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MPAA Rated PG for action violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Elastigirl at the beginning of the film, is shown wearing a leotard revealing her thighs. She has a very curvy body, thin waist, and big thighs and rear, and throughout the movie, multiple shots of it are shown, and she is seen wearing a very tight super suit, and black leather heels that showcases it. Not too bad at all.
  • Mr. Incredible pats Elastigirl's backside and then she returns the favor.
  • Elastigirl does something suggestive on Bob on top of a building.
  • A long-term couple kisses several times, flirts, pinches each other on the bum, and acts passionately in love. Elastigirl thinks that Mr. Incredible is cheating on her, but he isn't. Teens have a crushes. Mirage's outfits highlight her cleavage. Elastigirl wears a skintight costume. Syndrome makes a racy comment: "You married Elastigirl and got busy?"
  • Dash is shown cuddling Violet while they are sleeping. When Dash wakes up, he freaks out and acts all disgusted. Violet and Dash are sister and brother
  • Elastigirl fears that Bob is having an affair.
  • Mirage tends to speak in a flirtatious way.
  • Syndrome catches the Incredibles and is surprised that Mr. Incredible married Elastigirl. He then looks at their kids and says "And got busy!"
  • Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl repeatedly kiss and playfully "goose" each other.
  • Elastigirl checks out her rear in a mirror.
  • Mirage wears an outfit that reveals a bit of cleavage.
  • Dash makes fun of Violet for being "hungry" for Tony Rydinger.

Violence & Gore

  • Overall, lots of mild action, never too bad, can be a bit intense at times, punching, kicking, people getting severely injured.
  • Dash is chased by men in jets who have guns. He punches a man and gets thrown by him. He is unharmed after this scene.
  • Multiple fight scenes in which people are hit, kicked or punched.
  • A man is punched and loses several teeth.
  • In a scene where Mr. Incredible talks to Edna Mode about a new supersuit, Mr. Incredible talks about having a cape but Edna shouts "No capes!" and lists many superheroes who lost their lives because of their cape (in the following order: Thunderhead, Stratogale, Metaman, Dynaguy and Splashdown). Despite the dark humor, this scene is obviously played for laughs.
  • Several scenes in which multiple flying devices piloted by evil henchmen explode during a chase.
  • A robot is shown attacking a city, hitting buildings and crushing cars.
  • A car hits a fallen tree, the driver is shown hanging out of the side window unconscious.
  • A man jumps off a building in a suicide attempt but is saved by Mr. Incredible.
  • A decomposing superhero is seen
  • Mr. Incredible grabs Mirage by the throat (in temporary anger) and chokes her, eventually letting her go when she explains that his children are alive.


  • Very Slim Chance Of Swearing.
  • Startled, a character blurts, "What the ...," then trails off before finishing. Interjections of "my gosh" and "jeez" pop out of characters' mouths a number of times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Edna Mode smokes a cigarette
  • A character consumes (or is about to consume) wine and a mixed drink. One of Syndrome's henchmen opens a bottle of champagne while playing a sadistic drinking game with his comrades. A couple of innocuous alcohol references.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The two child main characters are hiding in a cave on an Island while their mother is searching it. Dash is exploring the cave inward and barely discovers in time that the cave is actually a disguised rocket exhaust tube. At that moment, the villains orders a rocket launch and the fiery exhaust of the rocket sweeps down the tube and the kids barely manage to escape outside in time.
  • Once most of Parr's family reaches Syndrome's island, the mother warns her children that the enemies they face are a deadly threat to them and the kids must use their powers to their fullest extent since they will be fighting for their lives.
  • The movie can be scary and intense for some kids at certain times...hence the PG rating.
  • There is a slideshow showing the silhouette of a robot and pictures of a bunch of superheroes flashing by with the word "terminated" appearing in front of them.
  • The robotic droid that Syndrome creates with his threats and actions may scare younger viewers.
  • Mr. Incredible comes across a computer where he learns that Syndrome has murdered many of his fellow heroes, so that may sadden kids.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Two scenes in which 2 characters (Stratogale, and later, Syndrome) are killed by being sucked into a jet engine.
  • One of the more known scenes shows a very long list of superheroes who have been killed by the main villain to test out his new weapon.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Mr. Incredible is tortured for information by Syndrome.
  • The Incredibles family is captured and held in the electric cell where Mr. Incredible was held before.
  • A long scene involves a plane carrying a family being targeted by missiles. The plane gets destroyed, but the family survives.

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