil it
pyx10 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great premise with shades of Planet of the Apes. I was going to criticise it for being almost exactly the same as Threshold, until I realised this came first. It's shocking that the other show is so derivative of such an unusual and central plot theme (aliens reprogramming humans on a genetic level to do their bidding - now who's reprogrammed and who isn't).

Odyssey started with such fantastic promise and a real visceral scene as the Earth gets destroyed.

But within minutes of that real high point, things start to fall apart. The characters discover that they have 3 hours air left - they struggle to extend that to 9 hours, then do absolutely nothing with those 9 hours.

This is a perfect example of the kind of shockingly lazy writing that is only interested in getting from a to b without any care about the gaping plot holes that the journey creates.

As the only 5 people on the planet who know that it will be destroyed in 5 years, do these intrepid and reputable heroes start by trying to alert anyone? Amazing though their story is, it's actually pretty easy to prove - all they have to do is predict a few events and people will start paying attention fast. Do they try to bring in the big guns at the FBI, CIA, national government or even NASA? Nope, they run around trying to figure it all out themselves, arguing with family, trying to make money by betting, and generally being a bunch of selfish idiots.

And wouldn't you know it, the gene reprogramming lab happens to be within a few minutes easy drive from their houses. And conveniently, important key events all start to happen very visibly mere days after their arrival.

This degree of laziness makes it challenging to endure, and knowing that things have not been resolved, or the earth saved by the end of the series, which was not picked up for a second season, makes watching it a pointless and uniquely frustrating experience.

The actors do a great job with a lousy, cheesy, badly written script.
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More Odyssey 5
Leigh156615 September 2009
I've only just watched this series after being told by my "elder" "less science fiction" fan friends not to, and I really think this series so deserves at least another season. Why start with the fantastic episode of seeing the earth explode and the idea of going back to prevent it from devastation, and end without answering it? OK I agree that there may have been moments during the season when you thought the story was off the point, and that the Odyssey 5's personal stories got in the way of what we wanted to see. And I agree that they certainly made a few continuity/paradoxical errors along the way, but as a whole I think it kept people wanting to know more. And certainly in the 20th episode (fossil), the revelation that the Cardrai are actually trying to use the "Bright Sky" project to beat the Centrients surely redeems the show. If only to see Tamara Craig Thomas again!! Come on Peter Weller and Manny Coto, you have a large following that wants more :) If I had the money I'd produce and direct it myself!! (Sorry if I spelt Cardrai and Centrients wrong, but they looked right to me) :)
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The best Sci Fi series ever made
sqeaston94 February 2008
How I despaired when when I learnt this had been cancelled. Not just a stupid decision, but criminal in my opinion.

The one and only season had more good Sci Fi concepts than many shows have over their entire run. The characters were excellent and didn't just shrug off personally devastating events, there'd be consequences for episodes to come. There were long running story arcs, like Heroes and the new Battlestar Galactica. This was the first of the recent run of 'adult orientated' Sci Fi. There was intrigue, tertiary characters weren't always what they appeared to be.

Some have been put off by the amount of swearing, but this just added to the realistic feel for me. Come on, which is worse, cuss words or deplorable violence? Interesting and original plots, or a bunch of military types running around 'alien' woods shooting posturing bad guys with automatic weapons? Since this is mostly set on contemporary Earth there's an X-Files feel, but Odyssey 5 is way better. X-Files is fantasy, Odyssey 5 true Science Fiction.

I doubt there'll ever be anything better within the genre in my lifetime. I can't recommend this highly enough to the intelligent viewer. Get the series on DVD, but be prepared for frustration and anger over the way it ends.

Manny Coto, I salute and thank you.

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Great show, fresh approach to the old sci-fi-drama series
Barefooteagle23 August 2007
This has become one of my favorite shows since its broadcast in Mexico City through open TV a few months from now.

I like this show because it has good science fiction stories, without being pretentious about it, like some other cult series that people took too seriously. This was just plain fun to watch.

It was so absorbing and entertaining, that I didn't know what the whole series was about until after 5 or 6 episodes (I always arrived home once the intro had passed), but I was hooked nonetheless by the interactions between the characters, the cool plots and the sense that I was missing something very interesting about the whole story.

When I found out, my interest just increased. It's a cool idea with interesting twists, intelligent content and a great cast.

I enjoy every episode as it has become a habit to get home around 9 pm to see what new adventures are these guys up to. So far, they had never disappointed me.
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"All of the good ones are taken"...
knutt10 August 2007
... to quote an old Ian Hunter tune. When I saw this one on sale at my favorite DVD shop, I did some research and found it to be a) canceled and b) rated to be a top of the tops show, so I found out I'd take a chance and added it to my collection.

The series hit me like a ton of bricks. For one, they actually had RUDE comments to each other and they dared using f-words! This made the dialog fresh, real and very funny. Dialog, generally, in the show is (well, was) intelligent.

The actors is a chapter by itself. All of them do a marvelous job, but I'd like to emphasize that Peter Weller is PERFECT as Chuck Taggart.

One other thing about the show that I like is the fact that the episodes are interconnected in such a way that they tell a story, and not like, say, Star Trek Enterprise, where every episode is yet another travel in any arbitrary direction and you can see the episode totally as a standalone. O5 is more like the later seasons of Stargate SG-1: You'd better pay attention or you will miss something.

Some guy or committee at Showtime found out that "No, we don't want this", so it got canceled after season 1 finished. Too bad and actually for GOOD sci-fi, a disaster. Odyssey 5 was probably THE best series in this category, and they canceled it. I can only suggest that people reading this that love the show, go over to Manny Coto's fan site (address on his IMDb profile) and register their opinions in the forum, so that Mr. Coto HOPEFULLY does what he say he want to do: Continue or start over.
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What is going on?
mjarvis027 December 2006
I am nearing the end of watching Odyssey 5 on DVD and I am getting angrier and angrier!!Why? because as I approach the end of the DVD's I am aghast that this is yet another excellent sci-fi series that had been cancelled prematurely. Okay the idea is not new, you could call Odyssey 5 the thinking mans back to the future. And the beings that look like humans are not new either but the stories are original and we are faced with the human dilemma of knowing that something is going to happen and whether you should go along with it or change it thus altering the time line. And there are lots of human reasons why the time line is altered. Odyssey 5 is heavy while another excellent show cancelled before its time (Firefly) is light. Having said this both of these shows could exist together and both were worth and least three series at the very least. I can only assume that because Star Trek had finished the powers at be decided that the public had run out of love with the sci-fi genre. Absolute rubbish, the latest Star Trek failed because they went back in time when they should have gone forward. Please how can you have the first Enterprise looking more technological than the Captain Kirk Enterprise? Anyway back to Odyssey 5, this is a good thinking man sci-fi that does not rely on funky looking aliens that just happen to speak perfect English. Odyssey 5 has good story lines a good acting cast and should have run and run and run. I managed to get the whole series on DVD at a price that equates to 76 pence per episode and after watching 17 of the 21 episodes, this is a mega bargain!!!!. Furthermore I will be writing to Sony television expressing my disgust that such an excellent show was cancelled. I have one last thing to add, BRING ODYSSEY 5 BACK!!!!!!
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