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‘The Passage’: Why Fox’s Biting Vampire Drama Thrives Thanks to Working Moms

  • Indiewire
The showrunner of Fox’s intense vampire drama has a philosophy when it comes to staffing her shows: “I love hiring moms.”

Liz Heldens, who took on the reigns of adapting the popular bloodsucker novel “The Passage” as a series, is a mother herself, and what she believes is that “nobody gets it done like who needs to get home for bedtime. I’m serious. I really feel like women with kids are the most efficient workers.”

It’s a philosophy that other showrunners might not share, but Heldens goes out of her way to subvert that concept. “We have a writer on [‘The Passage’] who has four kids who didn’t want to tell me, and I didn’t know in the meeting. And then she told me on the first day, and I was like, ‘I woulda hired you so much faster,'” she told IndieWire. “You can
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