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Average crime comedy
newland8026 June 2004
This smallish co-production between Spain and Argentina had a extremely short life in Spanish cinemas, where it only managed to remain for a couple of weeks.

Now released on DVD, I had the chance of viewing this nice but mediocre comedy. The plot itself is nothing new, with romance and crime as the main ingredients of a twisted plot involving two split couples.

The major problem with the film arises when it comes to pacing, since uninspired director Acosta Salmerón makes a 92-minute film look long. Nevertheless, actors Alberto San Juan and Viviana Saccone make for the film's faults by delivering genuinely charming performances.
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Trying to get revenge
jotix10019 August 2009
The lives of Javier and Enrique intercept one another because they both have been dealt blows from their women. Javier, who has met the beautiful dancer Maria in Buenos Aires, went to make a life together that produced a daughter. Unfortunately for Javier, love with Maria goes through a crisis when he finds himself without money for basic necessities, like paying the house mortgage.

Enrique, who is a music composer, is involved with Elisa, a violinist. When he is asked to come to New York on a scholarship, he wants to take her along, but she refuses to go with him. She has a good career going in Spain, so she doesn't need to prove anything to him, or anyone else. Enrique suspects she has fallen in love with someone else.

This co-production from Spain and Argentina, directed by Jose Luis Acosta, was shown on a cable network recently. It has some laughs as Javier and Enrique team up to seek revenge on their loved ones. Pere Ponce and Alberto San Juan do some good work for the director; they appear as Javier and Enrique. Ana Risueno and Viviana Saccone play Elisa and Maria with style.
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