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I thought this was really good!
oliverburnett21 October 2002
I just watched the premiere of David Kelley's new show Girl's Club and I loved it. I think this show has a lot of potential it is a great cross between his other shows the practice and ally mcbeal mixed in with new elements. If you get a chance see it. I hope it lasts and viewers give it a chance. I miss Ally MCBeal greatly and I think this show will fill the void if it lasts!!!! The show has been getting some poor reviews from critics like in TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, and but I can honestly say that I was pleasently suprised when I tuned in to the series premiere.

Girls Club is about 3 best friends and law school grads who live and work together. Of course its not exactly realistic all the time but over all it does a good job and most importantly it is entertaining. The 3 leads(Gretchen Mol, Kathleen RObertson, and Chyler Leigh) are very good. GIVE GIRLS CLUB A CHANCE!!!!!!
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Donny_Stay21 December 2002
This show was absolutely awful. I am almost irrationally fond of David E. Kelley's shows, but this inane drama deserved its poor ratings and the critics' savage reviews. The three leads were insufferably whiny, and were quite possibly the least sympathetic characters on television since "Melrose Place." I found myself rooting against the young heroines, who seemed more like spoiled brats than earnest young lawyers (or whatever they were supposed to be).

It was, I understand, primarily David E. Kelley's decision to cancel the show, so for once, Fox is off the hook. Anyhow, Kelley is still a great talent, and I look forward to his future projects.
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Sorry folks, but this show sucked.
dootuss15 November 2002
Once again, David E. Kelley produced another crappy law show for Fox (and this after "Ally McBeal" got canned which was the best thing Fox had done in a LONG time), and by crappy, I DO mean crappy.

First off, how in the HELL could three friends be in the same law firm in the same city? In reality isn't that not likely? If my question is true than that just shows how DUMB T.V.'s been anymore. Besides, the three main characters, are whiny, and bratty, and for the most part: They were just plain annoying. This show was so bad I wanted to throw the remote at the T.V. due to how utterly bad this show was. Pretty much the usual crap we'd expect from the overrated David E. Kelley.

Frankly, the bottom line is that this show sucked, and I for one, was glad that it got canned. Garbage like this shouldn't be on T.V.

This gets no stars.
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This was a terrific show with positive, realistic role models for women.
Ms_Rotfeuer13 November 2002
Girl's Club was a terrific, realistic law drama/sitcom which had three dynamic main characters. The girls of Girl's Club are three friends that went to law school together and are working at the same male-controlled reputable law firm. This takes place in San Francisco, and from what I know being a legal secretary it is pretty true to form. In the third episode the girls realize they have to put up with a lot of man made rules in their lives and begin to make their own rules and change their lives for the better. This is a great series with serious potential. One of David E. Kelly's finest works.
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Not A Bad 1st Episode
rosemcgowanrulez200121 October 2002
Just like all brand new shows the pilot episode, well in this case first episode as there really was no pilot episode, we are introduced to the main characters in the show and learn a small amount about them. I being a fan of Kathleen Robertson did enjoy this first episode. But you can't judge a new show from one episode to begin with but this one was good and I am looking forward to the next ones. All 3 girls have different types of personalities and I am sure that some viewers will relate to certain ones. Kathleen looks great as always and her presence on screen is a relief as we have not been graced by her presence in a long while in a TV show. Kathleen can carry her own no matter the role she is given, very under rated actress. Gretchen Mol looks so much like a young Grace Kelly and is impressive with the role she plays. Strong willed, seems more of these female roles are showing up on TV and that is good when it is played by good actresses like Mol. Then there's Chyler Leigh the sweet but impatient over eager green associate, also she too is impressive. So looks to be another successful David E Kelly show.

I will bet that lots of "critical" reviewers out there will say it is a revamped Ally. But big deal. It was successful. They are just selling the show on looks. True and tell me what shows do not nowadays? Friends? NYPD Blue? ER? CSI? Boston Public? WWE Raw & Smackdown? To name a few. Hey remember everyone, TV is to entertain you for the duration of the show. That is it. So sit back and be entertained.
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One of those shows you know will be canceled, without watching it even!
wynkerts27 October 2002
And look what happened... god-awful ratings and come on, is anyone surprised? Why do they even try such shows when historically they all have crashed! You don't even have to watch 'girl's club' to know it's awful. It has to be.

There was another lawyer show 'First Years', last yr on NBC that sank spectacularly too. I think viewers know what show will crash among a zillion fall debuts. 'girls club' was too obviously a failure.
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Canceled!? Are you kidding me?
llihilloh30 November 2002
It wasn't until the second week or so of seeing 'World's Funniest Movie Outtakes' or 'Wackiest Holiday Moments' following 'Boston Public' that I realized something was up with 'Girls Club.' I then visited IMDb only to learn that the show I was actually going to make an effort to watch was canceled after only two episodes. Now I'm mad.

Why would they cancel this? I'm not saying that 'Girls Club' was destined to be something great, because it was pulled off the air before it ever really got to develop into something.....but, the two episodes that did air seemed to be really good. FOX has the nerve to take this show off while they leave pathetic shows such as 'Celebrity Boxing' and 'Bootcamp' on for an entire season!

The show was off to a good start. The cast was very much enjoyable. Kathleen Robertson is a good actress. Gretchen Mol is a good actress. Chyler Leigh is a very good actress. So what's the problem? The three of them worked together well. It was a likeable cast.

The writing was decent. Actually I was quite impressed with it. Some of it made me laugh, but being that it is a drama and not a comedy, there isn't supposed to be that much laughter and that's alright.

