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  • Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are up to their feuding ways again. Tired of playing second fiddle to Bugs, Daffy has decided to leave the Studio for good. He is aided by Warner Bros.' humor impaired Vice President of Comedy, Kate Houghton, who releases him from his contract and instructs WB security guard/aspiring stunt man DJ Drake to capture and "escort" Daffy off the studio lot. Suddenly a sidekick without a hero, the duck decides to ally himself with DJ, whether he likes it or not. Consequently, Daffy is on the scene when DJ discovers that his famous movie star father was Damian Drake, known for playing suave international spies onscreen, is actually a suave international spy in real life--and has been kidnapped by the evil insane nerdy, prancing villain known as Mr. Chairman of the equally nefarious Acme Corporation. It seems that Damian knows the whereabouts of the mysterious magical and powerful Blue Monkey Diamond, and the Chairman will do anything to get his hands on it! With Daffy in tow, DJ hits the road in a desperate attempt to outrace the evil Acme stooges to the diamond and save the world from their evil clutches. Unbeknownst to the two neo-spies, they are also being followed by VP Kate and Bugs--the studio brass has decided that the rabbit needs a comic foil after all, and Kate's job is on the line if she can't get Daffy back to work ASAP.

  • Fed up with all the attention going to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck quits Hollywood, teams up with recently-fired stuntman Damien Drake Jr. (Fraser) and embarks on a round-the-world adventure, along with Bugs and The VP of Warner Bros (Elfman). Their mission? Find Damien's father, and the missing blue diamond... and stay one step ahead of The Acme Corp., who wants the diamond for their own purposes.

  • The Looney Tunes search for a man's missing father and the mythical Blue Monkey diamond.


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  • Bugs Bunny gets a starring role in a new movie, and Daffy Duck wants to be in it too. However, studio executive Kate (Jenna Elfman) looks at the numbers, and sees that nobody wants Daffy. She fires Daffy and orders him off the Warner Brothers lot. Brendan Fraser plays a security guard named DJ Drake who must escort Daffy off the lot. Daffy doesn't leave easily and DJ must chase Daffy all around the lot causing tremendous damage to the studio. DJ is also fired and kicked off the lot. He goes home, not knowing that Daffy is hiding in his backpack. At home, DJ gets a message from his famous spy father (Timothy Dalton), that the chairman of the Acme Corporation (Steve Martin) is holding him prisoner and wants the Blue Monkey Diamond. DJ must first find the Blue Monkey Diamond before the Acme Corporation does to save the world. DJ and Daffy join forces to find the Blue Monkey Diamond and then save his father. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

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