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Season 53

2 May 2017
Why Did I Go Mad?
For hundreds of years, psychiatry has treated voices and hallucinations as an enemy - regarding them as 'insanity' or 'madness' and seeing them as something to be quashed and even frightened of. But today, new scientific and psychological insights into how the brain works are leading to a radical rethink on what such experiences are - and how they should be treated.
16 May 2017
Strange Signals from Outer Space
For decades some have suspected there might be others out there, intelligent beings capable of communicating with us. It might sound like fiction, but scientists from across the globe are scouring the universe for signals from extra terrestrials. The signals and material covered include the Lorimer fast radio burst of 2006, colliding neutron stars, the search at the Green Bank Telescope for radio signals from Tabby's Star, and the possibility there is a Dyson Sphere.
12 Jun. 2017
Cyber Attack - The Day the NHS Stopped
A few weeks ago, the National Health Service was hit by a widespread and devastating cyber attack - Horizon tells the inside story of one of the most challenging days in the history of the NHS. On the morning of 12 May the attack started. Appointment systems, pathology labs, x-rays and even CT scanners were infected - putting not just data but patients lives at risk, and on every screen a simple - some may even say polite - message appeared. 'Ooops, your files have been encrypted!'
19 Jun. 2017
10 Things You Need to Know About the Future
Horizon interviews some experts and looks at the matters which can change our lives in the future, like: climate change, the future of transport, energy production, gene therapy, artificial intelligence, among other things.

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