The plots and storylines involved with each character seemed to be okay. Jeannie Falls' problem looked interesting. Lynne Camden's whole problem (or several problems) seemed entertaining. And Sarah Mickle's character alone seemed to be the best of the three. The plots weren't boring at all.

I think that David E. Kelley just needs to take a break and breathe for a while. I mean he's had successful hits with 'Ally McBeal', 'Boston Public', and 'The Practice.' He's done television for years. Kelley's come up with some real losers though, like 'Ally' and 'Snoops.' He tries to do so much in television, especially with FOX, but just doesn't know when to call it quits. His shows are beginning to turn into the same thing and he definitely needs to move away from the whole law firm deal. Venture out, David. You might like what you see.

So, 'Girls Club' got the axe entirely too soon. This was one viewer that would have continued watching. Everything was just right about the show, but for some terrible reason, TV has done it again: they've taken a show which appeals to me and at least five others, and canceled it without even giving it a chance. Yes, FOX, I'm sure that airing stupid 'Outtakes' and such is a much better idea and I bet you're just raking in the ratings with that garbage.
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Shows some promise
matlock-622 October 2002
With a very attractive cast of youthful talent, David E. Kelley seems to have made another winner... and another TV series about lawyers. However, this one is nothing like Ally McBeal.

Mr. Kelley seems to have looted the cast of "That 80's Show" (canceled after only one season) putting the able (and not bad on the eyes) Chyler Leigh in a starring role as one of the three main characters, and Eddie Shin in a supporting role as a researcher (or some such law firm person).

Gretchen Mol and Kathleen Robertson work well as Ms. Leigh's young lawyer counterparts. And, as usual, the meat of the show lies in the relationships between the characters: love/hate relationships, "real" people, and the idea that neat and tidy endings are rarely possible. Much like "Boston Public".

I have to admit, I watched the pilot mainly because I dig Mol and Leigh, but I found I really enjoyed the show too. I'll be watching it for sure (provided Fox, in their infinite wisdom, doesn't decide to cancel it).
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Fox dropped the ball again!
gregr99914 December 2002
In canceling this fine show after a mere 2 episodes, Fox really blew it once again. The premiere was fairly good & definitely promising; the followup ep was even better... girls club was just starting to hit its stride when Fox pulled the plug.

It appears that Fox went into panic-mode when it didn't immediately post impressive results in the Neilsen ratings. It was deja vu all over again (Fox aborted another very promising show, American Embassy, after a handful of eps). Fox itself was to blame for GCs poor start in the ratings; they shot themselves in the foot. Firstly, it was put up against against established heavy-hitters, Monday Night Football & Everybody Loves Raymond.

The real scheduling faux pas was not premiering GC until late October, whereas the other networks had started in mid-to-late September. Most of GCs competition had already established followings from previous seasons. One of the new shows that was up against GC, Everwood, was already on its 6th episode when GC was showing its first. Everwood was allowed to develop a following thru word of mouth. GC was not allowed to do so. What was Fox thinking in starting a new show with such a disadvantage!

It would appeared that Fox scheduling strategy sabotaged any chance that GC might have had. They denied us some real quality programming. Shame on you, Fox.
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Halfway there but killed before it had a chance
kensmark30 October 2002
This could easily have been a good show if the network hadn't killed it after two episodes. But that's how networks are: stupid, reactionary, and unable to plan more than a few months ahead.

"Girls Club" wasn't great, and it wasn't awful. The cast was very, very good, although often made to look bad. The "girls" of the title had to suffer through a lot of bad makeup and bad hair, although they still managed to look good. The supporting cast was very strong, and there were good efforts all around.

The writing, unfortunately, was not great. This was one of the most unrealistic lawyer shows I've seen. I know, I know -- compared to "Ally McBeal", from the same creator? The problem is one of tone. "Girls Club" pretends to be serious, but the writing doesn't back that up. The law cases and courtroom behavior are ridiculous, and the characters (especially the main three) are incredibly unprofessional.

The show was supposedly about three young women who have trouble fitting in and getting respect in the "boys club" (I'm following their punctuation) of a big law firm. Unfortunately, their behavior is often so juvenile that I can't believe they could keep their jobs without sleeping with their superiors, which is exactly the kind of thing they're trying to avoid doing.

Not that I blame them. The point is that, given the way they act on the job, they don't *deserve* respect or advancement. The script is all wrong.

This show could easily have developed into something better if the writing had improved (which often happens by the end of a show's first season), but the network killed the show after two episodes, a gesture of zero faith and confidence, which is unwarranted considering David Kelley's record of hit shows.

Personally, I think this show, bad as it often was, was much better than "Boston Public" or "Birds of Prey", two shows that present no indications of improvement or demise. "Girls Club" had at its core the simplest of populist strategies (hot young women being sassy and sexy in an adolescent-fantasy sort of way), so it probably would have been a hit if it'd lived a little longer.

The good news is that the cast has been released to go on to do better things, which they're more than capable of. Here's hoping they get the chance.
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Awesome show!!
ImHeaded4Hollywood30 October 2002
Contrary to the aweful reviews this show has gotten, I was happily surprised at how edgey and fun it was. My best friends and I watch it together, and have our own 'girls club'. Some say it is too 'girly' but hey, they are girls! I loved pretty much everything about the show. David E. Kelley continues with the brilliant writing that got him to be a favorite at the Emmy's. I think people need to give this show a chance before writing it off after just two episodes. The storylines are pretty original, and it shows more of the emotional lives and aspects, rather than JUST the courtroom. 4 stars in my book.
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