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Season 52

16 Mar. 2016
The Immortalist
The gripping story of how one Russian internet millionaire is turning to cutting-edge science to try to unlock the secret of living forever. Dmitry Itskov recently brought together some of the world's leading neuroscientists, robot builders and consciousness researchers to try to devise a system that would allow him to escape his biological destiny. Entering Dmitry's seemingly sci-fi world, Horizon investigates the real science inspiring his bold plan to upload the human mind to a computer.
30 Mar. 2016
The Mystery of Dark Energy
Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is still one of the pillars of modern physics. But 100 years after Einstein's theory, there's something that seems to undermine everything we thought we knew - Dark Energy. No one can see it, and there is still great debate over what it is.
13 Apr. 2016
The End of the Solar System
This is the story of how our solar system will be transformed by the ageing sun before coming to a spectacular end in about eight billion years. Astronomers can peer into the far future to predict how it will happen by analysing distant galaxies, stars and even planets in their final moments.
11 May 2016
Curing Alzheimer's
Investigating the scientific breakthroughs in research on Alzheimer's disease which are allowing scientists to diagnose the disease earlier.
22 May 2016
E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?
With more and more people in Britain becoming "vapers" Michael Mosley weighs the pros and cons ahead of changing legislation in 2017. Are E-cigarettes better for you than regular cigarettes and can they really help you quit smoking?
19 Jul. 2016
Sports Doping - Winning at Any Cost?
Dr Xand van Tulleken investigates the world of performance-enhancing drugs - from the athletes seeking the rewards of fame, glory and lucrative sponsorship deals to the hundreds of thousands of people in the UK now regularly taking anabolic steroids to look good and buff up. What are these drugs? What do they do to the body? And is it worth it? Xand's investigation reveals the extraordinary gamble dopers take with their health. Long-term effects include kidney failure, cognitive impairment and testicular shrinkage, and Xand witnesses how users are self-experimenting ...
10 Aug. 2016
Inside CERN
BBC Horizon follows the ups and downs of an outstanding story in particle physics. In June 2015, teams at CERN started running the large hadron collider at the highest energy ever. Rumours quickly emerged that they were on the brink of a huge discovery. An enigmatic bump in some data suggested a first glimpse of a brand new particle that could change our understanding of how the universe works.
25 Aug. 2016
My Amazing Twin
The acerbically witty and severely facially disfigured broadcaster Adam Pearson presents a personal film about genetics. He and his twin brother, Neil, are genetically identical, and both share the same genetic disease, Neurofibromatosis 1 (Nf1) - yet they are completely different. Adam's face is covered with growths, whereas Neil looks completely normal. Neil has short term memory loss, whereas Adam is razor sharp.
23 Jan. 2017
Hair Care Secrets
Physicist Helen Czerski and a team of experts demystify the world of hair and sort the pseudoscience from the true science in this world of secret research.

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